UNESCO World Heritage Site (30 photos + text)

World Heritage sites included in the UNESCO specialist are tremendous for the entire population of the planet. Unique natural and cultural facilities make it possible to preserve those unique corners of nature and man-made monuments that demonstrate the wealth of nature and the possibility of human mind. According to July 1, 2009 in the World Heritage List - 890 facilities (including 689 cultural, 176 - natural and natural and 25 - mixed) in 148 countries: separate architectural structures and ensembles - Acropolis, Cathedrals in Amiens and Chartres, Warsaw Historical Center (Poland) and St. Petersburg (Russia), Moscow Kremlin and Red Square (Russia), etc.; Cities - Brazilia, Venice, together with lagoon, etc.; Archaeological reserves - Delphi et al.; National Parks - Big Barrier Reef Maritime Park, Yellowstone (USA) and others. States in whose territory are located world heritage sites are committed to preserving them. UNESCO World Heritage Site (30 photos + text) one)

1) Tourists inspect Buddhist sculptures of the Grotto Longmen ("Dragons Gate") near the city of Luoyang in the Chinese province Henan. In this place there are more than 2,300 caves; 110,000 Buddhist images, more than 80 Dagobes (Buddhist Mausoleums), containing Buddha relics, as well as 2,800 climb inscriptions near the Ishui River with a length of a kilometer. For the first time, Buddhism in China was presented in these places during the Board of the Eastern Han Dynasty. CHINA Photos / Getty Images)

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2) The Bayon Temple in Cambodia is famous for its numerous giant stone faces. In the Angkor region there are more than 1,000 temples, which range from the inexless piles of bricks and rubble scattered among rice fields, to the magnificent Angkor Wat, which is considered the world's largest uniform religious monument. Many of the temples in Angkore were restored. Every year they are visited by more than a million tourist tourists. (Voishmel / AFP - Getty Images)

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3) One of the parts of the archaeological object Al-Hijr is also known as Madain Salih. This complex, located in the northern regions of Saudi Arabia, was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List on July 6, 2008. The complex includes 111 rock burials (I century BC. E. - I century AD), as well as a system of hydraulic structures dedicated to the ancient Nabatie City Hub, which was the center of caravan trade. There are also about 50 labels in the rocks belonging to the Donya period. (Hassan Ammar / AFP - Getty Images)

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4) Waterfalls "Garganta del Diablo" ("Harg of the Devil" are located on the territory of the Iguazu National Park in the Argentine Province of Misons. Depending on the water level in the Iguazu River, there are from 160 to 260 waterfalls, as well as over 2000 plants varieties and 400 Bird species. Iguazu National Park was included in the World Heritage Site in 1984. (Christian Rizzi / AFP - Getty Images)

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5) Mysterious Stonehenge Stone Megalithic Construction, consisting of 150 huge stones, and located in the Salisbury Plain in the English County Wiltshire. This ancient monument is believed to be built in 3000 BC. Stonehenge was included by UNESCO in the world heritage list in 1986. MATT CARDY / GETTY IMAGES)

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6) Tourists walk away from Bafang Pavilion in the summer palace, the famous classic Imperial Garden in Beijing. The summer palace, built in 1750, was destroyed in 1860 and restored in 1886. It was included in the World Heritage List in 1998. CHINA Photos / Getty Images)

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7) Statue of Liberty at sunset in New York. "Lady Liberty", which France presented, is at the entrance to New York Harbor. She was listed in the World Heritage List in 1984. (Seth Wenig / AP)

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8) Solitario George (Lone George), the last live giant turtle of this species, born on the island of Pint, lives in Galapagos National Park in Ecuador. She is now approximately 60-90 years old. Galapagos Islands were originally included in the World Heritage List in 1978, but in 2007 were noted as endangered year. Rodrigo Buendia / AFP - Getty Images)

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9) People skate on the ice of the canals in the Kinderdike Melnitz Area, entered into the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and located near Rotterdam. The Kinderdike contains the largest collection of historical mills in the Netherlands, in addition, this region is one of the main attractions in South Holland. Registration of the balls of holidays passing here, some flashes this place. (Peter Dejong / AP)

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10) View of the Perito-Moreno Glacier located in Los Glasaire National Park, in the south-east of the Argentine Province of Santa Cruz. This place was listed in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 1981. The glacier is one of the most interesting tourist objects in the Argentine part of the Patagonia and the 3rd largest glacier in the world after Antarctica and Greenland. (Daniel Garcia / AFP - Getty Images)

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11) Terraced gardens in the Northern Israeli city of Haifa surround the chip-sawmill of Baba, the founder of the Baha'i faith. There is a World Administrative and Spiritual Center for the religion of Bahai, the number of people professing worldwide is less than six million. This place was announced by the UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 8, 2008. (David Silverman / Getty Images)

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12) Aerial photography of St. Peter's Square in the Vatican. According to the World Heritage Website, within this small state there is a unique collection of artistic and architectural masterpieces. The Vatican was included in the World Heritage List in 1984. (Giulio Napolitano / AFP - Getty Images)

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13) Colorful underwater scenes of a large barrier reef in Australia. In this prosperous ecosystem, the world's largest collection of coral reefs, including 400 types of corals and 1500 species of fish. Big Barrier Reef was included in the World Heritage List in 1981. (AFP - Getty Images)

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14) Camels rest in the ancient city of Peter before the main monument of Jordan, Al-Hazne or the Treasury, presumably representing the Tomb of the Nabatoy king, carved from sandstone. This city, located between the Red and Dead Seas, is at the intersection of paths from Arabia, Egypt, Syria and Phenicia. Peter is included in the World Heritage List in 1985. (Thomas COEX / AFP - Getty Images)

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15) The Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous and easily recognizable buildings of the world, which is a symbol of Sydney and one of the main attractions of Australia. Sydney Opera House entered the World Heritage Program in 2007. (Torsten Blackwood / AFP - Getty Images)

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16) rock paintings made by people of the San tribe in the Dragon Mountains located in the east of South Africa. People of the San tribe live in the Drainsberg area of ​​thousands of years, until they were destroyed during the clashes with Zulusi and White settlers. They left behind the incredible rock paintings in the Dragon Mountains, which were introduced by UNESCO in the World Heritage Program in 2000. ALEXANDER JOE / AFP - GETTY IMAGES)

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17) General view of the city of Shibam, located in the east of Yemen in the province of Hadramaut. Shibam is famous for nothing with any comparable architecture, which is included in UNESCO World Heritage Program. All houses are built from clay bricks, approximately 500 houses can be considered a multi-storey, as they have 5-11 floors. Shibam is often called the "oldest city of skyscrapers in the world" or "deserted Manhattan", it is also ancient example of urban planning based on the principle of vertical construction. Khaled FAZAA / AFP - Getty Images)

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18) Gondolas at the shore of the Big Channel in Venice. Against the backdrop of San George Maggiore's church. Island Venice - Sea Resort, Center for International Tourism of World Value, Venue of international film festivals, artistic and architectural exhibitions. Venice introduced UNESCO to the World Heritage Program in 1987. (AP)

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19) Some of the 390 abandoned huge statues from the compressed volcanic ash (MOAI in the language of Rapa Nui) at the foot of the volcano early raracca on Easter Island, 3700 km from Chile's coast. Rapa National Park is included in UNESCO World Heritage Program since 1995. Martin Bernetti / AFP - Getty Images)

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20) Visitors go along the Great Wall of the Wall in the Simatai area, northeast of Beijing. This largest architectural monument was built as one of the four major strategic reference points for defense from the invasion of tribes from the north. The Great Wall with a length of 8851.8 km is one of the largest ever completed construction projects. It was included in the World Heritage List in 1987. (Frederic J. Brown / AFP - Getty Images)

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21) Temple in Hampi, near the South Indian city of Hospital, north of Bangalore. Hampi is located in the midst of the ruins of Vijayanagara - the former capital of the Vijayanagar Empire. Hampi and her monuments were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1986. (DIBYANGSHU SARKAR / AFP - GETTY Images)

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22) Tibetan pilgrim rotates prayer mills on the territory of the palace Potala in the capital of Tibet Lhasa. Palace Potala is the royal palace and the Buddhist temple complex, which was the main residence of the Dalai Lama. Today, Potala Palace is a museum, actively visited by tourists, remaining the place of pilgrimage of Buddhists and continuing to be used in Buddhist rituals. Due to the enormous cultural, religious, artistic and historical significance, was submitted in 1994 to the UNESCO World Heritage List. (GOH Chai Hin / AFP - Getty Images)

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23) Incas-Picchu Inca-Picchu citadel in the Peruvian city of Cusco. Machu-Picchu, especially after the World Heritage Status of UNESCO in 1983, became the center of mass tourism. On the day, the city is visited by 2000 tourists; In order to preserve the UNESCO monument, it requires to reduce the number of tourists a day to 800. (Eitan Abramovich / AFP - Getty Images)

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24) Buddhist Pagoda Temperato on Koy's Mountain, in Wakakaya Province, Japan. Mount Koya, located east of Osaka, was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. In 819, the Buddhist Monk Kukai, the founder of the Singon School, the branch of Japanese Buddhism, was first settled. EVERETT KENNEDY BROWN / EPA)

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25) Tibetan women walk around Bodhnath Stupa in Kathmandu - one of the most ancient and revered Buddhist shrines. On the edges of the crowd of his tower depicted "Buddha's eyes", inlaid by ivory. Valley Kathmandu is a height of about 1300 m - the mountain valley and the historical region of Nepal. There is a lot of Buddhist and Hindu temples from Stupa Bodnath to tiny street altars in the walls of houses. Locals say that 10 million gods live in the Valley of Kathmandu. Valley Kathmandu was included in the World Heritage List in 1979. PAULA BRONSTEIN / GETTY IMAGES)

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26) Bird flies over the Taj Mahal - Mausoleum-Mosque, located in the Indian city of Agra. It was built by order of the emperor of the Great Mogolov Shah-Jahan in memory of the wife of Mumtaz-Mahal, deceased during childbirth. Taj Mahal was introduced by UNESCO to the World Heritage List in 1983. The architectural miracle was also called one of the "new seven wonders of the world" in 2007. (TAUSEEF Mustafa / AFP - Getty Images)

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27) Located in the northeastern part of Wales, the 18-kilometer Aqueduct Panthasillte is a feat of civil construction of the industrial revolution, the construction of which was completed in the first years of the 19th century. After more than 200 years after its discovery, it is still used and is one of the most loaded areas of the UK channel network, skipping about 15,000 boats per year. In 2009, the Aqueduct Pantuxilte was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site as "Milestone in the History of Civil Engineering of the Industrial Revolutionary Epoch". This aqueduct is one of the unusual monuments to plumbers and water supply (Christopher Furlong / Getty Images)

Lucius Berezyuk, Deputy Director for Equipment Reserve "Wrangel Island"

28) The flose of the moose grazing the meadows of the Yellowstone National Park. Against the background of Mount Holmes, on the left, and the Mount Dome. In the Yellowstone National Park, which occupies almost 900 thousand hectares, there are more than 10 thousand geysers and thermal sources. The park was included in the World Heritage Program in 1978. (KEVORK DJANSEZIAN / AP)

Кубинцы едут на старом автомобиле по набережной

29) Cubans go on an old car on the embankment "Malecon" in Havana. UNESCO made an old Havana and its fortification on the World Heritage List in 1982. Although Havana has expanded, and its population is more than 2 million people, its old center retains an interesting mixture of monuments in the style of baroque and neoclassicism and homogeneous ensembles of private houses with arcades, balconies, wrought iron gates and inner courtyards. (Javier Galeano / AP)

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Very often you can hear or read the phrase "entered into the UNESCO World Heritage List." Immediately understand the importance and importance of the object, which is discussed. But what is this list, and who is UNESCO?

Photos from open sources. Symbol of UNESCO
Photos from open sources. Symbol of UNESCO

Intuitively, of course, you can guess. But here is the official interpretation:

UNESCO from English UNESCO ; United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - the specialized institution of the United Nations education, science and culture, which was created on November 16, 1945. According to the plan of 44 states whose representatives stood at the origins, the new organization is intended to promote the provision of "intellectual and moral solidarity of humanity" and, thus, to prevent the unleashing of the New World War.

Headquarters is located in France, the solemn opening of which was held on November 3, 1958 in Paris.

Photos from open sources. UNESCO headquarters in Paris
Photos from open sources. UNESCO headquarters in Paris

If you believe the Russian-speaking site, the main competencies of the organization are presented in five software: education, culture, natural sciences, social and humanitarian sciences, communication and information.

About the list. UNESCO World Heritage - Natural or human-created objects, priority tasks in relation to which, according to UNESCO, are their preservation and popularization by virtue of special cultural, historical or environmental significance.

For 2019, the UNESCO World Heritage List - 1121 object, of which 869 are cultural, 213 - natural and 39 - mixed in 167 member countries. For reference: For 2019, there are 29 items that have a note "Russian Federation" in the description, this is 2.6% of the total. Read more in Russian, you can familiarize yourself with the list link . And if you enter the English-speaking version, you can see the map with the location of objects from the list. Yet again link .

Photos from open sources. World Heritage Committee emblem
Photos from open sources. World Heritage Committee emblem

The history of the Committee begins long before its creation: in 1959, when the Governments of Egypt and Sudan appealed to UNESCO with a request to help preserve the ancient facilities falling into the field of flooding after the construction of the Asuan dam in Egypt. UNESCO declared a campaign to rescue monuments of the ancient Egyptian civilization: the temples Abu Simbel were carefully dismantled, transported and collected in a new place. Then it became clear that not only the war threatens historical and cultural values.

After long negotiations, on November 16, 1972 at the 17th session of the UNESCO General Conference, the participants agreed on the unified text of the document and the "Convention on the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage" was adopted. The formation of the list has begun.

The main task and purpose of the list: States in which world heritage sites are located on their conservation.

The award of the World Heritage status is held annually at the Committee session.

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The Committee recognizes the object with possessing outstanding global value only if it is responsible for one or more of the approved criteria. Previously, this list was divided into 6 cultural and 4 natural criteria, but now they were combined to make it easier to determine mixed objects.

I am expressed by the formal language of the Convention, the object should:

Be a masterpiece of the creative genius of man.

Reflect the impact that the object has relied on the development of architecture or technology, monumental art, urban planning or landscape planning.

 To be unique or at least to testify to some important cultural tradition or civilization, which still exists or has already disappeared.

Being an outstanding sample type of structure, architectural or technological ensemble or landscape, which shows an important stage in the development of human history.

Be an outstanding pattern, which is characteristic of some local culture.

To be directly or indirectly associated with events or traditions, with ideas or beliefs, with works of literature and arts that have important world importance.

Include the greatest phenomena of nature or the place of incredible beauty and aesthetic value.

Being a model that reflects the main stages of the Earth's history, including traces of ancient life, geological processes, etc.

To be an example of important environmental and biological processes of the evolution and development of various ecosystems, plants and animals.

Include natural ranges that are very important to preserve biological diversity.

Another important point is that for all objects that claim to be listed, the integrity criterion is important. That is, the object should not be globally and irreparably damaged. For example, in the old church there can not be double-glazed windows, and on the facade of a unique building - air conditioners.

The main cultural and natural values ​​of the world in the list of UNESCO World Heritage List

UNESCO (from English. UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) - United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Establishment. Organization was established on November 16, 1945, headquarters is located in Paris, France.

The official website of UNESCO - RU.unesco.org

UNESCO World Heritage Site - Places and objects on the planet, in different countries, which are chosen by the United Nations on education, science and culture in line with the Convention on the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage. The Convention is designed to protect and preserve outstanding cultural and natural values ​​that make up the property of all mankind.

Monuments of the cultural and natural heritage of humanity under the protection of UNESCO include unique natural objects, outstanding works of human genius, objects of religious and cultural traditions of past millennia, protected islands of cultural and natural landscape. This includes Egyptian pyramids and Taj Mahal, Grand Canyon and London Tower, Victoria Waterfall and Baalbek and Many other famous cultural and natural objects.

The first three places in the number of objects are occupied by Italy, Spain and China.

This UNESCO World Heritage List is given as of early 2010, after the 34th session of UNESCO World Heritage Committee.


List of UNESCO World Heritage List



  • Historical center of Salzburg
  • Schönbrunn Palace and Parks (Vienna)
  • Cultural Landscape Halstatt Dakhstein, District Salzkammergut
  • Railway Zemmering
  • Historic center of Graz
  • Cultural landscape Wahau, between cities Melk and Krems
  • Cultural landscape Firth-Neusidler-Ze
  • Historical center Vienna


  • The ancient city of Brenet
  • Historical centers of cities Gyroista and Berat


  • Madrio Clarore Penafitis Valley


  • Belovezhskaya Pushcha
  • Complex of the Mirsky Castle
  • Architectural, residential and cultural complex of Radziwilles in the city of Nesvizh
  • Objects of geodesic arc Struve in Belarus


  • Flemish "Begini"
  • La Gran Place Square in Brussels
  • Four shipyard on Canal Du Santr and their surroundings, La-Louvier and Le Reyx, Eno Province
  • The historic center of Bruges
  • City mansions of Architect Victor Orta in Brussels
  • Neolithic quarries in the area of ​​Shenn, the neighborhood of Mons
  • Cathedral of Notre Dame in Tourna
  • Museum Complex of the Publisher and Typography Planten-Morettius (Antwerp)
  • Bell tower of the cities of Belgium and France
  • Palace Stocks


  • Boyan Church (Sofia)
  • Madara Rider, Madara village
  • Rock churches at the village of Ivanovo
  • Thracian tomb in the city of Kazanly
  • Old Town Nessebar.
  • Pirin National Park
  • Ril monastery
  • Natural reserve Serebyrna
  • Thracian tomb in Swaxah

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • The area of ​​the old bridge and the historical part of the city of Mostar
  • Möhmed Pasha Sokolovich Bridge in Visegrad


  • Historical Center for Vatican possession of Vatican, including the Church of São Pauro-Fori-le-Mura
  • Vatican area Rome

United Kingdom

  • Castles and fortresses of the King Eduard I in the ancient principal of Guindd
  • Castle and Cathedral in the city of Durham
  • Coast Kozhei Coast ("Bridge Giant"), Northern Ireland
  • Iron Bridge Gorge
  • Cyield Islands
  • Megalithic monuments Stonkhenge, Avbury and adjacent archaeological sites
  • Stadley-Royal Park and the ruins of the Founding Monastery
  • Palace Blenheim
  • City of Bath
  • Forted Lights of the Roman Empire
  • Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey and Church of CENT-Margaret
  • Cathedral, Monastery St. Augustine and St. Martin Church in the city of Canterbury
  • Henderson Island (South Oceania)
  • Tower of London
  • Islands of Hoff and Inaxesweb (South Atlantic)
  • Old Town and New City in Edinburgh
  • "Marine Greenwich" (London)
  • Monuments of Neolithic in the Orcane Islands
  • Minopaped landscape Blanavone
  • St. George's historic city and its fortifications, Bermuda
  • Factory in the valley of the Derwent River
  • The coast of Dorsetshire and Eastern Devonshire
  • Factory village New Lanark
  • Factory settlement Soltear
  • Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew (suburb of London)
  • Liverpool, the city of naval and merchants
  • Minopaped landscape of Cornwall and Western Devonshire
  • Aqueduct Panthasillte


  • Budapest: Danube shores, fortress mountain in Buda and Andrarsha Avenue
  • Historic village Holloko and his environment
  • Cave region of aggtelek - Slovak Cars
  • Millennial Benedictine Monastery in Panononhalm and its natural surroundings
  • Hortobad National Park
  • Early Christian burial in the city of Peat (Ancient Roman Sopian)
  • Cultural landscape Firth - Neusidler-Ze
  • Historical Cultural Landscape of the Wine Rock District


  • Cathedral in the city of Aachen
  • Cathedral in Swipier
  • Residence Bishop with Park and Palace Square, Town of Würzburg
  • Pilgrimage church in the village of Vis
  • Augustusburg Palace and Falchenlust Hunting Castle in Bruhl
  • Cathedral of St. Mary and Church of St. Michael in the city of Hildesheim
  • Ancient Roman monuments, Cathedral of St. Peter and Church of Our Lady in Trier
  • Forted Lights of the Roman Empire
  • Hanseatic city of Lubeck
  • Palaces and Potsdamai Parks Berlin
  • Monastery and Radious Chapel in Lorsch
  • Vintage Rudnik Rammelsberg and the historic city of Goslar
  • Monastery complex Maulbronn
  • City of Bamberg.
  • College Church, Castle and Old Town in Quedlinburg
  • Reliable plant in Fulclingen
  • Fossil finds in the career Messiel
  • Monuments of the architectural school Bauhaus in the cities of Weimar and Dessau
  • Cathedral in Cologne
  • Memorial places of Luther in the cities of Iceleben and Wittenberg
  • "Classic Beimar"
  • Museumsinzel (Museum Island) in Berlin
  • Castle Vartburg
  • "Park Kingdom" Dessau-Vorlitz
  • Monastery Island Rayhenau
  • Old coal mine Zolfenene in Essen
  • Historical centers of the cities of Stralsund and Wismar
  • Valley of Middle Rhine
  • Dresden Valley Elba (excluded in 2009)
  • Muscauer Park / Park Muzakovski
  • Town Hall and Statue of Roland on Market Square in the city of Bremen
  • Old Town in Regensburg, including the Stadshof district
  • Watt sea


  • Apollo Church of the Epicurean in Bass
  • Athenian Acropolis
  • Archaeological monuments Delph.
  • Archaeological monuments of epidaurus
  • Medieval city in Rhodes
  • Monasteries Meteora
  • Spiritual Center Orthodoxy Mount Athos (Holy Mountain)
  • Early Christian and Byzantine Monuments in the city of Thessaloniki
  • Archaeologically monuments of Olympia
  • The ancient city of Mistra
  • Island Delos.
  • Daphny monasteries, Osios-Lucas and Nea-Mona
  • Pythagorea and Gera Temple on Samos Island
  • Archaeological monuments Virgin
  • Archaeological Monuments Mycene and Tirinf
  • Historic Center (Choir) with Monastery of John the Theologian and Cave of Apocalypse on Patmos Island
  • Old Town Kerkira (Corfu)


  • Temple of Bagrat and Gelatan Monastery
  • Historical monuments of the city of Mtskheta
  • Top Svanet


  • Grave hills, Runic Stones and Church in Elling
  • Cathedral in Roskille
  • Castle Kronborg (Helsinger)
  • Ilulissat Glacial Fjord (Greenland)


  • Archaeological finds in the valley of the River Boyne
  • Monastery on Skellig-Michael Island


  • Tingwell National Park
  • Surute Island


  • Alhambra, Henellif and Albacin in Granada
  • Cathedral in the city of Burgos
  • Historic center of Cordoba
  • Architectural ensemble Escoriala
  • The works of Antonio Gaudi (Barcelona vicinity)
  • Cave Altaamira
  • Monuments Oviedo and the Kingdom of Asturias
  • Old Town in Avil and Church outside his walls
  • Old Town in Segovia and the Ancient Roman aqueduct
  • Old Town in Santiago de Compostela
  • Garagonai National Park (Canary Islands)
  • The historic center of Toledo
  • Mudjar style monuments in Aragon
  • Old Town in Caceres
  • Cathedral, Alcazar and "Archive of India" in Seville
  • Old Town in Salamanca
  • Monastery Bach
  • Archaeological ensemble in the city of Merida
  • Road to Santiago de Compostela
  • Royal Monastery Santa Maria de Guadalupe
  • National Park Donalana
  • Fortified part of the city of Cuenca
  • Complex of buildings of Lonch de la Seda in Valencia
  • Area of ​​the Ancient Gold Mining Las Medullas
  • Palace of Catalan Music and San Po Hospital in Barcelona
  • Mont-Perd Mountain Area in Pyrenees
  • Monasteries San Milian in YuSo and in Suoo
  • Skatal painting in the Mediterranean part of the Pyrenean Peninsula
  • University and historical part of Alcala de Enares
  • Ivice Island: Biodiversity and Culture (Balearic Islands)
  • City of San Cristobal de la Laguna (Canary Islands) (1999)
  • Archaeological complex Tarrako (town of Tarragona)
  • Archaeological finds in the caves of Atapuerc
  • Romanesque church in Val de battle, Catalonia
  • Palm - palm groves around Elche
  • Ancient Roman walls in the city of Lugo
  • Cultural landscape of the palace and park ensemble Aranjuez
  • Monumental rebirth ensembles in the cities of Ubeda and Baes
  • Biscai conveyor bridge (neighborhood of Bilbao)
  • Tadeida National Park (Canary Islands)
  • Tower Hercules in La Coruna


  • Skatal painting in Val Camonik
  • Church and Dominican Monastery of Santa Maria della Grazie with the fresco of Leonardo da Vinci "Last Supper" (Milan)
  • Historical Center for Vatican possession of Vatican, including the Church of São Pauro-Fori-le-Mura
  • Historical center of Florence
  • Cathedral complex in the city of Pisa
  • Venice her Laguna
  • The historic center of San Gimignano
  • "I-Sassi di Matera" - old areas of the city of Matera
  • The city of Vicenza and Villas architect Palladio in the region of Veneto
  • Factory village council d'Qadda
  • The city of the Renaissance of Ferrara and the River Delta
  • Historical center Naples
  • The historic center of Siena
  • Castell Del Monte Castle
  • Early Christian monuments in the city of Ravenna
  • The historic center of Pienza
  • "Trulli" - traditional dwellings in Alberobello
  • Royal Palace of the XVIII century. With Park in Caserta, Aqueduct Vavitelli and Factory Village San Lecho
  • Archaeological monuments in the city of Agrigento
  • Archaeological zones - Pompeii, Herculane and Torre-Annzate
  • Botanical Garden (Orto Botaniko) in the city of Padova
  • Cathedral, Torre Chivik Tower and Piazza Grande Square in Modena
  • Kostier-Amalfiana - Amalfi Coast
  • Portovenere City, Cynkwe Terre Cultural Landscape, Palmaria Islands, Tino and Tineto
  • Residences of the Royal Savoy House (Turinous surroundings)
  • Su-Naurakshi - Ancient fortifications in Baruni (Sardinia Island)
  • Ancient Roman villa del Casale (Sicily Island)
  • Archaeological Monuments and Patriarchal Basilica in Aquilee
  • Cultural Landscape of Chilento District, Vallo-Di-Diano National Park, Archaeological Monuments of Pestum and Vella, Demotoza Di Padula Monastery
  • Historic center of Urbino
  • Villa Adriana in Tivoli
  • Basilica of St. Francis and other Franciscan monuments in the city of Assisi
  • Verona City
  • Eoli (Lieba) Islands
  • Villa d'Esta in Tivoli
  • Cities of Late Baroque in the Val di Noto, Southeast Island Sicily
  • Ansumps Sacri Monti (Holy Mountains) in Piedmont and Lombardy
  • Etruscan necropolis near Dreams and Tarquinia
  • Cultural Landscape Val-d'Orcha (Tuscany region)
  • Ancient City of Syracuse Rock Necropolis Pantalik
  • Street Le Strade-Nuovo and the complex of Palazzi Dei Rolly Palaces in Genoa
  • Dolomites alps

*The Holy See

  • The historic center of Rome and the ownership of the Vatican, enjoying the rights of extraterritoriality, including the Church of San Paolo-Fori-le-Mura (1980, 1990)
  • Vatican - Rome District (1984)


  • The ancient city of Paphos.
  • Churches with paintings in the Throdos region
  • Settlement of Neolith Hurokitia


  • Historical center Riga
  • Objects of geodesic arc Struve in Latvia


  • Historic center Vilnius
  • Curonian Cos
  • Archaeological Monuments of Curren Reserve Cernave
  • Objects of geodesic arc Struve in Lithuania


  • Vintage Quarters and Strengthening of the city of Luxembourg


  • Ohrid city and lake cultural and historical attractions and natural environment


  • Valletta city
  • Sanctuary of Hal Saflinion
  • Megalithic temples Malta


  • Objects of geodesic arc Struve in Moldova


  • Skokland area
  • Line of defensive structures Amsterdam
  • Windmills in the area of ​​Kinderdik-Elshaut
  • Steam pumping station Vauda
  • Pold Bremster.
  • Ritveld Schrëderhis (Schreder House in Utrecht)
  • Watt sea
  • Concentric channels of the XVII century within Singleratht, Amsterdam


  • Old Budge Quarter (Bergen City)
  • Wooden church in ulnes
  • Minopaped city Ryrus
  • Frame drawings in Alte
  • Vegaine - Archipelago Vega
  • Geodesic arc Struve in Norway
  • Fjords of Western Norway - Geiranger Fjord and Nur Fjord


  • Historic center Krakow
  • Salt mine in Village
  • Auschwitz concentration camp (Auschwitz)
  • Bialoja (Belovezhskaya Pushcha)
  • Historic center Warsaw
  • Old part of the city of Zamosc
  • Tuton Order Castle in Malbork
  • Medieval part of the city of Torun
  • Calvory Zebzhydovsk: Monastic architectural and park complex in the style of manherism
  • Church of the World in Jawori Swidnice
  • Wooden churches in the south of small Poland
  • Park Muzakovski (Muscauer Park) in Lenknitsa
  • "Century Hall" in Wroclaw


  • City Center Angra do Eroizhma, Azores
  • Christ Monastery in Tomar
  • Monastery Batalia
  • Monastery of Jeronimites and the Belen Tower in Lisbon
  • Historic center of Evora
  • Monastery Alkobasa
  • Cultural syntry landscape
  • Historic center of Porto
  • Prehistoric rock painting in the valley of Coa
  • Laurisilva - Madeira Island Lavra Forest
  • The winery district Altu-Douro
  • Historic center of Himaraes
  • Veinea Landscape of Peak Island, Azores


  • Moscow Kremlin and Krasnaya Square, Moscow
  • The historic center of St. Petersburg and the associated groups of monuments in the Leningrad region:
    • Historical Center of St. Petersburg, as well as Pulkovo Observatory
    • The historic part of Kronstadt, including the fortress, Tolbukhin Lighthouse and Forts in the Finnish Gulf
    • Historical part of Schlisselburg, including the fortress of nuts
    • Historical center Pushkin
    • Historical center Pavlovsk
    • Historic center Gatchina
    • Historic center Strelna
    • Historical center of Petrodvorez
    • Historic center Lomonosov
    • Palace-Park Ensemble in Ropsch
    • Palace and park ensemble in hotels
    • Palace and Park Ensemble in Thai
    • Palace-Park Ensemble "Mikhailovka"
    • Palace-Park Ensemble "Znamenka"
    • Palace and park ensemble "Own cottage"
    • Palace-Park Ensemble "Sergiyevka"
    • Ensemble Trinity-Sergiev Monastery
    • Manor "Repein Penates" in Repino
    • Cemetery in Komarovo.
    • Sestrian spill
    • Lindulovskaya Rosch
    • Dudugof, Koltushki and Yukkov heights
  • Graveyard Kizy
  • Historical monuments of Veliky Novgorod and surroundings
  • Historical and cultural complex Solovetsky Islands
  • White Monuments Vladimir and Suzdal
  • Architectural ensemble Trinity Sergius Lavra in Sergiev Posad
  • Ascension Church in Kolomensky, Moscow
  • Virgin forests Komi.
  • Volcanoes Kamchatka
  • Lake Baikal
  • Golden mountains Altai
  • Western Caucasus
  • The historical and architectural complex of the Kazan Kremlin
  • Bulgarian historical and archaeological complex Bulgarian, Tatarstan
  • Curonian Cos
  • Ensemble Ferapontova Monastery, Vologda region
  • Central Sikhote-Alin, Primorsky Krai
  • Citadel, Derbent Old Town Construction
  • Ensemble Novodevichy Monastery, Moscow
  • Natural Reserve Reserve Island Wrangel
  • Historic center Yaroslavl
  • Objects of geodesic arc Struve in Russia
  • Plateau Puratorna


  • Danube Delta
  • Church of the historical region Moldova
  • Monastery Khorezu
  • Villages with fortified churches in transylvania
  • Fortresses of Ducks in the mountains of Orreyste
  • Historic center of Sigisoara
  • Wooden churches of the historic region Maramuresh

San Marino.

Historic Center San Marino and Mount Monte Titano


  • The ancient city of Stari-races and the monastery are copied
  • Monastery in Studenitsa
  • Medieval monuments in Kosovo (high-channel monastery)
  • Gamzigrad-Romuliana


  • City of Banska Studyavnica
  • Spiser degrees and adjacent historical monuments (city Speshskin Sudier)
  • Historic Village Vlkolinets (city rifle)
  • Cave region of aggtelek - Slovak Cars
  • City Reserve Bardier
  • Virgin beech forests Carpath
  • Wooden Church of Slovak Carpath



  • Kiev: Sofia Cathedral and related monastery buildings, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra
  • Ensemble of the historic center of Lviv
  • Geodesic arc shiven territory of Ukraine
  • Virgin beech forests Carpath
  • Residence of Metropolitans Bukovina in Chernovtsy


  • Suomenlinna Fortress (Helsinki)
  • Old part of the city of Rauma
  • Old church in the village of Petyavsey
  • Wood-processing factory
  • Breeding complex of the Bronze Age Sammallahden Mäs
  • Geodesic arc Struve in Finland
  • Quartzen Archipelago / "High Bank" (Botnic Bay)


  • Cathedral in the city of Chartres
  • Folded drawings in the caves on the River Weser
  • Mont-Saint-Michel ensemble with bay
  • Palace and Park in Versailles
  • Church and hill in luck
  • Cathedral in the city of Amiens
  • Cistercian monastery Phontena
  • Palace and Park Fontainebleau
  • Ancient Roman and Romanesque monuments in the city of Arles
  • Ancient Roman theater with a triumphal arch in the city of Orange
  • Royal Salt Plant in Ark Esenan
  • Capes of Zhadolat and Porto, Natural Reserve Skandol and Rocky Bays "Calanki" at the city of Piana (Corsica Island)
  • Church of Saint-Saven-sur-Gartan
  • Plasshi Place Stanislas, Plas-de-La Career and Plas-D'accidents in Nancy
  • Ancient Roman aqueduct p-du-gar
  • Grand Ile - Historical Center for Strasbourg
  • Cathedral of Notre Dame, a former monastery of Saint-Remy and the Palace in the city of Reims
  • Sea's shores in Paris
  • Cathedral in the city of Bourges
  • Historic center of Avignon
  • Canal Du Midi (Southern Canal)
  • Historic fortified city Carcassonne
  • Mont-Perd Mountain Area in Pyrenees
  • The historic part of the city of Lyon
  • Roads in France leading to Santiago de Compostela
  • Bell tower of the cities of Belgium and France
  • Saint Emilion Winery
  • Loire Valley from Sully-sur-Loir to Chalon
  • Gent, the city of medieval fairs
  • Gavr- City Restored by Auguste Perret
  • Port of the Moon in Bordeaux
  • Strengthening Voban
  • Volcanoes and circus on the island of Reunion
  • Episcopal city of Albi


  • The historic center of Split with Diocletian Palace
  • Old Town in Dubrovnik
  • Plitvice Lake National Park
  • Biscast Poreca Bishop Biscast complex in the historic center of Porec
  • The historic city of Trogir
  • Saint Jacob Cathedral in Sibenik
  • Starigrad plain on the island of Hvar


  • Natural and cultural and historical district
  • Durmitor National Park


  • Historic center of Czech Krumlov
  • Historical center Prague
  • Historic center city center
  • Pilgrimage Church of St. Yana Nepomotsky on the green grief (city of Zhdyar-Nad-Sasavo)
  • Kutna Mountain: The historic center of the city with the Church of St. Barbara and the Cathedral of Our Lady in the saddle
  • Cultural landscape of Lednice-Waltice
  • Gardens and castle in the city of Kromerizh
  • Historic village Gorelevice
  • Castle in Litomishl
  • Column of St. Trinity in the city of Olomouc
  • Villa Toughadgat in Brno
  • Jewish district and Basilica of St. Prokop in the city of Trebich


  • Benedictine Monastery St. John in Musaleire
  • Monastery of St. Gall (St. Gallen City)
  • Old Town in Bern
  • Three castles, fortress walls and trees of the Trade city of Bellinzone
  • Jungfrau, Alech, Beachhorne (Bern Alps)
  • Mount Monte San Georgio
  • Vineyards Lavavo
  • Tectonic Sardona District
  • Retal railway
  • La sho de von and le-loclons: urban planners


  • Royal Residence Drochnyngholm (Stockholm suburb)
  • Archaeological Objects Tag and Hovgord
  • Reloing plant Engelsberg
  • Reliefs in Tanum
  • ScumChurkoordden - "Forest Cemetery" in Stockholm
  • Hanseatic city of Visby
  • "Church settlement" Hammelstad near the city of Luleå
  • Lapland
  • Carlskrun Naval Port
  • Rural landscape in southern Eland Island
  • Quartzen Archipelago / "High Bank" (Botnic Bay)
  • Minopaped area Big Copper Mountain, Falun City
  • Radio station Varberg
  • Geodesic arc shiven territory of Sweden


  • Historical Center (Old Town) Tallinn
  • Geodesic arc shiven territory of Estonia


  • Old fortress in the Baccan Palace of Shirvanshakhov and the Girl Tower
  • Gobuvante- State Historical and Ethnographic and Artistic Reserve


  • Monasteries Achpat and Sanain, Laurie
  • Monastery Geghard and the upper and the river Azat area Kotayk
  • Cathedral and Echmiadzinai Church Archaeological Monument Zvartnots


  • Minaret and archaeological sites in Jem (Jam) (Gore Province)
  • Cultural landscape and archaeological finds in the Valley of Bamian (Bamian Province)


  • Historic City of Mosques Baherta
  • Ruins of the Buddhist Monastery in Parpur
  • Mangrove Zaroshi Sundarban


  • Archaeological sites Kalalat Al-Bahrain


  • Complex of the monuments of Hue.
  • Hay-Long Bay (Quangnin Province)
  • Historic city Hoian
  • Sanctuary Mishon (near Hoyan)
  • Fong Kangang National Park
  • Imperial Citadel Thang Long, Hanoi


  • The ancient fortress Masada, from the city of Arad
  • Old Town in Acre (ACCO)
  • White city in Tel Aviv- Architecture "Modern Movement"
  • Old Town in Jerusalemia His fortress walls
  • Biblical Hills - Megiddo, Hatsor, Beer Sheva
  • "Road of Ladan" - Cities in the Negev desert
  • Bahai's sacred places in Haifia Western Galilee


  • Fort in the city of Agra
  • Cave temples in Ajant
  • Buddhist monuments in Santia
  • Archaeological Park Champer Pavagadh
  • Station Chatrapati-Shivaji, former Victoria-Terminus, Mumbai
  • Churches and monasteries in Goa
  • Cave temples on Elephant Island
  • Cave temples in Ellore
  • The ancient city of Fatechpur-Sicry, near Agra
  • Great Chola Empire Temples
  • Monuments of Hampi.
  • Monuments Mahabalipuram
  • Monuments Pattadakala
  • Mausoleum Humayun in Delhi
  • Kazirang National Park
  • Keolado National Park
  • Monuments Khajuraho
  • Mahabodhi Temple Complex in Bodh Gaya
  • Refuge Wild Fauna Manas
  • National Parks Nanda-Devi and "Flower Valley"
  • Mountain Railways India
  • Tower Kutb Minar and the surrounding archaeological monuments, Delhi
  • Rocky housing Bhimbet
  • Sun Temple in Konarak
  • Sundarban National Park
  • Mausoleum Taj Mahal, city Agra
  • Red Fort, Delhi
  • Jantar Mantar


  • Borobudur Temple Complex, Central Java State
  • National Park Komodo
  • Prambanan Temple Complex, Central Java
  • Dwong Coulping National Park Volcano Krakataau
  • Parking of an ancient man in Sangriana, Aceh, North Island Symalue
  • Lorenz National Park, Irian Jaya, New Guinea Island
  • Virgin wet tropical forest Sumatra


  • Ancient city of Peter
  • The ancient residence of Clayur-Amra caliphs
  • Archaeological finds in Um-Er-Rasas (Castron Meta)


  • The ancient city of Hatra
  • The ancient city of Ashshur (Kota Shergat)
  • Archaeological zone Samarra


  • Maidan Imam Square in Isfahan
  • Ancient city Persepol, near the city of Shiraz
  • Ancient City of Hog-Zanbil
  • Ancient city Tehte-Soleman
  • City of Bam and its cultural landscapes
  • The ancient city of Pasargada, near the city of Shiraz
  • Mausoleum Saltia (Zingjan Province)
  • Archaeological object Bisotun
  • Hydraulic Schuchera system
  • Certombic Sefi Ad-Din in Ardabile
  • Tabriza Bazaar


  • Old fortified city Shibam
  • Old Town in Sana
  • Historic city Zabid.
  • Socotra Archipelago.


  • Mausoleum Khoji Ahmed Yassavi (city of Turkestan)
  • Petroglyphs of the archaeological landscape tamghaw


  • Archaeological district Angkor
  • Temple PredaVheaa



  • Palaces of emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties in Beijing Shenyang
  • Tomb of the first emperor dynasty Qin
  • Caves Mogao
  • Mount Tishan
  • Parking "Beijing Man" in Zhoukudian
  • The great Wall of China
  • Mount Huangshan
  • Landscape attractions of Juanlong
  • Landscape attractions of Zzyuchaigou
  • Landscape attractions of Ugrajuan
  • Complex of ancient buildings in the mountains of the Unshan
  • The historic ensemble of Palace Potal in Lhasa
  • Mountain imperial residence and those surrounding her temples in Chende
  • Temple and the tomb of the Confucius and the estate of the Kun family in the city of Quifu
  • Lushan National Park
  • Mount Emeishan and a statue of "Big Buddha" in Leshani
  • Historic city Pinyao
  • Classic Gardens in Suzhou
  • Old Town of Lijiang
  • Summer Palace and Imperial Park in Beijing
  • Temple of the sky: the imperial sacrificial altar in Beijing
  • Reliefs in Datsz
  • Mountains Wishan
  • Vintage villages Sidi and Hunzun in the south of Anhui Province
  • The tombs of the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties
  • Cave temples Lunnmen.
  • Mount Cinchanshan and ancient irrigation system Dujiangian
  • Cave temples Yungan.
  • Three parallel rivers National Park, Yunnan Province
  • Capital cities and tombs of the ancient kingdom of Kogouro
  • Historic center of Macau (Aomyn)
  • Ancient city Inyzyu
  • Reserves of the Giant Panda in Sichuan Province
  • Dalyou and Kaipina Village, Guangdong Province
  • Karst sediments of southern China, Yunnan Province
  • Highlobe houses Toolu in Fujian province
  • Sancinshan Mountain National Park, Jiangxi Province
  • Mount Utaishan
  • Historical monuments Danfyn at the foot of Mount Sunshhan
  • Dansya


  • City of LuangPrabang
  • Cultural landscape of Tyasakak with the Temple Complex Wat Fu and the surrounding ancient settlements


  • Ancient city of Andzhar
  • Ancient city Baalbeck
  • Ancient city Bible (Jubail)
  • Ancient city Tir (Sur)
  • Sacred Valley (Wadi-Cadisha) and Divine Cedar Grove (Horsh-Arz El-Rab)


  • Gunung-Mulu National Park (Sarawak, Borneo Island)
  • Kinabalu National Park (Sabah, Borneo Island)
  • Old cities of Melak and Georgetown


  • Cultural Landscape of the Valley of the Orkhon River


  • Valley Kathmandu
  • Sagarmatha National Park (Mountain District Everest)
  • Royal-reader National Park
  • Lumbini, Buddha


  • Fortress Bahla
  • Archaeological monuments Bat, El Hutmi El Ain
  • Reserve Arabian Orix
  • Ancient trading path "Ladan trail"
  • Oman Irrigation Systems "Ampge"


  • Archaeological monuments Mohenjo Daro
  • Ruins of the Buddhist Monastery Tahti Bahi and the city of Shahri Bakhlol
  • The ancient city of Taxila
  • Fort and Gardens Shalimimar in Lahore
  • Historical monuments in the city of Tatt
  • Fort Roktas

Saudi Arabia

  • Et-Turayf District in Ed Diria

North Korea


  • Old Town in Damascus
  • Old Town in Bosre
  • Archaeological monuments Palmyra
  • Old Town in Chalet
  • Castles Krak de Chevalier and Calata Salah-Ad-Dean



  • Historic city Ayuta and neighboring historical cities
  • The historic city of Sukhotai and neighboring historical cities
  • Thonggyai and Huykhakhang Wildlife Reserves
  • Archaeological monument Banchiang
  • Forest complex Dongfak Khuyam


  • State Historical and Cultural Park Ancient Merv
  • The ancient city of Kuny-Urgench
  • Parfi Fortress Old Nis


  • Gamerai National Park Cave Constructions Cappadocia
  • Big Mosque and Hospital in the city of Divrigi
  • Historic regions of Istanbul
  • The ancient city of Hattusas
  • Archaeological finds on Mount Nemmit-Dag
  • Ancient city Heropolis and Pamukkale sources
  • The ancient city of Xanf and the Temple of the SEMON
  • Safranbolu city
  • Archaeological monuments of Troy
  • Sellium Jumalyzyk in the city
  • Antique city Pergams in Bergama, Izmir Province


  • Ichan-Cala (inner fortress), Hiva city
  • Historic center of Bukhara
  • Historic center of Shahrisabz
  • Samarkand Perekrestok Culture


  • Churches Philippines in Baroque style
  • Marine Park on the reefs of the Tubbataha
  • Rice terraces in the Philippine Cordillera
  • The historic city of Vigan.
  • Underground Puerto Princes River

Sri Lanka

  • The ancient city is Polonnaruva
  • Ancient city of Sigihiya
  • Holy City of Anuradhapura
  • Old part and strengthening the city of Galle
  • Sacred city of Kandy
  • Forest reserve Sygararaja
  • Golden Temple Dambulla
  • Highland Central Sri Lanka

South Korea

  • Hains Monastery, Changën-Phanjon - Wooden Plates of the Korean Tyritics
  • Chonme Temple, Seoul
  • Cave Church of Sokkuras and Pulgux Temple Complex
  • Palace complex Chhanokkun, Seoul
  • Half Fortress (Suwon City)
  • Megalithic burials - Dolmen near the cities of Kochalan and Hwashan and on the island of Kalkha
  • Historical territories Köndju
  • Volcanic Island Jedjudo
  • Royal burials of the Choson dynasty
  • Vintage Korean Village Khahwe and Yandon


  • Buddhist monuments in the terrain of Khoryuji
  • Castle Himedzi
  • Mount Sirac
  • Yakushima Island
  • Historical monuments of the old part of Kyotoi in the cities of UDI and OtsU
  • Historic villages of Siracawa and Gokaya
  • Mirosima Memorial in Hiroshima (Genbaku Dome)
  • Shinto Sanctuary Izukushima
  • Monuments of the historic part of the city of Nara
  • Sanctuary and temples Nicko
  • Castles "Gusuku" and associated monuments of the ancient kingdom on the islands of Ryuku
  • Sacred places and road pilgrims in the mountains of Ki
  • Peninsula Syretoko (Hokkaido Island)
  • Silver mine Iwami Gindzan

Netherlands Antilles

  • Inner city and harbor of Willemstad


  • Los Gosyares National Park
  • Jesuit missions on the lands of the Indians Guarani: San Ignacio-mini, Santa Ana, Nourera Senora de Loreto and Santa Maria La Major
  • Iguazu National Park
  • Cave of Cueva de Las Manos (Rio-Pinturas Area, Santa Cruz Province)
  • Peninsula Valdez.
  • Natural Parks Schigugala and Talambayia
  • Buildings and farms of Jesuits in the city of Cordova surroundings
  • The ancient path of Cebrad de Umaoac


  • BELIZA Barrier Reef Reserves



  • Gornozavodskaya city Potosi
  • Jesuit missions on the lands of the Indian Chikitos
  • Historic city Sucre
  • Archaeological monument Fuerte de Samaypata
  • National Park Noel-Kepff-mercado
  • The ancient city of Tiuanako: the spiritual and political center of the Dadispan Indian culture


  • Historic City Wear Pretu
  • Historic Center for Olinda
  • Jesuit Missions on the lands of the Indian Guarani: Ruins of San Miguel Das Missoyns
  • Historic Center for Salvador Di Bahia
  • Church complex Bon-Zhezus-do Congonias
  • Iguazu National Park
  • BRAZILIA city
  • Serra da Kapivara National Park
  • Historic center of San Louis
  • Forest reserves of the southeastern Atlantic coast
  • Forest reserves of the Eastern Atlantic coast ("Shore of the Opening")
  • Historic center of Diamantina
  • Central Amazonian Reserves Complex
  • Guarded area of ​​Pantanal
  • Brazilian Islands in Atlantic: Fernanda Di Norona and Rocas Atoll
  • National Parks of the district "Campos Sumrado": Chapada-Dus-Beadairus and Emaas
  • Historical center of Goyas
  • Saint Francisk Square in San Cryston


  • City of Coro and his port
  • National Park Canaima
  • University Town in Caracas


  • National Historic Park - Citadel La Ferier, Palace San Sust and Strengthen Ramier


  • City of Antigua Guatemala (old Guatemala)
  • Tikal National Park
  • Archaeological Park and Ruins Kirigua


  • Maja Copan Indian City
  • Biospheric reserve Rio Platano


See Denmark.


  • Morne-Piton National Park

Dominican Republic

  • Colonial Zonasanto Domingo


  • National Historic Park L'Hens-O-Medical Park (North Island Newfoundland)
  • National Park Shanny
  • Provincial Park Dinosor, Albert Province
  • Parks and Reserves Klurein, Wrangel-Sv.yli, Gleisher Bay, Tatsenshini-Alseek
  • Place of hunting for Bizonov - "Had-mix-in-Buffalo-Jump complex"
  • Entony Island.
  • Wood Buffalo National Park
  • Canadian Rocky Parks
  • The historic district of Quebeca
  • Gross Morne National Park
  • The historic city of Lunenburg (Province of New Scotland)
  • International Park Waterton Lakes - Gleisher
  • Miguhash Provincial Park
  • Channel Rido
  • Joggins Rocks, New Scotia


  • Port, fortifications and monuments of the city of Cartagena
  • Los Qatios National Park
  • Historic center of Santa Cruz de Mompox
  • National Archaeological Park Thierradentro
  • Archaeological Park San Agustin
  • Faunistic and floral reserve Malpelo

Costa Rica

  • Reserves Talamanca Ranj and La Amistad
  • National Park Coconut Island
  • Guanacaste guarded area


  • Old Havana and its fortifications (1982)
  • City Trinidad and De Los Inhenos Valley (1988)
  • San Pedro de la Rock fortress in Santiago de Cuba (1997)
  • Cultural Landscape Vinyales Valley (1999)
  • Desxbarco del Granma National Park (1999)
  • Archaeological landscape of the first coffee plantations in the south-east of Cuba (2000)
  • Alejandro de Humboldt National Park (2001)
  • Historic center of Cienfuegos (2005)
  • Historical center Camaguei (2008)


  • Historical center of Mexicoi Schimilko
  • The historic part of the city of Oaxaca and the center of the ancient Indian culture Monte Alban
  • The historic center of Puebla
  • Dovespansky City and Palenque National Park
  • Dobypanian city of Teotiuacan
  • Xian Kaan Biosphere Reserve
  • Historic city Guanajuato and adjacent mines
  • Dovesprian City Chichen Itsa
  • Historic center of the city of Morelia
  • Dovesprian City El Tahine
  • Historic center of Sakatecas
  • Skatal painting in the mountains of Sierra de San Francisco
  • Reserve Whales El Wiscainino
  • Monasteries of the beginning of the XVI century on the slopes of the volcano Popochetetet
  • The zone of historical monuments in the city of Keretaro
  • Dovesprian City Ushmal
  • Cabanian Hospital in Guadalajara
  • Archaeological Monument to Pakima, Area Casas Grande
  • The zone of historical monuments in the city of Tlakottolapan
  • Zone Archaeological Monuments Hatchikalko
  • Historical fortified city Campeche
  • Ancient Maja Calakmul, Campeche
  • Franciscan missions in Sierra Gorda, Keretaro
  • Residential building and Studio Luis Barragan (suburbs Mexico City)
  • Islands and protected natural areas in the California Gulf Area
  • Landscape of agave plantations and vintage tequila enterprises
  • University Town of the National Autonomous University in Mexico City
  • Butterfly Monarch Biosphere Reserve
  • Historic city of San Miguel de Allende and Jesuit Sanctuary Hessus de Nazaren
  • Camino Real de Tierra-Adentro
  • Prehistoric Grotto Yagulia and Mitla in the Central Valley of Oaxaca


  • Ruins of the city of Leon Vieho (Old Leon)


  • Strengthening on the Caribbean Panama coast: Portobelo and San Lorenzo
  • Daryaen National Park
  • Reserves Talamanca Ranj and La Amistad
  • Archaeological monuments Panama Vieho (old Panama) and the historical part of the city of Panama
  • Koyba National Park and its specially protected water area


  • Jesuit missions of La Santisima-Trinidad de Paran and Hess De Tavarange


  • Cusco city
  • Ruins of the ancient city Machu Picchu
  • Archaeological monuments of the center of the ancient Indian culture Chavin de Uantar
  • Wascharan National Park
  • Archaeological zone chan-chan
  • Manu National Park
  • Historical center of Lima
  • Rio Abiscao National Park
  • Lines and geoglyphs in the districts of Naska and Pampas de Human
  • The historic center of Arequipa
  • Holy City Karal Sup


  • Archaeological excavations Hoya de Serena

Saint Kitts and Nevis

  • Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

Saint Lucia

  • Protected Natural District Python

United States of America

  • National Park Big Canyon Colorado River (Arizona State)
  • Indian city Kahokya, East Saint Louis, Illinois
  • INDEPENENS-HALL, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
  • Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho)
  • La Fortalez fortress and the old part of the city of San Juan (Puerto Rico)
  • Monticello and University of Virginia, Charlottesville (Virginia)
  • National Historical Park of Culture Chaco (Colorado)
  • Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park (Hawaii)
  • Gleisher National Park (Montana) along with Waterton Lake National Park (Canada)
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park (North Carolina State, Tennessee)
  • National Park Karlsbad Caves (New Mexico)
  • Mamontov Cave National Park (Kentucky)
  • Mesa Verde National Park (Colorado)
  • Olympic National Park (Washington State)
  • Redwood National Park (California)
  • Everglades National Park (Florida)
  • Parks and reserves of Wrangel-Saint-Eliasgleisher Bay (together with National Parks Canada Cloin and Tatsenshini-Alsek)
  • Taos Pueblo (Taos Reservation, New Mexico)
  • Statue of Liberty, New York
  • National Sea Park Papachanumokua


  • Natural Reserve Central Suriname
  • Historic center of Paramaribo


  • The historic part of the city of Colonia del Sacramento


  • Rapanui National Park (Easter Island)
  • Chiloe Islands Church
  • The historic part of the port city of Valparaiso
  • Production of Selitra Hamberston and Santa Laura
  • Miner's city Sewell


  • City of Quito
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Sangai National Park
  • Historic center of Santa An der Los Rios de Cuenca


  • Al-Cala fortress in the ancient city of Beni-Hummad
  • Ancient city of Gemila
  • Mzab Valley
  • Plateau Tassilin-Agere
  • The ancient city of Timgad
  • The ancient city of the like
  • Kasba (old part) of the city of Algeria


  • Royal Palaces Abomei


  • Skatal painting in the area of ​​the city

Burkina Faso


  • James Island and related sights
  • Rings of Megalites in Senevelombia


  • Forts and locks Volta, Big Accars, Central and Western Regions
  • Traditional buildings of the people of Ashanti


  • Mount Namba National Park


  • Early Christian monuments in Abu-Mena
  • Ancient figs of their necropals
  • Islamic Cairo
  • The membrane of his necropolis - the area of ​​the pyramids from Giza to Dakhsura
  • Nubia Monuments from Abu Simbeldo File
  • Monastery of St. Catherine with a surroundings
  • Wadi Al-Hitan ("Whale Valley") - location of fossils


  • MOSI-OA-TUN / Waterfall Victoria


  • Mana Puls National Park, Sapi and Chevore Hunting Reserves
  • National Monument to Big Zimbabwe
  • National Monument of Ruins Khami
  • MOSI-OA-TUN / Waterfall Victoria
  • Hills Mathobo

Cape Verde


  • Faunistic Reserve Ja.


  • National Parks on Turkana Lake
  • National Park and Forest Reserve on Kenya Mountain
  • Old Town in Lama
  • Sacred forests of the people of Midzhikend

Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Virung National Park
  • Garable National Park
  • Cajui Bag National Park
  • National Park Salonga
  • Faunistic reserve Okap.

Côte d'Ivoire

  • Natural Reserve Mount-Nimba
  • Tai National Park
  • National Park Comooe


  • Archaeological monuments Kyrena
  • Archaeological Monuments Leptis Magnes
  • Archaeological monuments Sabrath
  • Skatal painting in the mountains Tadrart-Akus
  • Old Town in Gadames


  • AAPRAVASI GHAT - Immigration Terminal (Port Louis)
  • Shelter of runaway slaves on the island of Mauritius


  • Bank-d'Argen National Park
  • Xara (fortified fortress cities) in Wadan, Sinetti, sishit and wealat


  • Natural Reserve Qinggi de Bemaraha
  • Royal Hill Ambuchiman


  • Malawi Lake National Park
  • Fold images in Chongoni


  • Old cities Jenne
  • The historic city of Tombup
  • Highland Bandiarigara (country of Dogon | Land of Dogon)
  • The tomb of Emperor Askia-Mohamed (Gao City)


  • Medina (old part) of the city of Fez
  • Medina (old part) of the city of Marrakesh
  • Xara (fortified fortress cities) in Ait-Ben Haddu
  • The historic city of Meknes.
  • Archaeological monuments Volubilisa
  • Medina (old part) of the city of Tetuan
  • Medina (old part) of the city of Es-Saviir (former Mogador)
  • Portuguese Fortress Mazagan, city El Jadida




  • Natural Reserves Air and Tennel
  • Dubl-B Du Niger National Park ("W")


  • Cultural landscape Sukur
  • Sacred Grove Osus-OsoMo


  • Aldabon atoll
  • Natural Reserve Valle de ME


  • Island Mountain
  • Ornithological reserve Dzhude.
  • Nicolo Coba National Park
  • Saint Louis Island
  • Rings of Megalites in Senevelombia


  • Sacred Rock Gebel-Barcal and Archaeological Monuments in the area


  • Protected area NGORONORO
  • Ruins Kilva-Kisivani and Song Manara
  • Serengeti National Park
  • Hunting reserve Selus
  • Kilimanjaro National Park
  • "Stone City" in Zanzibar
  • Fold images in Condo



  • Amphitheater in El Jime
  • Medina (old part) of the city of Tunisia
  • Ruins of Carthagene
  • National Park Ishkel
  • Punic Republic of Kerkuan and his necropolis
  • The historic city of Kairuan
  • Medina (old part) of the city of sus
  • Ancient city of Dugg (Tugga)


  • Bvindi-Impentitrebal National Park ("Unreparable Forest Bvindi")
  • Rovevenzori Mount National Park
  • The burial of the kings of Buganda in Casubi

Central African Republic

  • Manovo-Gould-Saint-Floris National Park


  • Rock churches in Lalibel
  • Same National Park
  • Faasil-Hebby Fortress, Gondar City
  • The ancient city of Aksum
  • The valley of the lower flow of the River Avash
  • The valley of the lower flow of the river Omo
  • Archaeological monuments Tiya
  • Fortified historic city Harar-jugol

South Africa Republic

  • Schonfonttein, Wetcranus, Crimea and surroundings - Finds of Fasteners Hominid
  • Saint Lucia Wetland
  • Robben Island
  • Drainsberg Park (Dragons Mountains)
  • Cultural landscape of Mapungubwe
  • Protected areas of the Cape Floral region
  • Astroleble harmport


  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Cakada National Park
  • Willand Lake District
  • Lord Howe island area
  • Western Tasmania Wildlife
  • Rain Forests of the East Coast
  • Uluru-Katata National Park (Ayers-Rock - Mount Olga)
  • Wet tropics Queensland
  • Shark Bay, Western Australia
  • Fraser Island
  • Fossil remnants of Australian mammals (Riversley and Narakort)
  • Herd Islands and McDonald
  • Macquari Island
  • Mountain District Blue Mount
  • Purnululu National Park
  • Building of the Royal Exhibition and Gardens Carlton (Melbourne)
  • Cutting settlements of Australia

Marshall Islands

New Zealand

  • Te-Vakhipounam- South West South Islands
  • Tongariro National Park
  • Subnutrctic Islands

New Caledonia

Islands Pitcairn.

Papua New Guinea

  • Ancient agricultural settlement Cook

Solomon islands

  • Eastern part of Rennell Island


List of World Heritage Site on the official website of UNESCO


List of UNESCO World Heritage Site in Russia


UNESCO is an international UN establishment on education, science and culture. Abbreviation is deciphered as United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The organization was established in 1945 after the end of World War II. According to the plan, she had to help the "intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind" to avoid inciting new war.

The Convention on the Protection of Cultural Heritage entered into force in 1975, and since 1977, meetings are regularly held on which the possibility of including new places in the list is discussed.

UNESCO World Heritage

A list of natural or human facilities created by a person who is trying to protect and make famous.

Flag of organization. Source: Wikipedia https://img.news.com/media/gallery/125061531/708216711.jpg

As of February 2020, in the World Heritage List, 1121 facility. Everyone has its own special identification number.

Halong Bay - Popular Tourist Object in Vietnam. Included in the list of world heritage sites. Source: Wikipedia https://img.nerews.com/media/gallery/125061531/963741928.jpg

Leadership countries in the number of world heritage facilities - Italy, China (55) and Spain (48 objects).

Taj Mahal - Mausoleum-Mosque in India. Source: Wikipedia https://img.nerews.com/media/gallery/125061531/656337023.jpg

States in whose territory there are significant seats or structures, must take obligations to preserve them. The main plus, which the country receives in return - the attention of the world community, attracting tourists and subsidies from UNESCO.

As part of the list, there is also a list of items under threat. It includes objects that threaten the danger due to human intervention, wars or environmental reasons. If the state does not accept conservation measures, the object may be deprived of the status.

In 2016, such a threat hung over the Moscow Kremlin because of the construction of a monument to Prince Vladimir on Borovitsky Square, but this did not happen.

List of World Heritage Site in Russia

The USSR, the successor of which is modern Russia, has joined the Convention of Cultural and Natural Heritage in 1988 during the reign of Mikhail Gorbachev.

Historical center of St. Petersburg. Depositphotos https://img.news.com/media/gallery/125061531/948546699.jpg

The first objects on the territory of the country were listed in 1990. To date, there are 29 items in Russia, and one in the Crimea, which UNESCO considers the disputed territory.

Moscow Kremlin and Red Square. Depositphotos https://img.news.com/media/gallery/125061531/275845092.jpg

The historical center of St. Petersburg, the architectural complex on the island of Kizhi, the Moscow Kremlin and the Red Square, the monuments of Novgorod, the Male Monastery at Solovetsky Islands, Vladimir and Suzdal and Suzdal, Trinity-Sergiyev Lava, the Male Monastery at Solovetsky Islands, Troisa-Sergiyev Lava, and Suzdal, were the first to be added.

Tourists in Kamchatka. Depositphotos https://img.news.com/media/gallery/125061531/769872357.jpg

Among the objects of Natural Heritage - Forest Komi, Lake Baikal, Kamchatka Volcanoes, Altai Mountains and others.

Trinity-Sergiyev Lava. Source: Wikipedia https://img.news.com/media/gallery/125061531/851578881.jpg

As much on our planet fragile, rare and untouched areas. UNESCO protects such places, develops ecotourism, educates cultural and aesthetic values. On the birthday of UNESCO, we picked up six routes on World Heritage sites.

How and who creates a UNESCO Heritage List? Once a year 192, participating countries are submitted to maximum applications for two national objects that are historical, natural or cultural value. For one and a half years, UNESCO employees study applications, conduct a vote and the final session makes a decision. The most decent objects fall into the list of World Heritage, but there are those who leave in the so-called waiting list. With these applicants, the organization will still work.

In Russia, 27 UNESCO heritage facilities. In addition to specific locations, UNESCO supports and cultural values ​​- folklore and life of different nations. For example, now in the list of expectations among Russian candidates - the Old Believers of Transbaikalia and the Yakut heroic epic.

Virgin forests Komi, Komi Republic

This is the first natural object of Russia, which fell under the protection of UNESCO. In Komi there are some of the last untouched forests of Europe. They are also called the "Taiga Treasury". Here the time as if stopped. Crystal-net river rivers talk with cedars and fir, which stretch to quiet clouds. Occasionally hear cries of Berkut. The main hosts of these places are animals and birds listed in the Red Book - Orlan-Belochvost, Skop, Sapsan. Yes, the train of Sapsan, who runs between Moscow and St. Petersburg, named after the rare birds. It can fly from speed more than 300 kilometers per hour! This will envy any cheetah.

Protected forests Komi are located in the territory of two reserves: Pechoro-Ilych and Yighda. Routes There are different: you can quickly melted on the river or three days to go through the tourist trail. Remove the room from local residents or stay at the recreation center. Among the few camps there are those, the road to which is already an adventure. For example, the base "Ozernaya", although located in the center of the park, but you can only get to it on a helicopter. In reserves you will see the first silicon mines, traces of ancient cave lions or mammoths, chamoral houses of the Old Believers. The main thing is to prevent the administration of the reserves in advance about your journey. They will help with the organization of the campaign and pass. Pull hot tea into the thermos, take notes in a notebook and get ready for a meeting with the spirits of Taiga Jungle.

How to get:

  • Pechoro-Ilychinsky Reserve: Flight S7 Airlines to Syktyvkar. Then from Syktyvkar station by train to Troitsko-Pechorsk, from there by bus to the village of Yaksha, the villages of Ust-Ilych or the Uralsk. Further, local residents will help to get to the reserve - in the summer on the boat, in the winter in the snowmobile. Even in the administration of the reserve, a transfer from the station in Troitsko Pechorsk is available.
  • Reserve Yighda Va: Flight S7 Airlines to Syktyvkar. Then from Syktyvkar train station by train to Pechora. From the city of Pechora to the village of Aranets will get by bus, and from there to the border of the National Park about 50 km along the tourist trail.

Italy - Recordsman on UNESCO protected objects. If in Russia there are 27, then in Italy - 51. For example, in the heritage list, the whole cities are Venice and Verona.

Savior Transfiguration Monastery, Solovetsky Islands

To be alone with you, without internet and plans. Solovki is six large and more than a hundred small islands surrounded by lead-blue sea. Here you will meet seals and white whales - Beluhi. Just 150 kilometers - and you are behind the northern polar circle. Explore the islands - you will find the parking lot of a primitive person and see the Solovetsky Kremlin, surrounded by powerful stone walls with eight towers.

In this place I do not want to break silence: just breathe the strale sea air and feel the story. Shutting the door to local residents, they are always happy to guests. You put a compote from forest berries, coax the sweet cake and leisurely tell about the monastery life of Solovkov. For dinner or dinner, ask to cook White Sea fish - very tasty.

How to get : Flight S7 Airlines to Arkhangelsk, then a transplant to Solovetsky flight, and in 50 minutes you are in place.

The first to the Heritage list of UNESCO did the Galapagos Islands, in 1978. Here they live alone of the most ancient animals - elephant turtles.

Architectural and historical complex "Bulgar", Tatarstan

Once it was one of the largest cities of the Golden Horde and the place of pilgrimage of Small Hajj. It was repeatedly destroyed and restored. Today is a historic complex on the high bank of the Volga. Start the route from the southern gate to the middle of the complex: Minaretu and the Cathedral Mosque. It is also called the Tatar Taj Mahal. Do not rush through the snow-white expanses and feel like a real khan. Then - to the Black Chamber, the most mysterious building of the settlement. Historians and archaeologists still can not solve, for which it was built.

According to the legend, during the invasion of Tamerlana, the Khan family hid in the Black Chamber. The building set fire up, and when the fire of UGAS, a white figure of daughter Khan appeared above the ward. Tamerlan was so delighted that he had offered marriage in exchange for the life of her brothers. I donated myself, the girl saved his relatives, and the building remained black from the fire. The complex stretched over the entire coast of the Volga. If you freeze, come to bask in the bread house. Here and feed, and tell how to bake fragrant bread.

How to get : Flight S7 Airlines to Kazan, then on Meteor from the River Port "Kazan", or rent a car.

Wrangel Island is divided by 180 Meridian - for one trip you will visit at once in two hemispheres. This is the northernmost protected object of Russia - 500 kilometers behind the polar circle. Glazing wind, the mountains are replaced by marshy plains, the coast is spinning wilotous seagulls. Stern climate and all shades of the nordic palette. Here are the most noisy bird bazaars, where seagulls are inhabited, thick-frustrated carts and numbers. And on the island, the largest "hospital" of polar bears is located.

Choose one of the nine excursion routes and write down in advance to see everything with your own eyes. You can move around the island on foot, on all-terrain or quadcic. You can get on the cruise ship from Anadyr. For a few days you will see the most northern wonders of Russia - Cape Dezhnev, whale alley and villages of Eskimos. All routes are built so that the Earth remains untouched in its northern, unique beauty.

Lucia Berezyuk

Deputy Director for Equipment Reserve "Wrangel Island"

Tourists from Japan, New Zealand, England, USA, Australia came to us. This year there were only six cruises, each of which was accompanied by inspectors and employees of the reserve. One of the most interesting objects of the island is the Paleoeee Parking in the damn ravine. This is the site of excavation of the seasonal camp of ancient hunters with a history of 3200 years. At the beginning of the summer here, on the ice floes, the walruses, seals and white bears are resting. In the windless days in the bay, the fountains of gray whales appear - sometimes up to eight at the same time!

How to get : Flight S7 Airlines to Magadan, then transfer to the flight to Anadyr, after the ship to Wrangel Island.

Old Town of Derbent, Dagestan

Derbent is an ancient Persian city on a silk path. This is not just the colorful labyrinths of the streets, where they once traded with silk carpets and amicing fruits. This is a "checkpoint" between Eastern Europe and Front Asia. The giant walls of the Naryn-Cala citadel are growing before you, which give Derbent a harsh and magnificent appearance.

Lift up and go around around the perimeter - you will see a beautiful panorama of the old city. Inside, look at the ruins of the eastern palaces and medieval baths, fountains and mosques. Come through the Eastern Gate, you will be survey arches, carved pillars and round towers. Plug into the eastern fairy tale among the Green Mountains.

How to get : Flight S7 Airlines to Makhachkala, then from the southern bus station on a taxi route.

UNESCO evaluates objects for ten criteria. The first is a masterpiece of human creative genius. In China, there are 17 such masterpieces. Among them are the Great Wall of China.

Ancient city in Chersonese, Sevastopol, Crimea

The only ancient city in the Northern Black Sea region, where streets, housing and cultural structures are preserved. Go there in the morning when the rays of the sun are just starting to wake antique columns and walls of the fortress. Sit down on the steps of the ancient Greek theater and imagine how two thousand years ago, Homer tragedies were watched. Today here come to modern productions.

The streets of the ancient city are a real open-air museum. If you're lucky, forced real excavations. Among the ancient ruins, the Vladimir Cathedral is towers, the symbol of all Sevastopol sailors. And nearby is a foggy bell, cast from trophy Turkish guns. After a walk through the ancient city, go on a pebble beach. Cut a picnic on the shore under the noise of the sea surf.

How to get : Flight S7 Airlines to Simferopol. Right from the airport goes buses to Sevastopol. In Sevastopol, from the city center, bus number 22. Address: ul. Ancient, 1.

Northern Islands and Monasteries. Ancient palaces and cities. All this is not just rooms in the UNESCO Heritage List. These are the real places of force, where you want to feel every moment. And let the officially of these routes in our country 27. But you know that in fact unique places that you should see much more.

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