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Today it is impossible to present a smartphone on Android without Google services. Gapps are pre-installed even on Chinese devices, because otherwise the owner will not be able to upload such popular applications as YouTube or Instagram. But it happens that the user receives a phone on the firmware for the China market, and then you have to understand how to install Google Play.

The problem with the lack of Gapps is not new, and therefore there are several proven ways to supply Google services to the phone with the Chinese firmware. The problem is solved in several steps and it remains only to choose the most appropriate installation option through a computer or without it.

Through the built-in application store

If the owner's phone does not have a preset application store Play Market, then its device is intended for the Chinese market. At the same time, the owner of the device can include in the settings Russian language and calmly use the smartphone. And to download your favorite applications, you must examine the simple way to install Google services to "Chinese". Kak Ustanovit Google Servisy Na Kitajskij TelefonAny smartphone even on the Chinese firmware has its own app store. He necessarily has on Xiaomi, Meizu, Hyawei, ZTE and devices of other companies. To install Google's services for Android free, you need to open the embedded application store and enter the "Google Installer" request.

After that, it remains to click the "Download" button in front of the service page, and then it will be possible to install Google services without a PC. On the desktop will appear Play Market, as well as other applications of the American company.

Installing Google Services Manual

If the built-in application store does not allow to resolve the issue with how to install Google Play Store, you can use another option. To do this, you will need to download Google Mobile Services. link On a computer, tablet or phone, and then open APK file directly on the device where there are no Gapps.

For users of smartphones Huawei Honor, there is an additional (native) option of convenient services - https://huaweimobileServices.com/ru/ .

Before installing Google Play Services to the phone, you must confirm the installation of third-party programs in the device settings. The option is in the "Security" section. Then it will be left to open the APK file and click the cherished button "Set", after which the Google applications will appear on the desktop.

Manually via recovery

If you cannot install the Google Plat service with the standard smartphone interface, you can try to perform an operation using the engineering menu (recovery). To do this, it is necessary to throw the installation file into the device's memory, and then turn off the phone.

Next, you will need to go to Recovery. Depending on the smartphone, a specific key combination is used:

  • Volume down + power;
  • Volume up + power;
  • Volume up + down;
  • Volume up + down + power.

If everything is done correctly, the engineering menu will appear on the screen. Here you need to choose the item. "Install Zip From SDCard" , specify the path to the previously loaded file and click the button "Install" . Next, you will restart the phone, and the playmark will appear on the main screen. Android Install Zip From Sdcard

Through Open Gapps Manager

For the convenience of installing on Android Play Market and other Google services, an Open Gapps Manager (OGM) application is provided. Its necessary download And install on the phone through the APK file.

This program allows you to easily figure out how to install Google services for Android. But if difficulties arise in the process, instructions will come to the rescue:

  1. Open OGM application.
  2. Select the processor architecture (determined automatically).
  3. Specify the version of Android.
  4. Mark the option of the package "Stock".
  5. Click the "Download" button.

Ustanovka Open Gapps ManagerAfter loading the package, click on "Set", confirming the use of administrator rights. As soon as the specified actions are executed, the phone will restart and the next time you turn on the system will automatically prompt enter the Google account data.

Installing Google Play on Honor and Huawei Smartphones

Honor and Huaway, the problem with how to install Google services arises for a different reason than in Xiaomi or Meza. The devices of this Chinese company are simply not certified by Google due to problems with sanctions, and therefore installing the services of Google Play on android will not work in the standard way.

How to install Google services on Huawei and Honor

Popular models such as Honor 9A, Honor 9C, Honor 30i, Huawei P40 and Huawei P40 Lite are shipped without google-services due to rupture by Google Contract.

To install Gapps to these and other smartphones, you need to act according to the instructions, but it is possible that even it will not help to roll Google Mobile Services due to the policies of the American company in relation to Huawei:

  • Download and install Microg. on the phone.
  • Through Microg, pass the authorization in your Google account and make sure it is displayed in the device settings.
  • Download and install Gam Fixed .
  • Remove the microg ( Before ).
  • Alternately set Google Apps: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. All files are loaded on the Yandex drive and do not contain anything dangerous.

After installing Google's services, Market on P40, P40 Lite or another Huawei smartphone is not needed to re-author. If problems have arisen in the process, it is recommended to roll back the smartphone firmware on an earlier version. You can also try to use files for "treatment": 1, 2, 3.

How to use Huawei and Honor without Google Play

If you failed to deal with how to install Google Play Store on Huawei or Honor, you can continue to safely use the smartphone and without Gapps. In this case, third-party applications stores.

Most programs available on Android can be found in Appgallery. This is a standard Huawei and Honor Application Store. Externally, it looks like Google Play, so it's not difficult to understand its functionality.

Alternative app stores can be used to install the required software. For example, apkpure Apkcombo. or apkmirror. Unlike appgallery, there are those programs that are not in the standard Huawei Application Store, are popular and distributed in Google Play Store. . APKCOMBO Google Play StoreAnd in order to install Yutub without Google services and other programs, you will need a bootloader of the Combo apk. It can be downloaded from the official developer site, after selecting the type of device and the version of the operating system.

And if you have to install applications without Google Play on the Huawei situation more or less clarified, then with accounts there may be a problem. The fact is that some applications (for example, WhatsApp) use Google Drive to download a backup copy. Therefore, to restore this and other accounts will have otherwise:

  1. Download and install Huawei Phone Clone on an old smartphone.
  2. Run the application on a new device and select the device type (Huawei, Android, iPhone).
  3. Count the QR code from the screen of the old phone.
  4. Disconnect the Internet on the previous device and connect to the local network of the new apparatus.
  5. On the old gadget, choose information for transfer.

Now application accounts that use Google disk data to store data will be fulfilled in full on Huawei Honor, Meizu, Xiaomi or any other Chinese smartphone running on Android.

Video instructions, how to put services from Google to any Chinese smartphone: You can download the program archive by reference - https://drive.google.com/ . german27

https://opartnerke.ru/kak-ustanovit-google-play-na-huawei-honor-android/ https://opartnerke.ru/wp-conttent/uploads/20/11/kak_ustanovit_google_servisy_na_telefon_kitajskij.jpg https://opartnerke.ru/wp-content/uploads/20/11/kak_ustanovit_google_servisy_na_telefon_kitajskij-150x150.jpg Alexander Smartphones Google Play, Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomi, Apps, Smartphones Today it is impossible to present a smartphone on Android without Google services. Gapps are pre-installed even on Chinese devices, because otherwise the owner will not be able to upload such popular applications as YouTube or Instagram. But it happens that the user receives a phone on the firmware for the China market, and then you have to understand how to install Google Play. Problem... Alexander Alexander [email protected] Administrator. Reviews of smartphones and Internet services Just about complex technologies

Play. Market. - Official Application Store Google which presents a huge amount of software, games, music, movies and other content for Android smartphones.

Having bought a modern device you will probably find that app store It is already present. But sometimes it becomes necessary to install it manually, for example, when ordering a smartphone from China, if the application does not work or you just want to put a new version. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to download and install a play market for free, as well as consider the reasons because of which it does not usually work.

How to install google play on android

Like any program on the Android operating system, the Google Application Store can be installed using the APK file. To do this, give the smartphone permission to install applications from unknown sources. Z. Irish B. "Settings"> "Advanced Settings", select the Safety tab and activate the toggle switch in the "Allow installation of unknown sources" line.

The menu items name may differ depending on the smartphone, but the corresponding option is always located in the Security Settings section. You can also immediately go to the next item, and when trying to start the installation file, the system will offer you the appropriate setting.

Next you need to download the file of the PLA file to the phone APK. On the Internet there are a lot of sites where it can be done, but not all of them are safe. We recommend using APKMirror (download link), this is a proven provider of various programs, no problems with which you will not have. Different versions of the application are available for download, choose the finest.

After downloading, find and run the APK file using any file manager and follow the smartphone prompts, passing all the necessary permissions.

After the installation is completed, the Play Market standard setup will be required: Run the application, go to your account and, if necessary, enter the record details To make payments, if you plan to make purchases in the store. Just so money from your credit card will not write off, there is nothing to be afraid, but if you don't want to do this - just miss the appropriate step by choosing "no, thank you."

On this, everything is a simple process and takes no more than five minutes, after which you can use the Google store and download any applications from there.

How to install services Google Player

Now consider what to do if you bought a smartphone from China and by default it is supplied without services Google, which are necessary for the correct functioning of the application store. This situation is characteristic of devices on the Chinese firmware, since in the Middle Kingdom Google does not officially work. Therefore, buying a smartphone on Aliexpress First, find out what firmware it costs - global or for the Chinese market.

Installing Google-Services and Plate Market to Chinese smartphones also do not constitute anything complicated. You can do this in several clicks using a special installer program, which is called Google Installer. It is originally designed for Xiaomi smartphones, but usually the application works on devices of other manufacturers (for Meizu there is an alternative to Google Apps Installer). You can download the installer from the embedded application store (MI Market) or APK file to the following link.

The application will independently install the Google service on the device, playing market and will make the necessary system settings for their correct operation, after which the phone will be ready for full use.

Why Platter Market does not work

Did everything according to the instructions, but for some reason Google Play does not work? In this case, one of the following ways can help you:

  • Check the Internet connection. For the application's correct operation, access to the network is needed if you do not download something make sure that everything is in order with the connection.
  • Check the date and time settings. Services Google Constantly check the date and time set on your smartphone And compares them with the Play Store. In the event that they do not match, malfunctions may occur. Therefore, make sure that the time and date are installed correctly.
  • Install the latest version of the application. Google often releases the updates of the playing market, in which the problems are eliminated in the stability of its work.
  • Clean application cache . To do this, open the "Settings"> "Applications", locate in the list Play. Market, click on it and select "Memory"> Clear Cache.

Also can help reset all store settings. To do this, do all the same steps that in the previous paragraph, but instead of "Clear Cache" select "Reset".

With a probability of 99% of Google Play Store does not start due to one of these problems. If the above methods did not help - write in the comments, indicating the model of your smartphone.

Now you know what to do if the player is not installed on the phone. So you can safely buy devices on Aliexpress and save, not overpaying in the official retail.


, Important, Importante, and Importante, Wichtig, Wane, Tsnemli! Before you start reading the instructions and make any manipulation with your device ->

Theorest reference

For part of users. And if seriously, then

Do not forget about backup

So that in the case of which - it was not painfully painful. Instructions that will lead to the discharging of the device in this topic there are no. But no one is insured against inattention and accidental deletion \ changes not to that file \ not in that line ...



AT. I heard that telepaths are present in this branch \ fortunelocks \ mediums and clairvifuses, which can give a complete \ adequate answer to a non-fulformulated question?

O: Eh, to our great regret, all the above-mentioned comrades, went on TNT and TV3. And we, like you, will hope for their early returning to the ranks of users of our forum ... In the meantime, be kind: if you want to get an adequate answer to your question, then formulate it accordingly. For example, a description of the problem + the actions that led to it (flashing, installing, deleting programs, a change in build.prop, etc.) + firmware version ...

AT. How to install a market? (Google Play) O1:
  • Market, you can install as any other user application - just run * .apk to install. But provided that you install the APK with one "signature" with the replaceable words. You can install: Original <-> Original \ MOD <-> MOD, but from One author . And then you will not see the System Message: "The application is not installed \ package file signed incorrectly, delete the previous version and try again \ Application signatures using this identifier do not match"
  • Download Original \ MOD, Next, the downloaded file is renamed to phonesky.apk, or vending.apk, depending on your device:. • Firmware Gingerbread. -> Vending. .apk • Firmware ICS \ Jelly Bean \ kk -> Phonesky .apk.
  • Using ® Root Explorer (File Manager), we put in the System \ App folder with the replacement of the already existing file (the system partition must be mounted as R \ W).
  • Change "access rights \ permissions" of a new market on RW-R-R (644) (long tap on file - Permissions \ permissions - remove extra daws) -> leave the program.
  • Clean the cache \ GP data (Settings - Applications - All - Market (Google Play) - Clear Kesh \ Data).
  • Be sure to reboot!

Access Rights Screen / Permissions

Attached image ATTENTION!

The above methods will not fit (!), They have a CyanogenMod firmware, AOSP, MIUI. When you first go to these firmware, you will need to flash and Gapps. (A set of google applications, where the market includes) And now, when you want to update \ replace, then the way above.

Always (!) In the topics of the firmware there are links to download Gapps, or you can download


-> Topics Cap -> Useful Files (Gapps)

AT: I have .odex firmware, and how then installing GP? Do I need .odex files? ABOUT:

Original answer:

Tap here


Pasha 77. AT: How to update the Market (Google Play) O1:

If you have the original set, the update occurs automatically. With one "but" ... this happens at the same time from everyone and maybe: from "opa, but the update" before "I'm tired of waiting and updated-ka myself", in a way from the first question FAQ


C version GP 4.6.16, it is possible to track updates \ update from the menu. We go settings -> TAP in the "Market version" = answer, is there any update at the moment.


Attached image

Such an update is possible, only in the case when you have an original market. If the mod \ broken GP is installed, then only the method from the first FAQ item

Q. Why didn't I have to update the Market?

ABOUT: Updates are not always available for everyone at once, distributed gradually depending on the region, android version, etc. This is the usual Google practice. Wait. Do not want to wait and \ or tired, then update the sruppache. How to do it -> read in the first questions FAQ

Q. How to ban GP update? ABOUT:

Original answer:

Tap here AT: If there was no Google Play in the firmware, then the installation will decide this problem from here?

ABOUT: Depends on the firmware. On the instruments of PCT, or say so - official, with the GP installation, there are practically no problems. Example: When not the GP is installed, but Yandex Store - is solved by a simple replacement * APK (on the firmware Yandex.kit, such a "focus" is not an option) But on the Chinese phones, let's say - on copies \ replicas of official devices and \ or on devices, where the firmware is "written" in the burning tank and on the back of the wounded comrade, then without dancing with feathers in ass Head, no way do. For example, flashing Gapps or sachets to enter the System \ APP - GoogleServicesFramework.apk, Phonesky.apk, GoogleLoginservice.apk. But it is absolutely not a fact that generally be able to start the market without changing the firmware, as is not the fact that the GP will start when changing. Like a frequent phenomenon that it is impossible to over- \ set Google Play services, again - without changing the firmware .. and remember about Cyanogenmod, Miui and others like them, because On these firmware, there is also no pre-installed GP. But in this case, the simple firmware Gapps is solved (a set of google applications, where the market is included)

AT: There are problems with the performance of GP. What to do? O1:

We go on

this site

And we look at whether there are no problems at the moment by Google. If there is, it is logical - we are waiting.


We do not write about the problem in this topic, and we go here \

Google Play - Technical Problems



Before the cry - "Ahtung, Kaul, Savor", start there to describe the problem, carefully read the topic header - FAQ.

AT: What is the difference in the modified version from the usual?

O1: If the hacked version of GP - This is a market mod, which changed a license check library (LVL), i.e. Now she meets the application that his license is correct if a negative answer is coming from Google. This means that if you download the original one who is not a modified version of the application (for example, from this forum), it will work as legally bought. It works even in offline mode, i.e. When the Internet is missing on the device. In simple language - when the application will ask him about the license, he will try to deceive him and say that the license is correct and it may not be renounced when working. ATTENTION! Using the broken Google Play It is not free Download and update paid games or applications, and also can not play movies and music for free! O2: If the mod is Market - Just visual ruffies-buns: black (black background), Clear (transparent), etc. It does not have (!) Functional, like a hacked, it is modified original

ATTENTION! Everything

Most responses for installing the "GP hacking", you will find in

This topic

-> FAQ -> Questions on the modified Google Play.

AT: I set up a hacked Google Play, the problem appears: "Google Play services needed to work some applications are not supported on your device" ABOUT:

Original answer:

Tap here



Original Messages -

Tap here

. Thanks:

Rosenrottttt. ATTENTION!

I \ we, we do not claim that this is the only and right decision (and for someone not a solution at all), but at the moment, there is simply no other (we do not know). And pay attention is the decision


For \ when installing the "GP break" to official devices and on a certain part of "China phones". And yet, this error began to appear often (not all, but from part of users) it is from the market version - 4.6.17, and it is possible that it is connected with the transition to "GP services" - v 4.x.xx.

For the most part of "China phones" and on unknown brands of devices, the error "C-GP" can only be solved (!) Change the firmware and in any way!

If installed

Original Market

, it is practically not solved in this way (rollback to the other version). But there are cases where it helped - the problem was with YouTube.

AT: Fashion is installed / hacking GP, but I want to return to the original one. How to do it? ABOUT:

Original answer:

Tap here

. Installation Instructions -> See the first question in the FAQ.

AT: When loading or updating with GP, the download speed is different. Why? ABOUT:

Original answer:

Tap here.


Vistonishe. AT: I have a super-duper internet, and the applications are downloaded slowly. Why? ABOUT:

Original answer:

Tap here AT: Why do you need to enter a password in GP? ABOUT:

To prevent unauthorized purchases, until the Google transaction is completed, please enter the password that we specify to enter Gmail or Google Play.

If you have difficulty in logging in, visit

Password recovery page


    Disconnection function can lead to unauthorized purchases. We strongly recommend using a password, especially if someone except you have access to your device. In any case, the responsibility for all expenses in your account lies with you.
How to enable protection with password
  1. Run the Google Play application.
  2. Click on the Play Market icon Attached imageand open Settings .
  3. In chapter Personal click Password at the time of buying.
  4. Select the desired parameter.
  5. Enter password.
AT: I do not know \ forgot username or password from my GP account ABOUT:

To use the Google Play (Market) application, you must log in to Google Account. If you have purchased a new device or reset the settings on the existing one, to access previously purchased applications, you will need to re-enter the username and password.

What if you have forgotten the username or password
  • Use the password recovery page. For security reasons, Google Play does not provide information about accounts related to a specific device, and also does not send passwords.
Incorrect password combination and username
  • If you regularly see a message that the username and password are entered incorrectly, you may have two-step authentication.
It is not known which account is associated with the Google Play application
  1. Run the Google Play application.
  2. Click on the Play Market icon Attached imageTo find out which account you are currently using. - To change the account, click on the arrow drop-down menu Attached imageAnd select another account.

To delete an account from Google Play, you must remove it on the device. To do this, open the main menu on the device.


And go B.


. There you will find a list of all the accounts associated with the device.

AT: In order to leave a review about the application require a Google+ account? ABOUT:

Yes, the reviews on Google Play are now related to the Google+ account, this is due to the fight for the correctness of the recalls.

But, if you "religion does not allow" and do not want the program to be installed on the device, go to G + and simply exit (not taping in the menu - "output", and after "back") everything, you can delete * .apk Or freeze - you are still numerical on Google servers and you can leave feedback, etc.


For Google Fobs. Many do not want \ are afraid to go into G +, because They believe that it will be necessary to register and give their data. So, you have long been on the air -> Google account and Account G + = the same thing!


Attached image
AT: I put an assessment to the application \ left a review, but I do not see it in the overall list. Where is he? ABOUT:

Your feedback is removed separately from all, see above from the general

Original answer:

Tap here


Attached image
Attached image
AT: How is the assessment applications exhibited in GP? If you vote several times for different versions of the program, then all or only one will be covered?

ABOUT: The "extreme" estimate is taken into account, but you can install it, how to change feedback, not only in different versions of the program, and at the same. And you can change, at least 100 times a day and at least a year ..

AT: I left feedback about the application in GP and the mail came that the developer answered me. How to see? ABOUT:

Google, removed the possibility of viewing the answer through the market itself, and officially, it is necessary to watch through the browser (there is a link in the letter). Original answer:

Tap here


There is one option (see, it is in the GP), but I personally, I consider it a nonsense - this is like an approach to the apartment on the drain pipe. I do not impose my own opinion, perhaps someone will arrange ..

    Create another account (if not initially - there may be several of them on one device) and look through it. In this case, yes, you will see a response of the developer. And I think Bredov, because Well, look at this way, but to answer, you will need to return to the first account and start the browser.
AT: How in GP View application size?

ABOUT: In the description of the application -> TAP "Read more" and see ....

AT: How to Clean the "Wish List" in GP? ABOUT:

Original answer:

Tap here.


DVA974. AT: Is it possible to remove the categories unnecessary to me in GP? We need only games and applications.

ABOUT: No. If you have such categories in the show - "applications \ games \ movies \ music \ books", you can only turn on the filter and that's it. (GP -> Settings - set up filter.) In some regions \ countries, yes, not all categories have and done, Google itself - due to restrictions on this region \ country (legislation, religion, etc.), and Not because the user was able to somehow turn them off / remove them ... and vice versa, for example, in the States \ Japan and some other countries, there are such sections: logs \ devices. That the latter allows you to acquire various gadgets via GP

AT: How to remove in my profile GP programs that are installed with me and comes to update notice, but I don't want to do this? \ How to "untie" a program from GP? ABOUT:

Official way and with original content - in no way!

But it is possible to do this, provided that you agree to install modified * APK - just need to "untie" software from the market (make a clone \ mod):

AT: How, not removing the software from the profile \ not "untying" from the GP, do not give certain programs to be updated? ABOUT:

Original answer:

Tap here


Attached image
Attached image
AT: How to remove from the list those programs that are disabled? ABOUT:

In no way!

Original answer:

Tap here AT: The program "Bla-bla-bla" is not available in the market. "The device is not supported" ABOUT:

The program may not be adapted to your Android OS.

But, as practice shows, GP is not always correct and for the reasons unknown to us, determines whether this application will start or not. And very often, the application (fraudulently -> Substitution of the device \ PC programs) We downloaded and it works great on the machine.

On the screen - an example where you can see it. But in most cases, when we install such applications, Google is "converted to the go" and we will see - compatible and installed.

Screen - example

The market writes - incompatible, but I have installed.

Attached image
AT: How to circumvent limit "Device is not supported"? O1:

Original answer:

Tap here O2:

If there is no root right and \ or do not want \ can't yourself, then ask

This topic

Our forum and you download.


The second answer \ board does not apply to games and cache from them. Decide to ignore this, I can say with confidence: - If you contact questions about games, then you quickly, the main thing is culturally (I don't promise painlessly) will show that the forest is> there. Because You are in the Android-program section, and all gamers "live"



AT: "Invalid package file". What is it?

ABOUT: The application is not for your android OS. Example: You have 4.0.1, and the application under 4.2.2 ... If you still did not believe Google (and there are causes and examples, see FAQ) and downloaded the desired application, but faced with such a message system, then So in this case - Google was not mistaken.

B. When switching through the button "Other applications of this developer" shows only 10 programs. ABOUT:

Original answer:

Tap here


AT: I know for sure that the application "blah blah bla" is in GP, ​​but I can not find. ABOUT:

Availability \ Application Display Users, determines the market itself and for many reasons - the region \ Country \ Legislation, etc. And it means, in your region, you are banned from Google to this program.


. In many countries, the "recording of the conversation" is prohibited by law and therefore GP will never (!) Will not show the software with such a functionality.

Also the developers themselves can intend applications for certain mobile devices depending on the size of the screen, the mobile operator, location and range of other factors.

But you can use the WEB version of Market +




Programs (for PCs) and in most cases you can download them yourself.

If it did not manage to run the programs and \ or do not want for some reason to do it yourself, please contact

this topic

Forum, and you download.

AT: How to make applications that are "not available in my country"? O1:

Original answer:

Tap here O2:

If there is no root right and \ or do not want \ can't yourself, then ask

This topic

Our forum and you download.


The second answer \ board does not apply to games and cache from them. Decide to ignore this, I can say with confidence: - If you contact questions about games, then you quickly, the main thing is culturally (I don't promise painlessly) will show that the forest is> there. Because You are in the Android-program section, and all gamers "live"



AT: Can I purchase a phone \ tablet via GP? O:

Yes, you can. But, for example, for Russia and a number of countries, such a service is not available - there is no section "Devices".

But this is not a problem, you can purchase through GP, for example, the United States and Japan. In short, you will need to go through the following steps:

  • Card design
  • Intermediary services
  • Register Google Wallet
  • Change location
  • Purchase
  • Delivery status
  • Getting a parcel to the warehouse, payment, delivery

In general, nothing hard, but there are nuances - therefore, full instructions (II) see \ Look for our site in

Profile Topics

- section "Purchase"

AT: How without a fake account see which gadgets can be purchased via GP? ABOUT:

For example, so. Go to

this site

For Russia, he is blocked, well, okay, then go through

Direct link

. We drive into the "Web" string:


TAP "GO" and fall on the American section in GP - Devices \ Devices.

You can see the characteristics of devices, the price, as well as the date of their appearance in the store or delivery times, if the devices are already in stock.

AT: I want to buy a device through GP - I did everything, and Market remained in Russian, although the IP is American. What's wrong? Can't buy?

ABOUT: Do not shout "Karaul" and do not try to redo everything - you are lucky and enjoy the market in your native language. Boldly continue the process of acquiring the device - the appearance does not affect it.

AT: Is it possible to install the same program twice \ near one device? ABOUT:

Officially and with GP - no, it is impossible. The market will tell you that the application is already installed.

But this task is solved with most applications, but not with everyone. You can try to make a clone * apk ourselves -

"How to make a clone apk?"

or refer to

"MOD APK Club"

After changes (modifications), you can safely install both programs on one device.


The functionality of the fashion \ clone, will not differ from the original.

AT: How to choose a simultaneous \ batch application installation? O1:

Original answer:

Tap here


Attached image
AT: If you install * APK not from GP, will then be updated automatically? O:

Original answer:

Tap here AT: Is it possible to delete several programs at once?

O1: Perhaps on Android 4x. On the first long tap, it leads blue, and a blue strip with a daw and circle appears in the top bar. On the rest of the programs are ordinary tap, they are all guided blue. Tap on the circle at the top and the whole garbage removed. O1: With the version of GP 4.6.16 it is no longer possible. Now, so installed applications

AT: How to delete applications via GP Web? O:

Already in any way, Google removed this opportunity. Original answer:

Tap here

(just in more detail)

AT: How to change the density \ screen resolution (DPI)? O1:

In the file manager (ROOT access mode), in the / System folder, the build.prop file (edit) find the RO.SF.LCD_DENSITY string, you can change, for example, 240 to 210 -> Save and restart the device.


You can also make programs. (But I personally, I would not use them, but to solve you)

  • Select: "Fix Market Compatibility Issues".
  • A new window will open and in paragraph "2" select the XXX (you need).
  • Next TAP on the "Download Moded Play Store".
  • We will see that both files are ranked and ready for installation, and tap on "Install Mods"
  • For lack of problems, tap on "Kill Play Store"
  • We use the fully worker market (Google Play)

More often, all these manipulations make to bypass the restrictions in the market.


Such operations \ actions affect the performance of many programs and if you managed to download the desired program with the GP, then return everything in stock (preferably)

There are still programs of such a plan, if you can not find them yourself, please contact

this topic


AT: How to get rid of non-standard screen density (DPI)? O1:

Original Posts:

Google Play (post # 16424977) O2:

It is logical that if you make changes to System \ build.prop or using programs, then change inversely in the same way.

AT: What is MULTІ DPI and Inverted Multi DPI? AT: I "got lost", Gapps and Google Play services. What is it?


Gapps \ Google Apps \ Google Applications

- These are services and applications provided by Google for use with some Google products. For example Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Disk, Search, Google + and others.

  • But you, a set of google applications will not see pre-installed in some firmware, for example, Cyanogenmod. Because Under the Google license, the developers have no right to do it. Gapps must be installed independently and after each update. (by rumors, soon the situation will change)
  • Home Gapps <- Link Klicabelna
  • The Gapps set is installed through custom Recovery! FAQ on ClockworkMod Recovery | FAQ on TWRP Recovery
Services Google Play \ Google Play Services

- This is not a Google Play application market, and an additional service from Google, thanks to which the application from Play Store is integrated with Google+ and other accounts on Google. And not used to update Google applications and applications downloaded from Google Play.

  • Thanks to this application, when updating programs from the market does not swing all the entire version of the program, but only a new snatch snack and embedded in an application or game. This is significantly saved by traffic and phone battery.
  • At the moment, Google has updated Google Play services to version 4.1+. The new version of the application supports a step-by-step multiplayer for games, API to integrate Google Drive to applications, improved the battery life of the device when the geolocation is enabled.
Step-by-step multiplayer
    Now games developers can embed a step-by-step asynchronous multiplayer - when 2-8 users can play at different times, but the gameplay remains holistic. Login to the game. This animation will be especially convenient in cases where you need to enter a login and password to enter the game.
Google Drive.
    The new Google Drive API allows developers to embed in applications easy viewing and writing files. Users can also work with offline files - while connecting to the Internet, synchronization will be performed and all files will be able to be viewed by other users (when permitting the owner).
Google Mobile AD.
    Google Play 4.1+ services is now supported by Google Mobile ADS SDK, fully supporting DoubleClick for publishers, DoubleClick AD Exchange and advertising in search for mobile applications. You can also use the Location API to display advertisements based on the user's location.
    The possibility of exchanging information through Google+, in particular, an automatic auto-completion is improved, you can transfer contacts from Gmail, from the device, as well as from Google+.

This is not a complete list and opportunities for which you need Google Play services.

AT: I do not know which I need "Google Play" service. How to be? O1:

If there is no root right, then you can not think (if, only for the sake of interest) because Except from the market, you are not overded. And from there will be installed at your device.


If there is root rights, then go to System, find the file


in it row

ro.sf.lcd_density = xxx

and see what is spelled out there and then go


and that's it. Example: if

DENSITY = 240.

then you will need

"C-GP" - 034



I want to install \ update "GP services". Can I install any? And how correct?


No, not any. Original Posts:

Tap here O2:

How to transfer? Original Posts:

Tap here AT: Is it possible to somehow make "GP servers" yourself not updated? And then after the update, they already occupy (xx) MB. ABOUT:

They were updated, updated and will be updated, because Need not only for the full and adequate work of Google applications, but also for software, as well as games from other developers.

If each update began to occupy more and more space, then the original answer:

Tap here

and \ or


- See "What is ours"

If you are watching the "bloated" services GP to: "Settings - applications - running", then begin to dig in the direction of programs that require \ launch them. Because Briefly, if the program gives a failure, then automatically begin to "drill" and services. And until you solve the problem with software \ game, then "C-GP" and do not calm down.




) - not services run \ use the program, and their program

AT: I changed the firmware \ apparatus \ installed my account to another device, and all programs were automatically installed. But the whole software, I do not need. How to be? ABOUT:

Original answer:


On different devices, but under one account, a different set of applications \ games is quite possible.

AT: For some reason, the appearance of the \ locale \ the GP language was changed. How to return? ABOUT:

Original Posts:

Tap here Important!

The method is operational if the entire locale in this language is initially.

• Easier) If you sent the device from another country and the locale of it, does not have your language, then first install \ I get it (


etc.) and only then work with the market.

• Translate it even easier). If the device is figurative, in English, then in this way, the market in Russian does not do. Here, only "Country's Substitution = Fake Account"

AT: I am in another country \ I am the owner of the device, where there is no my language and the software is installed in the device language. Yes, and the GP itself is not in my language. Can I somehow change? ABOUT:

Can. Original answer:

Tap here



Such manipulations may lead to a loss of a guarantee (not always and not everyone), so that you already decide: "You are checked or riding" © - which is more important at the moment.

AT: Disappeared the "Return Plac" function. Is it a bug \ glitch or all so?

ABOUT: Congratulations, if this function \ button is not displayed when purchasing content, it means that Google gave you shale with a towel and sent to the bank (YU) on the account. The most common cause, this is a frequent rejection of purchases (according to Google - frequently) at the moment, when contacting technical support (Google Support) with a question: "What can I do and can somehow rehabilitate" - users, except piles of template phrases, the meaning of which: wait (deadlines are not designated) nothing is received in response. But Google does not promise that the ban will be removed. Wait and possibly - keywords. In this, the rest of the GP functionality is not trimmed, like the Google account itself.

AT: How to download software \ games if the Internet is received via USB? ABOUT:

In no way! Original response (in more detail):

Tap here


An exception:

HTC devices, because These devices with official Android 2.3 and the default is the "Through Internet Connection" function;

Help for applications and games for Android

Although Android applications are sold \ downloaded through the Google Play platform, many of them are created and supported by independent developers. Examples are Facebook, Skype, Angry Birds, Instagram, Temple Run, as well as any other applications, which did not take part in Google. If you have any questions related to the downloaded or acquired application, please contact its developers (and not to the Google Play command).

Common questions to the manufacturer
  • The downloaded application does not work.
  • The downloaded application does not work as described in the description.
  • I had a question on using the downloaded application.
  • I had a question related to the rights of the application.
  • I could not get the goods purchased through the application.
  • I want to return money for the application (or the product acquired through it).
  • I want to leave a review or ask a question about the application downloaded through Google Play.
Common Questions Addressable Google and Google Play Developer Team
  • I'm trying to buy an application or product through it, but my payment deviates.
  • I'm trying to download the application, but the download stops.
To get the application developer contact details, follow the steps below.
  1. Go to Google Play and select the desired application.
  2. On the Description Descriptions page, find the Developer section.
  3. It will show email address, phone number or website address
If you have any problems with the use of the application and you contacted the developer, but did not receive an answer or the answer was useless, you can share your experience, leaving your feedback on this application to Google Play. Google cannot force developers to answer everyone who appeals to them, but the reviews are a good way to attract their attention.

How to install Google Play on android

How to install Google Play on android . Application store from Google boasts a huge number of applications and other content for your android devices. On some smartphones or tablets it may not be a Play Market and you want to install it, or you accidentally deleted it and now want to return. Be that as it may, we have prepared an instruction for you that will allow you to install Google Play Market on your mobile device or update the available version to the last.

How to install Google Play on android

Where to download APK file Google Play Market?

Keep in mind that the following android devices guide licensed to work with Google Market. We recognize that sometimes it is necessary to reinstall the application store or roll back to the previous version.

How to install Google Play on android

With each update, the store application becomes more stable and faster, but sometimes the owners of some devices face problems. In any case, you can return the previous version and wait for a healthy application on your phone.

How to install Google Play Market?

The easiest way to install manually, By downloading APK. с phone browser , But we will look at two ways, one of which implies the use of a computer. Do not be afraid, the process is still very simple even for who only meets the Android platform. Installing Google Play directly to phone

1. Activate Installation of applications from unknown sources . To do this, go to the security setting of your smartphone, and then click on the item " unknown sources ", And in the next dialog box, confirm Action.2. Using the phone browser, go to Of this link And download APK. Google Play Market3. Open the downloaded file (you can simply tap on the notification in the curtain), read the new permissions (if any) and only then click the button. Set ".

How to install Google Play on android

Installing Google Play using a computer

This method is suitable for those who at the moment there is no Internet connection on the phone. If you are short Download APK file From the computer and move it to the phone.

1. Activate the application of applications from Unknown sources 2. Using a web browser on a computer, open This page And download Google Play Market3. Connect your Android smartphone to a computer And move apk to his memory. SAMSUNG GALAXY recommend setting on a computer Smart Switch .four. From the phone to go to file manager , Find a copied application and install it.

How to install Google Play on android

Solving well-known problems with Google Play Market

Google Services Framework is the most important service that provides Play Market features to interact with installed applications on your phone, allowing you to automatically update them. If this functionality stops working, then the reason is most likely with the service, and you need to clear the application store and Google Play stores:

  • Open " Settings ">" Application Manager
  • Find the Market in the Google Play list, and then clean it cache
  • Do the same with Google Play Services
How to install Google Play on android

Sometimes you need to install Google Play Store manually. Perhaps you accidentally deleted it, or want to return to the previous version to avoid errors, or maybe your Google Play Store does not work, and you just want to install a new version. That's how to download and how to install a Play Store so that you can use the latest functions without problems.

Note on versions in Google Play Store

Google Play Store versions system may seem a bit confusing, but everything is easy to explain. If the transitions between numbers seem strange, it's just because Google has not publicly released the versions between them.

Download Google Play Store APK

Please note that the following manual is intended for the owners of Android devices with the licensed version of the Play Store. We understand that sometimes it is necessary to reinstall or remove the Play Store.

Load the latest version:

Looking for a previous version of Google Play Store?

  • Focus on Version Date

The latest version of Google Play on 09/18/2018 - 11.7.11, and, as usual, most changes are under the hood, so we failed to find significant changes in the user interface or new features. If you download the update and notice any obvious errors, read our Google Play troubleshooting manual.

How to upload and install Google Play Store

How to install Google Play Store?

The easiest way to install the Play Store is already familiar to you if you are an avid android supporter: just install the Play Store APK manually. APK for Android is the Equivalent of the .exe program on your computer.

Instead of downloading the application from the Play Market, you simply install it yourself without the help of Play Store. We even have a convenient instruction that will help you:

This, of course, is useful to know if the application you want to install is missing in the Play Store.

There are two ways to install Google Play APK on your device: directly to your phone or through a computer. First we will make an easy option.

Install Google Play only with the phone

  • Turn on " unknown sources " To do this, go to " Settings »> Safety , then select " Unknown sources" And turn them on. Do not worry, unknown sources are all that is outside the Play Market. Do not forget to disable this option, touching it again as soon as you finish installing Google Play Store.
  • Using the browser on your device, go to Apk mirror To download the APK of the latest version of the Play Market.
  • You can get a message that "this type of file can harm your device." Ignore it (believe us) and tap OK.  .
  • Open APK (you can click the completed download in the notifications menu), read new permissions (if any), which is asked the new version of the Play Store, then click "Install" .
How to upload and install Google Play Store

Set Google Play using a computer

If you do not have an unlimited mobile Internet or Wi-Fi connections on your device, you can download APK to your computer. The same order:

  • Turn on unknown sources On your smartphone.
  • Using the browser on your computer, go to Apk mirror To download APK for the latest version of the Play Market.
  • Connect the device to a computer using a USB cable and copy APK to the Android device.
  • Run APK, accept permissions and click "Install" .
How to upload and install Google Play Store

Troubleshooting Google Play Store

Google Services Framework is the most important service that allows the Play Store to interact with applications on your device, providing an automatic update, etc. If these functions stop working or other problems arise, you must clear the cache on Google Play Store and Google Play Services. You can do it like this:

  • Open "Settings" >"Applications"
  • Scroll down to Google Play Store. , tap it, and then click Clear cache.
  • Do the same for Google Play Services.
  • It must eliminate most of the problems with which you will encounter the Play Market
How to upload and install Google Play Store

What functions do you think is missing on Google Play Store? Do you like the latest updates? Let us know about it in the comments.

The source of publication is our site Mrandroid.ru.

If Play Market is not installed on your phone - you do not have access to a huge store application for mobile devices. Only in the official storage you will find a huge number of games, programs and updates for them. Let you not scare the word "shop", a significant part of the applications is available for free or "conditionally free".

Usually, when buying a phone or tablet of a well-known brand play, the market is already installed on the device. But it happens that by buying a device less popular manufacturer, application store icons you will not find. Then you use this instruction to install it on your android.

Step 1. Installation

To install the playing market to your device, first of all it is necessary to provide a device access to the Internet. You need to download the file "Play_market_7.4.09_install.apk". Do this by reference https://drive.google.com/file/d/0bw7wapk2pgtloxnozethawn5a3c/view.

To set it on your phone or tablet, go to "Settings", select "Security" and check the box next to "Unknown Sources". With this action you give consent to download the file.

The link on the link for you is not only safe, but also necessary. However, in the future, be careful when downloading programs from unverified sites or remove this tick.

Next you need to find the downloaded file. It is usually located in the "Downloads" folder of your device. Run "play_market_7.4.09_install.apk" and, following the instructions on the screen, install the Play Market on your Android. How to run APK files can read in our separate article.

Step 2. Registration

Before downloading games and programs from the official application store, there are quite a bit. You need to register with Google. If you have an account, skip the second step and simply log in in it.

To register an account, find the Play Market icon on the desktop. Click on it.

First of all, you need to come up with a unique name (login) for your Google Account.

The second action will enter the password. Record it or remember. It should not be simple, contain only small or big letters, repetitive characters or all of the above. For example, passwords of the species "Sasha1991", "QWERTY123456", "AA12345" are very light. But the combination "O8MBXSLT" or "RomzQXCJ6GPA" will already be difficult to choose what dramatically improves the safety of your account.

Step 3. Use

After the end of registration in the playmark, we recommend restarting the phone and wait 5-10 minutes to download the necessary files in automatic mode. Installation completed! Now millions of entertainment and informative applications are available to you!

Setup Google Play Market on Android - Practical Guide

Admin. 05/22/2018


The vast majority of smartphones and tablets running android have a built-in application store. However, some Chinese brands due to the lack of Google certification cannot install the playmark on the phone. Often this problem refers to the devices of the budget segment, Where the manufacturer does not care too much about customers. You can cope with the trouble yourself, for this you should follow further instructions.

Preliminary preparation

Insofar as The default Android system is protected from installing third-party software. We have to turn off this option before starting the operation. This is done as follows:

  • Open the phone settings and go to the Safety section.
  • Put a tick opposite the string "Unknown Sources".
  • Installation from unknown sources

How to download Play Market on Android?

Download Play Market for Android is needed from a proven site. For example, turning to the address: https://trashbox.ru/link/google-play-store-android.

Setup Google Play Market on Android - Practical Guide

It's important to know

By searching for the installation package, you should be afraid of unknown resources, which can instead of the search file, download the viral code that penetrates the system at the time of installation.

Downloading can be performed from both the computer and the mobile device itself. In the first case you have to move apk to your phone or tablet after the download is complete. Copy is made by connecting the machine via a USB cable in a drive mode or another method over a wireless connection.

How to install Play Market on Android?

Loading ...

Loading ...

After moving the file from a computer or the end of the download (if the action was performed on the smartphone), you will need to start APK. For this It is enough to open any file manager and find the directory where downloading was performed.

When the installation begins, It will be necessary to provide the program all the necessary rights. This follows only to wait for the end of the process and click the "Open" button to immediately go to the application.

Registration in Play Market

Install Play Market on Android without registration, but Take advantage of them without giving the data of your account - will not work.

Setup Google Play Market on Android - Practical Guide


Immediately after starting the application, the application store will require add an account if it already exists, or create a new one.

Having a profile, it will be enough to specify your e-mail and password to access the main page of the program. If there is no account, it will be necessary to register it:

This is completed on this process of installation and input. You can start using the service, downloading and establishing interesting games and programs.

logo Vitaly Solodsky

How to install Play Market for Android

As you know, Google Play Market is one of the most important software modules integrated into the Android operating system. It is from this application store that most Android smartphones and tablets are installed on their devices various software and tools, and the absence of playing markets seriously narrows the list of possibilities of devices owners. Consider how to install Google Play Market after the forced uninstall of the component or in the case of its absence in the OS initially.

In fact, a unambiguous answer to the question: "How to install Play Market on Android and connect other Google services?", It is quite difficult to give. Too much of various devices and options for their firmware exists today. At the same time, the main ways to integrate the store described below are in most cases to solve the specified task.

All the following instructions are performed by the owner of the Android device for their own fear and risk! Do not forget, before interfering in the system software, you must save a backup copy of the data from the device's memory by any available way!

See also: How to make a backup of information from Android-devices

Google Play Market Installation Methods

The following instructions suggest installing Google applications store using various tools. The selection of a specific method should be carried out depending on the cause of the absence of a component in the OS (how it was removed or was not integrated into the system initially), as well as on the type of firmware (official / custom) control functioning of the device.

Methods Installing Google Play Market in Android Devices

See also: Delete Google Play Market with Android Devices

The most correct solution will be step-by-step execution of each of the methods recommended below until a positive result is reached.

Method 1: APK file

The easiest way to install Play Market is the deployment in the original distribution environment of this Android application - APK file.

Installing APK File Google Play Market

See also: Installing Android Applications

Unfortunately, the described instruction turns out to be effective indefinitely, but to try primarily to fulfill the following steps makes sense.

  1. Download Apk-file Google Play and put it in the memory of the device or on its removable drive. On the Internet you can find a lot of resources offering the download, we use one of the most famous and verified - Apkmirror .

    Download APK File Google Play Market

    Download APK File Google Play Market

    • Go on the link above, click on the download icon opposite the name "Google Play Store" (It is advisable to choose the newest version).
    • Google Play Market File download icon on Apkmirror page

    • On the next page, go to the link name of the downloaded file in the section "DOWNLOAD" .
    • Google Play Market Link to download APK file with apkmirror

    • Next Press the button "Download APK" .
    • Google Play Market Start download APK file from APKMirror resource

    • We look forward to completing downloading and then copy the internal repository received to the internal storage or on the Android-device memory card.
    • Google Play Market APK file in the internal memory of the device

  2. Activate on android apparatus "Installation from unknown sources" . To do this, find in "Settings" OS of the eponymous point (in most cases there is in the section "Security" ).

    Google Play Market Installation from APK File - Search Options Unknown Sources in the settings

    Next we translate located opposite the name "Unknown sources" Switch to the Regulation "Included" And confirm the request received.

    Google Play Market Activation options Installation from unknown sources to integrate APK file

  3. Open any file manager for Android and go through the location path of the APK file of the Play Market. Run the installation tape by the name of the package. In the window with a choice of action click "Install" And then touch the same button on the screen requesting the start of installation.

    Google Play Market Home Installation from APK File

  4. We expect to complete the installation, after which you can run the application, touching "OPEN" On the finish screen of the installer. Also, the opening of the store can be carried out using the icon. "Play Market" which appeared in the list of applications.

    Google Play Market Completing the APK File Installation, Starting Store

In case of manifestation of any errors when operating as a result of the execution of the above steps of the playing market, you can use the following instructions for eliminating them:

Read more: Troubleshooting Play Market on Android

Method 2: Installers of services and Google applications

On many android devices with the missing initially Play Market, other application stores are pre-installed, where you can find tools with which Google software is installed. That is, to equip the firmware under consideration, you can try searching for a specially created installer in the present service and carry out the integration of Google components, including Play Market.

Installers of services and Google applications

READ ALSO: Android App Scores

An excellent example of successfully applying the above approach are Meizu smartphones operating under the Android-shell Flyme. We have already considered the issue of installing Google Application Store to Mase Devices, and their owners are more expedient to use the recommendations from the article:

Read more: How to install Google Play Market on MEIZU smartphone

How to install Google Play Market on MEIZU smartphone

Within the framework of this Material, we consider in detail the integration of Google Play and other Doba Corporation services in common Xiaomi devices operating under the CHINA version of OC MIUI. Owners of other devices with "non-standard" options for Android (models manufactured exclusively in China, "clones" and fakes under well-known brands, etc.) can try to act by analogy with the algorithm below.

Google Play Market - Installation from another Application Store for Android

  1. Open the application "App Store" , Tapping on his icon on the desktop MIUI. Next, enter a request in the search field "Google" And touch the button "SEARCH" .
  2. Google Play Market Installation on Xiaomi - Search Installer in Mi AppStore

  3. Sheets list of results and open the last item marked with a green icon. The tool you need is displayed at the top of the list on the next screen, you can find it on the icon (3), which the tap should be selected.
  4. Google Play Market Means for installation in the Xiaomi Mi App Store

  5. Press "Install" on the product page in "App Store" . Expect the installation to complete - the button "Install" Changes its name on "Open" , Press it. Next, you need to touch the large circle of blue, located at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Google Play Market Installation Installation of the Google Apps Installer in Xiaomi from the MI App Store

  7. The procedure for installing Google Play and affiliates with store services.

    Google Play Market Starting Google Apps Settings in Xiaomi using the MI App Store

    Processing, making the following:

    • Press "Install" Under the proposal to install "Google Services Framework" . Waiting for the completion of the installation regarding "DONE" .
    • Google Play Market Installation Google Services Framework in Xiaomi

    • In the same way as components described above, install "Google Account Manager" ;
    • Google Play Market Google Account Manager Installation in Xiaomi

    • Further "Google Play Services" ;
    • Google Play Market Play Services Installation in Xiaomi

    • "Google Calendar Sync" ;
    • Google Play Market Installation Google Calendar Sync in Xiaomi

    • "Google Contacts Sync" ;
    • Google Play Market Installation Google Conacts Sync in Xiaomi

    • And finally "Google Play Store" .

      Google Play Market Installation Google Play Store in Xiaomi running MIUI

  8. At this stage, the installation of the main services of Google, including the application store, is actually completed. Tapnow "DONE" on the screen with notification "Google Play Store Installed SuccsessFully" We fall on the page tools for installing services, where there is a red circle, touch it. Then click on the blue inscription from the hieroglyphs and then allow you to launch Google Play by selecting "Accept" In the bottom of the screen that appears, the request window.
  9. Google Play Market on Xiaomi Completing Google Services Installation, Starting Plate Market

  10. We enter your google account, and then password on the authorization pages, agree with the terms of use of the service - button "I Agree" .
  11. Google play market on xiaomi authorization in Google Account after installing a store

    See also: Creating Google Account on a smartphone with Android Sign up to play in Play Market

  12. As a result, we get a smartphone with a Play Market installed, as well as other Google services that have become already familiar with almost all Android devices users.
  13. Google Play Market on Xiaomi is set from the MI App Store

Method 3: Rut-conductor

Another way to install Google Platform Market implies more serious interference in the system software, rather than the execution of the instructions proposed above in the article. In fact, you need to manually place the APK application file in the system directory and specify the appropriate permissions for the correct operation of the module later.

Google Play Market APK File Install and Make Systems through Ruttle Explorer

The above for its implementation requires the privileges of the superuser and the presence in the device manager of files with root access:

  • Obtaining root-rights is carried out by a variety of methods, and the choice of a specific algorithm for the operation depends on the model of the device and the version of Android, which is managed by the device operates.

    Google Play Market Make System - Getting Ruttle Ruth on Android Device

    Perhaps assistance in solving the specified question will provide instructions from the following material:

    See also: How to get root rights to Android

  • The file manager with root access can be used by anyone with whom it has had to deal, the main thing is to understand the general principle of the operation. In the instructions below, manipulation are made using ES File Explorer for Android. If the application is missing, it should be installed in exactly the same way as the deployment of Google Play Market "Fashion 1" Above in the article, that is, using APK file.

    Google Play Market Installation of the root conductor to integrate the APK file of the store in Android

    One of the references to download APK files of the last versions of the ES conductor:

    Download APK file ES File Explorer for Android

  • Google Play Market Download APK-file ES Explorer

  • APK-File Google Play Store load from the Internet in the same way as described in "Method 1" above in the article. After downloading, copy the device received in memory.
  • Google Play Market APK file to install through the root conductor in the internal memory of the device

  1. Run ES conductor and activate root-access. To do this, call the main menu of the application, touching three drops at the top of the screen on the left, and activate the switch opposite the item "Root-conductor" . At the request of the privilege manager is responsible "PROVIDE" .
  2. Google Play Market Installation - Start ES Explorer, RUT-Right Provision

  3. Go on the path of the arrangement of the APK-File of Google Play and rename the distribution in Phonesky.apk. . (Long press on the icon to highlight the file - item "Rename" In the bottom of the screen below).
  4. Google Play Market Rename APK file in Phonesky.apk

  5. Select the renamed package and select the bottom menu from the bottom "Copy" . Open the main menu of the conductor and tapa on the item "Device" In chapter "Local storage" List of options to go to the root directory of the device's memory.
  6. Google Play Market Copy Phonesky.apk in System Catalog

  7. Open catalog "SYSTEM" , then go to the folder "APP" . Concerning "Paste" .
  8. Google Play Market Place Phonesky.apk on System path - App

  9. We highlight placed in the system folder Phonesky.apk. , Select the action menu "Yet" and then "Properties" .
  10. Google Play Market Calling the APK file properties in the system directory

  11. Tap the button "Change" Near item "Permissions" , remove the checkboxes before reaching the picture as on the area (2) the screenshot below, then touch Ok .
  12. Google Play MARKET Installing RWX R-- R-- for APK file in a system folder

  13. Close ES Explorer and be sure to reboot android-deviss.
  14. Google Play Market Restarting the device after installation through the root conductor

  15. Next, go to B. "Settings" Android and open the section "Applications" , Tadama "Google Play Market" .

    Google Play Market in Android settings section

    Go to section "Memory" where we clean the cache and the data by pressing the corresponding buttons.

    Google Play Market Clearing Cache and Application Data

  16. On this, the installation of Google Platter Market is complete, from now on, the store is integrated into Android as a system application.

Method 4: OpenGapps

The owners of Android devices that have established unofficial (custom) firmware, in any case the solutions data-developer teams, do not detect the usual applications and Google services in their devices. This explains the situation - the policy of the "Corporation of Good" prohibits the romodlas to integrate the specified components in their products.

Installing Google Play Market in Android Custom Firmware

To get Google Play on a device operating under practically any custom firmware, you should use the solution from the OpenGapps project. In the material on our site, this product has already been considered and there are instructions for its integration into the device.

Google Play Market Installing Custom Firmware Together with OpenGapps Pack

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Method 5: flashing

The most cardinal method of obtaining the components missing in the mobile operating system is to change the type / version of the firmware of the Android device to another version of the OS into which these software modules were implemented by developers. For example, for devices from famous Chinese trademarks (Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei), the most logical and efficient solution of many tasks, including receiving Play Market and other Google services, is the transition from CHINA-assemblies OS on the Global firmware, of course If such are released by the manufacturer for a specific model.

Google Play Market Installation by flashing device

Thus, it is possible to state, the installation of the most common android application store into most devices operating under the control of the mobile operating system from Google are quite solved. As far as possible, simply and quickly implement is another question - too many factors affect the result of the operation.

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