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How to repaint hair from dark into light: Step-by-step instructions, tips, how to achieve the desired shade

Many women are concerned about how to repaint hair from the dark into bright. Unfortunately, not any girl can afford to turn to a professional hairdresser, so you have to look for home reincarnation options. How to change the image to get a beautiful result, but the structure of the hair did not suffer? We offer recommendations of professionals.

Important information

How to repaint hair from dark into light? Not so difficult, rather, laborious. Before the cardinal change of his image, you need to think well and weigh everything. Remember, if it even works a professional who knows his work perfectly, the hair will not suffer anyway. If you ourselves take a color change, the result may be deplorable.

When the hair loses melanin (will be from dark blond), they will need to carefully care for them, that is, spend considerable money and time.

Also learn that you should not wait for instant reincarnation. In order not to harm the hair, the clarification procedure will have to be carried out several times.

If you have accepted a solid solution to change your appearance, be patient.


How to repaint hair from dark into light? The easiest way is discoloration. To get out of a dark color, you need to mix the substances Blonderan (produced by many manufacturers, so the names can vary) and the oxygen. What is the complexity for the unprofessional? If everything is simple with lightening powder, then problems occur when the oxygen is selected. It happens different percent, each of which is intended for certain procedures or hair type.

how to repaint in bright out of the dark

If the percentage is incorrect, then the result is not a beautiful hair color, but a straw maiden, non-treatable. Observe the correct proportions can only professionals.

Bleaching hair needs gradually. In the intervals they need to be intense and treated. If everything is done correctly, in half a year you can go to the eleventh level of the tone.

When there is not enough knowledge, it is better to consult a specialist. It takes a little time, and the curls will be saved.

Dangerous method

Some women are still wondering how to repaint hair from the dark into bright with a peroxide. It is categorically prohibited to do this, because with the help of this chemical product, hair can be very damaging. It will be impossible to restore their structure. You will have to just trim them. Remember, the peroxide brought the hair when there were no other means in the country. With the modern choice of dyes and clarifying compositions, it makes no sense.


How to repaint in bright out of the dark? Change the hair color can be quickly quickly, making a rise. Perhaps it is the most gentle procedure, because only part of the hair is discolored. Of course, a burning brunette will not become a golden blonde at a time, but the hair will remain in relative order.

Hair color from dark into light

If you make a felting on black hair, then you need to be ready for a reddish result. This is especially true of repeatedly colored with household dyes. Rye can be toned or emphasized. With each next procedure, the hair will become lighter.

Melting is best done in the cabin, but if it does not have time or money, you can do on your own. You will need gloves, clarifying composition, riding cap, brush, foil strips, corresponding to hair length, cape on shoulders, dishes for clarifying composition. In addition to timing hats, you can use a special comb, but for this you need a snarling.

To increase the amount of light hair, you need to increase the number of discolored strands during each number of the procedure. Therefore, you can evil all the hair in a short period of time.

Remember, you can not felute the hair more often than once every two months. If you want to save beautiful curls and change their color carefully, it is worth the patience.


Many women are wondering how to repaint in bright out of the dark only with paint. Theoretically, this is possible. For this we will have to paint the hair on the tone lighter. If you do this once a month, it will also be necessary for reincarnation for six months. This method is good because there is no need for a lot of skills or skills, in contrast to the method, how to repaint into light from the dark with the help of the clarifying composition.

Paint can be taken as ammonia and non-ammmonic. It is important to comply with the percentage of the oxidant. It should be no higher than three, because it has the most gentle action.

Wash color

To change the hair color from the dark into light, it is enough to make a wash. With the help of a special composition, which can be acidic or softless, a pigment is removed from the hair cloth. After cleaning, you can not leave hair without processing - they must be toned. In addition, it may be necessary not one procedure. In the intervals between hair influences, it is necessary to intensively care.

how to repaint hair from dark into light without cleaning

Washing does not change the color of the hair from the dark into bright at a time, but will significantly increase the tone level. For one application, you can change the color to four shades.

Unfortunately, many ladies, washout is not a magic wand. It acts only on chemical dyes. That is, the hair painted by bass, henna or other dyes of plant origin, will not change its color.

The composition for flushing color is usually sold ready. It will only be allowed to mix, apply on the hair and withstand, according to the instructions. But here there are your pitfalls. With apparent simplicity, it may not be possible to wash the color evenly or it will return (this also happens).

Remember, dyeing hair from the dark into bright less harms hair than the wrong use of the washing composition. If you do not want to go to the salon, it will be better to pay your attention to the folk recipes for color change.

By selecting recipes that use usual products, you will definitely do not harm curls.

Folk Methods of Color Washing

The most popular is to wash on the basis of chamomile. One hundred and fifty grams of dried colors are poured with a glass of boiling water and insist at least two hours. Next, the infusion is passed through the sieve and the glycerin (sixty grams) is added to it. The mixture is applied to the hair, bite them with a towel. It is necessary to keep the composition at least two hours. When the time expires, the remedy should be washed with warm water.

Dark hair coloring in bright

Hair dyeing from the dark into bright can be made after kefir wash. For its preparation, a tablespoon of any vegetable oil with a liter of kefir is mixed. You need to add a tablespoon of salt to the mixture, stir well. Kefir mass is applied to the hair. After that they are wrapped with a towel and wait no less than an hour. After that, the towel is removed, and the head washed with shampoo. Making a kefir wash can be done no more than two times a day. For the maximum effect, the mixture is necessary for several months in a row.

How to repaint hair from dark into bright without harm to them? You can make a soda wash. For her cooking you need to stir ten tablespoons of food soda in a glass of warm water. Cashitz apply on the hair and wait at least an hour. Such a wash is removed from the hair with ordinary water.

Cute ladies are interested in how to repaint hair from the dark into bright without washing at home. Most likely, people pose an industrial washing composition that heavily harms hair. It is especially dangerous to apply industrial means to those who have very thin and weak hair. An excellent alternative in this case will be a lemon tool. Two chicken eggs should be mixed with fat kefir (one hundred grams). We need to add a teaspoon of shampoo, two tablespoons of lemon juice, and four tablespoons of vodka. All mix until homogeneous mass and apply on the hair. Shooter to ship towel, leave for the night. The outflow mass is washed off with warm water. Do it need seven days in a row. Only then will appear the result.

Is it possible to repaint dark hair into bright? Maybe. To facilitate this task, you can make a clay wash. For this you will need two hundred grams of kefir and forty grams of pink clay. If you have dry hair, then clay should be replaced by the same amount of yeast. The mixture is applied for twenty minutes, and then wash off with water, then shampoo. Clay washing should be done daily for seven days.

It must be remembered that the folk methods of hair clarification have a cumulative effect. To appear the result, they must be applied regularly. For one and a half months of such washes, hair will be strengthened, and the color is gradually becoming lighter.

Correction of length

How to repaint hair from dark into bright without washing? Relieve your natural color, and then conduct experiments with staining. This is the longest option, but it is worth it. Its benefit is that during the growing damaged hair is cut off, and healthy grow. It looks like the transition of colors, of course, not the best way, but the hair is not damaged. After a few months (time depends on the length) it will be possible to try to make bright staining.

how to repaint hair from dark into light without washing at home

Hair growth can be accelerated if applying masks irritating hair bulbs. These include products based on red pepper, mustard, burdensome oil, nicotinic acid. It is not necessary to make them yourself. In stores now you can find many funds affecting hair growth. These are masks, balms, special vitamins, active additives.

Original staining

If you have a natural dark shade, the question of whether it is possible to repaint dark hair into bright, there is an affirmative answer. No need to discolor all hair. It is enough to make interesting staining. It will turn you into a blonde, but the hair is not very affected.

Since already several seasons in fashion, naturalness, the hairdressers did not remain aside. The most fashionable solution is ombre. It is also called the effect of burnt hair. In addition to the beautiful view, the unconditional plus of staining is that it is not necessary to visit the salon monthly to maintain it. In addition, there is no need to spoil everything the cloth, since only tips are discolored.

Alone to repaint the dark color of the hair into the light, using the Ombre technique, it will not work, because the clarifier composition is necessary to stretch in the hair smoothly, and it is impossible to make one. In addition, for a beautiful color transition and matching tones, staining should be tinted.

Care after staining

To understand how to repaint blond hair into the dark, you do not need much knowledge. It is enough to use paint for a couple of tones darker. And for reverse staining the theory will be useful. It is important to know how to care for the painted chapel.

how to repaint hair from dark into light without harm to hair

After changing the image, you need to choose the right care. Remember, ninety-six percent of shampoos have in the composition of substances that are destructively acting on our body. Most of them relate to sulphates. Because of their exposure, hair is beginning to break, fade, their structure is destroyed and elasticity is lost. In addition, sulfates are delayed in many internal organs (heart, liver, lungs), and accumulating, cause oncology.

To avoid all the consequences, it is better to use shampoos that do not contain sulfates. To do this, when buying a tool carefully study the labels. In addition to the components, it is important to pay attention to the expiration date.

As for balms and masks, it is better to give preference to the means that are created specifically for blondes.

Hairdressers and stylists often offer to use professional hair cosmetics. It is good that there will definitely not be any substances that negatively affect the structure and quality of the hair. However, it is necessary to clearly understand before buying what is required at the moment.

Useful advice

How to repaint hair from dark into bright at home? In responses, many women report their sad experience. They wanted to change dramatically at once, but did not think about the consequences of such a transformation. In order not to repeat their history, we recommend adhere to the following advice:

  1. Before repainting the hair from the dark into the light, in the photo in magazines you can see the results and choose the desired shade. It is not necessary to hope that changing the color of the hair will work at a time. This is exactly the case when it is impossible to hurry. Only gradual change in tone guarantees healthy hair.
  2. It is best to seek help in staining to professionals. If there is no such possibility, then before carrying out the procedure at home, you need to learn more information about the techniques.
  3. For hair coloring, you need to choose high-quality paints. It is best to choose professional funds, because they are not so harmful to hair. Buy dyes are also better in professional hair cosmetics stores. There are qualified sellers who will be able to give a small consultation on a particular means. When choosing paint, do not forget to check the expiration date. If the paint is overdue, the result may be unpredictable.
  4. The composition of the paint also plays an important role. If the paint includes nutrient oils, plant extracts, ultraviolet protection, then it is definitely a quality product. Oxidizer must be selected, focusing on its needs. Do not think that taking twelve percent, you will take a platinum blonde at once. This will only lead to the fact that you will spoil your curls.
  5. The discoloration of the hair is far from every hairdresser. The risk of homework consists not only that the hair will be ruined, but also in their uneven score. If you miss a strand or a whole piece of hair somewhere, then it will be much more complicated to correct such poor painting. To discolor your hair, it is better to take the creamy composition, oil or powder.
  6. Any procedure (bleaching, cleaning with chemical composition or paint paint coloring) requires an allergy test. It is necessary to do it only if you use a specific product for the first time and do not know about the reaction of your body. The drop of the finished mixture is applied to the bend of the elbow and left for several hours. If there is no time at all, then it can be limited to fifteen minutes, although in this case the reaction is not always objective. Redness of the test site, his burning distance or annoyance says that the product does not fit you.
  7. As mentioned above, care products need to be selected strictly for blondes. They allow you to preserve the color, drink the hair with the necessary vitamins, and some even neutralize an unwanted yellow shade. In addition, in the summer, the means for blondes protects the curls from the harmful effects of ultraviolet.
  8. Hair light shades should always be flawless. Therefore, do not forget to regularly tangle the roots, because the hair is growing quickly. Of course, there are techniques of the Ombre type, for which the rustling of hair does not affect, but they are not so much. In any case, a blonde with dark roots looks not the best way.
  9. To crackons pleased with a beautiful touch, you need to periodically mask yellow tone. He is a constant satellite blondes, but you can get rid of it. To do this, it is necessary to toning with a blue or purple shampoo. In addition, there is a yellow tint neutralizer.
  10. Before choosing the color of the hair, relate yourself to one of the four color. Only then pick the desired shade. If the color does not combine with appearance, the image is not possible to be successful.
  11. If you use homemade masks, make sure that they do not have components that affect the color of the hair. This does not mean that home care can be neglected, you just need to choose recipes more carefully.
Is it possible to repaint dark hair into bright

Opinions of women on hair lightening at home

Once again I want to say that before starting experiments with hair you need to weigh all the pros and cons. If you neglect the simple rules, the changes will not benefit.

Not all women who have changed dark hair on the blond, have been satisfied with their appearance. This suggests that it is not always worth the hop of his desires. If you want to become brunette again, the hair will be subjected to additional tests.

Many women wrote about this in their reviews. Some of them strongly recommends contacting the salons and trust their hair only by professionals.

Those who are engaged in changing their own image on their own at home to repaint dark hair into lighter, advise the use of chamomile, honey, cinnamon. Masks and chasters from these natural components change the color of the chapels from the dark to light slowly (there are many procedures), but simultaneously perform the restoration and treatment of hair, strengthen them, give the shine.

Some ladies advise use lemon juice. He brushes quite well, but at the same time heavily dries his hair.

In conclusion, I would like to say that you should not hope for changes in personal life only thanks to the lightening of your chapels. Love yourself as you are.

Hair coloring

What color can you paint dark hair?

What color can you paint dark hair?

What a girl ever dreamed of changing the color of the hair. And although brunettes are no less popular than blondes, but they sometimes want to change their appearance. But it is more difficult to make it than girls with blond hair. What color can you paint brunette and is it possible to do it without clarification? Read this article and you will learn different options for painting dark, brown and brown curls.


Before taking for coloring, you need to explore your type of appearance: eyes, eyebrows, skin color, face features. It is important not only to change the tone of your hair, but also to ensure that he combined with all the appearance of the girl, did not make it rude and vulgar.

To do this, you must remember which colors can paint dark hair.

  1. Graphite . Just one tone lighter black. This color is not all and getting it quite difficult to get it. We must contact a specialist. But it attaches ease of image.

  2. Brown and its shades - Chocolate, blueberries, dark chestnut, coffee, walnut, wine shades, black cherry. Hair brightened by 1-3 tones, but it does not spoil their structure. For seruly and blue-eyed beauties with light skin, dark chocolate, blueberry, coffee shop will suit. For girls with green or brown eyes, it is better to choose light chocolate, chestnut shades.

  3. Red Fits the owners of any color of the eyes. It looks modern and getting the right tone is not difficult.

In the bright tone of the brunette, it is not categorically stained.


Any color in which the brunette would not be stained, there will be a brighter of black on 1-4 tones, therefore, the clarification is necessary, but it can be different ways.

For lightweight clarification use washes. This is a special mixture containing the oxidizing agent. It breaks the hair structure and allows the paint better to linger on their surface. It is not completely removed. After some time, the curls return to the source tone. Use the wash right in front of the color, because it does not harm the hair structure.

The discoloration is used when you need to brighten the hairstyle on 3-4 tones. This agent is much more aggressive, destroys the structure of the hair. But without it, do not do if you want to become brown or redhead from the brunette.

In the hairdresser usually use the clarifying powder, with which you can achieve the desired effect for 25-35 minutes, but it should be used carefully that the hair does not become dry and brittle.

At home, cream usually use. It is easier to use, it is better to apply, gently hair. For strong discoloration, it is imposed in two receptions with a period of 14 days.

The best tools for safe lightening are folk. People have long noticed that the regular use of hair masks from some products clarifies the curls for 1- 2 tones.

To do this, honey, beer, fermented dairy products, lemon juice, colorless henna.

Such masks should be made 2-3 times a week for 60-90 minutes within a month. And you get a beautiful natural shade and in addition to strengthen the hair structure. Especially well these masks are suitable for owners of brown and brown curls. On them, this tone is especially noticeable.

Methods of coloring

For dyeing dark strands in red or other, more brighter use resistant paint, otherwise the color is very quick.

To paint the brunette in chocolate, coffee color or any other on 1-2 tones of its lighter, it is not necessary to apply a resistant paint, it is enough to apply a gentle coloring composition. These are non-ammatic means that hold on her hair for no more than a month. They carefully belong to the curls, although they are poorly painted with seeding.

Hair tinting allows you to give dark strands of any shade. With the help of sprays, varnishes, fans and shampoos you have a practically unlimited choice of tones. This is the fastest and easy way to change your appearance. With their help, you can refresh your natural color.

Toners are a replacement of paints that breaks the hair structure. They help create the image of a modern girl and quickly change it. He has a lot of advantages, the main of which is the ease of use, the preservation of healthy hair. Disadvantages - short-life. Color keeps the next head washing.

Henna and Basma - natural dyes, which not only do not harm hair, but also strengthen them. To become a brown, mix the paint in proportion 2 to 1. To get the color "black cherry", mix 1 part of the henna and 2 parts of the bass.

Full coloring is a complete change in the color of the hair. Do it easy. The paint is applied to the curls, then thoroughly miss each strand, comb shakes and closed with a hat for 40-50 minutes. Then wash off with water. To create a saturated color, you must complete each strand in the foil.

Professionals do not advise making monochrome staining, as black roots will be visible in two weeks. It is preferable to make timing, coloring or partial staining.


In most cases, dark-haired fashionmented to make modern color, you have to lighten your hair. Therefore, they require special care. The following rules should be followed:

  • Immediately after the color it is necessary to use balm balsam;
  • 1 time per week to make a nutritional mask;
  • wash your head with a special shampoo;
  • trim seven tips;
  • As you can easily use the hairdryer and other heating devices;
  • Protect hair from sunlight;
  • Full coloring is no more often than 1 time in 3 years.

Cancel dark hair should be in the same dark shades or brighter of their hair for 1-2 tones. For clarification, it is desirable to use natural colors or use toners or non-smith means.

Contemporary painting technique allows you to leave non-colored hair roots, which also allows you to save their health.

Fashionable hair coloring trends are presented in the following video:

Each girl wants to have a fashionable and bright appearance. In addition to the selection of clothing, makeup and hairstyles, the color of the hair also plays a major role. Blind-haired beauties usually easily carry painting. As for the brown and brunettes, in this case there are their nuances and differences. Dark hair staining

Photo before and after dyeing on dark hair

The staining procedure can be carried away from any hair length. It always transforms appearance and gives unforgettable positive emotions. Psychologists argue that changing the color of the hair can help cope with life difficulties, let go of painful situations and afford something new to life.

Hair dyeing for short dark hair: Hair dyeing for short dark hair

Staining hair for long dark hair: Hair dye on long dark hair

Dark hair dye medium length: Dark Hair Staining Middle Length

Fashionable staining techniques

There are many different coloring techniques. The easiest classic way is possible to spend independently at home, the rest require visits to the beauty salon . In this article we will look at the most popular of them.

Monophonic coloring

Monophonic staining is classic. Now in fashion natural hair color. Blonde, chocolate and chestnut shades enjoy the greatest popularity. However, bright and even neon colors are also allowed. Single hair coloring is suitable for women of any age, material and social status. Young girls can afford to go to experiments, however, the women of mature age is better to make their choice towards classic shades.

Monophonic staining is usually carried out with regard to the natural data of the client. Wine, cherry blossoms, blueberry, brown and chocolate shades are suitable for people with dark hair. The same, whose hair cover has a black color, to face various shades of black color: from iscin-black and to ash and black.


Shatusch is one of the most popular staining methods. Thanks to this technique, the strands look like they slightly burned out the sun. This is achieved by creating transitions between different shades of hair color. The darker of the birth of the hair is left at the roots, in the middle it goes into a lighter shade, and the tips are scorched by the bright paint. The main rule is the maximum naturalness. The difference in shades can not be more than one tone. Thus, the hair has a natural look. That is why this technique is perfect for browns and brunettes. Shatusch

The tent has a number of advantages. First, after this procedure, the hair has a natural look. Secondly, their volume is visually increasing. Also, this technique can help hide gray. Since the tone of the paints is chosen to the natural color of the hair, then growing roots are not as noticeable.

Now let's talk about the shortcomings. First, this technique does not make on weak previously damaged hair. Secondly, this expensive procedure is carried out exclusively in the cabin. Thirdly, this method is not suitable for girls who wear a haircut.


Ballwear is rich and at the same time a minimalistic style of hair coloring style. It is to clarify individual strands. This creates a beautiful color contrast. Ideal suitable brownies and brunettes.


Since Baublenzh, like the previous way, also creates the effect of strands burnt up the sun, at first glance it is almost impossible to distinguish the fascus from the technique. However, a professional will have a noticeable difference from afar. The fact is that while the Ballwax is applied along the entire length of the hair, the tent is applied only from the middle. There are also its differences in the technique of execution of one or another staining. So, the sludge is applied to the combed hair, and Ballozh - on smooth strands.


This technique does not lose its popularity for many seasons. It suits girls with absolutely any color and long hair, but it looks especially advantageous on dark long strands. The technique of this type of coloring is that the roots apply a darker color, and then brighten it gradually to the tips of the hair. This, by the way, subsequently masks the growing roots and makes them not so visible to those who surrounding people. Ombre with dark roots or tips


From one to ten color shades of one palette, a wizard can use the wizard when performing this hair painting technology.

This allows you to achieve an incredibly spectacular image. It is allowed both alternation of contrasting shades and the creation of smooth transitions from one to another. One of the advantages of this technique is the fact that after this procedure, the type of hair becomes much greater. Tone for coloring is advised to select in accordance with the already originally existing native ledge. So brunettes and brown glands are recommended to choose reddish tones. Coloring

Coloring is applied to both long and short hair. The procedure is quite complicated, for this reason it is recommended to find a very carefully to the question of the selection of the wizard, so that it would not spoil the state of their curls.

There is a horizontal and vertical ways to color.

In the first case, use three shades. The darker shade is applied by the roots, the most light color is the tips of strands. This method creates an image that will look most natural. The vertical method of coloring allows you to use an unlimited number of colors.

Monochrome staining

The technique of monochrome staining allows you to qualitatively update the image without bringing radical changes. First, the hair should be repainted in the background color, after which it is necessary for some sites to give a lighter tone. You should choose shades that belong to one color palette. Monochrome staining

Attention! This type of staining looks good on dark strands. However, it is not suitable for girls who wear a haircut.

Contrast dyeing

Recently, popularity is gaining contrasting hair coloring in two colors.

Contrast staining is suitable for any type and length of the hairproof. It gives a visual hair volume, and also allows you to create the most bright image.

When choosing shades for staining, it is worth considering your natural tone of the hair. So brunettes are suitable for the combination of brown, red and blue shades. Contrast dyeing

There are two main variants of this staining technique. In the first case, the paint is applied by a horizontal way. In the second case, it is applied to specific strands. It allows using a larger number of colors. This method of painting visually pulls the face.

Reference! It is possible to stain with different patterns of drawings and zonal staining.

California Melting

Interesting is a hair coloring technique called California Melting.

It lies in the fact that the color of the hair, this person from birth, pick up a few more shades.

As a rule, the number of shades does not exceed the number of five pieces with a difference of one tone. They apply them in such a way that the transitions from one tone to another were as promptly as possible. Staining is suitable for any haircut and looks very natural. Well suits the owners of dark hair hair.


Airtouch is a complex type of staining, which is performed using a hair dryer with exceptionally experienced masts-colorars. Creates beautiful overflows in her hair with the most abandoned color boundaries. The image is obtained very natural.

The result holds to ten months. Also the advantage of this technique is the possibility of applying for any hair length. Airtouch Coloring

Fits the owners of dark teverheads. You can apply both direct straps and on curly curls.

Stencil painting

Stencil staining is also suitable for the owners of the dark-colored head of the head.

It is chosen by bold girls who wish to create an extravagant pulmonary image.

It can be applied to any hair length. Performed using a special stencil, which can be understood by the name of this technique. Stencil painting

It can be performed both using one and several shades.

3D painting

Taking advantage of the technology of 3D hair coloring, it is possible to achieve the effect of the hologram, which is achieved due to the alternation of several shades of specially created dyes. 3D painting

3D painting is perfectly suitable for the owners of dark hair color, especially if in the range is noticeable the predominance of chocolate and nuts .

Partial coloring

Frequently used partial hair dyeing.

Partial staining calls such a coloring technique when the color is not applied for the entire length, but only on separate strands or their tips. Partial coloring

Staining in shallow

Create bright unusual strands will help hair staining with special shallow . Smalls allow at home in just a few minutes to create any very audacious and fantastic image. However, this image will last only until the first wash of the head. Staining of dark hair

Many brunettes will mistakenly assume that they will not fit this type of staining. Fortunately, this assumption is an error. The fact is that a very high color concentration is observed in shameles. This allows them to apply them even on black hair color.

Neon coloring

For neon staining use special sprays. During neon staining, the hair is not painted too much, but the main result is achieved - they begin to glow in the dark. Neon staining involves the use of any even mad shades. It is usually held up to eighth head washing. Brunettes wishing to make neon staining, hair will have to fire first. Neon coloring


Elimination does not change the hair color, but gives them brightness. This is achieved through natural natural ingredients. Penetrating into the structure of the hair, they create a special protective film on its surface. It is this film that creates the effect of overflow and radiance. Ellumination

Marble coloring

Marble staining is a special technique. It is that at first the hair is given a certain color, and then some strands are attached to a lighter shade. They are selected strands and space on them in such a way that the effect of marble transitions between different shades would be created as a result of the procedure. This coloring technique is suitable for both blondes and brunettes. It is advantageous on long strands, but not noticeable on short hair. Marble coloring


The essence of the armor is alternating dark and bright shades. Ideal for owner of dark natural strands. The procedure is performed both throughout the head and on the selected zones. Suitable for any hair length. Arming

"Eye of the Tiger"

Tiger staining was created for the winners of dark hair. It lies in the fact that various strands of hair are repainted in certain shades. The palette includes cinnamon, amber, golden and caramel colors. It is also necessary to use wheat, light coffee shades. Cocoa and chocolate are the most delicious shades of this gamma. All of the tone listed above are used to create a spectacular image worthy of a red carpet. Eye of the Tiger

In which color you can paint dark hair, possible options and fashion shades

Dark hair can be painted almost in any color that only wishes.

Very spectacular looks fashionable black and white hair coloring. However, it should be remembered that it strongly damages strands and in the future they require more careful care. black and white hair coloring

Staining hair from the dark to the light underlies the basis of many techniques that we have considered earlier. All of these techniques create a stylish image. One of the main advantages of this type of technician is the fact that the growing roots are not so noticeable to the surrounding people. This allows us to visit the salon much less often and saves a significant part of the budget.

Also brunettes are suitable for bright staining. It is worth making a choice towards chalk, which overlap the natural pigment, but do not spoil the hair. Bright dyeing on dark hair

As for creative staining, you should make a choice towards stencil or marble staining.

Features of dark hair when painting

Dark hair is better to paint in dark colors. In other cases, dark hair must be sighted first.

How to paint dark hair - procedure execution technique

Staining technology depends on what kind of staining was chosen by the client and the master. Use foil for more saturated color. If the foil is not used, then the hair acquire a more natural natural shade. Also, some masters are scratching the hair with a special brush. Foil

Splitting painting compositions

Gearly coloring compositions include gentle paints for hair and tonic.

Shangling hair paints are such emulsions in which ammonia does not include various nutrients and elements. Such remedies are created to protect the hair and rapid restoration of strands. It is worth considering the fact that these paints are not suitable for gray hair. Dark hair lighten with them completely will not work.

Alternative to paints are tonic. They are able to change the tone of the curls, but the color will not hold on long. It is rather shade than coloring, funds. Toniki

Natural dyes

Change the color of strands can also be natural dyes. The most famous of them are cinnamon, chamomile, rhubarb, lemon and linden. Henna and Basma are suitable for both blondes and brown shoes. Henna and Basma Hair

Henna gives the hair cover of the redhead, and in combination with the bass, it is capable of repainting strands to a darker color, right up to Osin-black.

What oxidant choose?

The oxidizer is a special tool that is necessary in order to make the components of the paints entered the correct reaction.


Oxidifiers differ between themselves the percentage of hydrogen peroxide. 6% or 12% are usually used for dark hair oxidizer. The first is suitable in order to give strands a darker shade. The second can help repain from brunette to blonde.

What is a complex painting on dark hair

Sophisticated staining is staining using from three to six shades of one color palette, which is characterized by a smooth transition of one color to another. Each strand is crossed separately, which allows you to carefully cry with gray and create very beautiful natural effects. Difficult dyeing on dark hair

Unfortunately, this procedure has a lot of flaws. First, at high cost, there are no guarantees that the color of the hair after staining will be smooth. During the procedure it is impossible to punish the roots, and the effect on dark hair will not be so noticeable.

How black hair is repainted in light

There are several ways of burning brunette to reincarnate into a blinding blonde.

The first method is a gradual clarification procedure. A special means is applied to the hair in several stages, which ultimately can make the color of strands on 11 tones lighter. For the procedure, the ideal condition of the hair is required, since this procedure is a sufficiently rigid method and can cause strong harm.

Melting is a wonderful way to clarify strands, which takes no more than two sessions. The procedure can be carried out not only in the cabin, but also at home.

Lighten dark hair can also be by staining. The procedure, as a rule, requires five sessions. If we stretch the procedure to steps, you can use not only ammonium paints, but also gentle mousses.

Is it possible to perform dyeing hair without clarification?

Change the color of dark hair can be without their preliminary clarification. To do this, you can use special pastels, chalks, or to carry out the toning procedure. Also colored hair can be increasing. Blue shallow hair

Paint on dark hair - how to choose and top better

To properly choose hair paint, you must first check its composition.

Wella Professional, Schwarzkopf and L'Oreal Paris are the best paint manufacturers to change hair color at home. Color Recharge Cool Blonde, Wella Professional

Matrix, Syoss and Kapous Professional are considered to be the best professional paints for hair coloring in the cabin. Kapous Professional

Beautiful hairstyles with dark dyeing

For painted hair, the most different hairstyles are suitable. You can make a beautiful weaving, tie the hair into a bundle or leave them in a loose state. Also in fashion again returns bangs.

Starry examples

World-level stars are often resorted to dark hair staining. Among them are all recognized beauties, like Penelope Cruz, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Monica Bellucci. Penelope Cruz Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was also repainted from brunettes to the blonde.

Painted Hair Care

Painted hair requires special care. Be sure to use a special shampoo and balm, and also do not forget to apply nutritious oils and masks once a week. Oil

Reviews from Otzovik.com:

  1. About paint for hair L'Oreal Paris: Feedback on L'Oreal Paris Colorista Bleach
  2. About paint for hair Matrix Color Sync without ammonia: Cream paint Matrix Color Sync without ammonia review


There are many different damp hair coloring techniques. Do not be afraid to experiment and enjoy your reflection in the mirror every day.

Black, brown or dark blond hair look very impressive. They advantageously emphasize the shade of the skin and the features of the face, make the appearance of stylish and bright. However, many natural brunettes are unhappy with excessive color monotonicity and dream of reviving the hairstyle. To their services there are many interesting techniques, persistent, semi-resistant and quickly washing means of various textures.

The content of the article:

1. Painting of dark hair: to whom it will suit

2. Fashionable options for brunettes

3. Choice of paint and oxidizing agent

4. How to paint hair at home

5. CARE FOR Painted Dark Hair

Hair Painting on Dark Hair
Hair Painting on Dark Hair

Painting of dark hair: to whom it will suit

Dark hair is usually stained in the cabin, but with certain skills and the correct selection of drugs, the procedure can be carried out at home. Much depends on the length, texture and status of the curls, as well as from the selected technology. Beginners better pay attention to simple options, complex multicolored staining requires high mastery.

Staining is recommended for girls wishing

  • revive natural hair hair;
  • add brilliance strands;
  • change the shade of 3-5 levels;
  • give a hairstyle missing volume;
  • emphasize unusual shearing lines;
  • change your own image.

Beginners will fit soft toning paints that do not contain ammonia. They envelop every hair with the finest colored film without disturbing its structure. Toners are cleaned faster than resistant dyes, but they can be updated more often, without fearing to harm the hair.

For surface tinting, conventional paint, balms, mousses, lotions, carcasses can be used.

With home staining, you should not clarify your hair with more than 3-4 tones per reception. If a stronger clarification is required, it is better to re-conduct a re-procedure. Experts recommend using not too aggressive oxigents, highly concentrated emulsions will make strand fragile and brittle. Mandatory point - subsequent tinting and careful care for painted strands.

Staining will add gloss and brightness with dark hair.
Staining will add gloss and brightness with dark hair.

Fashionable options for brunettes

Dark-haired girls will suit a variety of staining options. Many techniques suggest preliminary lightening. If your own curls have a dark blond or chestnut color, you can do without discoloration, but the range of paints suitable for use will be limited.

Melting. Technique involves painting separate strands into bright or bright tones. Reception is suitable for straight and wavy hair of different lengths. The most popular option for dark curls - California Melting, creating a strand effect, slightly burnt in the sun.

Ombre. Fashionable technique that creates beautiful smooth overwhelms on her hair. Usually roots are left dark, and the tips are lazy and tinted with natural color or painted in bright tones.

Balayage Another transverse coloring option using contrast or harmony shades. From above, strands are left natural or darkened, the curls are blocked below. Ballwear is possible on the total mass of hair or individual strands. The technique is suitable for graded hairstyles with asymmetric bangs.

Shatus. It gives the hair a natural burnt look. To work, use a combination of dark roots with a middle and tips toned into a dark or light blond.

Double staining. A complex version requiring high colorist skill. It is important to choose the right paint, 2 harmonious or contrasting shade should be combined in the hairstyle. Dark strands can alternate with ash, silver or reddish, it all depends on the natural color and the general idea of ​​hairstyles. Double staining is suitable for short hair, it looks spectacular on pixie haircuts, Gavrosh, elongated bob.

Coloring. Creative technique that allows you to use the brightest and unusual paints: red, pink, blue, purple, emerald, orange. In order for the color is saturated, a preliminary clarification is required.

Eye of the Tiger. Spectacular option for natural brunettes. Separate strands are painted in shades characteristic of the mineral of the same name: chocolate, golden, caramel, copper, amber. Apply paint better with indented roots. Tiger glare are especially beautiful on wavy and curly hair of medium length.

Crab can have hair of any length and texture.
Crab can have hair of any length and texture.

Collect paint and oxidizing agent

Natural and chemical dyes can be used for work. The first group includes bass and henna, as well as unstable shadaments: chamomile decoction or oak bark, strong coffee or black tea. Basma and henna mix gives natural black or dark chestnut. It is suitable for the revitalization of dull brown hair and giving them glitter. Henna can add bright red-haired lamella tech, such an intake can be used when placing or partial staining. Herbal beams are used for easy toning. Chamomile will add golden overflows with chestnut hair. Coffee and tea paint strands in different shades of brown.

For a cardinal change in color, resistant paint will be needed. They contain clarifying components and are capable of changing the color of strands to 3-4 tones. However, on natural dark hair, dyes can give an unexpected effect. Often, strands become red, greenish or iscin-black, although the packaging contains a completely different gamma. Avoiding similar surprises will help preliminary lightening. On hair, partially devoid of natural pigment, the paints will fall better, their color will be cleaner and bright.

The most secure option for home use is tinting paints. They work well in a duet with clarifiers. Toners not containing aggressive additives include complexes of vitamins, collagen and other useful components. They cover the hairs with a thin elastic film, unlomate embraceed keratin scales and give strands a beautiful shine.

Choosing a color, you need to take into account the shade of natural hair, skin, eyes. Cold-type brunettes are suitable ash, silver, red or beige tones. Those who prefer bright or pastel colors, you can try purple, emerald, rich-pink gamut. Representatives of the warm color is worth paying attention to nuts, brandy, red and golden shades. Lovers of unusual paints will enjoy coral, strawberry, turquoise options.

The choice of paint depends on the total color.
The choice of paint depends on the total color.

How to paint hair at home

Most often dark hair is stained in 2 stages. First, the strands are brightened, then they are given the desired shade.

For home dyeing will need

  • clarifying powder;
  • oxidizing emulsion;
  • Tinting paint of the desired shade;
  • artificial pile brushes;
  • mixing capacity;
  • protective cape or towel;
  • Balm or air conditioner.

The clarifier powder is mixed with an oxidizing agent of 6% or 9% concentration. The drug is distributed over strands with the brush, each curl wrap in foil. For clarification, 15-40 minutes is enough, it all depends on the color and structure of the hair. The composition is washed off with warm water and soft shampoo.

With horizontal color, the foil is not used, clarifying and tinting agents are applied with loose brush strokes.

After clarification, the strands are toned. The paint is divorced with an oxidizing agent or activating cream in proportion recommended by the manufacturer. The drug is evenly distributed through the hair. The paint can be applied from the roots or starting from the middle of the strand, it depends on the selected technology. For toning is enough 20 minutes. The drug is washed off with warm water, balsam or air conditioning is applied to wet hair.

Painted Dark Hair Care

After painting, dark strands need careful care. For everyday procedures it is worth purchasing

  • Shampoo and balm for painted hair;
  • deeply restoring mask;
  • Silicone primer;
  • moisturizing serum;
  • sunshine cream or spray;
  • a comb of natural wood or bone;
  • Brush from natural bristles.

You need to wash your head no more than 2 times a week using soft rampant shampoos for painted hair. They can be alternating with tinting means. If the strands were brightened and painted in a cold silver or ash tone, shampoos with anti-yellow effect are suitable.

After washing, the hair is treated with a nutrient balm or moisturizing air conditioning and is thoroughly rinsed. The strands become soft and elastic, easily fit into the hairstyle. Once a week after washing on the curls, a deeply restoring mask from a professional series is applied. There are funds for clarified, dark or painted in bright hair tones. Masks give a hairstyle volume, revolve color, strengthen the roots. In the warm season, painted hair must be protected by creams, oils and sprays with sunscreen.

Re-staining can be carried out in 4-6 weeks. If tinting drugs were used, the procedure is repeated in 2-3 weeks. Brightening paints are not applied for a long time, it is enough to treat the roasting zone and make hair comb.

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Fashionable damp hair

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14 206.

Dark brown hair is not particularly popular, but there is a lot of ways to fix it. A dark palette can have many unique shades and can be combined with other hair colors. We offer a large selection of colorful hair staining options in 2021.

50 Ideas Dark Brown Hair

1 brunette with caramel strands

Ballozh is a combination of different shades of brown. The bulk of the hair is painted in a dark brown with the addition of threads of warm caramel. As a result, a unique transition brightness is obtained.

2 Vertical Melting

Good glare should be correctly arranged and there should be no many. Dark hair is diluted with vertical stripes a golden brown shade.

3 ash and dark brown bouquet

Ballozh looks neutral, despite the contrast of colors. The ash shades do not look neither warm or cool.

4 lush waves

Long strands, laid by waves, look great. Golden stripes are added.

5. Harmony of dark and light

This option is suitable for brunettes who want to feel like blondes.

6. Gold and Dark Chestnut

Dark brown hair is complemented by a neutral base with glitter.

7. Metal ash and chestnuts strands

Romantic hair waves look remarkably with a metal touch of ash tones.

8. Earthy mushroom

Cool toned bouquetage is a wonderful combination of light tones and dark chestnut.

9.Spress and red hair

Espresso chestnut strands look very neutral. Ginger shades add warm contrasts.

10. Brown tones

Dark hair is decorated with more accurate and warm shades.

11. Caramel glare

Caramel strips make up an excellent accent in front.

12. Volumetric strands

A wonderful effect is obtained with a combination of a large volume of hair and filament waves.

13. Golden Dark Brown Waves

Golden brown strands add multidimensionality.

14. Deep reverse bouquet

Deep baleague looks perfectly on discolored hair with dark brown roots.

15. Bronze Espresso Hair

Caramel bronze stripes are added to the multidimensional gloss, which is emphasized by filament waves.

16. Copper waves

It looks wonderful dark chocolate base of hair with copper ombre.

17. Combination of gold and chocolate

A dark brown tint is greatly complemented by golden-rusia and purple glare.

18. The transition of red into dark chestnuts

Popular staining is a combination of red and dark chestnut strands.

19. Brown Sugar.

For dark = chestnut chamasters, sweet and warm tone fit remarkably, without red tones.

20. Cool dark brown

This color looks harmoniously with the skin of cool tones.

21. Aerial dark chestnuts strands

Excellent solution - Locks from golden chocolate-chestnuts strands.

22. Beach Caramel Ball

Caramel shades are an excellent option for the summer.

23. Warm dark chestnut

It is interesting to look a complicated coloring with reddish brown shades.

24. Stylish hairstyle

Dark brown hair does not have to be long. Metal glare perfectly complement the stylish bob.

25. Peach Ot

An unusual variant of staining is a combination of a dark chestnut and peach shade.

26. Honey and chocolate

Intense Ballwear with a lot of thin honey strips.

27. Textured strands

Textured curls are distinguished by deep tones with black.

28. Brunette

The neutral-cool shade is combined with several warm strands.

29. Peach Ballyazh

Peach strands are perfectly combined with a dark chestnut palette.

30. Glossy tint

Parish dark chestnut shade looks shining.

31. Autumn waves

The complex saturation of shades is reminded of autumn foliage.

32. Soft-lighting

The soft and tender color palette allows you to get a magnificent hairstyle.

33. Glamorous color

Dark brown roots with a red tint of slow-moving into light chocolate tones.

34. Straw glare

Several light curls fit perfectly into a dark chestnut palette.

35. Hue Bocho

The combination of medium and dark brown tones allows you to get unique booho fluids.

36. Bronze effect

It looks stylishly saturated slim-brown color with glossy glitter.

37. Multilayer Bob

The elongated bob looks at volume and easily with shades of milk chocolate.

38. Black caramel

Hair is distinguished by a black base through which caramel bodies pass.

39. Dark brown waves

Dark brown curls are complemented by lanes from warm caramel, purple wood, as well as brown roots and neutral shades.

40. Volumetric Melting

The strand of the chocolate shade looks more volume when adding low-contrast glare.

41. Sedina in dark colors

Matte hair is distinguished by scattered glare near the roots and dairy chocolate on the tips.

42. Chocolate waves

Brown tones with red tump look great.

43. Brunette in the old Hollywood style

Romantic waves are complemented by a random caramel strip.

44. Dark brown Ballozh

It looks stylish by the transition from the black roots to more golden tones in the middle.

45. Bronze Ballyazh

The bronze tide on dark chestnut strands looks original.

46. ​​Glamorous Bob

Universal Bob wonderfully wakes up with a warm brown tint.

47. Golden brunette

Ballozh adds golden highlights of black curls.

48. Dark Brown Ball

Fashionably looks baley in neutral brown tones.

49. Pop Punk in Dark Chestnut Prone

Fleur pop punk allows you to get a combination of ashes and dark brown tone.

50. Natural Dark Brown

The gradient of brown shades looks naturally.

51. Tanned hair

Bouqual machinery mimics the natural impact on the strands of solar glare.

Best Dark Brown Hair Color for Your Leather Tone

Brown is a neutral shade consisting of different shades. When choosing a suitable tone, the color of the skin should be taken into account.

Warm shades are distinguished (slightly yellowish), cool (slightly reddish), neutral (combination of warm and cool) and olive (slightly greenish). To accurately determine the color, we need to appear on the vein. Here will clearly manifest the shade, for example, more yellow or purple, cool.

How to paint your hair in dark brown at home

Dark brown hair is easy to get at home. In some cases, the color correction is required to neutralize persistent shades. For painting, you will need paint, gloves, a special brush, a hat for a shower, hairpin, air conditioning.

The staining procedure includes such steps:

  • Before painting well, the hair is well.
  • Hair divide into separate sections. The number of sections depends on the length and thickness of the strand.
  • Then choose the paint. To do this, mix the developer and color in the boutine of the PCPliktor.
  • Now drop the section and apply paint on it. The composition is applied in the upper part, and then with the help of the brush it is distributed over the entire surface.
  • Pass the processed part so that it is covered with coloring composition completely.
  • The staining process is repeated for each section.
  • To see the hair on the back of the head will need the second mirror.
  • Cut the roots again. You can not miss a single site.
  • After painting, put on a hat and support for 25-45 minutes.

Then the paint should be washed. After staining, you can not use shampoo. After that, the hair can be interviewed.

Maintaining your dark brown hair

To preserve the color for a long time, it is necessary to ensure the correct care. It is worth following the following rules:

  • Limit hair washing frequency.
  • Use shampoo or air conditioner that are suitable for painted hair.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling. The heat is negatively reflected in the strands.
  • Dry hair in air or towel.
  • To protect curls from fatty, it is worth choosing a dry shampoo that gives volume and eliminating the solidity.
  • To protect from the sole, use Varnish with UV protection.
  • When bathing in the pool, we dress a protective hat.

Makeup Guide for Dark Brown Hair

The dark chestnut chapelur will look great with the properly applied makeup:

  • If the hair has become darker, make makeup brighter.
  • Add more basics or a bit of the consilert.
  • Add colors with the help of the Rumba, Bronze or Contour Tint.
  • Shades of lipstick and Rumen depend on the tone of the skin and hair. The more golden and neutral hair shade, the more color options can be used.
  • For cool colors fit the rush of berry shades. For warm - copper and peach.
  • Dark quaschny strands remarkably complement the bright shadows for the eyes.
  • Choose black mascara, and not brown. This will allow to highlight the eyes against the background of dark curls.
  • For eyebrows it is worth using a brown pencil.

Fashion Tips for Dark Brown Hair

  • And finally, a few useful tips:
  • The color of the outfit should be combined with dark brown hair and skin tone.
  • An excellent option will be the contrast between clothing and hair.
  • Red color add brightness image. For cooler hair, blue based on red is suitable. For warm strands - orange-red tones.
  • When choosing dark shades, choose more rich options. In any case, a black color is playing.
  • When choosing brown tones, it is worth adding a beige, orange or olive tones.

14 206.

His or painted?

Dark hair stainingWhen choosing a color and type of coloring, a natural or artificial pigment is present in her hair. And what they were painted - ammonia, vegetable paint or tonic. From this depends, in what condition is now the chapels and which shade will be in the end.

Natural dark hair during discoloration, from which all modern types of staining begins, created on the basis of classical lining, give a residual yellow or red background. To obtain cold shades, it will have to be constantly neutralized with a shadow shampoo or an additional pigment.

After henna and bass, the mixture of which gives the whole range of brown, resistant paints can change their color. Very often they give a greenish or dirty gray shade. Therefore, after applying plant paints, at least 3-4 weeks should pass (or they must be pre-removed with a wash).

It is necessary to use it and in the case when after persistent dark paints, especially black, I want to repaint your head into a brightest or bright color. Wait until the pigment is completely removed on your own - long. And even after a few weeks, his remnants give darkening and contamination of the new color, and the tone will not work clean.

Color selection

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a shade is the color of the eyes, eyebrows and skin. These are the indicators on the basis of which professional colorists divided women into four color,0s: two warm (spring and autumn) and two cold (winter and summer). Dark from nature hair gets winter and autumn.

Features of damp hairWinter skin is often pale, sometimes translucent and seem porcelain, or dark, closer to olive, with a beautiful matte structure. Eyes - gray, blue, emerald or very dark: brown and black. Hair and eyebrows - from the color of the Voronov wing to all shades of chestnut. These girls will go only cold paints, a strong dissonance will arise with a warm gamma.

Autumn, on the contrary - warm and sunny. Its hair color begins from reddish-blonde and ends with the bottom steps of the brown gamma: gold chestnut, dark copper. Eyes can be amber, beer, brown, yellow-green, swamp. Skin - sand or peach shade. And in order to emphasize the natural beauty, warm, possibly bright paints.

It looks bad on the autumn neutral tones: coffee with milk, beige - in them it becomes a nondescript. It will not go unusual fantasy shades, which today in the Favoro have creative lovers: green, blue, purple, pink, eggplant. But winter with such contrasts will look excellent.

Remember the eyebrows! They should differ from the main color no more than 3-4 tones and at the same time harmonize with it. Otherwise, the face will be unnatural. Have you never noticed that blondes with painted eyebrows painted in dark color seem evil and older than their years? Try to prevent such an error.

Methods of coloring

The choice of method of staining depends on what purpose you do it. Just disguise the gray or add a natural shade depth using a conventional tonic. He, in contrast to persistent and even gentle paints, practically does not damage the chapel. But the color change radically it is not able.

If you want to create a new image, it is better to stay on more modern techniques. Note that many of them are difficult to fully fulfill at home. But most do not require frequent correction, so go to the salon (unless you do not have a short haircut) it will be possible every 2-3 months.

On the basis of silving

How to paint dark hairHaving appeared once, highlighting firmly holds its position. It was strongly modified for more than 30 years of its existence, and became the base for dozens of fashion techniques of inhomogeneous staining.

Their confidence can be attributed to gentle, as no more than a third of the hair is exposed to the harmful effects. On the dark chapelur, they look very beautiful thanks to the electoral and contrasts created.


This technique, as it is clear from the title, was invented just for natural brown hairs, who want to emphasize the natural beauty of their chocolate or brown hair. Thanks to the chaotic discoloration of thin strands, scattered throughout the head, the effect of their natural burnout in the sun is created.

This technique does not apply stretching and there is no gradient transition, so it is quite suitable for very short haircuts. Even lengths of 6-8 cm is already enough for a professional to fulfill beautiful staining.

It is unlikely to do it yourself to do this at home - it's extremely uncomfortable to work with such a length.


With the help of staining of vertical strands on dark hair, a gradient transition with an enhancement of clarification at tips is obtained. The gap can range from 2 to 6 tones. The main thing is that the strands are beautifully stirred, and the border between the dark and light could not be caught.

How to paint dark hair at homeThere are no short haircuts to the Ballow. He needs a length of at least 15-20 cm. It looks good at all kinds of kara. Long and medium wavy hair looks more winning than straight.

Ballozh perfectly helps to hide gray and refreshes the whole image. But it is destroyed for the tips, which are strongly overwhelmed and require additional care.


In this technique, the strands are brightened so that it turned out the blurred, but a pronounced horizontal transition. Dark, as if imperceptibly flows into brighter. For a beautiful fulfillment of Ombre, you need excellent ownership of paint stretching technique. Otherwise, it will seem to be a lot of thumping the dark roots of the former blonde, and such a beauty effect will not add anyone.

For Ombre, even the average length is suitable, if it is not a cascading haircut. But it looks especially advantageous on a long straight chapel.

Ombre can be toned, and then the clarified part of the strand will become more contrast. Or vice versa, the transition even more will die and the tips will look naturally burned in the sun.

American timing

It looks like California, in which strands are scored in an open way, due to which the clarifier falls on neighboring hair and discoloration is obtained very delicate as the kiss of the South Sun. But in American for this technique, toning in reddish or red colors are used.

This is one of the few techniques that is perfect for burning brunettes, creating luxurious reddish character on the black chapel or reddish glare. And she is very gentle, minimally spoil the hair and makes it easy to return to the original color.

Staining techniques for dark hairArming

The transition between the dark and light is blurred so much that it is difficult to give an accurate definition of the color of the chapels. A woman with such staining equally can be attributed to brunettes or blondes. By the way, many just use it for these purposes - smoothly move from one category to another.

To the new-fashioned variety of arms can be attributed to the contouring when, by discoloration of competently selected, the master emphasizes the beautiful features of the face or the structure of the multi-layer haircut.

But for the qualitative execution of such work, it is necessary to have an artistic talent and an excellent feeling of color.

Creative coloring

The wildests can decide on one of the varieties of creative techniques, which use bright shades and even neon colors. So that they are clean, dark strands will have to be well discouraged, so you can't call such painting.

Creative coloring always attracts attention and imposes certain restrictions on makeup and style in clothing. But if you are ready for this, you can try on yourself:

  • Deep Die - scoke of the tips or small zones on the head (for example, bangs) in juicy fantasy colors: blue, green, pink, etc.;
  • Choose coloring technique for dark hairPixel - with a special stencil on the smooth lap bright paint, resembling pixels of points and squares are applied;
  • Stensel - reminds pixel, but stencils are used to create more or less complex pattern;
  • Sunset Hair - resembles a multicolored ombre, at which, with the help of the transit of paints on her hair, the effect of sunrise or sunset is created;
  • Space - more suitable for cold-color girls, as basic are blue, purple and green colors;
  • Rainbow-colored bright staining of dark hair, in which individual strands are either highlighted, or the entire head becomes similar to the tail of the paradise bird.

Choosing creative staining, keep in mind that fantasy shades quickly wash out and require constant updates.

From black in blond

Sharp staining of black hair in monochrome blonde specialists are categorically not recommended. And they have a number of reasons for this:

  • Hair can brighten up unevenly, and it will be very noticeable;
  • When bleaching at once on 5-8 tones, their structure will suffer greatly;
  • The chapel will lose shine, elasticity, starts breaking and confused when combing;
  • Robust roots will quickly become noticeable;
  • Monochrome artificial blonde older and makes the image of puppet.

If you want such radical changes, it is better to do it gradually, for several staining, removing no more than 2-3 tones. Or with the help of listed above the timing, with each correction, increasing the proportion of light tone.

Useful advice

Professional hairdressers shared with us some of their secrets, allowing to avoid typical when dyeing dark hair errors:

  • Basic errors when painting dark hairEven if you only need to paint the gray or darken the roots, after 10-15 minutes, stretch the paint along the entire length and leave another 10 minutes - it will refresh and deepen a natural shade.
  • After the root staining in a dark color, flush the paint is needed quickly and carefully so that it does not tontened the clarified strands.
  • It is easy to neutralize the residual yellowness on the clarified dark strands with the help of a "silver" shampoo, in which the blue pigment is added.
  • If several different tones are used, it is necessary to start painting with a darker, and then apply light.
  • Before experimenting with bright colors, try to apply them pastel shallow or spray and feel how you will be in a new image.
  • Independently correcting unsuccessful staining is not worth it - it is better to immediately go to a professional who uses the wash and can competently perform correction.

Do not forget that after any painting, the protective layer of hair is damaged and they are partially or completely degreased. Use special shampoos and balms for the departure, and twice a week to indulge your hair with nutrient and moisturizing masks.

Reviews and findings

According to the reviews of most brunettes and brown, beautifully performed modern techniques on dark hair looks simply gorgeous, and the hair does not require serious additional care.

If you decide to try to make such painting at home yourself - carefully examine the video or see the photo, step by step illustrating the selected technique.

Linking dark chapels with bright or bright colors allows you to significantly increase visually its volume, lighten the face and even rejuvenate a woman for several years. Ladies for 30 should not be carried away too bright shades - they should be cheaper and often make it vulgar, especially in combination with bright makeup. In all important moderation and harmony.

Regardless of your natural dark hair or you are going to paint into a darker shade, you will not be mistaken if you want dark hair with bright glare.

Dark hair color photo 17

When a dark shade occurs with lighter, they create a contrast ensemble. This contrast creates two features: the depth of color and its improvement. So why not make your new dark color even better?

1. ash

Let's start with a combination that follows the trend of silver hair. Although white color is the opposite of black, black hair with silver glare is more beautiful.

окрашивание тёмных волос фото 3

2. Dark chocolate walnut

This color looks as attractive as it sounds. It also proves that black hair with brown glare can really combine well. To get this beautiful transition, make sure that brown accents are only on the tone lighter than the basis.

окрашивание тёмных волос фото 1

3. Golden shades

The gold shade is achieved by a combination of brown shades. If you add caramel glare dark hair, then get a natural color transition.

окрашивание тёмных волос фото 5

4. Copper brownish shades

This is how thin glare for dark hair looks. The space between the painted strands is so uniformly, and the color is so balanced that it is difficult to believe that this is work with paint.

окрашивание тёмных волос фото 4

5. Cold coffee

Color, which is also fresh as your favorite cold drink. This idea is nothing but brown hair with black and bright glare.

окрашивание тёмных волос фото 7

6. Caramel strand

Black hair with bright glare, which become lighter from the tips, make the main color manifest itself completely differently.


7. Delicious Praline

Bright hair color of forest walnut, soft caramel shades and blondes - here are the constituent of these stunning glare for dark hair.

окрашивание тёмных волос фото 8

8. Reddish glare

Reddish shades of dark hair can be rich and attractive or muted and harmonious. If you like not sharp color transitions, this variant of staining, stretching in length, will become an excellent choice.

окрашивание тёмных волос фото 9

9. Pink orange

A light hint on a pink color that gently falls on the ends of strands, isn't it a dream?

окрашивание тёмных волос фото 13

10. Fire-orange strands

Black hair with red strands are combined here. The fiery duo will definitely attract the attention of others.

окрашивание тёмных волос фото 10

11. Dark yellow strands

Although many can count yellow glare dark hair are too bright and unnatural, we want you to listen to your desires. Want to be the center of attention? Then forward!

окрашивание тёмных волос фото 12

12. Green strands

This time, the glare do not just emphasize the depth of the color, they make it completed, reinforcing the deep dark shade. To get such an effect, leave some strands a little lighter so that the green color on them becomes more noticeable.

окрашивание тёмных волос фото 11

13. Rainbow strands

Black comes to all colors and you can mix them all! For example, decorate your black hair with blue glare, and then add any color you like so that they match the first added shade.

окрашивание тёмных волос фото 15

14. Violet strands

Black hair with purple glare had their own ups and falls, but today, it seems, this is the hottest tendency in beauty stories. No better way to improve dark color than add purple tint.

окрашивание тёмных волос фото 14

15. Purple color on black hair

Purple color, which is a mixture of purple and dark red colors, will be pleasantly complementing your dark shade.

окрашивание тёмных волос фото 16

16. Red wine

Wine colors are great for dark hair.

окрашивание тёмных волос фото 17

What hairstyle did you choose? We look forward to your comments!

It is believed that burning dark-haired beauties look sexy and luxuriously. But even those girls who have been rewarded with brown, brown and black hair, prefer to experiment, painting their hair into different colors. What color is most suitable and how to create a harmonious image? In our article, we will try to shed light on these and other questions, as well as learn what dark hair staining is at the peak of the popularity of the current season.

Features of dark hair

It is very difficult to guess how the bright pigment will behave in dark curls. If you make staining in bright colors, without lightening the hair just do not do. To date, ready-made solutions are presented on the market: a tube with paint to be mixed with an oxidizing agent. Dark hair color in bright colors should not immediately be carried out in very bright shades of blond, as you risk getting a heterogeneous proscure and dirty color. If you still decided to reincarnate in the blonde, make lightening curls gradually, - every time four tones lighter.

In professional beauty salons, things are a little different. Masters independently based on the selected oxigent, the color corrector and dye make an embossing emulsion. For lightening dark-haired girls, you will need 6, 9 or 12% clarifier. If they have too hard, dense and black as smin curls, choose maximum. 6% of the chemical will be enough for a brown hair with thin hair.

Remember, during staining it is forbidden to enter cold and warm shades into one hairstyle, otherwise it turns out complete disharmony. If you are going to put painting in modern techniques, then choose shades belonging to one color scheme - from the dark to light. Since some hairstyle involve weaving natural curls with artificially painted, carry hair wash (if they were painted).

Interesting fact. In ancient Rome, dark hair was not associated with femininity. It was believed that bright curls are a symbol of innocence and purity. That is why those women whom Nature gave the chestnut and black curls, they tried to discolite them with all their mights - lemon were applied, they squatted on the sun with the curls smeared into the prokobokov.

Rules of coloring

The main recommendations regarding the painting of dark hair are practically no different from the councils on painting with other colors. The only difference is to properly select an oxygen for lightening curls.

Rules of coloring:

  1. It is necessary to knead the dye in a glass or ceramic container so that no oxidation occurred.
  2. Before painting, lubricate the forehead in the zone of the growth line of hair, neck and ears of vaseline so that in the case of the dye entering the dye it was easy to erase it from the skin.
  3. If you do not know whether one or another will take off, just one strand.
  4. Paint the champions always start with the nape, because it is there that the color is activated longer. The temple has no such a rigid structure, so the artificial pigment takes faster.
  5. For the convenience of staining, it is recommended to divide the hair on the sample zone that you always wear.
  6. Want to have the effect of burnt strands, then draw the curls and make light vertical brush strokes, without trying to carefully cry each strand.
  7. Try to retreat a little from the roots, so as not to damage aggressive dyes hair follicles. It should be noted that It is the dark roots - the trend of this season.
  8. It is necessary to withstand the color of about 30-45 minutes depending on the desired result.
  9. After completing, be sure to wash the paint. Take advantage of shampoo and air conditioning balsam, which always comes complete to the selected dye.

Important moment! To maintain color after staining, it is recommended to use a special tonic. If you want a pigment for a long time to wash off hair, stop soaking your head every day.

How the procedure is carried out

The staining procedure completely depends on the selected technique. For more saturated color, it is recommended to wrap a strand in foil. If you want to get a more blurred color and the effect of burnt strands burned on the sun, then drying the curls should be natural. In most modern coloring techniques, brush strokes are used and hair combing before applying the coloring composition.

Full coloring

Presses the staining of the chapels in one color. Today in fashion:

  • Purple Georgin;
  • Mahagon;
  • topaz;
  • chestnut;
  • Dark nut;
  • Wine shades;
  • blueberries;
  • ripe cherry.

Fully lighten the hair into the creamy blond or other colors is not worth it, because you are very risking not to get the desired shade.

Monochrome staining is carried out very simply. The painting emulsion first is distributed on the roots of the hair, thoroughly miss each site. Then the coloring composition combines the comb and sends under the cap for 35-50 minutes. Frequencies are washed with curls.

Painting Hena and Basma

Henna acts as a natural dye, making curls with healthier and shiny. But when it is used, you must remember that the pigment penetrates deeply in the roots of the hair. If you decide in a short time after staining henna change the image with an ammoniac dye, risk getting a non-standard color.

Important! The lavsonian powder will not give the desired result on very dark hair, it will only make a little natural color rich. It is prohibited by frequent staining with this natural product, otherwise your tips can begin to sneeze.

The best option for dark curls will be a jammy with bass. Such manipulation will allow you to achieve the following results:

  • sparkling chatenecoon for browning is achieved by mixing 2 pieces of henna and 1.5 parts of the bass;
  • A saturated chestnut involves a jam and bass compound in a ratio of 1.5 to 1 part, while the exposure time is 60 minutes;
  • To obtain a chocolate color with a light red tint, natural dyes are mixed in the same proportion, increasing the exposure time up to 70 minutes;
  • Bitter chocolate requires coffee introduction (natural ground coffee is used, and the composition itself warms on a water bath with the addition of wine or water);
  • Those who wish to repaint in a darker color should observe the proportions of Henna and Basma 1: 2, leaving the pigment to be activated by 90-120 minutes.

Staining technique:

  1. It is forbidden to use air conditioners to painting, otherwise the pigment will not correctly penetrate into the curl structure.
  2. Be sure to wash the neck, forehead and ears with a vaseline or nutritional cream.
  3. Taking advantage of the brush for applying the dye, the prepared composition is carefully distributed over the entire length of the curls. Start with the top and move to the forehead.
  4. Walk the curls with a cellophane cap. Do not forget to build a chalm from a towel for better activation of a natural dye.
  5. After the specified period, the head is washed off with running water until it becomes transparent.

The use of gentle painting compositions

Skumping variants of dyes include non-ammmonic agents, which are maximally delayed on curls for a month. They are several times more expensive than ordinary coloring products. But carefully belong to curls. But if you take into account user feedback, such cosmetics weakly paints seeding.

Another excellent option that is best used to maintain color - tinting agents. In the domestic market, their many are tonic from Rocolor, Estelle and many others. On average on the hair they hold 4-5 flushes.

Dark-haired beauties will not be able to brighten up with their help. You need to choose colors in the tone of your heads or darker - only then the result will be noticeable.

Modern techniques staining

The following techniques are most popular for dark curls in the present season. Perform them better from a proven hairdresser.

Partial coloring

This kind of painting involves staining only part of the hair. For example, you can give a new pigment with your bangs or tips, or make the bottom of the bottom of the hair with a tint, which is a little brighter of the main one. Winning will look painting separate strands at the temple. The next photo demonstrates how beautiful the color of the hair tips looks beautifully.

California Melting

It involves the game on the contrast, that is, the lightening of individual strands into various shades of blond. Classical felting has long been rushed into the fly, a California came to replace him, involving the creation of the effect of burnt strands.

The following colors are suitable:

Council of Experts. With the appearance of seeds, women of cold color is recommended to highlight the "salt and pepper". The natural color of the hair should be dark, and separate strands are painted in ash.


Air Tach is a modern timing technique that provides "mixing" of its and painted hair. Some glare selected light color on a dark basis are created.

Execution technique:

  1. The whole macushkin is conditionally divided into strands.
  2. The wizard chooses a separate strand (than it is thinner, the more effect on the chapels). The strand is raised from the surface of the hair of 90 degrees.
  3. It occurs by blowing cold air so that individual short hairs got out.
  4. The remaining base is led by foil so that there are no spots on other hair.
  5. In the same way, all the chapels are scratched.

Thus, at the exit of the owners of dark hair waiting for a terrific hairstyle. Air Touch is suitable for almost all haircuts, except for short.

The owners of short hairstyles and dark hair will suit contouring, Ballozh and Nirvana Blond, involving very dark roots and contrasting light ends.

Ballozh gives a color change along the length of each strand, while the roots leave a natural dark shade, and the tips are painted in brighter tones. Especially effectively such staining looks on graded hairstyles and curled curls.

Dark-haired girls are recommended to choose the following color options:

The next photo demonstrates how beautifully combines red color with dark hair of medium length.

Important moment! When choosing a shade, follow your color. In the presence of golden sparks in the curls and iris eyes spend staining in bright warm colors (caramel, honey, carrots). "Cold" beauties with dark or blond eyes are recommended to use muted shades (ashes, mahogany, mahogany).

Staining technique suggests:

  1. Separation of curls on strands and zazeing them with rubber bands.
  2. The tips are proceeded by a specially divorced composition, which necessarily includes a clarifier. Next, they are wrapped in foil.
  3. 15-20 minutes after staining, vertical strokes are carried out in the bottom upward direction.
  4. Wait as much as much, and then wash off the paint.
  5. Be sure to use air conditioning balsam, restoring the logo structure after staining.

The following photo shows how beautifully looks staining Ballwear in caramel color on dark hair.

At the peak of the popularity of the current season, staining "Tiger eye". It combines several colors: caramel and dark chocolate. Suitable strong, purposeful and volitional women.

In most cases, Ombré implies a contrast transition between color. The tips are painted in bright or light colors, and the roots, as in the technique of Ballow, leave natural. You can pigmate only tips (approximately 10 cm). But in most cases, the masters apply a dye to curls from the line of the ears.

The same colors are used as when tagged. For extravagant personalities wishing to shock others, the world of fashion offers:

Features of execution:

  1. Since the transition line must be a clear, tie tails at the same level.
  2. The roots are painted in light color and wrap them in foil.
  3. Slightly above the foil (several centimeters) make the paint plots, but without using foil material.
  4. After 40-45 minutes, the applied emulsion was washed away.

Interesting to know. Not all girls agree on Ombre, when the roots and tips are scratched into the coffee color, and between them create a light strip. But if you wish to stand out on the background of standard painting techniques, you can try such a variation of ombre. Looks very original.

This new technique allows you to achieve the effect of burnt strands. Dark-haired girls can be tried to combine their color curls with brandy, nut, chocolate, dark beige and caramel. You should select colors for 1-3 tones lighter base.

It is followed as follows:

  1. The chapelur is divided into zones.
  2. Separate strands, which need to be a little optional.
  3. Dye applies on them, carrying out vertical strokes.
  4. After 30-45 minutes, the tool is washed.
  5. Balm is applied to the hair.

Similar coloring Looks great on curls to shoulders or long hair. Because the basis takes natural color, the reversing roots are completely not striking.

Stencil painting

It looks quite stylish and exclusively. Any drawings always look at dark curls. You can make staining of individual sections through the stencil, creating:

  • sheets;
  • abstraction;
  • leopard print;
  • Feather-bird feather or owls;
  • pixels;
  • And other pictures.

Such painting should be performed in the salon by a professional master. At home, it is unlikely to draw lines to draw lines. Stencil painting is suitable only with direct curls.

You have the right to choose an unusual staining with bright colors. In dark curls, the emerald, violet, red, orange, blue, blue, pink colors looks cool. If you have a cascade hairstyle, try to combine, for example, blue, turquoise and purple, painting only the bottom strands of the hair. Without clarification, unfortunately, do not do. Such non-standard coloring of dark hair is suitable for shocking and self-confident personalities.

3D painting

A new way to make your strands voluminous. The master uses several tones - dark base and color on the tone lighter. The result of staining is delayed for a long time. Spearly shape acquires volume, and also beautifully overflowing in the sun. Details about 3D techniques and 7d hair dye read on our website.

Staining in shallow

This method will allow you to look out for just a few days. . Ideal for photo shoots or parties. It is necessary to purchase crayons or powder, spend several times by hair, and then fasten the result with varnish. Bright colors are suitable for brunettes and browns: red, raspberry, blue, lemon, turquoise.

We recommend reading: Features and technique of hair coloring chalk.

Neon coloring

Hit this season. First, you need to discolor separate strands, and then apply a special gel on them, allowing you to cry in various rainbow colors. Such creative staining is lingering for a while - about 8 plates. Suitable cheerful women who seek to stand out from the crowd.


Fairly popular procedure that It involves highlighting the color of the curls due to absolutely harmless dyes Elumen. Suitable even for dry and brittle hair. Locks acquire additional volume and beautiful natural shine.

Painted Hair Care

Since in most cases, dark-haired beauties for carrying out complex trendy staining have to lighten the hair, it is required to care and restore curls after the procedure.

Care recommendations:

  • Immediately on the first day after staining, do not forget to use a special color fixture balsam, which neutralizes the alkaline medium on the hair;
  • wash your head 1 time in 3 days, and to maintain color, use tinting agents;
  • At least once a week, make a nutritional mask or apply a vitamin cocktail to curls;
  • Right and balanced;
  • Minimize the use of a hairdryer and fluffs, and often do not use styling tools for laying;
  • Pick shampoos from the "For colored hair" series, do not forget to use the air conditioning that the curls will wet;
  • Always cut the thinned tips so that the hairstyle looks in bulk, and the curls were not seen;
  • For locks, select a comb with a real pile and stop combing more wet hair;
  • staying in the sun, protect the hair with a headdress;
  • Full staining from the roots to the tips is allowed no more than 2 times a year.

Thus, staining dark hair is recommended either in dark shades, or in bright, but with a deviation from the base by 4 tones. Before making the procedure, we recommend making a choice towards modern painting techniques when the roots remain their natural color, and the length of the curls takes place to the lighter.

For painting, you can use ammonia and non-ammonia dyes, and in order to maintain the color, it is desirable to resort to toning 1 times a few weeks. There is another alternative to chemical dyes - the junction of henna and bass.

The best dark hair dye ideas are demonstrated in the following articles:

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The technique of staining "Ombre" on black hair.

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