Working Methods Removing Screen Lock on Android

How to set up blocking

To this end, you need to carry out the following steps in the "Settings" menu:

  1. Log in to "Settings";
  2. go to "personalization";
  3. Press "Safety";
  4. Log in to "Lock Screen" and select the blocking method;
  5. The most widespread methods are Graphic key Or the analysis of the person, however, the facingontrol is not available on all models of devices and is not very reliable in operation.

When using a graphics key, you should drag the thumb between points in the invented sequence and touch on "continue." Next, when the screen is locked, the key will be applied.

What is the PIN applied for

The screen lock becomes the first barrier on the way of those who wanted to penetrate the "inside" of the gadget and to reveal the secrets of his host. In addition to photos and documents, on smartphones and tablets, usually full accounts, and access to them can lead to irreparable consequences. Including reputational and financial losses.

Juvenile children will not be able to accidentally delete data from a locked phone. If the device is kidnapped, it can not immediately use it. A SIM card can also be blocked, and this will not give the chance to take advantage of a stranger number and balance.

How to remove the screen lock android phone: disable or remove the password

Some models, especially Chinese manufacturers, immediately after buying or updating are asked: "To start Android, enter the PIN code." The default is simple, which is recommended to change what can be read in the manufacturer's instructions. There must also be information on how to do it.

Turn off the Enter PIN code on Android can be several ways that are characterized by the implementation of the implementation. The Recovery menu and special programs that are installed on the gadget and / or PC are mainly used. Finally, the question is solved by a full discharge or flashing. In some cases, pre-receiving root is required.

With ADB RUN Help

How to remove the lock completely

In order to unlock the screen, the following steps must be performed:

  1. After moving the phone to the waiting mode or shutdown by the user to enable it, it will be necessary to enter, for example, password or graphics key;
  2. If you need to change or enable the lock function, you will need to log in again to "Settings", then in "Security" and in the "Screen Lock" menu;
  3. Then enter the password and click on "no".

Proper locking smartphone

If you have a Samsung smartphone, then you have a Find My Mobile website that allows you to find your and device and remotely control them, including to remove the lock. You may have set up the Samsung account, and then unlock Android, if you forgot the password, you can from the computer.

What does the correct blocking mean? It should be simple and efficient. PIN is considered one of the most reliable safety in terms of security, although this can also argue. Nevertheless, such a blocking is used very often and is offered by all manufacturers without exception. And you can lock the smartphone like this:

  1. Enter the settings.
  2. Open Section Safety, Find the Screen Locks tab.
  3. Select PIN. Come up with a number (must contain at least four digits), then enter and confirm.

Everything is very simple, it is important only to abandon the tricarly simple numbers: the dates of birth, marriage, car numbers, as well as any other, well-known surroundings. Only so you can guarantee at least some kind of safety.

What to do when forgot the graphic key on Android: video

How to remove the screen lock android phone: disable or remove the password

The first - reset to the factory settings. To do this, go to the "Recovery" mode. The way to get into it depends on the specific device: To find out the algorithm, you need to refer to the official instruction or in the manufacturer's technical support. The Factory Reset item is selected in the menu. All contacts and SMS will be erased, but the password will disappear along with them.

Another way to remove the screens lock password is to reflash the gadget. However, in this case, there is a risk of obtaining a non-working device.

Tip: Before turning off the gadget with a password installed, it is recommended to write it somewhere, then the risk that cipher will be forgotten, minimized; There are special programs for generating and storing code words.

At first it is recommended to try to use the easiest and most convenient method. In order to remove the blockage from its gadget, you need to provide your personal data from the account on the Google service. If you find a mobile device android in the global network, the lock is cleaned very soon. But for this, the user needs to remember the e-mail and password to it.

The easiest way to unlock

Cancel graphic key can be using:

  • Google account;
  • incoming call;
  • discharge acb;
  • delete the gesture.key file;
  • Clearing partition in FastBoot;
  • full reset;
  • flashing.

Cardinal method

This is the easiest method that is available to everyone without exception and even beginners. It is possible to roll back the entire system on Android mobile device to factory settings. In this case, the device security features will be returned to the original state, i.e. The user-entered settings will simply erase.

How to remove the screen lock android phone: disable or remove the password

To roll back to the factory settings you need to enter the "Recovery" mode. Each device has an individual login algorithm to this mode. To do this, it is necessary to learn the factory instruction of a specific device model. Next, you need to activate the "Factory Reset", while all information about calls and messages will disappear. The screen lock code also deletes.

In order to save the telephone directory, all contacts are required to enter into Google account. After unforeseen circumstances, it will only be necessary to synchronize the smartphone with the account and all user data will be available in the device.

If the use of listed methods is unsuccessful, it is recommended to attribute a gadget to configure to the service center.


Any mobile phone is equipped with a keyboard lock / unlock feature. The exceptions are phones in the form of "clamshells" that do not require key blocking, as it is originally protected from random unplanned pressing on them. Phones with an open keyboard dialing number A are divided into physical and sensory.

As a rule, to remove the keys to remove the keys from the physical keyboard, you must dial a certain combination. This combination coincides with the combination required to lock the keyboard. Often, for unlocking, you must click and hold a specific key to which a special keyboard lock symbol is applied. Either this feature performs a combination of two keys. As a rule, these are the *, # menu keys in various variations.

Touch phones are characteristic of the presence of only three keys - "Tick call", "Menu", "Call Deviation", or the presence of one "Menu" key. These buttons are locked along with a mobile phone screen. In order to unlock the touchscreen phone, the visual key is provided on its screen.

As a rule, this key has a blocking symbol pattern (often this "lock"). On some phone models, you must press and hold this key within a few seconds. On others - shift the key up. Also, a mobile phone can support both data for removal of blocking. In this case, in "Settings" you can choose any of the proposed species, which for you will seem most convenient.

Some modern brands of touch screen mobile phones offer their users a more serious and high-quality way to disable phone lock. For this purpose on the screen it is necessary to draw a specific figure. This may be a zigzag line, for example. This type of removal of the sensor phone lock is most reliable, as it eliminates the accidental press.

How to remove the screen lock android phone: disable or remove the password

To avoid random calls or changes in the phone settings, you must definitely lock the keyboard. Depending on the phone model, the lock is installed and removed in different ways.


Read the operating instructions of the mobile phone. There must certainly be written how to remove the blocking of the buttons. Usually, on phones with a physical keyboard unlocking is carried out by pressing a certain combination of keys or clamping and holding some one. It all depends on the model and the manufacturer of the phone.

Make the following to unlock the touchscreen phone. Usually, even on such phones there are several buttons, but they are also blocked when the phone is generally blocked. To remove the keyboard lock, which actually serves the screen, you need to press or spend on its particular part.

If there is no instructions for the phone nearby, look at the screen - there must be any prompts, with which you will certainly understand how to unlock the keyboard. For example, an arrow can be depicted on the panel with the lock.

Spend your finger in the direction in which the arrow indicates - then the keyboard will be unlocked. On some phones, unlock requires the elimination of a more complex figure, which, by the way, you can choose yourself.

Display your touch phone with a blank line of a pre-installed form. This method of locking the touch screen is considered the most reliable. He protects from unwanted presses, and from unwanted invasions from another person.

Sometimes simple shaking crumbs from the keyboard can not do. If the buttons stuck fat dust from all sides, then it is easiest to rinse them with warm water, and for this you need to remove them first.

You will need

  • Keyboard, keyboard buttons layout, screwdriver, handle, pencil, tweezers

How to remove the screen lock android phone: disable or remove the password


Each keyboard button has two legs with protrusions that begin to small cylinders placed in the keyboard housing. There these legs get up in the standstiver. Remove with a knife, handle, tweezers or just a metal rod button in turn and pull them out. It will take a rather tangible effort to knock out each button from the nest.

Some long buttons are attached to the housing in several places, such as space, SHIFT, ENTER. In this case, they still have a special metal tube, which is included in the grooves. This tube provides the property of long buttons, in which the button will work, even if you push it from the edge, not in the middle.


The controllers responsible for which the character will be entered from the keyboard are located on the keyboard housing, and not on the buttons. Thus, if you break the order of the buttons when assembling the keyboard, then when you click on this or that button, the symbol will be entered for which the controller corresponds to, and not the character that is depicted on the button.

Useful advice

Buttons can be washed with a hop in warm soapy water. Then dried on a cloth and insert into the keyboard. It is impossible to water the keyboard housing itself, you can only wipe the plastic parts of it.

How to remove the screen lock android phone: disable or remove the password


  • Cleaning keypad
  • how to remove keyboard keys

On a personal computer sometimes you have to use only the mouse (for example, in games or some programs). In such cases, you can turn off the keyboard or simply block the keys. The key blocking process is very simple and does not take much time. Unlock the keyboard is also easy.

You will need

  • Initial spending skills in a personal computer.


To get started, press and hold the "Shift" button to the right for the eight seconds.

After pressing the "Parameters" button, you will appear the "Special Features" window, which presents three blocks: "sticking keys", "Input filtering" and "voice switching". To configure key sticking parameters, click the Settings button in the second block ("Shipping Key").

How to remove the screen lock android phone: disable or remove the password

In the "Filtering Mode" window, you can configure the basic parameters of the key sticking (for example, the mode of switching on the mode, the mode parameters, and the type of notification is on the inclusion of the sticking mode). After you have made all the desired settings, click the "OK" button located at the bottom of the window.

Useful advice

Disconnect the keyboard in the process of the computer is urgently not recommended.


  • how to enable buttons on the keyboard

Blocking the Samsung phones is used to prevent the operator in the network other than the source, as well as to protect the personal data of the owner in case of loss or mobile thege. In the first case, the code is requested when the other operator is turned on with a sim card, in the second case, when you try to access private information stored on cells.

How to remove the screen lock android phone: disable or remove the password


When blocking a phone under a specific operator, you must enter a code that allows you to use the SIM card "Alien" operator. The operator can provide this code, you only need to communicate the IMEI number of your doctor for verification. You can find out IMEI number of your phone, typing on the keyboard * # 06 #. Also, you can find it, running the back cover and removing the battery. Enter the received code, otherwise you will need to flash.

Password Reset with Android

If you are not particularly important, the safety of data on the smartphone is not important, you can simply reset to the factory settings. It is done differently for each phone model, so for loyalty, enter in the search for "Model_Smartphon Hard Reset" and specify how to do it.

  1. Turn off your smartphone and get a memory card from it.
  2. Try to clamp and hold the following buttons for about 10-15 seconds:
    1. Button Reduction Button Power Button;
    2. Button Increase Volume Power Button;
    3. Volume Reduction Button Power Button "Home" button;
    4. Button Reduce Computer Enlargement Button Power Button.
  3. If one of the combinations is suitable, a service menu appears on the screen. In it, using the volume buttons as the Up Down buttons, select Recovery. and then - command WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET .

    Hard Reset.

  4. Confirm reset.

Within a few minutes, the phone will be fully returned to the state in which you bought it. All your data and installed applications will be destroyed! However, so you exactly unlock Android if you forgot your password.

Disable password using:

  1. Account.
  2. Emergency call.
  3. Full reset.
  4. Flashing.

In principle, the tool kit is the same as for removing the PIN code.

How to install screen lock on android

First we describe in detail how to put protection on Android. To do this, you need to make such manipulations:

  1. First go to the "Settings", then drop to the "Personalization" menu.
  2. There will be subparagraph "Security". Go to it.
  3. In this menu, you can block the Android screen using special options. To do this, go to the menu, select "Lock Screen" and the method by which the operation will be carried out. This can be done using a slider, a firecloth (not every device), a graphical key, PIN code or password.
  4. One of the best ways is a graphical key or facecontrol. But the latter works correctly not always. To install a graphical key, you need to connect the lines of the point in any sequence and click "Continue". After switching to sleep mode, the screen will automatically become blocked.

In the future, it will be necessary to connect the points in the sequence in which they specified when activating the option.

In addition, there are also special utilities on Google Play, which allow you to block and unlock the Android display, but at the same time have a much broader spectrum of options than ordinary. Available both paid and free versions. One of the best utilities of this type is Pattern Lock Screen.

How to remove the screen lock android phone: disable or remove the password

To install the lock screen, you must perform all the same actions as when removing it (see above), but instead of "no" in the corresponding item, select the method of unlocking (for example, a graphical key), and then set protection.

What ways can you unlock the screen on andoid

Basic unlocking methods:

  1. Swap left or right after clicking on the unlock key;
  2. Password entry;
  3. Entering a graphic key.

Many modern smartphones have a dactyloscopic sensor. If it is present, the unlocking is also possible on the fingerprint. Some devices, in turn, can be unlocked as a result of scanning of the retina. In particular, such an opportunity is provided for in expensive SAMSUNG models.

Most often, people ask a question: how to remove the screen lock when they cannot delete it by performing the above steps. If this happens, then most likely due to the fact that certificates forbidding it are installed in the system.

To still remove the lock, you need to go to the Safety section, and choose "Clear credentials", and then confirm the appropriate intention. When it is completed, you can try to remove the lock indicated above.

In this case, you need to perform "cleaning credentials" (how to do it, see the item above). If the phone is corporate, then before performing the appropriate actions, you must consult with the company's IT specialist.

Someone may not like the appearance of standard Lockskrin, and some may not have enough capabilities. But, fortunately, you can put a third-party appropriate application on Android. There are many of them, just a few most popular:

  • Picturesque Lock Screen. (developed by Microsoft employees, has many widgets);
  • Loklok (Lokskrin-Messenger - With it, you can communicate with friends);
  • Corgi (Lockskrin for those who use the FEEDLY aggregator, and does not want to miss news);
  • Mixlocker (lock screen with a huge selection of topics);
  • Dodol Locker (just beautiful Lockscreen).

How to remove the screen lock android phone: disable or remove the password

It is better to use Lockskrin, and do not turn it off. This will avoid a number of trouble. And so that the unlock process can be useful and enjoyable, you can set the most interesting third-party lock screen.

Quite often, situations occur when there is a need to remove the password from the mobile phone. About how to do it right, we will tell in this article. In order not to forget the password to your mobile phone, you can not install it at all. Thus, your phone will turn on immediately without the need to enter any data.

After all, if you incorrectly enter a password, then your mobile device will be blocked and you will need to enter an additional package code that is often very problematic, and such problems have nothing to do with something. You can learn how to: Remove your password from a mobile phone What actions for this need to be executed; remove a graphic password from the phone; remove and turn off the keyboard lock. All these moments we will discuss in detail a little later.

How to remove password from the phone

1. To remove the password installed on your mobile phone, you will need to work a little with the phone settings, there you will find a special section "Disable PIN input". If you, on the contrary, want to install a password, it will be enough to enter a PIN0Code to confirm this action. If you have a need to remove a graphic password, then follow these steps - simultaneously press the phone and volume keys, so your machine will be running in safety mode.

After that, press the RESET button and OK - it is necessary to activate the specified settings. It is worth noting that with this method of removing the password, the latest messages and calls will be removed from the phone's memory. In cases where the phone is blocked, there is a need to change the software.

Download the new software must be excluded from official sites. To install, you will also need a USB cable. Note that before installing new software on the phone, you need to check the battery charge, to avoid disconnecting the apparatus during the firmware process. Help you remove blocking from a mobile phone can specialists from service centers, but this service is not free. When contacting the company, you will need to have documents to make sure your personality.

Remember that you can always remove the password from your phone, but still, it is better to protect yourself and establish such protection. We recommend unlocking the phone only in extreme cases, for example, when the elderly person is used by the mobile apparatus, which is not able to remember the password. To remove the lock, use our recommendations that we provided just above.

Stop panicing and read five instructions, how to unlock Android if you have forgotten the password or graphic key. Most likely, one of them will help you. Methods are described for smartphones, but everything is done for tablets in the same way.

Method 1. Use Google Account

This method is suitable to unlock the old smartphone, released until 2014 inclusive. If so, you most likely installed the Android version below 5.0. In this case, you can bypass the protection using your Google Account. Another condition - the phone should be able to connect to the Internet (for example, it automatically connects to your homepoint Wi-Fi).

  1. Make sure the smartphone is connected to the Internet.
  2. On the password entry screen or graphical key, enter any combination of characters / gestures.
  3. After the fifth attempt to enter an incorrect password on the smartphone screen, the inscription "Forgot your password?" or something similar.
  4. Click this inscription and in the displayed window, enter the login and password from the Google account to which your smartphone is attached.
    Unlock Android through Google Account
    Unlock Android through Google Account
  5. If you do not remember the password from Google account, go from another device (for example, from a computer) to the Google Account Recovery page.
  6. Try to restore the password from the account with one of the five ways offered (except for telephone). If you managed, enter the login and the new password on the smartphone.
  7. Android will be unlocked. After that, you can set a new password to lock the Android screen or select a different screen protection method.

If you have a newer device, read further.

Method 2 Use Smart Lock

This method, on the contrary, is suitable if you have a new smartphone - from 2015 and newer. In this case, most likely you have Android 5.0 and older. Starting with this version in Android, the Smart Lock feature is available, with which you can try to unlock Android if you forgot your password.

Smart Lock allows you to unlock the phone in three different ways:

  • Reliable devices - Unlocking without entering the password occurs if a familiar device is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Safe place - Unlocking without entering a password occurs if you are within the specified area - for example, at home.
  • Face Recognition - Unlocking without entering the password occurs if Android determines that it is you in this given it in your hands.
    Unlock Android with Smart Lock
    Unlock Android with Smart Lock
  1. Remember, did you set the Smart Lock when you installed a password or graphic key on your phone? What method of unlocking did you choose?
  2. If you have selected a reliable device, and on your phone is turned on Bluetooth, find the device, turn on Bluetooth on it and try to connect to your smartphone.
  3. If you have chosen a safe place, and on your phone enabled GPS, go to the specified location. Android is unlocked as soon as it defines the GPS that your location coincides with the specified.
  4. If you have chosen face recognition, your smartphone is unlocked if you see the camera your face and suits it with what is stored in his memory.

If you did not set up Smart Lock to unlock Android, if you forgot your password, read further.

3Use the smartphone search service

If you have a Samsung smartphone, then there is a website for you Find My Mobile. which allows you to find your and device and remotely control them, including removing blocking. You may have configured the Samsung account, and then unlock Android if you forgot the password, you can from a computer or laptop.

  1. Make sure your smartphone is connected to the Internet.
  2. Go to https://findmymobile.samsung.com/.
  3. Enter the account.
  4. Select your locked phone.
  5. In the upper right corner select Unlock .
    Unlock through the Samsung account
    Unlock through the Samsung account

If you have a smartphone other firm, or you did not set up the Samsung account, read further.

4Use Aroma File Manager

This method is suitable if there is a SD memory card on your phone and recovery mode (Recovery Mode) is supported. In order to unlock Android in this way, download the file manager to your computer. Aroma. According to one of the following links:

After that, you need to log in on your phone to recovery mode. This is done for each smartphone individually, and in order to find out how to do it on your, enter in the search " Model_SMartphon Recovery Mode. "And find out how to do it.


  1. Connect your Android smartphone using a USB to a computer.
  2. In most cases, the SD memory card must decide as a USB drive. Open it in Windows Explorer or any file manager and copy the Archive Aroma File Manager to the root.
  3. If the card is not determined, you can use the cadrieder. Now many SD memory cards are sold with it. In addition, you can ask for a small fee to reset the file on the map in most cellular salons.
  4. When the archive is on the map, log in to the smartphone to the recovery mode.
  5. Select Install Update From Zip File> Choose Zip From / Sdcard And specify the path before the archive with Aroma File Manager. The program will be installed and starts directly in recovery mode. How to unlock Android if you forgot your password?
  6. Go to the program settings and install item Automount All Devices on Start .
  7. Exit the recovery mode and log in again. Repeat the action from step 5.
  8. Now, using the program, go to the folder: Data Folder.  → System Folder. and find the file in it. gesture.key. or password.key. .
    Aroma File Manager.
    Aroma File Manager.
  9. Delete the found file and restart the device. Smartphone will be unlocked.

If all this seems to you too complicated, read further.

5Make Hard Reset (reset to factory settings)

If you are not particularly important, the safety of data on the smartphone is not important, you can simply reset to the factory settings. It is done differently for each phone model, so enter in search " Model_Smartphon Hard Reset. "And specify how to do it.

  1. Turn off your smartphone and get a memory card from it.
  2. Try to clamp and hold the following buttons for about 10-15 seconds:
    1. Volume Reduction Button + Power Button;
    2. Volume increasing button + power button;
    3. Volume Reduction Button + Power Button + Home button;
    4. Volume Reduction Button + Volume Enlarge Button + Power Button.
  3. If one of the combinations is suitable, a service menu appears on the screen. In it, using the volume buttons as the Up Down buttons, select Recovery. and then - command WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET .
    Hard Reset.
    Hard Reset.
  4. Confirm reset.

Within a few minutes, the phone will be fully returned to the state in which you bought it. All your data and installed applications will be destroyed! However, so you exactly unlock Android if you forgot your password.

When you turn on the phone will ask for a login and password from your Google account. Enter them. If you have a relatively new smartphone, then, most likely, he quietly from you performed synchronization with the Google account and Google Play. So remote applications can be returned back.

See also:

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How to reset the password on android

Surely, almost each of us happened at least once forget the password. And when this password from the account on social networks or some site, it is still halfwed, because you can always restore it using email or phone. But what come up with, if blocked, was the phone? This article will tell about all ways to reset the password on android without data loss.

But if you are lucky and your phone will suit the criteria, then you are shaped with this problem very quickly, because to unlock it will be enough to call the phone. All devices with the version of Android 2.2 and below are automatically removing the lock if the call is received, however, at a short period, and then it turns on again. Therefore, when you answer the call, you need to have time to go to "Settings" very quickly and in the "Security" section disable the lock.

Unlocking methods from developers

Now let's discuss the removal methods on the phone created by their developers. These techniques are completely simple and any user will cope with them, they only do for certain firms and models of phones.

If you are the owner of the phone of the company of the HTC, then you can always use a special utility called HTCSYNC to remove the lock. It serves to synchronize two devices, such as a laptop and phone and with its help you can also remove the password.

Here is the instruction how to reset the password on android without losing data through this program:

  1. Install HTCSYNC to your computer.
  2. Connect your smartphone to a PC via USB cable.
  3. ThroughTcSyNCCEnLockBypass.
  4. Then, restart the phone.
  5. Select "Remove Lock" if the problem did not disappear, try again.

The following method for Samsung owners. To take advantage of this instruction, your SamsungAcCount account must be activated on the phone.

If so, then do the following:

  1. Go to the samsung site.
  2. Enter the data, the same as the phone.
  3. Go to "Content and Services" section.
  4. Here, select "Find the device" and "Unlock the screen".

Also without attention, Huawei did not leave their phones.

If your phone is from this developer, then do the following:

  1. Install the utility called Hisuite Your PC.
  2. Next, connect the phone and computer through the cable.
  3. Run the program and go to the "Contacts" section.
  4. Next, select your e-mail.

Choose your e-mail

  1. Then the notification should come to you by clicking on it, you will fall into the parameters.
  2. Here, go to the Main Screen of the Settings and in the Safety section, turn off the protection.

How to reset the password on android with a discharged battery

The following method is very simple, however, to use it, you will have to wait until the battery is not discharged almost to zero. When this happens, you will receive a low charge notification. By clicking on it, you will find yourself the section of the "Energy Consumption" parameters. Here, you need to return to the main screen of the settings and through the Safety section turn off the lock.

Unlocking android using Google Account

If you have logged in to Google's account on your phone, you can use a couple of methods in order to access your smartphone.

1 way

If you repeatedly enter the wrong password, then sooner or later the phone can offer you to enter your Google account. It will be enough to simply enter your data from the account to enter the phone, ignoring protection. This is the best option how to reset the password without data loss.

How to reset the password without data loss

2 way

First of all, you need to draw your attention to the fact that this way unlocks your phone, however, will erase all your files stored in its memory. If it suits you, then you need to go to Google account using a computer. Here, select "Find Device". It doesn't matter if the system will find your phone or not, anyway, you will get to a new tab, where you can select the "Erase Data" option. Click on it and then to "Clean".

Both of these methods require connecting to the Internet network. If you have been active access to the network, then everything is fine. If not, then pay attention to the next section of the article.

How to reset the password on android if it is blocked

How to connect the phone to the network if it is blocked? The easiest way to connect to Wi-Fi is. To do this, restart the phone and during its inclusion when the notification string appears (the panel from above, where the levels of the signals are displayed, the battery charge, etc.), grab it and quickly drag down. After that, just connect to the network, how do it usually. The mobile Internet can be enabled in the same way.

How to Reset Password

How to reset the password without internet

When there is no Wi-Fi network nearby, then you can connect via the LAN-adapter. This is a special device, the ends of which are inserted into your phone and router. With this option, you do not need to restart and activate anything, wait, and the Internet will work.


To access the locked phone you can also reflash it. This method must reset the protection of your phone, leaving the basic files not touched. Unfortunately, in this article we cannot bring instructions how to do it, as it will be unique for each phone model.

How to reset the password on android through PC

The best way to reset the password through the computer is to use the command line. It works only if the "Debug on USB" option is enabled, unfortunately, if it is not included with you, it is impossible. Only if you yourself are confident about it.

  1. First of all it is worth connecting a smartphone to a PC. At this point, the message offering that the very debugging appears on many phones. If it appears, then set the mark next to the "USB debugging". If not. That's just follow further and go for good luck.

The best way to reset password

  1. Next, you need to enable the command line. You can enable it in the "Start" menu in the "Service" folder. Or clamp the Win + R keys, and then in the window that appears, enter CMD.

Enable the command line

  1. In the command prompt, you need to enter these commands with each other (numenterize each row):

ADB Shell. cd /data/data/com.android.providers.setting/databases. SQLITE3 settings.db. Update System Set Value = 0 Where Name = 'Lock_Pattern_autolock' Update System Set Value = 0 Where Name = 'Lockscreen.lockedOutperManently .quit.

  1. Then restart your device. And if you need to enter any password.

Delete system files

This method will suit devices, sroot-rights (which means enhanced access, allowing you to edit files from root folders). You can delete files responsible for blocking your smartphone.

  1. To do this, you will need a file manager that supports root rights (as an example Aroma). To use it, download it to your PC, and then throw it on the phone without removing from the archive (remember the transfer folder).
  2. Now you need to get intorecovery. Disable your phone and hold the button combination. For each phone model, it can be different, but here are a few basic: sound increase + switching on, slide sound + power up, increasing sound + switching on + home screen, slide sound + switching on + home screen.
  3. Next, you will get to CWMRecosery, here select "Installzip". Movement over the menu can be either touch or used using all the same keys.


  1. Now select "ChoosezipFrom / SDCard" and turn on the directory to which the manager has dropped before. You can also choose "Choose Zip From Last Install Folder" where you will see the files downloaded to the phone lately. Find and run the archive.

Choose Zip From Last Install Folder

  1. In the program, go along the path / data / system / and get rid of these files: gesture.key, password.key, locksettings.db, locksettings.db-wal, locksettings.db-shm.

Get rid of files

  1. Restart your phone and, if he asks, enter any password.

How to reset the password or how to reset the graphic key on Android (the official way is not hacking): video

This article tells about all ways to reset the password on android without losing data. We hope that she helped you get access to the phone without losing any important files. However, in conclusion it should be said that it is not necessary to give this situation to repeat. Immediately after you reset your smartphone password, take care that this situation never happened. There are many ways to do this, already specified accounts, parental protection applications, etc. Remember, "prevention is better than treatment."

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There are cases when users on their inaccurability block their phone, incorrectly entering your password on the phone or ocked with a graphical key pattern. At such moments, users arise the question: how to reset the password on android? This article will consider ways to bypassing the blocking of your Android device.

How to reset the password on android

  1. Resetting the factory settings is one of the global ways that affects all data in the device's memory (not counting the SD card). Its function is reflected in the title: Using a special key combination when you turn on the phone, you can switch to the reset system menu that deletes all files, settings and presets from your device. Almost for each Android model, the key combination is different, but in most ways it requires simultaneously pressing the volume keys and the HOME key, if any. Use this method only if you do not keep anything important in the phone's memory and will not lose anything with full reset.
  2. Updating firmware. In the second way, which will partially look like first, there will be a firmware update on your smartphone. It works on the principle that new system data is downloaded to your phone, while deleting old presets and settings. Personal data in the form of photos, music and other things in this method are not affected. Update can be made using a specialized program on a computer using a USB cable or by placing a file with a new firmware into the device, subsequently by selecting it from the special menu "Recovery".
  3. ADB and command line. If you are particularly interested in how to reset the password on android through a PC, you can use the command line of your computer. This is done only if there is an installed ADB program (Android Debug Bridge) on your smartphone. Download the archive with the Program distribution and place in any place on your device. To make a password reset in this way, you need to connect the device to your computer using a USB wire and among the preferential modes to select "USB debug mode".

Next, by unzipping, place all the necessary files of this utility to any folder of your smartphone. The program you need will be located along the SDK / Platform-Tools path. Run the command prompt on your computer by entering the CMD in the execution field, which is called by pressing the Win + R keys, and write the following in the Console window that opens:

If you need to reset not the graphical key, namely the password, then replace gesture.key on password.key, then you can reboot your Android device, and it will not require your password on the entrance.

4. Discharged battery. There are also more tricky ways to reset the password on android. They are in some kind of deception of the device and bypass the screen with the password input. One of these methods is a discharged battery. Here everything is quite simple: wait until your battery resources reach low charge, and while the device will not give you a warning about it. When a low charge alert appears on the screen, click on it and fall in the status menu of your battery. Press the back arrow to get into the previous directory, enter the security settings of your device and simply disable the password request.

Similar cunning with a deception of the device is an incoming or outgoing call on the smartphone. The essence of this method is that when canceling or completing a call, your desktop appears on the screen, where you can have time to click in any place. Using this, call your phone, reset and gradually pressing the desired screen locations, go to the menu with the security settings and safely disconnect the password request.

5. Google Account. The following way to disconnect the password on your Android smartphone will be tied to Google Account. How to use it right? Enter a couple times incorrectly your password from the device (usually it is five to six times), then at the bottom of the screen you will see the "Forgot the Graphic Wrench / Password?". Press and the system will offer you to enter a password with a login from your Google Account, after which the phone will be unlocked. This method can also help those who think about how to reset the password without losing data.

6. Service "Find Device". The following method is very unusual. You need to reappear to Google's services to save our phone from blocking. It is called "Finding a device" that does not only perform a function reflected in the title, but also allows you to complete a complete reset of the device. In order for them to take advantage of, you need to be connected to the Internet. After access appeared on your device, go through your computer to Google's service page by https://www.google.com/android/find and go through the authorization process. The location of your device will be displayed on the map and will correspond to the time when the smartphone last went to the network. Open the list of available options and select "Erase Data".

In the next window, re-click on "Erase Data" and then "Clear".

Similar services and programs are for most phone manufacturers like Sony or Samsung. You can enjoy both their services and contact Google services.

7. SMART LOCK function. One of the final discussed methods will be a wonderful thing called SmartLock, which appeared for the first time with the version of Android 5.0. Its essence is very simple: instead of various passwords, code phrases, graphic keys, etc., it can unlock your phone fingerprint, a picture of a person or voice recognition. Therefore, if you use SmartLock'a to point any additional block removal options on your device, try unlock your phone with their help. But be careful when using this technology: any negligence when tuning can lead to the presence of your personal data by intruders. In case you are not sure that this option is safe for you - it is better to refuse it right away.

8. Additional PIN on Samsung. The last considered method is suitable for Samsung smartphones users, as it is a rather reliable and secure way to unlock. The fact is that when you want to put protection to the phone with a graphical key, you will need to enter an additional PIN.

This is done to ensure that the user who forgot the set pattern could enter an additional combination of the numbers that it indicated to unlock its device. The picture below shows how to call a menu with the introduction of an additional code and again get control of your device.

As you can see the function you need is in the lower right corner of the screen and appears only after five unsuccessful unlock attempts.

How to delete graphic key on android: video


Now you know almost all the main ways to reset the password on android, and what programs or tricks can be used for these fraud. Choose a simpler and convenient way for yourself to no longer experience difficulties with a smartphone lock.

Many people, wanting to protect the android device from unauthorized penetration, put a PIN code or a special key (holographic). All would be good if you do not forget them. And what to do, when the precious formula is lost? Fortunately there are several ways to circumvent protection.

Effective ways to remove pin-code or graphic key

The best ways to reset the password on Android, even if you forgot it

Enter data from your Google Account

If your device is connected to Wi-Fi or there is access to mobile traffic on some smartphones and tablets, you can return your access to the machine. To do this, write an incorrect password five times and wait 30 seconds, after which you will see the inscription "Graphic Key / Password Lost", click on it and enter data, access will be restored. The function is not available on all devices, starting with the 5 version of Android. On Samsung smartphones when installing a graphical key, you will be offered to enter an additional PIN code, in this case the access can be returned with it.

Remove the key or password you can and via ADB

This method will only work with USB activated debugging. It can be activated in the developer settings, to open which you need to click, in the device column, to the assembly number, to the message about their opening, before colliding with a forgotten key. Instructions for removing via ADB can be found on the Internet.

Reset smartphone settings to factory

The best ways to reset the password on Android, even if you forgot it

This method will be 100% workers, but all data will be lost if synchronization has not been enabled. This method can be accomplished through the Recovery menu:

  • Disconnect the device
  • Enter the Recovery menu for this you need to clamp a specific combination, most often used: the volume is to upload + the button on + the "Home" button or the power button + the volume is lifted + lift the volume. You can find out the combination for your device on the Internet
  • Find the "Wipe Data / Factory Reset" item and select it, the corresponding volume buttons are used to switch up down, to select the power button.
  • Find the item "Yes - Delete All User Data" and select it. At this stage, all your data will be deleted
  • To enable the device with the settings, how it was from the factory, select "Reboot System Now"

You can try to reset the system and in another way. In the "Emergency Call" type the following codes:

  • * 2767 * 3855 #
  • *#*# 7780 # *#*
  • *#*# 7378423 # 7378423 *#*

Perhaps one of them will help you, it all depends on the manufacturer, the option is not excluded where they all will be useless.

You can still reset through the Google service "Find My Device".

Methods provided by the manufacturer

Manufacturers know about such a protection problem when you forget it, and sometimes provide for solutions. For example, if Samsung can use the Find My Mobile brand service. With it, you can delete PIN code, password, graphic key or fingerprint. Before you use the full deletion of data, it is worth looking for such functions from your manufacturer, you can do it on the official website.

These are all the basic methods of removing the means of protection, despite the fact that some of them are painless, often have to resort to removal of data, so it is still good to remember the code, and even better write somewhere, at home for example.

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If you have forgotten the set password or graphic key on Android, it is not a reason to panic. Access to the smartphone can be restored, and there are several ways to remove the blocking. In the updated instructions, it is described in detail about each of them.

Pattern Lock.

How to reset the password or blocking in Android

(!) The article contains basic ways to reset the password / graphics key, ranging from the simplest (when you remember the username and password of the Google account) and ending with more complex: hard reset, deleting the "gesture.key" and "password.key" files. Carefully read all items, go to the specified links to detailed instructions, and everything will turn out!

Method 1. Enter Google Account Data

Working method for devices on Android 4.4 and below. Starting with Android 5.0, this option was removed from many firmware. But not all manufacturers did not do that, so check if you work or not.

When the phone or tablet is connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi to remove the lock, just specify an e-mail and password. To do this, 5-10 times incorrectly enter the graphical key, after which a warning to block the device for 30 seconds will float.

The "Forgot Graphic Key" button appears on the screen, by clicking on which you can enter your data and unlock the machine.

Unlock Android

If you forgot the password from the account, you will have to restore it - go to this page from the operating gadget or PC.

Please note that this method requires compulsory Internet access. Therefore, open the quick settings panel by making the swipe down ("Blind" can be opened directly from the lock screen on Android 5.0 Lollipop and newer) and turn on mobile data or Wi-Fi. The device will connect to the access point if it worked in this network earlier.

WiFi Notication Panel Android

2. Resetting a graphical password using ADB

Graphic key can be deleted using ADB. You need to connect the device via USB to a computer and enter the desired commands. All details in the instructions →


The method will only work when the debug is enabled on USB.

Province 3. Reset to factory settings

The next way is simpler than the previous one, but using it, all data from internal memory will be deleted, such as installed applications attached accounts, SMS, etc. Photos, audio and other files on SD will be untouched. Full instructions you will find in the article: How to reset the Android settings (Hard Reset).

Android Hard Reset.

During the next activation of the device, restore data from the backup - works if it was previously synchronized.

Method 4. flash smartphone or tablet

I stitches the Android phone or tablet, you will remove lock or password. On our site there is a detailed instruction on the firmware of Android devices of various manufacturers, separately samsung using ODIN and LG via KDZ Updater.

Method 5. Deleting gesture.key (unlock graphic pattern) and password.key (Password Reset)

The method is intended for owners of phones and tablets with with root-rights and CWM Recovery. Its action is that the system files "gesture.key" and "password.key" are deleted responsible for outputting graphical locking and password, respectively.

This requires Aroma File Manager. Download the archive on the link and throw off the phone or the tablet without unpacking. Then turn off the machine and go to the Recovery menu. To do this, instead of the power button, clamp and hold one of the possible combinations (or read the FAQ for specific models):

  • Volume Up + "On"
  • Volume down + "incl
  • Volume Up / Down + Food + Home

Using the zoom buttons, the volume decreases is moving up and down, respectively, and confirmation of the selection - the on / lock button. In the new recovery smartphones can be sensory.


1. From the CWM Recovery menu, select "Install Zip".

Recovery Android

2. Click "Choose Zip From / SDCard" and go to the folder where Aroma threw off or use the "Choose Zip from Last Install Folder". In the second case, you will see all the last downloaded archives, among which you will find the right one.

Install Zip CWM Recovery

3. Select archive with Aroma Explorer.

CWM Recovery.

4. The File Manager itself opens further. Go along the way / DATA / SYSTEM / And delete files:

  • "Gesture.key" ("gatekeeper.pattern.key" in new firmware)
  • "Password.key" (or "gatekeeper.password.key" instead of it)
  • "Locksettings.db"
  • "Locksettings.db-Wal"
  • "Locksettings.db-shm"

Highlight them and in the optional menu, click "Delete".

Aroma File Manager.

At the end, restart the device. You can enter any password and the phone is unlocked. Further safely go to the settings and exhibit a new blocking.

6. How to remove graphic blocking via TWRP Recovery

The TWRP Recovery has a file manager - the file manager is deleted through it, which will display a password or a graphical key, without installing Aroma File Manager. To do this, translate your mobile gadget to recovery mode (see Previous Method) and open "Advanced".


Then click "File Manager".

Advanced Settings in TWRP Recoevry

Go to the folder / DATA / SYSTEM / And delete the following files:

  • "Gatekeeper.password.key" (in the old versions of the Android file is called "password.key")
  • "GateKeeper.pattern.key" (in old firmware - "gesture.key")
  • "Locksettings.db"
  • "Locksettings.db-Wal"
  • "Locksettings.db-shm"


Tap one of the files and in the list that appears, select "Delete".


To confirm, make the swipe right.

Swipe to Confirm.

Next, click "Back" and perform similar steps with the remaining files.

File Operation Complete.

To restart Android, return to the main menu and select "Reboot" → "System".

7. Clean the internal memory using FastBoot

On all phones and tablets running Android (except samsung) there is a firmware mode - FastBoot. Restarting a mobile device into it, the device can be controlled from the computer using the utility of the same name. The installation of FastBoot and USB drivers is written in a separate instruction. You still need to unlock the bootloader on Sony smartphones, Huawei, LG, HTC, Pixel, Nexus, Motorola and some other models.

(!) Unlocking the bootloader is also done via FastBoot and the process is erased from internal memory. In the future, it will be enough to perform the steps described below to clean the smartphone.

To restart the device to FastBoot mode, hold the loudness button during inclusion.

how to go to fastboot

In addition, you can translate Android to the firmware mode by an ADB command if USB debug is activated. Learn detail the FAQ on the FastBoot and ADB website, run the command prompt (or PowerShell in Windows 10) on behalf of the administrator from the Platform-Tools folder, enter the command and click "Enter":

AdB Reboot Bootloader.

In PowerShell, you must add ahead:


AdB Reboot Bootloader.

When bootloader is loaded on the machine, use one of the following FastBoot commands. The internal memory clears, thereby unlocking the device:

FastBoot Erase UserData.


FastBoot -w.

FastBoot -w.

To translate the gadget from the bootloader in Android, enter:

FastBoot Reboot

FastBoot command execution

8. Unlock the graphic key on Chinese phones with MTK processors

Meizu, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Fly, Elephone, BlackView, Zte, Bluboo, Dogee, Oukitel, UMI, and other Chinese manufacturers working on MTK chips are flashing the Sp Flash Tool utility. Using it, a custom recovery is easily installed, without cleaning the remaining partitions, and already via TWRP or CWM you can delete the "password.key" files (or "gatekeeper.password.key" in new versions of Android), "gesture.key" ("GateKeeper .pattern.key ")," Locksettings.db "," locksettings.db-wal "and" locksetting.db-shm ".


For some Chinese smartphones with a locked loader running on Android 7.0 Nougat and above, this method will not suit. They need to activate the "Factory Unlock" item ("OEM Unlock"). This is done through the "Settings" menu → "For developers", where it is impossible to get on the locked phone.


Load the current version of the program from the official website: http://spflashtool.com/, link to USB drivers for MTK chips is in the FastBoot installation instructions. Download the recovery and "... scatter.txt" image file for your processor - they can be found in the topics of the relevant models on forums as 4PDA, XDA-Developers, Needrom. Place files into one folder so that the path does not contain Cyrillic characters. Image Rename to "Recovery" with the extension ".img".

Recovery.img and Scatter File

Unzip SP Flash Tools to the "C: \" disk. Open the folder and run "Flash_Tool.exe" on behalf of the administrator.

SP Flash Tool on Windows

Click on "Scatter-Loading", go to the folder where is "recovery.img" and select Scatter file.

Smart Phone Flash Tool

Open Scatter File.

Only the section "Recovery" will be marked. At the top click "Download".

Scatter File Downloaded

Now turn off the smartphone, get the battery (if possible) for a few seconds, insert back and plug off the machine to the PC via USB.

The red band "Download DA 100%" appears.

Download DA 100%

Next, yellow, which will show how much percent is completed the firmware process.

Download Flash.

At the end, the Windload OK window will appear, which means a successful Recovery installation.

Download OK.

Then you need to immediately run the recovery so that the still overwritten the custom when you first turn on. Usually on Chinese phones it is necessary to hold the inclusion keys and increase the volume until a special menu appears. With the VOLUME "UP" button, move to the "Recovery" point and confirm with the VOLUME "DOWN".

Recovery on China Devices

Now go to instructions 5 or 6 (depending on the installed recovery: CWM or TWRP) and delete a forgotten password.

Method 9. Use the "Find Device" service

Google has created a "Find Device" service, in which there is a Hard Reset function. Accordingly reset blocking.

1. If the device is not connected to the Internet, expand the quick settings panel and connect to the mobile or Wi-Fi network (open or the one to which connected earlier).

2. From the computer or other machine to go to https://www.google.com/android/find and log in.

Google in Google Account

3. The service will determine the location of the phone and when he was last online. In the list of options, select "Clear Device".

Google Find My Device

4. Tap "Clear Device" again.

Erase Data through Google Service Find Device

5. To confirm deletion, click on the "Clear" button.

permanently delete data from the device

When the Offline device, Wipe will be done when the Internet is first connected.

10. How to remove the graphic key on samsung phones using "Find My Mobile"

The owners of smartphones of the most popular brand have the ability to unlock the device if the Internet is on and added an SAMSUNG account. You need to go through https://findmymobile.samsung.com/, click "Log in" and enter your Login and Password.


Find My Mobile Samsung Authorization

After detecting your tablet, Samsung phone, on the side of the options click "Unlock", then "unlock" again in the pop-up window, and re-enter the password.

Unlock feature in Samsung Find My Mobile

Confirm Phone Unlocking.

Check personality

Ready - In the Android curtain there will be a notification of the key to remove the key or pin from the screen.

11. Additional PIN on Samsung

On Samsung phones running Android 5.0 and below, setting the drawing, you need to install an additional PIN. And if you forget the graphical key, and the PIN code remember, you can enter it and unlock your smartphone.

install samsung graphic key

Draw any incorrect pattern before the message appears, you can repeat the attempt only after 30 seconds.

Smart Lock.

Then wait half the minute and click on the "Additional PIN" button in the lower right corner. Enter PIN and click OK.

введите дополнительный pin-код

Lock on the phone will be completely removed.

12. How to reset the graphic key on SAMSUNG smartphones using ODIN

For Samsung phones and tablets, working under the management of Android below the 7th version, there is a simple removal method. First, TWRP or CWM Recovery is stitched using the ODIN program, and password is deleted through the custom recovery.

(!) On Samsung devices with Android 7.0 and newer, to install custom Recovery, you will need to activate the "OEM Unlocking" function, which is in the "Settings". Go there will not be released from the locked screen.

заводская разблокировка

Install the drivers and download the CWM or TWRP image file in the .tar format for your model - it can be found in the appropriate tops on the sites of Needrom, XDA-developers, Sammobile, 4pda, twrp.me.

twrp.me download recovery for samsung

twrp for i9500

download twrp

Load Odin from the official site.

odin website

download odin 3.10.6

Unpack the archive with ODIN and run the program.

odin v3.10

Turn the smartphone to the firmware mode (it is bootloader, download mode). To do this, clamp and hold 3 keys on the disabled device:

  • "On" + lowering volume + "Home" button ("Home")

samsung galaxy get downloading mode

When you get into such a menu, press the volume key to continue.

warning downloading mode

Android and the inscription "Downloading" will appear on the screen - it means that you translated Samsung into the firmware mode.

downloading mode android

Connect the phone to the computer via USB and wait for the drivers. In the first cell "ID: COM", a connected port will appear, and the message "Added" will appear in the logs.

odin added smartphone

Now click the "AP" button ("PDA" in old versions of ODIN) and select the Recovery file.

odin press ap button

odin choose twrp file

If in front of the "AP" is a tick, and the path to the file is registered next to the field, you can proceed.

To start the firmware, click "Start".

odin start flashing twtp

As the weight of the recovery file is small, the process will take a couple of seconds. The "All Threads Completed" message appears in the logs. (Succeed 1 / Failed 0) ", and in the upper left cell -" Pass! ". This means that the firmware of custom Recovery has passed successfully.

odin all threads completed

Now turn off the phone and hold one of the key combinations to get into Recovery:

  • "Home" + Volume Increase + Enable
  • "Home" + "incl" (on old Samsung)
  • Increase volume + inclusion (on old tablets)

самсунг зайти в рекавери

Depending on the installed recovery: CWM or TWRP, go to items 5 or 6 of this article and delete files:

  • "Password.key" ("gatekeeper.password.key")
  • "Gesture.key" ("GateKeeper.pattern.key")
  • "Locksettings.db"
  • "Locksettings.db-Wal"
  • "Locksettings.db-shm"

13. How to remove unlock key on Huawei and Honor: Backup PIN

At Huawei and Honor, in addition to the graphics key, a backup PIN code is used. Therefore, to unlock the device, you need to launch the pattern 5 times incorrectly, and the message will display: "Repeat an attempt after 1 minute." Wait 60 seconds while the "Backup PIN" button in the lower right corner will be active. Click on it, enter the PIN and unlock key instantly reset.

14. Backup PIN code on LG

By installing the locking screen on the LG, you need to set a backup PIN code that you can enter instead of a graphical key or password, and unlock the phone.

выбор ключа на смартфоне lg

резервный pin код lg

To do this, draw an incorrect graphic pattern before the input blocking message appears for 30 seconds. Click OK, below Select "Forgot the Graphic Key?", Enter the PIN and click OK.

ввод резервного графического ключа lg

15. SMART LOCK function

Starting with Android 5.0, the system has a Smart Lock function, which allows you to disable the screen lock in certain situations. For example, when the device is located at home or connected to a reliable device via Bluetooth. Depending on the device manufacturer, as well as Android versions, there are different unlock options using Smart Lock, such as voice defamation, individual recognition.

smart lock

Of course, Smart Lock is a convenient feature that simplifies the use of a mobile device. But thanks to it, the attackers can access personal information stored in the smartphone. For example, if you specify the office as a safe place and leave the phone in the workplace, anyone can unlock it. Therefore, competently configure Smart Lock, and it is better to think several times before turning on this function.

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Recently changed the graphic key and forgot it, or gave us to use a smartphone to a child, and he accidentally blocked the device? Both situations are unpleasant, but not critical: After reading this instruction, you can unlock the phone, and in many cases it will be possible to save files, photos, downloaded music and video.

Button "Forgot your password?"

The first method is suitable for old devices running on Android 4.4 and below. Enter any incorrect password or graphic pattern until the message pops up on the screen: "Repeat after 30 seconds." Also in the corner will the "Forgot password?" Button appears. Click on it, specify the Gmail email address (which is tied to the device) and the password from it. After that, the phone is unlocked.

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This feature rarely meet in firmware based on Android 5.0 and newer. But some manufacturers still add it to the system, so try - perhaps it is your case.

If you do not remember the password from the Google account, go to the link and follow the account recovery procedure.

Reset Settings via Recovery

The second method is to reset the settings from the Recovery menu. Recovery is a recovery mode, a kind of BIOS for Android-smartphones and tablets. Using it, you can reset the phone settings to the factory, install a new official firmware, clean the cache, make backup and restore the data.

After resetting the settings, the internal memory of the smartphone will be cleaned: installed applications, added accounts, photos will be removed (if they are stored in the device's memory, and not on SD). At the same time, the files loaded on the memory card will not be erased. That is, the phone will become the same "clean" as he was after purchase. So, the set password (or graphic key) will also be reset.

To go into the recovery, turn off the device, and then press and hold the specific combination of buttons until the screensaver appears. Depending on the device manufacturer, the keyboard shortcuts for the entry in Recovery differ.

Chinese phones with MTK chips
  1. Hold the volume key and power button.

  2. When the SELECT BOOT MODE menu appears, you move the arrow to the "Recovery Mode" arrow and select it by clicking on the Volume Reduction button.

Huawei and Honor

On Huawei and Honor smartphones, 2 key combinations can be used to enter the RECOVERY menu, try:


On new Samsung phones, press and hold 3 buttons: BIXBY, meals and volume "+" or home, power and volume "+". On old smartphones, a combination of home and inclusion keys is used. On old tablets - inclusion and increase volume.

Google Pixel and Nexus

On Nexus and Pixel smartphones, you will first have to translate the device to FastBoot mode, and already from the FastBoot menu - to recovery mode. To do this, on the disabled smartphone at the same time hold the power button and the down volume key.

Using the volume buttons, set the arrow to "Recocery Mode" and press the power button to confirm the selection.

  1. Keep the "ON" buttons and the volume "-".

  2. When the Log Log appears, release the buttons and immediately hold down.

  3. Keep before downloading Recovery.


Press and hold the volume key and the power button.

When the menu appears, click on the penultimate item on the right. Language will change in English.

Now, in order to translate the device to recovery mode, in the menu, select "Recovery".


Phones Meizu are deprived of "Classic Recovery". Here there are only two items in the menu: "System Upgrade" (Upgrade is installed through it) and "Clear Data" (Clearing Memory).

To enter this menu, clamp the power button and increasing the volume.


On Lenovo smartphones, simultaneously press and hold 3 buttons: "On" and both volume control keys.

Lying robot at the entrance to recovery

If, instead of the Recovery menu, a lying android appears on the screen and the "No Command" command) appears, click on the Volume Enhancement key and the power button. After that, the recovery will boot.

Management in Recovery is carried out using hardware keys. To move on items, use the Volume buttons: Move Up is the volume "plus", and down, respectively, is the volume "minus". The choice is made by the power button.

In the recovery menu, select the item responsible for resetting the settings - "WIPE DATA / Factory Reset".

Further to confirm the delete data, select "Yes - Delete All User Data".

After completing the cleaning process, in the main menu Recovery, click on the first item "Reboot System Now" to restart the device.

Android boot will begin, which will last longer than usual, as it happens after the first launch of the smartphone. Data from internal memory will be deleted, and the files from the SD card will remain.

Unlocking a graphical key using ADB

The following decision is borrowed from the topic on the 4pda forum. Using this method, it will be possible to unlock the graphical key without deleting the data from the phone. But for its implementation, USB debug must be enabled, and the ADB utility will need. The method is suitable for devices running on old Android versions up to 5.0. In the new firmware, the vulnerability used is fixed.

If USB debugging is activated on the device, or the Android version is 5.0 and higher, this solution is not for you, go to the next. And if the debug is enabled, and the firmware is suitable, download the archive with ADB, the Java installer and download the USB drivers from the manufacturer's website. Remove the contents of the archive to the root of the "C:" disk, install Java and drivers, then open the "Platform-Tools" folder and by pressing the SHIFT key, right-click on the empty area. In the list of options, select "Open commands window" ("Open the PowerShell window" in Windows 10).

Copy and insert one row. To execute the command, press ENTER each time (in PowerShell before ADB. Add ./ or \ ):

ADB Shell.

cd /data/data/com.android.providers.setting/databases.

SQLITE3 settings.db.

Update System Set Value = 0 Where Name = 'Lock_Pattern_autolock';

Update System Set Value = 0 Where Name = 'Lockscreen.lockedoutperManently';


Now restart your smartphone and check whether the graphic key remains. If so, try entering any pattern. If you did not work, do this command:

adb shell rm /data/system /gesture.key

Still try:

adb shell rm /data/data/com.android.providers.setting/databases/settings.db

At the end restart the device.

Reset password or graphic pattern via TWRP

The penultimate method is found on the 4IDroid website. As the author writes, you can delete the password with it, and the graphical key, and the data on the phone will remain intact. The essence is that TWRP is installed on the device (Custom Recovery), and then through the built-in file manager, the files responsible for blocking the screen are removed.

Of course, the solution is not suitable for all smartphones, because on most devices, to install TWRP, you must first unlock the bootloader, and this procedure will move the data from the internal memory. In addition, on Android 7.0 and above, you will first need to enable the "Factory Unlock" option ("OEM Unlock"), which is located in the settings in the "For Developers" section.

Install TWRP when there is no access to the device settings, will be able to:

  • Chinese smartphones with MediaTek processors - they are flashing through the Sp Flash Tool utility.

  • Samsung devices that "sew" through the ODIN program.

  • Other phones with unlocked loader, which are flashing using the FastBoot utility.

For the Recovery firmware on devices running Android 7.0 and above, you will also have to activate the "Factory Unlock" function, but it will not be possible to get into the settings on the locked phone. Therefore, if you use the Samsung smartphone running on Android 7.0 and the newer, or the device with the MTK chip on the same version of Android, this method will not suit you either.

After installing TWRP, go to it and in the main menu, select the Advanced section.

In the "Advanced" menu, click the "File Manager" button.

Using the file manager, go to the "DATA / SYSTEM" directory and delete such files (not all may be present):

To delete a file, click on it, click "Delete" and make a swipe to confirm.

Then select "Reboot System" and click "Do Not Install" if you do not want to install the official TWRP application.

Deleting data through the service "Find Device"

Google created the "Find Device" service, through which you can remotely control the phone in the case of its loss or theft. One of the available features is resetting the settings. To perform it, the Internet should work on the device.

Open the page in the browser on your computer or on another smartphone, log in, after which the search for devices attached to the account will be performed.

Double-click "Clear Device" and confirm deletion by selecting "Clear".

If the smartphone is connected to the network, the settings will immediately be reset. If the Internet does not work, the reset will occur after connecting to the network.

The author is grateful to Hirura Carpentom for help in writing this article.

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