About me in Summary - What to write about yourself + Examples 2021

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The ability to correctly formulate the Count "About me" will provoke the chief to appreciate the candidate more personally and in absentia to meet you. In the article, we will analyze the basic information of the section, the sequence of writing and competent examples of self-testing.

The item "About me" is very contradictory - it is not the most important, but the employer will definitely pay attention to it. Therefore, the information should be unique and interesting, without template expressions and oversupply text.

Do not write a meaningless set of qualities, select significant data for an employer or position.

The graph is filled in free form, but for the result you need a serious approach, clarity and specific information. This is a cherry on the cake, so that your questionnaire is remembered and allocated among other applicants.

# What to write in a resume about yourself

The section must be fill in so that it raise the candidate, even with a small experience, a few steps above. Form an opinion about the specialist, answering the future chief questions in advance:

  1. What do you know how to do on perfectly, or better than others?
  2. What did you get during work?
  3. Achievements that helped you become a specialist?
  4. What did learning or additional education?
  5. Do you have useful for this post?

Just do not inflate the text with the rebuppier. Relieve yourself from the benefit that the company can get by honeying you. Record the answers on paper, if one or more facts are not combined with the vacancy - cross them.

About me (expanded):

  • I write competent, selling and cling commercial offers.
  • I have two years of sales experience (B2C, B2B) and tourist travel.
  • Created marketing strategies for online clothing stores and snowboarders, for confectionery and crafted brewing profiles.
  • I studied for 6 years in the medical institute and I know how to make a product of any complexity with a light and understandable even for a child. The institute also forced to learn how to work quickly and pass out voluminous projects in a short time.
  • I run out of marketers from MarketGid and own all the chips and theory of sales (I will not ask what "CTR").
  • Born and grew up in the family of entrepreneurs and psychologists. My first word was a "business plan", and in 6 years I knew how to sell the handle and determine the "weaknesses" of people.

If the summary is not enough space for a detailed answer - use the abbreviated fill option. Here is an example, how to reduce the volume of the text without losing the meaning of the story.

About me (briefly):

  • I have two-year sales experience and creating marketing strategies for online and offline business.
  • I am writing selling commercial offers and make any product simple and understandable.
  • I work quickly and own all the techniques and theory of sales (I can sell the handle and determine the needs of the client).
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# What to write about my girlfriend

Women inherent more free filling format. You can make focus on personal qualities, love for your business and dedication. Sometimes it is appropriate (but not necessary) to report a marital status, but do not forget to reflect the vacancy requirements.

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# What to write about yourself a man

Men are better to observe a clear, subject style - with numbers and facts. Rewrite the requirements of the employer and imagine your candidacy in accordance with them so that each line is as much as possible.

Examine the company: Job with employees from support, go to the official website, find out about the priorities of the company. So you will select material for filling and subsequently fluent in the team.

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# Indicate information about yourself in the summary

The section does not specify specific frameworks in content - sometimes it is better to show creativity, and sometimes be consistent and rational. What to inform the employer depends solely on the selected position, but you can provide information in two ways.

Method number 1. At the beginning of the questionnaire

If you are sure that personal information will affect the solution of the recruiter, or you have little experience to focus on it - boldly push the graph to the fore. In any case, this is the most effective way to compile a summary.

It is always difficult to tell about yourself, and it is even more difficult to write - you need to fit 20/30/40 years of life in 200 characters. Evaluation of yourself and self-testing skills will be useful in targeting and self-identification - so, it is necessary to learn anyway.

Method number 2. At the end of the questionnaire

When work experience and education is considered primarily - the block "About me" is placed at the end of the summary, or is not at all. Nevertheless, try to find significant personal information - this is the last chance to initiate the curiosity of the director.

Be honest, make focus on the strongest sides and try to interest the employer with your personality.

The description of yourself can be issued as a short paragraph from 1 to 4 sentences or a marked list.

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# Describe yourself adjective

The chief loves concretps and prefer to hire a person who knows what he represents himself. Therefore, at the interview or in the questionnaire, you can often find a question: " Describe yourself one / three / five words or adjectives " And the answer should be justified because it will be asked to explain in 99% of cases.

Self-esteem should determine: (1) What do you do, (2) What are the duties, (3) what the result you get.

Make a short list of 10-15 words that describe a professional personality. Next, filter them to maximize the activities and leave 3 to 5 most significant - your personal characteristic will be built on them.


  1. You sell various products and services well.
  2. Consult, calculate and make up orders.
  3. As a result, satisfied customers and sales growth.


  1. Having placed / persistent / energetic.
  2. Competent / consistent / attentive.
  3. Effective / valuable / confident.

Opinion expert

Ekaterina Troitskaya

HR manager

Try to leave the traveling and template phrases: Communicable, Responsible ... Select unique features.

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# Summithing Rules in Summary

The first impression of the management is based on the description of himself as a applicant. It is necessary to unobtrusively allocate your own and in the future corresponding to the story.

Do it beautiful, alive and understandable language - the manager will not perceive seriously a simple listed of the qualities.

Example: I decisively take over any projects and always communicate to the end, I differ in the perference and resistant to stressful work. I know how to work in a team, solve conflicts and find compromises. I possess creative thinking and quickly generating ideas.

If it does not work yourself independently, contact your friends and colleagues for help - they will help to highlight the necessary qualities.

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# Prove the significance

The employer is always looking for an employee useful in a professional plan, and this is a "rescue circle", especially for students who did not have time to be implemented in.

Competent block structure "About me" is built on five Points:

  1. Quality work.
  2. Experience.
  3. Career successes.
  4. Received education.
  5. Necessary skills.
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# Be brief

Try to catch the essence, allocate the main idea and express it in several short sentences. If the section is too voluminous - eliminate excess information Following the recommendations:

  • Do not use complex offers.
  • Do not duplicate the information that is already present in the summary.
  • Minimum personal pronouns "I", "We" and the like.
  • Remove template phrases and surface data.
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# Use specifics

For each individual vacancy, the selection manager takes into account various criteria. Think what information will play a role in finding candidates for a position and use it.

  • Explanation of breaks in the work experience.
  • Knowledge in related industries.
  • Driving experience or availability of a car.
  • Willingness to travel.
  • Causes of dismissal from the last place.
  • Availability of business contacts.
  • Etc…
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# Sample writing section "About yourself"

The same information can be filed in different ways, present yourself useful for business.

Wrong. He graduated from the university, helped to hold conferences, he studied acting, played in the music theater and as part of the KVN team. Communicable, sociable, creative. I can perform in public and hold presentations.

Right. At the university was engaged in organizing conferences. He graduated from the courses of acting and oratory, thanks to the participation in the KVN team - calmly feel in front of a large audience. I spend the presentation and easily start new acquaintances.

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# Example for the seller

Five-year experience sales of elite women's goods: cosmetics, perfumery, clothes. Concluded contracts with salons and clinics, conducted product presentations, developed marketing strategies and sales plans. Perfection I own sales techniques and is an expert in its activities. I easily find a common language with customers, I can control emotions and dispose of your time.

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# Example for an accountant

I have experience doing accounting and tax accounting, worked with various taxation systems (UCNO, TCNO, UNVD), interacted with controlling and inspection bodies. Successfully implemented the maintenance of accounting organizations. I own 1C programs, Bisquit, Sire, AITISFT, Diasoft, RS-Bank. I differ attentive and responsible approach to business.

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# Example for manager

An expert on working with a field team and maintaining difficult negotiations, I have experience in concluding contracts with large trading networks. I know how to form a team and build effective personnel motivation. I always focus on the result, I quickly study, I easily absorb new information and responsibly approach the fulfillment of tasks.

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# Example for driver

Driving for more than 10 years. Competently and carefully manage the machine, I know the roads of the city and the area, I have stable skills of trouble-free driving and well-known with a car. He worked on a representative of the executive class and drove to long distances. I do not have bad habits, punctual and is able to optimally calculate the route.

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# Example for engineer

I have experience in negotiating with the heads of enterprises, concluded contracts for the introduction of energy-saving systems, coordinated and controlled the performance of repair work. Provided the uninterrupted work of the enterprise: water supply, power supply, elevator farm, ventilation. Work performed high quality and quickly, carefully and responsibly treat orders.

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# Example for the head

15 years of managing local and international companies (industrial and investment processes). Developed strategies for the development of enterprises, ensured financial and economic activities, improved business efficiency. Conducted trainings and negotiations at the management level. I work in multitasking mode, I can make decisions and arrange priorities.

I hope the material was useful and you can correctly fill out the "About yourself" section. Additionally, read the article o and material about - they will complement the resume. If something is incomprehensible - ask questions in comments and gratitude, share the publication in social networks with colleagues.

This article wrote an expert

Look for inspiration, how Barney Stinson talks about himself :)

Nikolai Borozdin

8 years of work in the field of HR in companies with a number of up to 2,000 personnel. Thousands of resume missed through itself, hired and taught more than a hundred specialists and managers.

You can not write about yourself in a resume, but it reduces the chances to show uniqueness, usefulness for the employer.

Of course, if the applicant considers himself an indispensable employee, he may not go into details at all, indicating, in his opinion, his "SuperProduced" Quality or unique work experience, but such situations are now extremely rare.

Here you will find a resume by your profession. And you learn how to fill out the "About me."

It is not a problem to find sample resumes, and all candidates usually send good recruiters, but similar documents, with which it is difficult to stand out from the total mass. Sample summary with a section about yourself Must contain as many information as possible that other applicants cannot repeat, and information about yourself is just such a section.

Proper placement of graphs about yourself in the summary An example of placement of information about yourself at the beginning

Tips for filling the graph "About yourself"

The graph itself can not be big, and it can even be skipped if you have a wealth of work experience, but Eicra recommend still thinking out and fill out this section. How to make a resume - Recommend many sites, and you can specify Several useful tips:

  • Selectivity. What to specify in the additional section of the summary must decide, of course, the applicant itself, but it must be information that is missing in other sections. If the candidate painted in detail personal qualities, you should not repeat the same information.
  • Brevity. The point of myself should include three or five characteristics, phrases or descriptions. If the applicant writes in the half of autobiography section, recruiters are unlikely to appreciate this approach.
  • Truthfulness. Quality about themselves in the summary can be quite easy to check, and already on the first interview. Even by telephone Eichar is able to assess the knowledge of foreign languages, and the interview in the office will reflect the possession of computer programs.
  • The desired sample for a particular vacancy. The graph of himself should contain information beneficial for the employer, and for a new vacancy, the summarize template will have to redo, and not only this section. On the other hand, blindly follow the templates, stereotypical ideas about useful qualities for this post also should not.
  • Restraint. Briefly about yourself - the main motto of the subsection, and experts believe that humor, irony here is generally inappropriate, that is, writing "I drink little, but happens" - guaranteed to fail.

It is important to take a ready-made summary and rewrite data from it useless More precisely, this approach is unlikely to bring dividends, it is more useful to learn what to write about yourself and make your document the best.

"The graph is not obligatory about himself, but HR recommend adding it"

The most common phrases in the column about yourself

Example of yourself in a resume Surely will contain the most common qualities or skills, which is difficult to avoid, and it is not necessary. If a person wants to say that he is punctual, it cannot be done otherwise than to specify my quality - "punctuality" .

Of course, you can write something like "I fulfill all agreements", but why complicate, when punctuality or pedanticity is best characterized by a person as an executive officer.

Additionally, you can specify a hobby , diverse hobbies, only need to make an analogy between the duties in the service and the characteristics given.

Personal qualities that are mentioned in the column "About yourself" The following are in order of the most frequent mention of the summary of applicants. Our statistics assigned this characteristics a certain percentage of the frequency of use, while the presence of one quality in the summary does not exclude the other:

  1. I exhibit a responsible approach to the performance of official duties - 31%
  2. I support the dialogue with all potential customers of the company 27%
  3. Able to withstand a busy schedule - 17%
  4. Perform all orders - 14%
  5. Quickly mastered new skills - 12%
  6. Punctual - ten%
  7. Able to work, if necessary, without breaks and weekends - nine%
  8. Always adhere to the order in the workplace - 7%
  9. Attentive to detail - 6%
  10. Great contact with the team - five%

Remember that if you want to tell about achievements in the resume in previous areas of work, then this information is worth specifying in the Work experience.

Right and wrong phrases about yourself

Question, how to make a resume about yourself , includes a list of incorrect and correct phrases that you can or undesirable to use.

What is better to write or what to specify is better - to solve only the applicant, but there is information that you should not use:

It is important to understand how to write in a resume about yourself, because it is not enough to use ready-made examples. We must know that you can add to the section for a particular vacancy, and what will be not very appropriate.

Competent summary - a short, contains exceptionally useful data, and even a candidate without work experience can specify something useful in this section.

Examples of completed subsections "About yourself"

The section of additional information in the resume is just a few phrases, so they need to be done perfect or at least try to approach the ideal.

What to write about yourself unambiguously recommended to be recommended, but some examples can be brought:

  • Engineer. Work in a team, publications in radio engineers, the possibility of overtime.
  • Driver. Experience in the delivery of valuable goods, driving the collection of the collection machine, the opportunity to leave for long business trips, transportation of passengers.
  • Accountant. Work in the Great Team, membership in the professional club accountants, familiarization with new legislative acts.

Knowledge about how to fill out an additional section is extremely useful, as the main thing is that you need to do - adapt all available information (examples from the Internet, vacancy requirements, your data). Ready summary with examples about yourself - useful, but only their need to handle, "skip" through available skills, otherwise it turns out another set of identical phrases . At the same time, another complexity comes up - the need to write briefly, describing every useful skill with just a few words. Thus, one should indicate a minimum of information, while it should be informative and useful for the employer.

In the labor market, a huge selection of a variety of vacancies - from sellers of consultants to the director of the company. It's no secret to anyone, the more attractive the proposed position, the greater the number of those who would like to get this place, which means higher competition. Increase the chances of obtaining the work you want, it is possible to correctly and clearly complying with your resume. The advantage will be if you have an accompanying letter.

A large number of professionals received a position in popular firms and leading enterprises due to an excellent resume or questionnaire. The initial impression of you, as a possible employee, from any good chief creates exactly a similar document. Let's figure out how to arrange it and what to write about yourself.

Structure and requirements for standard summary

Summary is a serious and often mandatory document, which marks your strong qualities, skills, education and experience. It is your presentation and your business card, so it is necessary that, based on it, the possible boss understand that you are an excellent employee.

Remember important Summary Specifications:

  • The document should not be too long. Optimal volume is one page.
  • The font of the entire document should be understandable and readable.
  • All personal qualities (good and bad sides) and skills are written exclusively in the form of the present and first person and in any other way.
  • The entire document must be decorated in a single style.
  • A photograph must be attached to the summary. It is important that in the image there are only you and no one.
  • No typos, spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors should be.
  • The whole document must be set as out in a business style.
  • Summary is written in the language, often used in the organization in which you will feed it. For example, if the company is based in London, then the summary needs to be translated into English.

Information that should be in the summary

By issuing your own questionnaire, anyone faces a problem: what to describe in it? Considering different options for possible summary, the experts noted that they were somewhat like each other. The main points of the questionnaire do not depend on the position to which you apply, in spite of everything they should always be present.

These include:

  1. Personal information. Here you usually write such data: surname name Patronymic, date of birth, home address, contacts for which you can contact (telephone number, email, contacts Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.) and more.
  2. Position that you would like to get.
  3. Education. Here usually clarify the educational institution in which you passed and the date of release.
  4. Work experience. In this category you need to specify all firms and companies in which you worked. Also, register a post or responsibilities that you performed; The period of time you worked there. If there are merits and rewards obtained for this work are added. If the squeak of work is carried out for the first time, it should be noted that there is no work experience.
  5. Key skills. In this part of the questionnaire there are your abilities and skills as a good specialist.
  6. About myself. Additional information about you fits here. All personal qualities, hobbies and hobbies that will create only good impressions about you are written here.
  7. Recommendations. All positive feedback that left about you in previous places of work, if any, are noted here.
  8. Portfolio. You do not need to rewrite all successful projects and tasks. This item notes that you can attach them all if necessary.

Section "About yourself." What to write? Examples.

A big mistake in drawing up a summary is to pass the section "About yourself." Many simply believe that only all information about professional knowledge and skills is more important in the summary. It's not wrong. After all, each of us is primarily a person, not a mindless working mechanism. Your manager will spend a sufficient amount of time with you and it is important to him what kind of person you are. The section "About yourself" must be present in any resume. And what to write here?

This section usually mark the following information:

  • Personal qualities. Here are the characteristics that will provide you as an excellent employee before the employer. The site of the company does not rarely indicate the requirements for applicants for one position or other position, and therefore some of them can be transferred to this item.
  • Habits. Harmful habits are not indicated here in any case, but you can specify that they are not. It is better to indicate that you are accustomed to bring all the work to the end, work outside the time frame or something like that, that it is well characterized.
  • Business connections. Here you feel free to write that you are a participant in a charitable foundation, a volunteer or part of the social movement. This is another plus size in your resume.
  • Documents. Open visa, driver's license or other documents that you need in future work.
  • Hobby. Hobbies in sports, art, collecting are indicated in this section. But the addiction to the card games, tote and other gambling entertainment is better to leave in secret.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages. If you know three words in Italian, you do not need to write that you speak completely. Specify those languages ​​that really own at least in the conversational level.

The resume requires a living speech, not boring terminology!

Briefness and conciseness are the important parameters of each summary. But this does not mean that it should consist of enumerations of various terms that are characterized by you. The potential employer will decide that you simply copied the set of qualities from the subsoil network, which means because of such indifference to your own resume you will simply do not take it to this work. The section "About yourself" need to make up more colorfully and alive.

Therefore, it is possible to use more lively synonyms instead of standard wording:

  • Communicability. Instead, it can be written that you have the desire to build trust relationships with partners for productive and successful joint activities;
  • Responsibility. We write: a clear response to the entrusted work, fast and independent execution;
  • Discipline. We indicate: the ability to clearly follow the rules of work and behavior in accordance with the Company's Charter;
  • Punctuality. Instead, it is better to note that you never violate the schedule or the deadlines of the work entrusted;
  • Performance. Write that you can perform great work without disrupting time and loss in quality;
  • Loyalty. Note that respect the interests and beliefs of their colleagues;
  • Analytic skills. Specify that you are able to learn and systematize a large amount of information and make the right conclusions;
  • Customer orientation. Instead, you can simply write that you work, only using the requirements and customer expectations;
  • Active life position. Write that you have the desire to improve your performance and the process of activity.

How to define your key skills?

Drawing up and designing its resume after found a vacancy - a difficult task. Sometimes even a good specialist does not always know what to be noted in the section with key skills. It just pours to a dead end. Usually everyone is limited to hold a computer, English and work with documentation. But this is very little in order to characterize you as an excellent specialist. How to understand what to write?

Take advantage of one simple algorithm:

  • To begin, make a list of everything you know how to work in terms of work. Do not limit the list of classics, and better try to remember what they did in the previous work. Thus, the ability will appear on your list publicly, the ability to negotiate and much more.
  • Next, carefully read everything that wrote, divide the information in the category of owning them. Be sure to mark the degree of ownership in the summary so that the employer can know what to expect from you.
  • From the whole list, select only those skills that you will need on an intended position, and specify them in your resume.

How to present your resume?

The correct questionnaire should always be brief, but at the same time very tank. The design of this document is important as well as its content. Very rude and commonly encountered is the design of a resume with solid text. It is better to apply marked lists, and the most comfortable and beautiful option is the table. It reads and perceived much easier and faster, and a visual document looks better than just text. And then, if the employer enjoy your resume, you can pass the interview directly or via Skype

So, in order to increase the likelihood of obtaining exactly the work that you need is important to comply with the rules and norms of the formulation of the questionnaire. To get the right document of you and your skills, he should pay maximum attention. The best solution will be the compilation of a classic document on the general standard, and then adjustment in accordance with the requirements of the company or the organization in which it will be provided.

For a successful employment, it is important not only the presence of positive qualities and professional skills, but also the ability to present them in the most advantageous light.

First of all, the employer evaluates a potential employee only by summary, so it is necessary to make all efforts to write it. And for this you need to know how it is properly drawn up with a summary, what to write in the column "about yourself", and what errors should be avoided when designing.

What should contain the section "About yourself"?

When filling in this graph, it is necessary to understand what exactly this gives an idea to the employer about the personal and professional characteristics of the applicant. It is necessary to relate to it as a brief self-sustainment, on the content of which further success depends on the employment.

key skills

In order for the employer to become interested in a potential employee, it is necessary when completing the subsection to comply with three uncomplicated rules:

  • Specify only those skills that correspond to the planned position. No need to prescribe extra characteristics like "love dogs", "I can cook well", "loyal and reliable friend", if the vacancy involves a device as a programmer. Sympathy for animals may be needed if the work is associated with them, the skills in cooking - if you wish to become a cook, etc.;
  • Too large amounts of qualities can cause the employer's perplexity. Many mistakes: The huge set of skills is indicated, as if the courier claims almost a superman himself. It is important to evaluate your abilities soberly. It is enough to indicate 3-4 qualities that will match you - with it they must be interested in the future leader;
  • It makes no sense to paint the characteristics into several sheets. The information "About yourself" should be recorded briefly, without overloading, so that the most important thing could be silent. In addition, this will indicate that you appreciate time and can formulate thoughts in the most understandable form.

Video: We compile a summary. How to write an effective summary?

Important! Filling the skills subsection. Make strictly taking into account the requirements for the applicant applying for a particular vacancy.

Personal qualities

In addition to professional skills, personal qualities are important. Honestly describe your advantages, while following the fundamental principles:

  • Laconicity;
  • reality;
  • Compliance with the selected specialty.

It is enough to indicate 3-5 positions to establish yourself as a person worthy of the desired position.

Information about yourself in summary - examples and rules for writing graph "About me"

For example, the future programmer should be written:

  • I always strive to explore new information in the field of software development;
  • Quickly find common points of contact with a new team;
  • It is difficult for me to knock off the working tuning of outsiders and themes.

In the case of a summary of the applicant, it is important to pay attention to:

  • necessarily check reporting in the presence of doubt;
  • Signed on news resources for accountants and constantly study updates.

As for the head of the Sales Department:

  • diligently in the miscellane of possible risks;
  • hardworking and perform all scheduled actions to the end;
  • Ready for the passage of additional courses, including in another city.

Important! You need to pay attention not only to the position itself, but also on the company, its policy and manual - depending on these wording characteristics, it is necessary to adjust into a more "aggressive" side or, on the contrary, make them "softer".

Achievements and other information

There are no universal recommendations for this subsection, much depends on the specifics of the circumstances. For example, for persons employed in the trading sector, it will be preferable to specify the following information in the summary:

  • contributed to the expansion of sales by rationalization of branches resources, which made it possible to increase total profit by 10%;
  • in crisis time provided minimal losses among regular customers;
  • implemented a strategy to eliminate competitors in extensive trading networks, as a result of which the profit increased by 15%;
  • stably in the top three of the best employees of the month;
  • Developed a new tactics to attract customers, which helped expand the base of 60 buyers in one year, while 10 of them were recognized as large.

Software specialists are advised to adhere to the following wording:

  • contributed to a decrease in the alarm of the servers 3 times;
  • led the team to develop and promote the online store project, which was included in the top 3 of the search engine rankings;
  • ensured the improvement of the safety of confidential information of the company;
  • I carried out the full diagnosis of the company's technical means, which helped to reduce the costs of its service.

In addition, you should also specify:

  • Courses and certificates available;
  • Breaks in the experience;
  • the presence of a driver's license;
  • Causes of care from past employment places.

Information about yourself in summary - examples and rules for writing graph "About me"

In describing the achievements and other information, the main emphasis must be done on one principle - the employer must understand the adopted action and the final result from their implementation.

How to write "About yourself" in Summary - Examples

Good example for sales manager:

"Extensive experience in sales and customer service in Russian firms and abroad. I own effective work tools with the Premium segment. In free form I speak English and professional vocabulary. Learning Chinese at the conversational level. There is experience in learning and introducing new developments in the field of sales strategies. "

Applying to the post of financial director, it is worth specifying the following:

"Experience of more than 8 years at manufacturing enterprises in large multidisciplinary holdings. I own instruments assess assets, risks, profitability. We have expert knowledge in the field of accounting, financial analysis. Successful experience in attracting investors, passing output tax audits. Experience leadership by a team up to 400 people. "

Bad example for any vacancy:

"I'm well Laude with a team, very flexible and stressful situations. I do not drink alcohol, do not smoke. I can charge the whole team. I often go skiing with my family. PC is a confident user. "

Create a "working" summary - examples

An example of the correct summary of the applicant to the post of sales department in a large trading company:

FULL NAME: Shavlinsky Ilya Tavridovich.

Date of Birth: December 12, 1978.

Location: Novosibirsk.

Telephone: +7 905 111-22-33.

E-mail: [email protected]***.com.

8 years of experience work by the head of the Sales Department. He was engaged in successfully developing and implementing strategies to attract new customers and expand sales. Created and led the team that had reached the high performance market.

Experience and skills include:

  • negotiation at different levels;
  • Personnel Management: Selection, Training, Motivation;
  • rationalization of costs of business projects to achieve high indicators;
  • conclusion of transactions and ensuring control over the implementation of contractual obligations;
  • Knowledge of English on advanced level.

Work experience: Trading Company LLC: a leading supplier of construction equipment and tools from Russian and foreign manufacturers.

Head of the Sales Department (09.2011 - present time):

  • market study and development of a plan for cooperation with major clients;
  • optimization of business projects, which made it possible to increase profits by 2,500,000 rubles per month;
  • ensuring control of receivables and the execution of contractual obligations;
  • settlement of conflict situations with clients, control of supply quality;
  • Fulfillment of sales plan using search strategies and attracting new customers.

Education : Moscow Trade and Financial Institute (2003-2008).

Specialty: Economics and Management.

Additional education: Short-term courses on the MBA program at the International School of Commerce, 2018; English language courses at the Russian School School, 2014

What should not write in the summary?

To increase the likelihood of employment, it is important to consider the summary when designing:

  • It is worth avoiding personal pronouns: "I did", "I need", "I helped" - all this only wishes the overall perception of the characteristics;
  • Too sophisticated offers worsen the chances of a positive decision. It should be borne in mind that managers are often forced to consider several hundreds of applications, for each of which they spend no more than 5 minutes. Therefore, complex formulations disperses the attention of the verifier;
  • Do not try to joke, point to personal, family or financial problems - all this is not necessary to the employer, but the candidate such clarifications are characterized with not the best side;
  • Lack of literacy - indicates an insufficient level of education or empty attitude to filling the summary. It is difficult to work with such employees, therefore the likelihood of failure is high;
  • There is no need to go into unnecessary details: the listing of all school achievements, hobbies, situations involving in tourist trips - for the most part is passed by checking or immediately postponed in the category "Failure".

Information about yourself in summary - examples and rules for writing graph "About me"

The resume will be studied by a person who did not even see a candidate in the face, so it is so important to be able to display the maximum information in a brief form.

Useful advice

Information about yourself in summary - examples and rules for writing graph "About me"

As additional recommendations, it is worth highlighting:

  1. The number of sheets in the summary is no more than two;
  2. In each subsection, the main information is prescribed first, only then possible additions;
  3. Contact information does not need to specify addresses on social networks. Optimum option: email address and current phone number;
  4. There are problems with literacy - before sending, you should ask to check the text on the errors of a more educated person or take advantage of the paid services of the corrector;
  5. The photograph must be performed in a professional studio - home images of our own production can leave an unpleasant impression.

As a final recommendation - to draw the knowledgeable person to drafting a summary. This can be both familiar and specialist from the side.

Let's summarize

Summary design is a whole science that suggests the mass of tips, recommendations and requirements. However, having studied the above basics, one can count on increased interest on the part of the employer.

About yourself in the summary

One of the most ambiguous items in the summary also remains the item "About yourself." Applicants do not know what to write about themselves and resort to template options. Or, on the contrary, too fond of the description of their qualities and hobbies.

And employers are already so tired that all candidates for one person, that this item is not read at all. And those who read, want to find something in passing there.

According to the research service Headhunter, the most popular personal qualities among applicants: "Responsibility" - it is indicated in 34% of the resume, "Communicability" - 30%, "Stress resistance" - 16.5%, "purposefulness" - 14% and "Performance" - 11.4%.

What to write in a resume

  • Write the truth
  • Speak only about those qualities that are important to your work.
  • Try to describe everything briefly

About me in Summary: Most importantly in 1 minute

Examples of yourself in resume (personal and business qualities)

  • Responsiveness
  • Politeness
  • Skill easy to find contact with people
  • Self-confidence
  • The ability to easily support business and professional contacts
  • Ability to arrange priorities
  • Optimism
  • Active life position
  • Ability to achieve goals
  • The ability to effectively plan your time
  • Creative thinking
  • Systemic thinking
  • Attention to details
  • Readiness to make decisions yourself
  • Skill to work in team
  • Affection of Professional Development
  • Initiative

Examples of yourself in summary (hobbies and hobbies)

For a resume, choose the most neutral hobbies and hobbies. Your political and religious views, as well as favorite sports teams - not the topic for the resume (and interviews).

  • Reading professional and fiction
  • Swimming, Fitness, Yoga (no extreme
  • Active rest in nature
  • Visit to movies, museums, exhibitions
  • Study of foreign languages
  • Piano, Violin game

Interview all puts in its place

Whatever you write in the resume, be prepared to tell in detail about it at the interview. You should not just repeat the quality written in summary, but also to bring an example of situations in which they helped you in work.

Examples that write in the section "About me" in the resume "

Write in the summary "About yourself" is not always easy, because it is one of the most important items. Although this section is small enough, it is the most readable section.

Often it is from him whether the employer will consider more carefully your resume or not. It is necessary to "hook" his attention so that he cannot put your resume on the shelf with the rest of the candidates.

If you really want to find excellent work with a big salary, then make a resume that will differ from others. Be sincere and add a note of optimism! The employer will definitely appreciate and allocate you from a variety of other candidates.

Description of March 8 - compilation of resume

What should be the section "About me"?

You need to make this section as meaningful as possible, but not very voluminous. Usually up to 10 sentences. The content and size of this block will depend on the type of resume:

- Chronological summary: This type of resume is strongly tied to experience. For this reason, the section "About me" can be relatively compact.

- Functional Summary: Section "About yourself" is central to this type of resume. It is clearly structured by subsections and describes the moments associated with experience.

This type of resume is particularly suitable for those who have the appropriate skills for a particular position, but does not have sufficient experience in the desired sphere.

What you need to specify in the summary?

What is the difference between the concepts of "skills" and "personal qualities"

Skill is the ability to do what requires preceding learning, experience or practice. Skills can be mastered, but they can also be forgotten, for example: writing selling texts, business negotiations, public speeches, work with office programs, etc.

Personal qualities are those individual traits with which the person was born, the qualities that distinguish people from each other. For example: hardworking, sociability, multitasking, etc.

In the summary it is necessary to describe in detail exactly skills, while personal qualities can be described more briefly.

Make the section "Skills" of your resume in accordance with the requirements listed in the vacancy. The more your skills meet the requirements, the more chances you have to be selected for the interview.

Help him choose you a welcome gift for March 8 - help career consultant

Many employers use automated candidate search systems, and these systems are programmed to find specific keywords. The more keywords it contains your resume, the more likely it is that your resume will be selected for viewing a specific person.

Each part of your resume must be adapted to the specific needs of each position. Carefully re-read the job description and decide what skills you need to specify to work.

If you turn on a specific skill in the summary, support it with specific examples. A simple listing will not leave a trace, and specific numbers and achievements will always pay attention.

Structure the skill section in logical order. Chaotic enumeration only confuses the HR manager.

Weling a gift for March 8 - the help of a career consultant

Professional achievements

Do not make a mistake, modest and hiding your key achievements. Adding professional achievements to your resume shows that you are a successful person who can go beyond his duties.

This demonstrates that you can browse something useful to potential employers, and this is an effective way to make your resume outstanding. Give specific examples of how your actions helped to achieve success in a certain situation.

One of the best ways to determine your career achievements is to look at your skills and previous job responsibilities one by one. In the process of comparing, ask yourself what a positive effect you had on your employer, doing this particular activity.

Also review the recommendations that your previous employer provided you, including positive comments and praise, as well as specific figures that demonstrate the success of your activities (graphics, diagrams, etc.).

Some people who have difficulty defining their achievements are considering helpful to get this information from colleagues and friends. If you ask someone to objectively appreciate why you were especially good in your work, then most likely, find the moments that you may not think about.

Achieve the team in which you worked

In addition, you can mention the achievements of the team in which you worked. Emphasizing the efficiency of the team demonstrates not only what you are successful, but also that you are a good team player.

However, this does not tell the potential employer, as you contributed to the success of the team, so for maximum impact you need to make sure that you have included specific details of the role you played. Do not make a person reading your resume, guess what your contribution was.

People with a little experience or without it should continue to strive to include achievements in their resume. If you are in this position, you can enable achievements from other areas of your life, which are related to the work that you apply.

It can be: participation in volunteer projects, sports events, your academic experience, etc.

What to write in a resume

What to write in Summary: We disassemble

The following items can be enabled if they can actually affect the employer's solution. For example, you apply for the position of sales manager to an art workshop or enjoy painting. In this case, your candidacy will be more interesting to the employer.

Family status . Often owning this information, the employer can conclude, for example, about your lifestyle. C can understand whether to move, business trips, work in overtime and, for example, your attitude to long-term cooperation.

Hobbies and hobbies . This unit can create an impression about you as a person. As a rule, the recruiter draws attention and remembers the candidate who has some hobbies.

The presence of driver's license . The presence of a car and driver's license is needed not only for the post of taxi driver and driver, but also for the procurement manager, supervisor, realtor, that is, for those who, by virtue of the specific work, you need to move around the city.

Willing to relocate. This information may have a decisive nature in the case of business trips or if the employer is looking for an employee to the company's office, which is located in another city. If you have a passport, do not forget to specify this fact.

Lack of bad habits. This item is quite rarely crucial for the employer, but still there are cases when smoking is prohibited in a company.

Participation in professional movement, membership in the club or association. For Employer This may mean that you have professional connections in a particular area, very active and sociable.

Money without interest

Errors when making a summary

When writing a resume and, in particular, the block "About yourself" make sure that it does not contain any of the common mistakes listed below.

Titches and grammatical errors

Yes, this is probably the most obvious of all the advice of the summary: it must be grammatically perfect. Even impressive experience will not be able to smooth out the impressions that were composed of gross mistakes.

If you are unsalted in grammar, recheck several times written or ask more competent person to check. Agree, it is better to spend a little more time to create an ideal summary than losing opportunities when looking for work.

One resume for different posts

Whenever you try to create one general summary to send to all job announcements, it almost always finish that employers are not interested in your candidacy.

This approach usually says: "I am not particularly interested in your company. Honestly, I will suit any work. "

Employers want to feel special and want the resume to be written specifically for them. They expect you to show clearly, how and why do you meet the posts in particular their organization.

Allocation of duties instead of achievements

Your resume should show how well you are working with your work, but too easy to go into mode, simple listed duties. Employers are not interested in so much what you have done how much what you have achieved in our activities. They are looking for statements, more similar as in this image:

An example of unsuccessful summaries

Too short or too long summary

In fact, everyone has different preferences and expectations regarding resumes, so you need to stick to the Golden Middle. You can usually limit yourself a maximum of two pages. But it is not necessary to focus on the number of pages. Summary should fully reflect your experience and skills, but you should not go too deep into their description.

Template description

The list of template phrases will not help allocate their candidacy among other applicants. A simple skill listing will not tell about the employer. Try to always reinforce common words with specific examples.

What should not be included in the section "About yourself"

Physical characteristics (growth, weight, etc.)

Summary is a document that shows your professional competencies. Physical characteristics do not show the level of professionalism, as a rule, this is an excess information that distracts from key points. However, there are positions in which growth and weight can be important in this case, of course, it is worth indicating them.

Irrelevant work experience

You should not list each place of work. As a rule, only those positions that you have been involved in the past few years, or which are directly related to the desired post. Skip all positions unrelated to the post you apply if it does not leave large spaces in your resume.

However, if you have little experience, you can include several irrelevant positions if you demonstrate how they prepared you to work in your new area. For example, if you submit an application for a post in the Sales Department, you can include your previous work as a cashier if you explain that this experience has helped develop your customer service skills.

Unbound hobbies

Most companies do not want to see your hobbies in the summary. However, fond of something related to the company's activities, then you can enable this information. For example, if you submit a resume in the sports goods store, you can specify what particular types of outdoor activities are you interested in.


Irrelevant skills

Make sure all skills and qualities listed in your resume are relevant. If you list the skills that are outdated or have no relation to position, it will not help you get to the interview.

It will be especially unpleasant for the employer to learn about this irrelevant at the very interview. It is unlikely that he will have a good impression of your candidacy. In addition, he will be annoyed that he spent his time on an unsuitable candidate.

Negative / Negative Words

Avoid talking about what you did not or have not reached; Instead, focus on what you have already done or now in the achievement process. For example, if you are still trained at the university, specify the year of the end, and do not write that they have not finished it yet. Instead of writing that you have a "little experience" in administrative work, just give examples of your previous experience.

An example of unsuccessful summaries

Winning resume - share secrets

If you all do not know what to write in a resume about yourself, do not panic. Developing a winning summary takes time, especially if you did not write it before. Use these tips as a basis and add something gradually.

And remember: you should always strive to create a separate summary for each post to be applying for. Thus, you can be sure that you really sell your candidacy for a certain position, and not just send the same template for each job.

Do not write template, try and spend time to create a really good resume, because It will "work" on you and will help get the position to which you are striving.

And in no case do you do or do not specify false or irrelevant information in the summary, even if your deception does not open. You will always feel uncomfortable and expectation of exposure can greatly prevent the workflow.

Do not neglect the section "About me" even if it seems that you have described everything in detail in your experience. I will reveal the secret: Some employers are superficially running through the experience through the experience, especially if it is small or, on the contrary, it is quite impressive, and dwells in more detail on the "About me".

Summary structure

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What are the Caverzny questions in the questionnaire questionnaire?

For almost ten years of work by the entrepreneur and director of the stores, I saw so much different summaries that, running around with a look at them, one can say whether a candidate for my position is suitable or not.

There were several tricky questions in our questionnaire, quite usual, but for me the answer to them spoke a lot about the applicant. For example, issues such:

What maximum salary can you work on? The answers were the most different - 15,000 rubles and even 500,000 rubles. According to these figures, you can learn a lot of interesting things about the candidate.

Summary example

Up to 20,000 rubles - understated self-esteem, modesty, insecurity, sometimes low-formation or vulgarity. In a word, a woman from the market.

From 100,000 rubles - overestimated self-esteem, arrogance, causing behavior. Of course there were exceptions, but very rare.

Therefore, answering questions in the questionnaire is not in a hurry, and think about what this question and what exactly wants to know the employer. And now you know what to write in a resume. Good luck to you and high salary!

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What to write in a resume in "About yourself": examples and advice

Count "About myself" in the resume Summary: In it, you show the identity behind the dry list of skills and courses. We tell how to competently fill this section and show that you are the best candidate.

Filling this block is optional and depends on the situation, so in our

Free constructor Summary We left a choice for you.

// We are responsible for myself:

Who do you write? Your target audience is ...

Much depends on this accent. If you send a resume in a serious company where you don't need any details like "love cats", then think if your resume need this block.

If your job is associated with creativity and creative, try to hook a person in the column "about me", which will open a resume.

Do not use standard, template phrases - recruiters read them 10-20-30 times a day. Stand out, thanks to them, definitely will not succeed. Examples of how to write :

not necessary

"I am responsible, proactive, stress-resistant, sociable, honest. My strengths are good managerial and leadership skills, customer focus, systemic thinking, positive attitude. I do not drink, do not smoke, there are rights category B ".

Here is the last offer - directly fuel. The candidate does not bother that smoking is a personal choice of everyone who does not apply to work, and information on rights is needed only to personal drivers, couriers, taxi drivers or truckers. This example is just a set of characteristics, which, honestly, is not visible to a person's personality. And the only conclusion that can be made from the description is that this person does not like to be wary.

"We have high performance, I know how to work in multitasking mode and in a team, I have developed organizational and managerial abilities. Hobbies: reading books, theater, opera. Married, two children. "

No need to disseminate your personal life once again and mention marital status. You may ask about it later, and you can refuse to respond, by the way. And the rest of the text is just water.

"My overall work experience is more than 9 years. Personal qualities: dedication, ambitiousness, sociability, stress resistance. Interested in development in N. High selfior. Confident PC user. "

In this example, the candidate mood is slightly more serious than in the previous two. Here, at least they say about the desire to evolve in the professional field. And now a couple of questions: 1) Why write work experience, if he is visible in the summary?; 2) Why write a faceless "confident PC user" if in the summary you can list all programs that you work with?

How would you like to be in the eyes of people?

"This is Agraphena. She is an activist and a leader - is engaged in charity, organizes concerts and leads classes for children in his free time. From 7 years he is fond of surfing. "

How will a man present to the description? Are you sure that the position would they trust such a person? Do not exaggerate merit, avoid the office and information that is not related to work. And ask yourself a question - "What should the future leader know about me so that he wanted to talk to me and take a job?". So you will understand what to write.

What is your resume?

The answer to this question should be contained in "About me." Add information not only about experience and education, but also about your personality. Introduce yourself to the employer, breathe a little life in


If programs already listed that you know, or previous jobs, you do not need to mention them again. Why duplicate information if you can use free space with benefits?

What can "sell" you as a professional and personality best?

  • Think - who are you and what are the useful companies? Formulate the benefit and in the description, repel from it. Examples of what can interest the employer for those who do not know what to write:
  • Measured results - saved budget money, profit from sales or advertising campaigns, increasing traffic on site or subscribers in social networks, concluded contracts attracted partners, published articles in the media;
  • Useful experience - work / practice / internships in large companies or abroad, experience from working with a certain segment of people (top management, premium-segment, etc.) or in a certain field (Telecom, IT, banks, etc.) ;

Personal achievements

- prizes in profile Olympics, own projects or initiatives, organized activities, etc. Employers are always looking for experts in their field, so your personal achievements associated with professional activities will be interesting.

// What to specify in the section "About yourself"?

First a small secret - this section of the resume is more needed to those who feel the lack of experience or knowledge, this is one of the opportunities to attract attention. The graph "About me" is talking to the employer:

"I may not be so practiced, but I am a person with whom you want to meet and work." If you don't know at all what to tell, ask for help from friends or colleagues who do not run out that you are looking for another job :) Ask them the question - "What would you tell (a) about me, as a specialist?" And wash on the mustache.

Your goal or desired post

Specify the goals in this section will be correct that the employer understand what you want and what you can give him. For example, you want to get experience in the N-sphere, N-position, skills, experience and so on - all this is appropriate.


If you dream to work in a great team and know that companies support a friendly atmosphere, write about it. Tell me that he has heard about professionalism / friendliness / openness of colleagues and really appreciate. Cool, if you can mention some kind of tymbliding event of the company that you impressed. For example, as in our sample.

Professional interests

What projects want to do? What are you wondering in a professional plan? Remember that you should not repeat the information that is already in your resume. And we advise you to specify - not "I dream to become a steep marketer", but "I plan to develop in marketing, my goals for the near future is to learn how to create effective trigger distribution and learn targeted advertising." So the company sees that you set up real tasks, and not twist in the clouds.


Hobbies are personal, so think comfortable to tell you about it? Give yourself a couple of minutes and re-read the resume - there is a feeling of awkwardness from what you write about Taekwondo or Latin? Ask yourself - "Do I want my boss and all the office to know about me and my passion for burning around the tree?". Intuition will tell you how to do the right thing :) All information in the summary should feed your image of a professional and a good person if the hobby contributes to this - leave. And we advise you to read that

Your hobby will tell you about HR'U.

Your passion and love for change

Write, for what you love your work, which inspires and motivates. Another account should be fill in those who change the sphere of activity - it is better to explain the reasons: love changes and recognize a new one, you want to explore the interesting sphere. Important additions to CV These can be specific skills or achievements, reference to the profile that cannot be mentioned as a contact.

Now create a resume in our

  • free designer
  • And fill in the Count "About Me", relying on tips above. Competent summary couple with a stylish template - Half success :)
  • // What is better to avoid?
  • "I", "me" - despite the fact that you talk about yourself in a resume, try not to overdo it with extra pronouns
  • Typical phrases and adjectives that do not characterize you: "Communicable", "ambitious" and other

Repeat what is already in the summary

Mention of addresses / specific age / personal details that have no place in CV (divorced, single ...)

Complete offers

Here you have a sample, as you do not need to write about yourself:

// total

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