How to change the password on a laptop?


To save personal data in security and confidentiality, users use passwords on a laptop or computer. Sometimes there are situations when it appears to change it.

Not everyone knows how to change the password on a laptop Il PC, so the short instruction of the necessary actions will be given below. Different operating systems have featured interfaces and, accordingly, the password change algorithm. It will be about how to change the password on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.

Password change on Windows XP

1) In the "Start" panel, you must select the Count Control Panel; 2) click the left mouse button on "User Accounts", you select "Changing the Account" and your current account; 3) Click on "Password Changes". Next, you will need to enter your current password, and then the one you want to install a new one. The last step confirm the replacement.

Password change on Windows 7

Password replacement scheme on Windows 7 is similar to Windows XP, but there are some differences. So, the algorithm itself: 1) by clicking on the "Start" menu, select the category "Control Panel" category; 2) on the "User Accounts" item; 3) To replace an existing password, choose "Changing your password"; 4) Act the same way as in the case of Windows XP. Invent a new password and confirm it. To complete, click "Create Password".

Changing password on Windows 8

The interface and technical specifications of Windows 8 has undergone rather global changes. The process of changing the password is also done otherwise, so let's consider its algorithm:

1) bring the cursor to the upper or lower right angle of the desktop, wait for the appearance of the "control panel"; 2) choose the gear icon, which symbolizes the parameters of the computer; 3) on the left select the menu "Users"; 4) Next, the "Change Password" button will appear on the right, and click it; 5) Now you will need to enter the current password of the computer, and then confirm the action by the "Enter" button; 6) In the open window, you dial a new password twice to prevent a random error when typing, as well as enter a "password tip". It will come in handy in that situation when it is impossible to remember the set password.

It is better not to take the standard options as a hint, on the similarity of the birthday, the maidest name of the mother and others. Such information during computer technologies is not so difficult to get. Therefore, for more security, enter the information that will be known only to you or a very small circle of people. In the quality of passwords, too, you should not take a simple combination of numbers or letters. It is desirable that it includes capital and capital letters, and several digits. Remember, the more difficult the password on your device, the biggest will be the reliability of protecting your personal information.

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How to change the password on the laptop

If you want to protect your personal computer from unauthorized penetration of another user, then you first need to put a password. It does not take much time and will protect the important information for you. How to put a password on a computer?

How to change the password on the laptop


Go to the "Start" button menu. Then select "Control Panel", and in it - "Accounts". If you are the only user


, then you have administrator rights, i.e. Unlimited power, so changing the password in terms of access to the system will be a trifling case. View user login settings. If about the item "Use a welcome page" is box, remove it. This will increase your safety.



In the account list, select the user, on which you want an account

Change password

. Choose it. Find the "Change Password" link. A window will appear before you. In the line, enter a new password and confirm it in the string below. It is necessary that you do not enjoy an erroneous password, which you yourself will not be able to use. To initially remember the password

on a laptop

, Write it in some available place available for you.

Use the command prompt to change the password. To do this, enter the Start button menu. Then click to "Run". The command line appears before you. Enter the CMD in it and press the ENTER key. Another command line appears.


Change the password on a laptop

Enter the following: Net Username Password. This is just an example. This phrase needs to be corrected. Instead of username, enter the username, instead of Password - password. Then press the ENTER key. If you are all done correctly, the inscription should appear in the line: "The command is successful".

Use the third option to change the password on your personal computer. Go to the "Start" button menu, click "Run". Enter Control UserPasswords to the command line. You will appear the account management window in which you can on your own to assign any password to any user.

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Lappops are kept confidential materials that must be protected from unauthorized persons. By solving the specified task is to install a reliable password. Further in the article, see how to change the encoding requested when started on various operating systems and in the BIOS, as well as how to close access to the desktop.


How to change the password on the laptop when entering

Consider the features of its replacement in various operatingers. Please note that in the input settings it is better to remove a tick about the recommendation of the boot of the welcome page. This is an additional guarantee of device security. If there is only one product owner, there will be no problems in the change. In the list of accounts, select the user for which the password will be shown. For the entry of the actions, the laptop is necessary to reboot.

It is worth noting that the modifications of computer equipment continuously undergo changes and many methods are obsolete. Despite this, the safety of the material should not be neglected, so it is necessary to constantly be aware of the innovations in the field of IT technologies.

Reference. To guarantee to learn the password, write it down on a sheet and put in a secluded place inaccessible to others.


Windows XP.

Change the combination is easy to do using the control panel. This is a convenient, fast and understandable reception.

  • Through a start to go to the control panel and in the user accounts section, slide the combination.
  • Code word should be recorded 2 times. This is done in order to download unreliable data.
  • A command line can also help. It is called through the Start and execute command. Next, enter CMD, after which another command line will pop up.

After changing, be sure to memorize the hint: it will help in situations when the owner has forgotten invented encryption. It is better not to use the standard options like the birthday or the mother's name in Maiden. The fact is that the information of this kind with the help of modern technologies is not so difficult to get. Pick confidential information that is known for a limited circle. As a password, you should also not use the usual combinations of letters and numbers.

For greater reliability, it should include both capital and capital letters and numbers, punctuation marks. After all, the quantity is more and more difficult, the combination is invented, the more reliable the device from ill-wishers.

Windows 7.

To protect the laptop from foreign intervention is not required long. In general, the shift is similar to the principle used in the previous version, however, there are still some differences. Also through the start, it is necessary to get into the control panel, and then in the account of users. To change the data you need to find the Count "Changing Your Password". The following appears to create and save a new password. We study the possible ways to replace the password in the seventh version of OS:

  • The combination of special keys allows you to open a menu in which you can replace the password. Usually in all systems it is Ctrl + Alt + Del the changes must be saved.
  • Run the start and click on the "Run" section. In the pop-up line, enter the Control UserPasswords. Next follows the opening of the window where it is easy to control the accounts and assign ciffers to a variety of owners.

Attention. In the Tip item, it is unwanted to do a very simple and predictable hint. For example, on the phrase "Birthday" hack the encoding will not make much effort.

Wins 7.

Windows 8.

This modification differs significantly from the previous one, and the principle of resetting the password in it did not remain aside. Observe a specific sequence of actions:

  • Drag the mouse marker down the right corner of the display.
  • After a couple of seconds, the control panel should appear. After clicking, the parameters open.
  • Open the "Parameters" section is also easy when you open the gadget when starting the system. In the "Metro" section, select the down pointer and find the desired partition.
  • Next, go to the product setting and select accounts.
  • Making changes Available in the "Input Settings" section. First, the system will need to record a former password, then new and compose a kind of cheat sheet.
  • At the end of the process, the device should be rebooted.

Windows 10.

Consider the options for changing the password for this version. There are several ways:

  • One of the simplest and high-speed methods is to use "input parameters". On the keyboard, locate "Win" and click on the emblem on the left side of the screen. In the opening window, we find "input parameters", where, in addition to changing the password, you can also configure pins and graphic password.
  • More experienced users can use the command line. It must be downloaded from the name of the admin. This can be done by writing a "Command Line" search in the search line, and then clicking on it right-click. Next, write the username and password. This phrase needs to be corrected. It is important to enter reliable verified data. If a name with spaces, you use quotes. If everything is done competently and unmistakably, then the inscription appears that the team is fulfilled safely.
  • Through the start, we find the computer management program and go in series in the following folders: service, local users and groups, users. Then right-click button Select the desired username and change the settings.


How to lock the desktop

The blocking of the desktop is made if several employees operate on the device at once or foreign people are in the office. Also, fast blocking will help if the device needs to be left unattended. Use simple combinations of buttons:

  • Win-L.
  • Ctrl-Alt-Del (specify the lock).
  • Click on blocking a specific account through the Start menu.

Locking desktop

Unlock the workspace you can enter a new password. For the Linux scheme system is similar. For MacBooks there are special hotkeys that are easy to find in the instructions:

  • Ctrl - SHIFT - EJECT.
  • Ctrl - SHIFT - POWER.

To unlock it is necessary to enter an encrypted word. If it is lost, then you should reset the settings. Microsoft will require restore the system. In the process of work, a flash drive or utility with an operating system may be needed. However, using the proposed recommendations to such cardinal measures can not be resorted.

Password Replacement in BIOS

The most reliable is the password used when launching a laptop. Without an intimate phrase, it is impossible to log in and on the gadget. Follow the following instructions:

  • LockUsing the F8, Del and F2 combination, open the BIOS.
  • Go to the section "Secutity".
  • In the window that opens, select the replacement item that can be written in English.
  • Next, it is necessary to introduce the former encoding.
  • Then write and enter a new combination.
  • Confirm the input key.

Important. Reset secret encoding in BIOS is produced using a button in the device itself. You can try to get a round-shaped battery from the board.

Each laptop user faces the need to replace the password. After all, no matter how difficult and reliable the access code periodically requires its replacement. We hope that this becomes useful and will help to deal with the data protection issue.

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How to change the password on the computer

In this article I will show how to change the password on the computer or to remove it at all. It is done almost equally in any version of Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10).

Method 1: Ctrl + Alt + Del

The easiest way to change the password is through a key combination. Ctrl + Alt + Delete .

1. Click first the Ctrl button on the keyboard, without releasing it, Alt and, without releasing these two buttons, Del (Delete).

2. It will open approximately such a screen. Select the item "Change Password ...".

3. We enter the old password and print two times new.

If you want to remove it at all, leave these fields empty.

Reliable password is such that it is impossible to pick up. Therefore, it is better not to use personal data: date of birth, name / surname, phone number. Ideally, he should consist of English letters (and large and small), as well as numbers and not be shorter than eight characters.

Method 2: Control Panel

You can change the password on the computer through the system settings. There are differences in Windows versions, so for each I compiled my instruction.

Windows 10.

1. We open the start, and in it "Parameters".

2. Go to "Accounts".

3. Click on "Input Settings".

4. Inside the window in the "password" portion, click on the "Change" button.

5. We print the current code and click "Next".

6. We enter twice the new and, if necessary, the prompt for it. Click "Next".

That's all! The data is changed.

Windows 7.

1. We open the start and go to the "Control Panel".

2. Open "User Accounts".

If you have the word "category" in the upper right corner, then in the "User Accounts and Family Security" group, select the "Adding and Deleting User Accounts" item.

If the "Control Panel" window of a different view, then find the "User Accounts" item.

3. Select the user under which we go into the system.

4. Click on the "Change Password" item.

5. We enter the previous code and twice the new one. Press the "Change Password" button.

You can also add a prompt. The main thing is that it is useful for you, and not outsiders.

On a note . If the "Control Panel" item is not, right-click at any time of the Start menu and select "Properties". In a new window, click "Configure ...", find the "Control Panel" list in the list and select "Display as a link".

Windows 8 and XP

In Windows 8, the password change occurs in about the same way as in Windows 10. And in XP - as in Windows 7.

Windows XP. : Start → Control Panel → User Accounts.

Windows 8:

  • On the desktop, we bring the cursor to the lower right edge of the screen so that the menu appears.
  • Parameters → Change computer parameters.
  • On the PC Parameters page, select "Users" and click "Change Password".

Or so: Parameters → Changing computer parameters → Accounts → Input parameters.

Method 3: Computer Management

Click right-click on the "Computer" label on the desktop and select the "Management" item.

If there is no such icon on the screen, then we make a similar operation using the Start menu.

Next, follow the path: Service Programs → Local Users → Users.

Click right-click on the desired user and choose "Set Password".

A warning window will open in which it will be said that security will have to be newly logged in all programs such as Skype, Yandex.Disk and others. Click the "Continue" button.

Then the window will open where you can enter a new password. If it is not needed, we simply leave the field empty and click OK.

Reset the password on a laptop is almost always if the owner has forgotten it and cannot access important data. The probability to recall the appropriate combination is extremely small.

Make it in various ways. If you encountered a similar problem, at least one of them will work. In this manual, the most effective ways to hack the password from a laptop and access the contents.

Work in safe mode

To enable it: during a reboot, click the F8 button. A black screen will appear offering choose one of several modes. The input to the operating system in this case will be executed from the integrated ADMINISTRATOR account, the password to which is disabled by default.

It is not recommended to activate the password entry on this account: this may complicate access to information on the laptop in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Next, you will see a message that the secure mode is designed to debug the operating system. It does not include some drivers, so a number of devices may not work. To continue - click OK.

Work in safe modeAfter starting the Windows graphics shell, click the Start button and click on the account icon at the top of the window. In the window that opens, click on the "Manage another Account" link. Highlight the account for which you want to change the parameters. To install another password - click "Edit" or "Delete" to reset it.

Features of recovery on different

Windows 7.

In this operating system you need to boot in secure mode with command line support. To do this, when rebooting the computer, press the F8 button and select the appropriate option in the list. In the Net User field, enter your username and a new password, putting a space between them, then press ENTER. Changes will take effect after rebooting the computer.

Windows 8.

When the download screen is turned on, when the string appears to enter the access code - click on the right corner icon from the bottom while holding the SHIFT. Among all the available options, select Troubleshooting. Using this tool, you can reset the settings of the laptop to default, including to pair the blocked deviss. After rebooting, the laptop will start as usual, but the password input will not ask.

Windows 8.

Windows 10.

In this version, windows when installing the password, the operating system proposes to come up with 3 control questions. The method is proven, since only the owner of the device can know the answers to many personal questions. Before entering Windows, the "Reset Password" button appears before entering the windows. To do this - you need to introduce the right answers to the control questions.

How to change the password on the laptop using the boot disk

For this method, you will need a pre-prepared boot disk or flash drive. The version of the operating system does not have to be the one that is installed on your computer. Algorithm of actions:

  1. Insert the boot drive in the laptop.
  2. Restart the device. To call the boot menu, press the F8 or ESC button (depends on the BIOS version).
  3. Select the boot device to start.
  4. When you start the Windows Installer, press the SHIFT + FN + F10 key combination to call the command line.
  5. Enter the REGEDIT command and press the ENTER key.
  6. In the registry editor that is activated, find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE branch and highlight it.
  7. Click on the inscription "File" and select the option "Load a bush".
  8. Specify the following path: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ CONFIG \ SYSTEM. The first letter can be different - specify the disc where the operating system is installed.
  9. Set any arbitrary name for the bush.
  10. Select the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE branch and press SETUP.
  11. At the bottom right, double-click the CMDLine button.
  12. In the opened line, enter cmd.exe.
  13. SETUP TYPE Specify value 2.
  14. Click on the "File" inscription at the top of the window and select "Load a bush". Find the one you assigned the name.

Next, it remains to close all the windows and restart the computer. After its inclusion, the operating system will not ask the password anymore.

How to unlock a laptop using the utility

One of the proven and most reliable utilities with which you can reset the Windows password is called "Renee Passnow". Works with all versions of this operating system, starting with XP. You will need another computer to download and record this application on the USB flash drive. Please note: there should not be any other files, otherwise they will be deleted during the password reset process.

Insert the flash drive into a free USB port. Restart the laptop by activating the boot menu and selecting among all Boot Removable Devices options. After loading the device, the RENEE PASSNOW utility interface will automatically open. Among the proposed options, you need to choose a password reset, and then the operating system for which this procedure will be performed.

Renee PassnowIn the next window that opens, there will be several options - reset the old password and set a new one or simply delete the access code. Choose the one that suits you more.

Also, the utility can create a new password account 123456789. To change the changes, you need to restart the computer.

How to reset the BIOS data

This method is suitable only for advanced users who are a bit disassembled in computer "hardware". With the help of a password on the BIOS, you can safely protect the computer so that the extraneous does not receive access to it. Nevertheless, it can be circumvented. All data and settings of the BIOS are stored in the CMOS memory microcircuit on the motherboard. They can be erased if you know how.

Through jumper

To work such a way, you need to get to the laptop motherboard. To do this, first remove the bottom cover and some other details. Instructions, how to disassemble a laptop of a specific model, can be found on YouTube - there are enough bloggers with such content.

Jumper is a three-pin switch, two contacts of which are connected using a special jumper. As a rule, it is located on the CMOS chip next to the CR2032 battery supplying the BIOS (large flat round "Tablet", similar to which are used in floor scales). To reset the BIOS settings, you need to rearrange the jumper into two other contacts. Then install it in the original position.

After turning on the laptop no longer will request a password from bios. If the jumper is lost to close the 2nd and 3rd contacts, you can use a stud or clip.

Through the battery

The CR2032 battery nourishes the CMOS chip storing the bios settings, even when the laptop is turned off and the battery is removed from it. To reset the settings, including to reset the password, you need to de-energize the chip. To do this, disassemble the laptop and remove the battery for a few seconds. All settings are reset to default, including the system date. We will have to re-reconfigure the computer, it is still easier than trying to quickly choose the password.

How to reset the administrator data

After running Windows, click the Start button, enter the CMD in the search bar and run the found exe file. In the command prompt, enter the Control UserPasswords. Select the account you need if there are several of them, then uncheck the Check Password checkbox.

Control UserPasswords.

Is it possible to find out the password from the laptop

One of the utilities that helps imperceptibly to palace the laptop, not leaving traces of hacking, is called "ElcomSoft System Recovery Professional". Also, using the application, you can back up important system files, delete and block accounts and peer not too complex passwords.

You can run the utility from the boot disk - both on your own, and with the package of other "hacker" software. How to use the program "ElcomSoft System Recovery Professional", step by step:

  1. Take the Terms of License Agreement and click OK.
  2. Press several times "Next" without changing the settings.
  3. Select the desired instance of Windows if there are several pieces on the computer.
  4. The next window will be a table with accounts and passwords to each.
  5. If you select a specific account and click "Next".

In the next window, you can change the account settings.

Hack password on a laptop

And one more way to paprint the blocked laptop, more rude and durable - use a bruthet utility. So the password selection is called when the program code substitutes various options, changing one character, until a suitable combination is built.

The advantage of this method is that it can hack a password, which is "not on the teeth" of the rest of the other software. The main disadvantage is that the calculations require a certain time. And the more difficult and the "precipitory" password, the more it is necessary.

And such a nuance. Brutfier is already an instrument of a real computer hacker. As a rule, such programs are created independently based on a particular case. This is a piece goods that the usual yowser is unlikely to sell even for money, since these applications are in most civilized countries - on the other side of the law.

Therefore, you should not believe the advertising banners or the issuance of Google, where many "good" sites are offered to download the application for hacking everything and immediately. Such a site would quickly disconnect from the network, and the owner would not fall off the banal fine. Everything that can be downloaded is some kind of virus, which or your personal data will decorate, or will begin the cryptocurrency for your creator, significantly reduced the performance of your computer.

As you can see, hack the password if you forgot it, it's not too difficult if you do everything right. Similarly, you can hack any other laptop, the owner of which does not want a foreign one to throw their curious noses. This question is already in the moral and ethical plane. Everyone has the right to personal space and its own island of freedom.

This is true for spouses. If you suspect some of your half and want to access her / his device, then the password on the laptop is not the biggest problem in this relationship. Weigh, do you really want to know what way you can "accumulate"?

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