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How to insert sim card in iPhone 5, how to pull the tray for sims from the case of an iPhone without breaking it? Answers in this article, read to the end.

How to insert sim card in iPhone 5

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If you have become the happy owner of the fifth iPhone, then surely collided with the question "How to insert Sims"? The fact is that the iPhons are arranged at all as ordinary smartphones.

It is difficult for beginners to understand how to safely pull out a special case for SIM cards. But it's not difficult to deal with this question.

How to insert sim card in iPhone 5 yourself

In order to insert Sims into an iPhone, do not need to disassemble the phone, open the panel, pull out the battery. Everything is designed much easier.

SIM card preparation

The first thing you need to do is prepare a SIM card. It must be appropriate. For the fifth iPhone is Nano-Sim. This species sim card is even less than micro.

Simka for iPhone 5

If the micro-sim user can easily cut on their own, then with nano-sim experiment is not recommended.

To trim your SIM card you need to use specially intended for these purposes, scissors and stencils. When trying to do it with ordinary scissors, without the use of the stencil, it is possible to damage the contacts.

If you do not have tools needed to trim the SIM card - you do not have it from your operator or purchase a new, right format.

Installing a SIM card

When the SIM card is ready, you can switch to its installation. To do this, you need a clip decorated in the form of a key, which, as a rule, comes with an iPhone.

If for some reasons you do not have, use the usual metal paper clip. Just twist it in the desired form of the key or in the letter "g".

The SIM card is inserted into the right sidebar. There is a special hole in which the key must be inserted. After easy clicking, a special case for a SIM card will appear.

How to insert Sims

Pull out the case, insert nano-sim and place the housing back to iPhone. The sim card is inserted by the picture up, microcircuit down, that is, the chip must be addressed to the rear panel of the smartphone. Although in a different way to insert it and it will not work.

Now your iPhone is ready to work, you can turn it on.


Summing up, we can say that if you simka meets the standard sizes for iPhone 5, then there are no difficulties with the installation. The only difficulty is to purchase a sim card for the top five, but it is pretty simple.

Congratulations on your successful purchase, pleasant use!

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It seems like a simple action Insert SIM card And for beginners it is a mystery! Let's try to solve it together.

We are accustomed that the usual telephones / smartphones nest for the SIM card is under the battery, but everything is completely different in the iPhone, so many are faced with this problem.

How to insert sim cards in iphone

How to insert sim cards in iphone

Where to insert a sim card in the iPhone

To insert a map, first it is necessary to find the place where to install it!

В iPhone 5S. - This is the right, side panel. AT iPhones older version - slot is on top, not far from the button "Turn on" .

SIM card slot - right, iphone 5s side panel

SIM card slot - right, iphone 5s side panel

But not everything is as simple as it may seem at first glance. First problem It is how to open this slot.

To do this, we will need a special key / clip, which should go complete with our smartphones, but, unfortunately, in some iPhone 5S this paper clip / key!

Clip / key to open a slot with a sim card

Clip / key to open a slot with a sim card

For example, in my iPhone 5S from the USA, it was not included in the kit, and according to the newcomer, which never used devices from Apple, it becomes more difficult to understand the SIM installation process as there are no necessary parts / tools for opening the cell.

Second problem , occurs with the size of the SIM itself. In the devices of the last generation, such as iPhone 5S - is Nano Sim. , it is almost 3 times less than ordinary cards.

Normal SIM & Nano Sim

Normal SIM & Nano Sim

But you should not immediately disappear, all these problems are solved quickly.

We solve the problems of installing SIM card to iPhone

The first problem is solved simply . It is enough for us to take the usual clips and bend it in the form of a key, as shown in the photo above.

If you have already had other eplovy devices, the key from them is also suitable for your new iPhone.

The second problem is still solved just . It is enough for us to contact the cellular salon and ask to update the old SIM card or buy a new one! But do not forget what you need Nano Sim. And accordingly, to avoid problems, it is better to take a phone with you!

Some craftsmen can trim the standard SIM card under the size of Nano, through a special stapler, stencil or ordinary scissors. But if you are not sure about your abilities, then it is better to use the first way!

Well, it seems to be everything for installation:

What's next? And then we will insert our card.

Insert SIM card in iPhone

We take our key / paper clips, put it in a fool, which is located next to the slot, in the case of the iPhone 5S is on the right, side part of the device, and gently press it into depths.

Insert SIM card in iPhone - Step 1

Insert SIM card in iPhone - Step 1

Insert SIM card in iPhone - Step 1

Insert SIM card in iPhone - Step 1

After that, the symbrat slot must open. We just have enough to get it and insert our Nano SIM there.

SIM card slot in iPhone 3GS

Insert SIM card in iPhone - Step 2

SIM card slot in iPhone 3GS

Insert SIM card in iPhone - Step 2

SIM card slot in iPhone 3GS

Insert SIM card in iPhone - Step 2

Then we return the slot and gently press it back to the phone.

That's all!

Now you can go to activation and initial installations!

If you are still not clear, I advise you to pay attention to the video of this process, it is below.

Video installation SIM card in iPhone

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The owners of expensive smartphones do not always know how to insert Sims in iPhone 5S, which leads to difficulties when it becomes necessary to replace the map of the new one. It is possible to do this at home, contact the service center is not necessary.

Features of the used SIM card format

It is important to find out in advance where the map is inserted so that if necessary, it is not to damage the device due to independent attempts to conduct a procedure, do not waste time and money for contacting the service center.

For models, starting with 5, nano-sim is used. A simple map or micro-sim insert will fail.

Where is the SIM card tray?

The SIM card slot is located in Apple phones in various places depending on the model. Owners of the 5S iPhone should look for a slot on the sidebar. In the latest products of the company, it is located on the side, right. In the very first, he was at the top of the gadget.

How to insert Sims in iPhone-5 yourself?

It is not necessary to turn off the smartphone before starting the procedure. Extract the old card and replace it with a new one and on the device turned on. It is important to observe accuracy in the process not to damage expensive technique. You need to use a special key attached to the phone included when purchasing. If he was lost, you should take advantage of the dismissed clip.

Как самостоятельно вставить симку в айфон 5s

SIM card preparation

Pre-trim the card to the desired size. To do this, you can contact the communication salon or service center. It is not recommended to perform the procedure yourself because it is possible to accidentally break the card, spoil the chip. In the presence of experience, skills and special equipment, the procedure is possible.

Installation process

First you need to remove the protective case from the phone. Then insert the key or clip into the special hole on the side surface. Then it should be slightly pressed; In this case, the cell will open. An additional effort is sometimes required on old smartphones: due to contamination, the slot is shown worse. It is necessary to put the part on the smooth surface, the sim card to put into the hole. The chip must be on the outside; The front side, where the name of the operator is written, - on the top. SIM cards must match the hole.

After the item where the card is inserted, it must be returned to the place. You need to push the item until it stops: the slot should not be written. After that, the card is activated. The screen will appear inscription that SIM card is blocked. After the correctly entered PIN code within a minute, unlock will occur. Sometimes the network is not defined. In such situations, you need to go to the "Settings" menu, where you can find the "Operator" string, manually select the desired network. Then you can connect the automatic definition so that you do not have to repeat the procedure again.

Card extraction process

To pull the SIM card from the 5S iPhone, you must first pull out the slot. After that, Nano-SIM is gently getting from a special hole. It is important to return the slot to the place after the procedure is completed, make sure that it will be pulled to the limit (otherwise the part can fall out of the phone).

Как самостоятельно вставить симку в айфон 5s

Safety at extracting

You need to pull the card from iPhone carefully not to break the phone. Slot - fragile detail, non-compliance with the rules can lead to its breakdown.

Covers are pre-removed. If you do not do this, the person will not receive access to the connector. Some specialists recommend pre-shut off the gadget (carrying out manipulations, however, it is possible on the device turned on - many people are more convenient for this option, since it will immediately be seen if the SIM card was installed incorrectly). It is better to use a special key. If it is, you should not use other items.

It is important to immediately carry out the entire procedure from the beginning to the end, since otherwise the slot completely separated from the smartphone can be lost.

People's way

If you pull out the sim from iPhone urgently, but there is no key in stock, you can use a paper clip. Previously it will have to break. Needs to use it is strictly prohibited, because they can easily spoil the system that is responsible for fixing the part. It is important to act neat.

If the SIM card is stuck

Sometimes the card can be stuck in the gadget, which leads to difficulties in extracting it; Especially often, the like happens with old, former phones. Contact the service center is optional; A person is often able to remove the stuck sim card.

This will require a subtle item: a knife or folder for papers. It is necessary to place the device into the gap between the housing and the slot. Then, slightly pressing the slot closer to the screen, it is necessary to drag the film by a slow smooth movement. At the same time, the part is most often removed from iPhone 5.

What if in the kit it was not a clip to open a tray?

If the phone was bought immediately without the part bundle, you can contact the service center with a complaint. In cases where the item was lost during operation, you can purchase a new key. You can do without it. To remove the sidebar slot, the clips are most often used. Some owners of Apple technicians prefer thin needles, but they are not recommended to use them, because for the phone such a method is less safe.

It is forbidden to get a map of iPhone 5 brisk tool: a metal tip can break away and stay inside. In such cases, you will have to contact the service, repair a spoiled gadget.

Как самостоятельно вставить симку в айфон 5s

How to pull the SIM card from the iPhone, if it is stuck inside?

Extract the stuck symcart most often managed, using a thin knife or film for folders.

If the SIM card container does not move at all

In cases where such techniques were not effective enough, the removal of the slot did not work out, it may be necessary to appeal to the service center. Experts will be able to get sim, but for it will have to pay money.

How to insert Sims in iPhone 5: Features

Faced with this question for the first time, newcomers are often lost.

The usual user got used to the fact that it is enough to remove the back cover and remove the battery to get a SIM card from the tray, however, how to insert Sims in iPhone 5, it differs in the root. Let's try to solve this problem.

How the SIM card is inserted

How to insert Sims in iPhone 5: Features

What is the format of our SIM card? If Micro-SIM was used for iPhone 4, the sixth generation of Apple smartphones was marked by the transition to Nano-SIM format.

  • To turn in Nano-SIM a regular SIM card (or Micro-SIM card), we need a special trimming adapter or scissors.
  • The main thing is to be extremely neat so as not to damage the hologram "SIM cards". It is recommended not to trim it yourself, but contact any closest salon.
  • If we are interested in independent pruning, you should be aware that Nano-SIM format has the following dimensions: 12.3? 8.8 x 0.67 millimeters.
  • In addition to SIM cards, we will also need a special device to extract the SIM tray. Usually it is originally supplied with Apple devices.
  • So, to install a SIM card, you need to find a special tray. In addition, it is not necessary to disconnect the iOS device as other smartphones. In the iPhone 5 tray is on the side panel on the right side.
  • With the help of a clip from the supply kit, click on a special hole. After that, the tray for the SIM card will be prompted. We put the "SIM card" of the desired format (hologram down) and shake the tray back.
  • At the end there should be a light click, indicating that the tray is closed.

Possible problems

  • Let's start with the fact that some smartphones are simply not equipped with a special device for extending the tray. If it is not, we can use the stationery clip, pin or other suitable tool. The main thing is to be extremely neat.
  • The second problem concerns Nano-SIM format, which is three times less than usual. It is easily solved using scissors and a stencil, or a special adapter.
  • It is recommended to still not engage in amateur and contact the communication salon or mobile device store. In addition, you can purchase a new SIM card.
  • After we set the SIM card and plug the tray back, you can activate it. Next, proceed to the initial settings of our mobile device.

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It is known that the iPhone in each model is unique, and of course, it was he who first began to use the method of installing a SIM card for mobile devices through a retractable connector that is not easy to open independently, without proper tools.

Where is the SIM card on the iPhone?

To start, comparable the location of the SIM card on different types of housing.

Open the SIM card connector on the iPhone

Your phone has a special tool in the kit. It is called the edge and externally resembles the usual clip.

  • Determine where the tray for SIM is located.

Лоток для SIM-карты

  • Use the edge, inserting it into the tray hole, and slightly push.

Вставьте iскрепку

  • After clicking, the SIM socket will open itself, and you can pull it out.

Вытащите лоток из гнезда

Now you can install your first SIM card or replace the old on the new one. Then return the tray to the phone.

How to get a sim card without lying?

Of course, it happens that the entrance of the edge is lost and it is impossible to find it at the moment when it is needed. Here are some tips than you can replace this special tool, as well as the better not to attempt to open the SIM card connector.

  • First, you can ask your friend's help. Perhaps your loved ones are also the owners of the iPhone or another smartphone, where the socket for SIM card is similar to yours, which means it is quite possible to have a necessary tool.
  • If you are confident that your edge is irretrievably lost, you can purchase a set of Noosy adapters.

Набор для сим-карты от NOOSY

  • You can use the usual stationery clip. The main thing is that its thickness does not exceed the diameter of the tray inlet.
  • In extreme cases , You can use such sharp objects, like a pin and needles.

What items are not suitable for opening the SIM card connector?

The answer to this question is simple. Just do not use objects that are not suitable for the diameter of the hole of the SIM tray. But the dark less people are trying to use objects, sometimes dangerous for the iPhone, which can damage its body.

Strongly, do not attempt to open the SIM card slot, the following objects:

  • Stationery knife;
  • Stapler brackets;
  • Ballpoint handle;

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The first task with which the user is faced after purchasing the iPhone, is the installation of SIM card. If before that you did not use smartphones with a non-collapsible case, then some difficulties may arise with this. In this article we will tell about how to insert SIM card in iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, SE, 6, 6S or 7. Also in the article you can learn about the supported sim card sizes and some features of iPhone 3GS models, iPhone 3G and original iPhone.

How to insert SIM card in iPhone 4 and in newer versions

Before inserting the SIM card, turn off your iPhone. To do this, click on the power button and hold it until the screen will appear on the screen. Turn off the iPhone. Click "Turn off" and

If you have an iPhone 4 or a newer version of iPhone (for example, iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, SE, 6, 6S or 7), then the SIM card slot is on the right face of the device. If you look at the right side of the device, then you will immediately notice. This is a small rectangle with a hole under the clip.

слот для установки SIM карты

In order to insert the SIM card, this slot must first be removed from iPhone. To do this, you will need an ordinary stationery clip or a clip that comes with an iPhone. Clip must be inserted into the hole in the slot and gently press. It is necessary to pressed carefully, gradually increasing the effort.

обычная канцелярская скрепка

When the press strength is sufficient, you will hear a small click and slot to install the SIM card extends from an iPhone. Now you need to carefully pose a slot with the help of the nail and remove it completely.

открытие слота для SIM карты

After that, carefully put the sim card into the slot and insert it into an iPhone. When installing the SIM card, it must be inserted in such a way that sim card contacts look down, and the cutting angle of the SIM card coincided with a cut corner on the slot.

установка SIM карты в слот

After the SIM card is installed in the slot, it can be inserted into an iPhone. If it is necessary to ensure that the holes on the slot for the SIM card and the iPhone coincide.

установка слота с SIM картой в iPhone

Insert the sim card in iPhone also needs to be carefully with a little effort. After the SIM card slot was lifted with the side face of the iPhone - SIM card inserted.

How to insert SIM card in iPhone 3GS and in older versions

If you have an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G or original iPhone of the first generation, then the process of installing the SIM card is exactly the same as described above. The only difference is the location of the SIM card slot.

слот для SIM карты в iPhone 3GS

In the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and the first iPhone slot for the SIM card is inserted from the upper face of the smartphone, and not with the side, both on more modern models.

What kind of SIM card can be inserted into the iPhone

Different iPhone models support different SIM cards. Therefore, before you start to insert something to clarify which SIM card you need. To do this, use the table that we give below.

Smartphone model SIM Card SIM card sizes
iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus Nano Sim. 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm
iPhone 6S iPhone 6S Plus Nano Sim. 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm
iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Nano Sim. 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm
iPhone 5. Nano Sim. 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm
iPhone 5S. Nano Sim. 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm
iPhone SE Nano Sim. 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm
iPhone 5C. Nano Sim. 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm
iPhone 4S. Micro Sim. 15 mm x 12 mm
iPhone 4. Micro Sim. 15 mm x 12 mm
iPhone 3Gs. Standard Sim. 25 mm x 15 mm
iPhone 3G. Standard Sim. 25 mm x 15 mm
Original iPhone. Standard Sim. 25 mm x 15 mm

If your SIM card is more than you need, you have two options. The first option is to cut the SIM card. This can be done on your own or contact the store with mobile appliances. The second option is to replace the SIM card. To do this, you will go to the office of your mobile operator.

If your SIM card is on the contrary, less than that size is needed for your iPhone model, you can use a special adapter that allows you to insert a smaller SIM card in a larger slot. Typically, such adapters are included with new SIM cards.

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