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One of the last trends of the children's fashion is a magnificent fate skirt (or how else is it called a tutu skirt). And indeed, whatever a girl would like to feel like a real princess in such Skirt pack ?

This article presents four Master Class On the sewing and making of a fate skirt with their own hands, as well as additional ideas on the use of a fate in children's clothing.

What is fatin?

Fatin is a synthetic fabric, which is a nylon grid. Size and density of the mesh cells depends on the stiffness of the fate name - separately isolated hard, medium rigidity and soft fatin. To date, there is a wide variety of fire textures: brilliant and matte, colored and monotonous, additional decor Gloss fabrics , embroidery, rhinestones, flocked spraying.

Fatin is sold and as an ordinary tissue on a cut of 1.5-3 m wide, and in rolls.

Clothing from such a fabric is perfectly holding the form, does not occur and is poorly contaminated.

To sewing children's skirts, it is preferable to use the soft fatin of European or American production.

So how to sew a fate skirt?

Option One: Fatina Skirt Master Class

What you need:

Please note that the exact amount of tissue will depend on the size and proportions of your child. Use the finished daughter skirt as a guide to withdraw the necessary measurements. You need to measure the waist girth and the length of the product.

Fatina skirt for girls with their own hands - What is the Fatin?

  • meter fate;
  • 0.5 meters of brilliant tulle, suitable for a shade to normal;
  • 1.5 meters satin ribbon.

Let's start the manufacture of skirt:

Cut 4 pieces of fate in your standards. Cut a piece of brilliant fate.

Install on your sewing machine the largest stitch length, taking into account the seam of 1 cm. Pour each piece of fabric separately at the top edge, including fatin with sparkles.

Take one thread from the edge from the resulting line (in the photo below I only keep the top thread) and gently pull it to collect the fabric. Continue to pull the threads, paint the resulting folds. Do everything extremely careful!

Pull out until the skirt girth is not equal to the waist girth. Tie the nodules on the Both side of the line and cut extra threads. Repeat it with each piece of fate.

To secure the resulting folds, set the medium stitch length on the sewing machine and place each piece of fate by the already existing line line.

Take all 5 pieces of Tulle and attach to each other by the outside. The easiest way to do this is to find the middle of each piece and make them the pins.

Purge all 5 pieces of tulle over the top line on the sewing machine. Since the fatr - the fabric is pretty light, they will not make much difficulty.

Fold the belt for the belt in half and endure the iron at low temperatures.

Place the tape on the skirt, it must close all the seams from the machine. And again, it is better to start from the center of the skirt, gradually moving towards the edges. Tape ribbon to skirt at the bottom edge. I did it twice so that the belt was securely held.

So, your skirt is ready. Due to the free ends of the ribbon, it will easily be on the waist of the child.

Video - " Master Class A sewing skirt from the fate

Option Second: Skirt-pack From Fatin

This guide is intended to create the most ordinary and simple ballet pack. Its dimensions - 28 cm long and approximately 25-28. See width.

To create such a skirt you will need scissors, a big book, a wide chess gum, about 4 cm wide and two fatewood coils.

Wrap the gum around the book. It is necessary in order to work easier with it in a stretched position. Cut the strips from Tulle, 56 cm long. I recommend you to start cut off 10 strips and use them, and then cut off yet. So it will be much more convenient. Fold the tissue strip in half and thread into the second row below. If you are running strips to the lowest row, then the product will not be durable and can break. Make a node and tighten it with a row, making sure that he dragged into exactly and firmly.

Continue to tie the nodules in the second lower row. When you finish the whole range, you will have the first packet layer. But we decided to make a two-layer skirt for more volume and pomp.

For the second layer, you will need a conventional handle to facilitate the work. It is very easy to get confused and skip the desired hole, so the guideline here will be a handle that you will move along the tying of the nodules in the row. Just move to the third row and continue to tie the nodules from the fate, as you did before that with the second next. Do not forget to paint the strips from the Tulle and pull them down to get their best and lush skirt.


Video - "Fatina skirt without sewing machine"

Option Third: Skirt Tuta with your own hands

You will need a fatin for a skirt and a wide elastic ribbon (rubber band), a width of about 1.5 cm.

Skirt manufacturing technique:

Measure the wilay of the child and cut off this length from the gum, with a subtraction of 2.5 - 5 cm from the resulting length. This tape will serve as a skirt belt.

Connect the ends of the gum, covering one end to another braziness about 0, 5-0 , 8 cm. Sustach ends of gum.

Cut a piece of fabric. What should be the length of the fate? Everything is simple: measure the distance from the belt to the desired length, multiply the resulting number to 2 and add 2.5 cm. If your fatin goes a whole piece, it is necessary to cut it on the strip, about 7.5 cm wide. I use tulle In a roll, suitable in width.

So, everything is ready. Let's start making a skirt!

Hang the tape for the belt on the back of the chair or something Similar. Fold the tissue strip in half (so it was necessary to multiply the length of 2). Tie a nodule from the tulle strip around the belt (so it was necessary to add 2.5 cm to the length of the fabric).

Repeat steps by making a similar knot next to the first node on the belt. Making 4-5 nodes, tightly squeeze them and move them to each other. (Practice shows that it is better to modify the nodules in such a quantity).

Our skirt is ready. Here are approximate calculations for my standards:

  • Belts Length: 48.5 cm
  • Skirt length: 38 cm (length of tulle strips - 78 cm)
  • The number of nodules tied to the belt: 90

Video - " Skirt-pack With satin ribbons "

Option Fourth: Long Skirt for Fatine Girl

You will need a fatin, lightweight and airbag for lining, and elastic elastic gum, which will sit on the waist and serve as a skirt belt.

In order to find out the size of the fabric for lining, measure the length of the future skirt from the waist to the floor. For my daughter, the length of the skirt must be 60 cm. To find out the length of the tulle, multiply the resulting number to 3 (for my product it took me about 60 cm of fabric for lining and 180 cm fate).

Cut the tulle to 3 parts: each part must be suitable in the width that you need. In the same way, cut off a piece of fabric on the lining.

Each piece of fabric fold in half, leveling and forming edges. Sustain the edges of each piece together. Press the seam on the tulle to one side and dress up using the filament of the corresponding color. So you will get 4 fabric blanks for the future skirt. (If the edge of the tissue on your lining disintegrates and dissolves, wash this edge. Or you can cut about 2.5 cm below the tissue, then the lining will be slightly shorter than the main length).

Fold 4 pieces of fabric together, one in the other, and straighten them on the right side. You should also make sure that all seams coincide with each other. In the photo below, you can see 3 pieces of tulle attached to each other, and their seams form a single level line. Place the base for lining inside these layers of fabric.

Check the seams and lower edges so that they coincide. The seams will be located on the back and, as you see in the photo, they go beyond the borders of the fabric, since such a delicate fabric is very difficult to flash. If you want, you can cut a little to the front top of the fabric (since it is usually in the waist area the fabric front is slightly lower in the level than from the back side).

Next, you need to spend the top edge of the skirt around the perimeter, where the belt will be located. Seam must be made with light and large stitches. Divide the top of the fourth skirt (seam inside) and tick the pins.

Measure the waist of the girl. Cut the gum for belt length 4-5 See shorter than waist size. Connect the edges and sew them together using the zigzag stitch, as shown in the photo below.

Pour the skirt by pulling the bottom thread. Make folds on the skirt as careful and even more. When you will place an elastic band on the skirt, season all irregularities and seams.

Then the fracture belt to the skirt, ranging from the zigzag stitch, gradually the stretching belt. The belt will fully stick the skirt as you can see it in the photo below.

And the last step is to inspect the skirt and remove all the extra threads and stitches. That's all, our skirt is ready. Pleasant sewing!

Ideas for the use of fate in the decoration of children's clothing

It is difficult to imagine more appropriate material to create an image of a beautiful young princess than fatin. The selection presented below demostricts the diversity of the use of fate in the manufacture and decoration of children's clothing for girls.

We wish you creative success in the process of creating the image of a real princess!

Share your ideas, comments in the comments below.

Each woman can make a skirt-pack, even if she does not know how to sew. Prepare fatin, organza or chiffon, and proceed to creating a masterpiece with your own hands.

A tutu skirt is a magnificent skirt on a belt or elastic. For its manufacture, light fabrics are used in the form of a fate or organza. Such material perfectly holds the form, which allows you to create a really magical image.

Previously, such skirts sewed for girls for girls and younger school age to create gentle images for matinee. But at the end of the last century, adult beauties began to wear such a magnificent skirt to make an emphasis on ease and romanticity in their fashionable image.

IMPORTANT: Now such a skirt is put on even newborn girls. It looks implicitly the image of a little baby in such clothes in the photos.

Important: If a woman knows how to competently pick up the rest of the clothes to this air skirt, then this item of the wardrobe can be put on any event: for a walk with a young man, on a date with your beloved and even on the evening celebration.

How to make a filling skirt for newborns with your own hands?

Skirt-bundle for newborns do it yourself
Skirt-bundle for newborns do it yourself

If the mother of a newborn girl does not know how to handle the sewing machine, she will be able to create an independent skirt pack for his princess. This does not require much time and expensive materials.

So how to make a skirt pack for newborns with your own hands? Prepare fabric and objects for sewing:

  • Fatin fabric - 1 meter white, o, 5 meters of red and 0.5 meters pink
  • Scissors
  • Thicks
  • Needle
  • White rubber bandwidth not less than 2.5 cm
Skirt-bundle for a little girl do it yourself
Skirt-bundle for a little girl do it yourself

Now to create a lush product, perform these steps:

  1. Prepare an elastic braid: Measure the closure of the crumbs, plus 1 cm to connect the edges
  2. Sust this braid and put it on the legs of an inverted stool, children's chair
  3. Fatin Fabric Cuts Cut on a strip 25 cm wide and 50 cm long
  4. Now start collecting the product together: take the strip of the red fatin material and tie to the gum. Then tie a strip of white and pink fate. Do so with all cloth cuts
  5. Tie the bands on the rubber band, slide them tightly to each other while there will be no free space on the rubber ribbon. The larger the material you use, the stringener will be the skirt
  6. On the waist, the skirt can be decorated with several small bows of satin ribbon or one lush bow side
  7. Remove the product from the chair - the skirt is ready

IMPORTANT: When you do nodes from a fate, do not tighten them very much so that the gum is not pulled out. Otherwise, during socks, it will be unsuccessfully twisted.

How to tie a fateband on a rubber band for a taching skirt for newborns with their own hands?
How to tie a fateband on a rubber band for a taching skirt for newborns with their own hands?

Tip: You can combine the colors of the fate: to tie one strip of each color or, for example, ten strips of one, then as many lanes of another color. You can alternate 5 white bands through 1 lane of red or pink.

How to sew a skirt pack for girls with their own hands?

How to sew a skirt pack for girls with their own hands?
How to sew a skirt pack for girls with their own hands?

For the daughter of 7-10 years, you can create a magnificent skirt as well without sewing along the method described above - it's easy and quick. The only one, choose the color of the material.

If such clothes are needed to create a suit, for example, on New Year's holiday in a kindergarten, then you can use the fatin of white and blue shades. It turns out the original Snowflake costume. A bright shades skirt is perfect for another celebration, and for socks in everyday life, for the girl it is worth creating a product from fabric of gentle shades: pink, salad, yellow.

Many moms ask how to sew a skirt pack for girls with their own hands?

Tip: Get fatin material, spend a maximum of 2 hours of time and show fantasy. Thanks to this, you can create a beautiful product that will be your favorite wardrobe item for your beauty.

How to sew an adult skirt-pack with your own hands?

How to sew an adult skirt-pack with your own hands?
How to sew an adult skirt-pack with your own hands?

For adult fashionable skirt, a pack can be manufactured according to the same principle as for small beauties, that is, without using threads and needles. Perform these steps:

  1. Determine the length of the rubber tape according to the waist girth measurements. Sustrate the edge of the rubber band
  2. Decide the length of the product itself. Cut 10 cm width tapes twice as long as the required length
  3. Bend these wide ribbons in half and tie to the rubber braid. Do so while the fatin does not completely cover the elastic braid
  4. Sisting the entrance to the tone of the fate. You can wear this exquisite wardrobe subject.

Tip: If you don't want to sew a clothesline, then such a magnificent product can be worn with leggings to the tone skirt - original and beautiful!

Now it is worth considering how to create an adult skirt-pack with your own hands, which is based on the Sun skirt pattern. Perform steps:

  1. Prepare a cut of a rigid mesh (1.5m x 1,5m) and soft fate of the same size
  2. Cut all cuts into two parts 0.75m x 1.5 meters and fold four times
  3. Make a line measurements 5 cm below the waist. Thanks to this, the product will not add extra kilograms, because the waist will turn out to be understated
  4. Transfer to folded in 4 layers cuts into the angle
  5. Memore the length on this "sandwich" (approximately 60 cm) and cut off the excess cloth
  6. So that the product is beautiful, the lower layers must be 1- 5 cm longer than the upper
  7. Fold all the finished circles together
  8. Make a belt from elastic knitted tissue - width 20 cm, and the length is equal to the waist girth. Sing it to folded together Circles from Fatin
  9. That the belt does not stretch after wearing and styrics, inside its rubber braid

Tip: To make the product created by your own hands, you can wear every day, make the top layer of soft woolen material to the lower circles. It turns out a stylist mix of lush fatin pack and "Schopin".

A more detailed description of the sewing of such a skirt can be found in the video:

Video: Skirt-buche.flv

Long tutu skirt with their own hands

Long tutu skirt with their own hands
Long tutu skirt with their own hands

Evening outfit makes a woman elegant and unique. The long skirt pack gives the image of lightness and romanticity. Such clothes will be in fashion a few more seasons, so you can safely sew this item of the wardrobe and wearing it with pleasure.

A long tutu skirt with their own hands is performed according to the principle described above:

  1. Remove the four circles "Sun" of the desired length, the lower layers are slightly longer than the upper
  2. Fold them together and enter the belt. Skirt is ready

IMPORTANT: Top with a neckline of calm shades is suitable for such a skirt. It turns out the perfect version of the elegant image, for example, for prom.

Skirt tutu tutu do it yourself

Skirt tutu tutu do it yourself
Skirt tutu tutu do it yourself

The tutu skirt is performed by the same principle as the tuta skirt, but for its creation you need to choose the most rigid fatin. This will help make it more lush and stylish.

Many fashion guards think that you can buy a beautiful skirt tutu only in boutiques, but it is not. Each woman can sew it yourself, spending a minimum of time.

Skirt-pack tutu do it yourself:

  1. Prepare a cut of rigid monochrome fate or several cuts of this fabric, but different colors
  2. Cut it on a strip 10 cm wide and a length of equal to your skirt length, but multiplied by 2
  3. To create a belt from rubber braid, measure the lines of the waist. Sust it - it turned out the belt skirt
  4. Now pull the elastic band on the legs of the chair and start tieting the fatelight stripes, but the pre-every strip folds twice
  5. Do so while all the gum will not be completely covered with fate
  6. Sure the attachment of the atlas and you can wear a tutu, for example, on a thematic party

Skirt-pack with a loop with your own hands

Skirt-pack with a loop with your own hands
Skirt-pack with a loop with your own hands

The peculiarity of creating such a skirt is that it is necessary to separately sew the skirt and train itself. For the main skirt, choose hard fatin, and for the plume is soft.

IMPORTANT: If you make a stilette of hard fate, then the hemp will be ugly to strain.

Skirt-bundle with a train with your own hands:

  1. Sustrate the main skirt in the same way as shown in the methods described above
  2. Now cut the soft fatin on the stripes of different lengths.
  3. At the satin ribbon, a number of long strips first, then descending. The last row will consist of their short ribbons.
  4. The train can be tied to the waist with a satin tape under the skirt pack. You can also sew it to a rubber band with tied stripes. Skirt pack with a train ready

Tip: Nizhny tier plume Make from atlas or other fabric. He will play the role of the attitude.

How to sew a snack-bag from chiffon with their own hands?

How to sew a snack-bag from chiffon with their own hands?
How to sew a snack-bag from chiffon with their own hands?

Chiffon is a very soft and tender fabric. To make a skirt skirt out of it, you need to put the swift strips of chiffon onto the attribution of atlas.

Such an object of the wardrobe is suitable for a slim girl who is not afraid of experiments. Several magnificent flies will give a skirt of pomp and structurality.

So, how to sew a skip-bag from chiffon with their own hands? Perform these steps:

  1. Make a regular attribution attack. It should consist of a belt and skirts
  2. Return 12 cm belt and make a mark. At this level will be sewn the first waist
  3. Make a few lush-widged strips of hard fate, if you want a lush skirt, or use a chiffon, but then the skirt will succeed more concise
  4. Successions of the swollen to the doorway. The more such stripes and the closer to sew them to each other, the more lousy there will be a skirt
  5. Fold a 0.75m x 1,5m siphon band with a size of 0.75m. Cut the angle along the waist line and in length. It turned out the Sun skirt
  6. Sew this upper skirt to the belt on top of the waist pads. Skirt Pack from chiffon is ready

Skirt-bundle of organza do it yourself

Skirt-bundle of organza do it yourself
Skirt-bundle of organza do it yourself

Tip: Organza can be of different rigidity, so for such a skirt choose a shiny tissue. She will be good to keep shape.

Oboj's bundle skirt with your own hands:

  1. Buy a cut of an organza with a size of 2m x 1,5m. Cut it on a 40 cm wide ribbon is the length of the skirt that will look beautifully on the girl 3-4 years. If you want to create a teenage girl's product, then measure the length from the waist to the knees and multiply by 2 - this is the length of the strips
  2. So that the edges of this fabric do not creep, tick them on a small zigzag on a typewriter or shoot the usual seam
  3. Rubber Measure the waist girth and cut the desired length. At one end, tie a nodule
  4. Explore the rubber braid along the tape, generate the edge of the fabric and step up, carefully, not hurt your paw inserted ribbon
  5. When you reach the end of the gum, pull it out and continue to scribble. That area of ​​organza, which is striking, beautifully collected behind the paw machine
  6. Continue to flash, shifting the outlet
  7. When it is over, sew the ends of the rubber braid, and the knot cut
  8. Shake the product to dealt

How to sew a fuel skirt with his own hands? Video

How to sew a fuel skirt with his own hands? video
How to sew a fuel skirt with his own hands? Video

If you last sewed something else in school at work lessons, and it's difficult for you to make such a skirt, then look at the video. This will help to quickly navigate in the stages and create a real masterpiece.

So how to sew a fate skirt with their own hands? Video:

Video: Skirt from Couture do it yourself

Video: Skirt-tutu tutu with a solid satin ribbon - MK / Tutu Skirt with a Satin Ribbon - DIY (Subtitles)

Video: Skirt-bundle on the baby up to the year - MK / Tutu Skirt for One-Year Baby-Girl - DIY (Subtitles)

Skirt-tutu do it yourself, master class, video

Skirt-tutu do it yourself, master class, video
Skirt-tutu do it yourself, master class, video

Videos that are located below will teach you to sew a skirt-pack with your own hands. Here are the master classes of the sewing of the beautiful skirts of the tutu: with satin ribbons, sharp edges, in three tiers.

Fatin is a very thin and gentle material. It is difficult to correctly cut for such a skirt, since the bands need a lot and all of them must be the same length and width. Check out the video, how to quickly chop fatin.

Video: How to quickly chop fatin for skirt tutu tulle / howup quickly cut tulle for the tutu skirt

Video: Skirt-tutu tutu with sharp edges - MK / Tutu Skirt with Sharp Edges - DIY

Video: Skirt-tutu tutu with satin ribbons - MK / Tutu Skirt with Satin Ribbons - DIY (Subtitles)

Video: Skirt-tutu tutu with a solid satin ribbon - MK / Tutu Skirt with a Satin Ribbon - DIY (Subtitles)

Skirt-tutu do it yourself

Today I will share with you a brilliant idea how to make a skirt pack with my own hands. Want to know how to sew a snack skirt? And it is not necessary to sew! We will weave it! Such a skirt from the grid (fate) is done very easily. By the way, around the world, this skirt is called Tutu skirt, and it comes from America.

To make a skirt pack with your own hands, we need

The following materials are:

1. Fatin (grid)

Ideally, an American nylon is used for such a skirt ("Nylon Tulle Netting"). It is soft, so even suitable for babies, but keeps the shape that you need for a lush skirt. Such tulle is sold in rolls with a width of about 20 cm. It is very convenient, because you do not have to cut the fabric.

Skirt-tutu do it yourselfSkirt-tutu do it yourself

If you did not find such a fabric (we have no city), you can use the fatin (or grid). In our stores it is sold different stiffness. Soft fatin does not hold shape, and hard - ourselves. Therefore, it is better to choose the medium hard fatin.

Skirt-tutu do it yourself

2. Wide dense gum

The length of the gum is equal to the length of the waist minus 3 cm plus a few centimeters per battery. That is, the desired length of the gum is about equal to the waist girth.

Length of gum = waist girth - 3 cm + allowance for seam

3. Satin ribbon on a bow and belt

Skirt can be decorated with a bow from satin ribbons, flowers or beads.

4. Scissors

So, make a skirt pack:

1. Cut the cloth to the strip.

For the smallest (or for a short pack), there will be 15x50 cm stripes. Such strips need not less than 40-60 for kids. For the rest, see "Fabric Calculation"

Skirt-tutu do it yourselfSkirt-tutu do it yourself

Tip: The grid (fatin) is well cut into several layers. Therefore, first fold the fabric into several layers, and then cut the bands of the desired size.

Skirt-tutu do it yourself

You can use the cloth of one color or alternate different colors. Depending on your imagination and purpose, the skirt may turn out to be multicolored, even before the color of the rainbow.

2. The gum is sewn into the circle or tie to the node. We stretch the elastic band or on the back of the chair.

Skirt-tutu do it yourself

3. We take a strip of tissue for the middle of the length and tie on the gum by the usual double knot. If you want the skirt to be lush (looked into the floor), tie a node-loop.

Skirt-tutu do it yourself

IMPORTANT: The node should not drag the gum, but should not hang out on it.

Skirt-tutu do it yourself

Tip: To easier to tie a node, put a ruler on the gum or cut a piece of dense cardboard on the width of the gum. Tie the nodes around the line, and then just remove it.

Skirt-tutu do it yourself

four. Tie nodes tightly to each other so that there is no gum can be seen until the whole circle go.

Skirt-tutu do it yourself

five. If necessary, hang the skirt. To do this, tightly squeeze the ends of the fabric in your hand and cut the ends (do not overdo it).

Skirt-tutu do it yourself

6. Skirt belt can be decorated with satin ribbon. Decorate a taching skirt with a bow or flower, to make a tape in a few nodules and tie a bow.

7. Scatter skirt.

Skirt-tutu do it yourself

Calculation of the number of fabric

The skirt from the grid can be of different lengths and puffs. According to this scheme, you can make a magnificent skirt-pack, skirt length before the knee or skirt to the floor.

Skirt for babies:

For kids, you usually make skirts 20-25 cm long. For such a skirt there will be about 40-60 tissue bands 15-20 cm wide. Since every strip we fold in half, we need to cut 60 lanes in size 15x50 cm.

For example, with a tissue width of 160 cm, 10 lanes will fit into one row, 20 bands will be obtained from the meter. We will need 3 meters of fabric.

For his niece for 4 years, I made a skirt with a length of 30 cm (+ 6 cm on the knot). Fabric strips I have 12x66 cm.

Adult skirt:

Decide what length you want to make a skirt. Add 5-6 cm on the node. Depending on the size of the waist and pomp on the adult girl you need at least 60-80 bands. Sometimes there may be 120!

Calculate the desired amount of fabric for your skirt based on the width of the tissue.

Well, we stitched (that is, they made a snack skirt from the grid. In such a skirt you will be irresistible to a party or photo shoot. And girls will feel like real princesses! By the way, with such a skirt you can come up with many costumes.

Skirts Tutu from the Internet:

Skirt-tutu do it yourselfSkirt-tutu do it yourselfSkirt-tutu do it yourselfSkirt-tutu do it yourselfSkirt-tutu do it yourselfSkirt-tutu do it yourselfSkirt-tutu do it yourselfSkirt-tutu do it yourselfSkirt-tutu do it yourselfSkirt-tutu do it yourself

Skirt-tutu do it yourself

Further on the topic: how to sew a fatin skirt on a rubber band

Fatin Skirt-tutu do it yourself in a couple of hours?!

Easy! Catch a new master class on making a chic fatin skirt! Without a sewing machine, we will sew handles!

We sew a fatin skirt-pack without cars, photo № 1 We sew a fatin skirt-pack without cars, photo № 2

We sew a fatin skirt-pack without cars, photo № 3

Such skirts as soon as they are not called: a tutu skirt, skirt-tutu, Skirt-Massie. They became very popular among modern fashionistas for their volume, air lightness and an incredible combinatorial: with crossheads and leather jacket, an incredible rocker combination is created with a notch of tenderness, and with heeled shoes and in a silk blouse - even on a red carpet! Of course, our simplified version will need legs, bicycles or the base skirt, but we can pass on the link to My previous master class And to sew a whole basic kit, for example, in beige color for translucent things! But in your wardrobe there will be trendy things made with your own hands! However, finishing with the introductory word, I turn to the description. ⠀ We need:

  • Soft fatin, consumption consider the formula:

(Waist girth: 4 + 1): 3 x two skirt lengths For example, I have a waist of 68cm, the skirt length I want a MIDI 70 cm, then: (68: 4 + 1): 3x140 = 840, that is, 8.4 m of the fate. Do not be afraid, the usual fatin is an inexpensive tissue, and on the industrial skirt-packs take up to 30 m of the fate!

Also, for example, I give calculation of the flow of fabric to the girl with an increase of 110 cm (length from the waist of 30 cm) and with waist girth 50 cm: (50: 4 + 1): 3x60 = 260, that is 2.6 m of fate.

  • Elastic band 5 cm, length = waistline, threads in tissue tone, scissors, needle.

We sew a fatin skirt-pack without cars, photo № 4

1. We make a belt from the gum: cut off the length = waist girth, we fold into the ring and stitch. No allowances needed, the gum stretches and perfectly sit down on the waist.

We sew a fatin skirt-pack without cars, photo number 5

2. Cut the fatin on the strips: width = 50cm, length = two skirt lengths (I have 140 cm). Number of strips = waist girth: 4 + 1. I have 68: 4 + 1 = 18 bands.

We sew a fatin skirt-pack without cars, photo № 6

3. Dress the belt on the mannequin / girlfriend / husband / back chair, take the strip and do it strictly in half through the belt as in the photo. Gently seize the strip to a width of about 4 cm.

We sew a fatin skirt-pack without cars, photo № 7

4. Threads strictly into the tone and a needle of confusing the strip under the belt three-four point stitches, that is, we will have almost imperceptible stitches and points. Thread is fettered behind a pair of nodules. We continue in a circle to sew all the strips in the same way.

We sew a fatin skirt-pack without cars, photo № 8

5. At the end, when the place on the belt will end and another stripe will remain, slightly shift all the bands to each other close and sew the last strip on the resulting place. And you will not believe, the skirt is ready!

Comfortable navigator for my master classes: We sew a T-shirt for an hour Mastery Choker for half an hour We sew a crop-top dress per hour We sew a beach tunic in the floor

Fatina skirt is an amazing piece of clothing that has done the way from the scenic ballerina to the beloved thing in the wardrobe of modern women. It helps create an image for any occasion. Beginner craftsmen will be useful to learn how a fate skirt is sewn with their own hands, familiar with the properties of this material. Considering the age, a set and growth, you can make a fashionable thing for any woman.

Select model

Feminine and weightless fate skirts differ in their crumble and length. Before being taken for sewing, you need to decide on the style, since not every model is easy to manufacture. Ski varieties:

  1. The pack - short, consists of several layers of semi-rigid fatetern, sewn to a belist or rubber band.
  2. Schopin made of fate - elongated model, stitched from one or more layers of soft material. Cra rectangular, wedges, "sun" or "half-gravel".
  3. TUTU - Fine strips, which are attached to a rubber band or belt (without sewing).
  4. American or Pettiskirt is a combination of skirt-packs and the "Sun" model, creating a very magnificent product.
  5. With large ruffles - when making a strip of fabric, they will be guarded and sewn on the lining of tiers.

Inexperienced craftsmen it is better to start with such simple models as Tutu and American.

With large ruffles

The length of the fate skirt is divided into:

  • Super-mini (very short, worn with legins);
  • mini (above the knee);
  • knee-deep;
  • midi (below the knee);
  • maxi;
  • With length drops.
With length drops
Super Mini

Many wonder how to find a model and how to sew a fate skirt, which will be profitable to look at its own owner. First of all, it is necessary to determine the type of shape, as well as take into account the growth, age, a set. Recommendations of stylists:

  1. The owners of the type of type "Pear" choose the style to choose that excessive puffs do not waste the hips. A long Schopin skirt from one or two layers of fate on a subladet will look good.
  2. For a form of type "Apple", short lush models will not fit. It is better to stay on a moderate Midi. The waist in this case can be slightly overlapping and emphasized by its belt.
  3. Figure "Inverted Triangle" The lush skirt is visually balanced. She will distract attention from massive shoulders, give the thighs missing volume.

Very short lush models will suit little girls and slender young girls who often use super mini for sports and dancing.

Length for young slender women can be any. As for the full ladies, it is not suitable for all style skirts from a fate. It is better to choose the option in one layer on the subladet. Length depends on the growth, preferred skirts on the knee, midi or maxi.

Skirts with a drop in length are suitable for special occasions. As a rule, these are models with a loop and shortened before. They look spectacular at weddings, parties, other celebrations. For convenience, the loop can be made removable. It should be sewn from a softer fate than the main product, so he will rush and beautifully beyond.

For "pears"
For the figure "Inverted Triangle"
For "apple"
For full

Measures and calculations

To understand how much the fate for tailoring is needed, some calculations and measurements should be made. Much depends on the selected model. If the craftswoman plans to sew their own skirt from the fate of a rectangular cut, she needs to know the length of the product. For example, for a pack of a length of 60 cm, you will need a cut of a material with a width of 3 m. Fabric length - 2, 40 m (length of things multiplied by 4). From this cloth, 4 layers of 3 meters are obtained, or 2 layers - 6 meters. Both options will be quite lush. But if the waist girth is more than 75 cm, then in order to get a pronounced assembly and falda, it is better to take layers of 6 meters.

If the fabric is thin and shines greatly, it is worth complementing the product with a tailor in color. The material should be smooth, giving beautiful drapery. To give additional airiness, you can take a dense tissue for the attachment. If, on the contrary, the volume is needed minimal, the material must be soft. With the width of the fabric, 1.5 m will be needed, the length of which is 5 cm less than the length of the skirt.

The attitude is needed in products from a very thin material with a small amount of layers. It serves to ensure that the edge of the hard fate will not cling to tights. It is calculated and it lies in the same way as for a pack.

For Schopin, consisting of several layers, carved by the type "Sun", the calculation of the fatelight depends on the number of layers and the length of the product. To cut one of the elements, a square will be required, the side of which is calculated by the formula: (length of the thing + waist girth, divided by 6.3) x 2. Thus, when tapping a waist 70 cm and the length of the skirt 60 cm for 1 layer, a cut from a side is needed (60 + 70 / 6.3) x 2, that is, about 142 cm.

If you plan to make a fate with your own hands on a rubber band, which is worn through the bottom, then it is necessary to take into account the girth is not a waist, but hips. That is, for a hopin, 60 cm long, consisting of 4 layers, will need 3 m tissues with a width of 3 m, and for six layers - already 4, 5 meters. To make an assembly on the waist in this model, you need to either increase the waist girth, or use the "double sun" cut when the parts obtained are cut and stitched pairwise.

To sew a lush three-core skirt with large ruffles, it will take 4.5 meters of fate and the fabric for the base, the length of which is 5 cm in short, than the length of the product.

To make a children's skirt without sewing, you need to take a fate of 15-20 cm strips. The number of parts is equal to the waist girth in centimeters. You can take a little more to increase the puff and reduce transparency. The length of the bands is equal to the twin width of the product. To calculate how much a fate need for a thing, the number of vertical elements should be calculated. For example, for a skirt-tunic 30 cm long with a width of the fabric 3 meters, a cut of a 3-meter length will be needed. 75 lanes of 60 x 20 cm in size will be released from this piece.

Required tools

A beginner seam will be very easy to work with this material, as it is well handled. But it is recommended to prepare some tools. In addition to the sections of the tissue of the desired size, you will need:

  • Santimeter tape for measurements;
  • scissors;
  • Pins for climbing parts;
  • needle;
  • threads in the color of the fabric;
  • Elastic band (for skirt Tutu you can take chess from which hair bandages are made);
  • Satin tape for bursting belt.

You also need to prepare a sewing machine by installing a needle for thin and stretch tissues in it. If the Niza treatment is planned, the oblique beyk will need.

Some types of fate give shrinkage. To avoid this, and at the same time eliminate all the chances, before sewing you should process the fairy fabric using the iron.

How to choose fatin

Fatin is a translucent mesh material consisting of nylon and polyamide threads. His structure resembles cells. Fabric is widely used in sewing clothes, curtains, decorations.

Positive traits:

  • weightlessness and airiness;
  • Ability to be beautifully draped;
  • wear resistance;
  • does not mind;
  • keeps the shape even in wet form.

In addition, he does not absorb moisture and dries quickly. There are disadvantages. Fatin is electrified and sticks (especially after washing), melts at high temperatures, does not let the air.

According to the degree of rigidity, the fatin happens the following types:

  1. Hard. It holds well, but it has so rough cut, which can scratch his leg. In clothing is rarely used. For a skirt from such a faten, the entry and edge processing is required.
  2. Middle. Well suited for bulk products and lush lower skirts. He keeps the shape, not injured the skin. However, when sewing clothes for children, it will be better to treat the edge.
  3. Soft. Suitable for tailoring clothes for a child and an adult. It's pleasant to the touch, but does not hold a form, so there will be many layers for the skirt to achieve the desired volume.

Today, EuroFatin can be found in the clothing departments. This is a very soft fabric that does not twist when cut, so it does not need to be straightened. Suitable for tailoring of the American skirts, the volume is created due to the thickness of the ruffle and the number of layers. By type, the fatin is one-photon with glitter or matte, with print and decorative decorations: sparkles, sequins, spraying, rhinestones, embroidery.

There are several secrets who will make it easier to work with this material:

  1. In order for the tissue during tailoring, it does not electrify and stick to the hands and sewing machine, it should be sprinkled with water from the sprayer.
  2. When sewing manually, it is better to use thick needles and thread. They will not damage the fabric due to its mesh surface, and they will work easier with them with these volumes.
  3. On the sewing machine, it will be more convenient to use a non-smooth line, but a zigzag. Large stitches will help make a small assembly.
  4. Before the sewing, the layers of the fate name must be copper with pins across the seam or fit manually.

The cut of this material does not appear, so does not require processing. A slightly torn edge makes the thing even more air. But if the model assumes the edge of the edge, it is possible to make it an atlantic ribbon or oblique baker. For an additional volume, the fishing line is sewn.

The main stages of the manufacture of Schopin

At the heart of such a skirt lies with crate rectangles, half, the sun and the double sun. The most magnificent thing from this material will in the latter case, besides, it will help to avoid excess volume on the waist. As with your own hands, sew a Schopin skill from a fate of 60 cm long - this is worth learn from novice needlewomen.

For the manufacture of this model you need to know the length of the product and the waist girth. It will be necessary to carve 4 layers of material, each of which consists of two circles of the Sun. Fabric consumption on such a model: Celling of a fate of 6 x 3 meters, a cut of a material for a subflade of 1.45 x 1.45 m. In addition, it is necessary to prepare a dublerin for a belt, sewing accessories, pins, zipper.

Creation of panta and cutting

First of all, the semicircular pattern is made. To do this, on paper (wallpapers) are deposited from one point two radius. The first is equal to the waist girth separated by 6.3. When tapping a waist, 70 cm radius will be 12 cm. The second radius is equal to the first + skirt length + 3 cm on the seam and trimming. In our case, it will look like this: 12 + 60 + 3 = 75. It turns out a semicircle with a diameter of 150 cm.

After that, the fatin is divided into 8 equal squares with a size of 1.5 x 1.5 m. Each of the elements need to be folded in half and, using the pattern, cut the circle with the hole inside. If the fabric size does not allow you to cut each item from the square, you need a more economical layout. For such a case, there is a chess principle of patterns:

  1. The material fold in half along, the edges are aligned.
  2. The semicircle is applied with a smooth side to the split, the contour will be required. After cutting, a solid semicircle will turn out.
  3. Then the pattern shifts and shifted by a flat side to the opposite side, without bending.
  4. Here you will get two half, which will need to be sehered. The molds shifts and turns over until all layers are carved.

It is possible not to move the pattern, but the fabric, pre-gluing the milestone to the floor of the tape. Through the transparent fatin, her contours will be clearly visible.

Next, you need to perform such actions:

  1. Each circle is cut in one place by radius.
  2. From the lining fabric cut the circle as well as fate, 5 cm shorter.
  3. Clean the belt length equal to the waist girth, 8 cm wide.
  4. Skin it with Dublerin. If the belt is planned to replace with a rubber band, then you do not need to paint this item. In this case, a gum should be prepared, the length of which is equal to the waist girth minus 2 cm.

In the case when the "Sun" is taken as the basis, the additional volume of Schopin can be given, increasing the size of the hole for the waist. Each layer in such a skirt can have its own assembly coefficient due to different diameters of the hole for the waist. The very thick assembly is made on the top layer of the fate, and the lower remains unchanged.

Radius of the opening for a skirt consisting of a different number of layers for the waist 70 cm:

  1. The lower (first) layer is coefficient 1, that is, the radius = waist girth / 6.3, approximately 11.5 cm.
  2. The top layer is a coefficient of 1.5, which is considered to be basic for assembly. The radius of the opening will be 70 x 1.5 / 6.3, that is, about 17 cm.
  3. If layers 3, then the average can be taken with a coefficient of 1.25. This will be 14 cm.
  4. If layers 4, coefficients can be taken, for example, 1; 1.2; 1.4; 1.6. It depends on what kind of richness skirt is needed.

In the fabric departments you can find fatin with decorative elements. This will significantly save time, as it will not be necessary to think about how to decorate the product.

Fabric need to be folded
Fabric for lining need to cut the width of the hips

Build product

First of all, you need to combine two cut circles and sew them one lateral seam. It will be 4 double sun. Two of them are combined in a slice of the waist and are cleaned with pins. At the top of each of the two received parts, 2 parallel machine lines with a weakened thread and a large stitch are laid.

Then you can start assembling:

  1. Tighting the threads on one side of the lines, we give up the details so that their length is equal to the waist girth. We descend and sew both parts with each other along the waist line.
  2. The circle of the lining fabric is cut along the radius, we place it under all layers of the fate, we descend and stitch on the waist. We remove all the set lines.
  3. Belt overlapping the face on the front side of the skirt, sew the waist.
  4. We sew all layers of lateral cuts using an overclock to make it easier to sew zipper.
  5. With the help of a pin we rush zipper to the side seam so that its upper teeth reached the middle of the belt.
  6. Feed the belt on the wrong one, take it and admonish it to the skirt, bending the edge.

At the very end, we sew the side seam below zipper. The bottom of the subclass is processed by overlock or suture an enclosure with a closed slice. Fatin Schopin Skopenka from four layers is ready.

Tailoring nuances taking into account the model

The consumption of the material and tailoring of the skirts of different LEDs differ. It is necessary to carefully examine the information on how to sew a lush fatin skirt using in different ways. It is also recommended to familiarize yourself with the advice of experienced Shvent.

Tutu baby

To sew a skirt pack for a girl, it will take a fate of a fate with a length of 5 m and a width of 2 times more than the estimated pack length. Lining tissue, a rubber band 2 cm wide (its length is less than a waist girth per 1-2 cm), a dense knitwear of 25 cm wide (the length is equal to the waist girth + 2 cm). The sequence of manufacturing step by step:

  1. Fatin cut into a rectangle with a length of 50 cm, folded them in pressure to get a length of 25 cm.
  2. With a special foot to create an assembly to see all folded pieces of fabric, retreating 5 mm folding, lining them with each other. Seam lay wide stitches with weakened thread.
  3. Gently pulling the thread on one side, collect all the details so that the total length is equal to the waist girth + 5-10 cm
  4. Sew a blank on the side seam.
  5. Clean the piece of cloth for lining. Its length should be slightly smaller than the length of the upper skirt.
  6. Sew the fabric on the side seams and learn just like fatin.
  7. Attach a lining in the skirt and notice.
  8. Carry out this size belt from the knitwear so that it coincides with the circumference of the resulting skirt and the width equal to the width of the finished belt multiplied by 2.

After that, you can sew a belt to the top of the skirt from the inside, then bend it in half and, bent, to shoot the front side to the fatina of the zigzag. Put the gum and sew its ends. Second stitches to sew the side sides of the belt.

Cut fatin by standards
Flash each piece of fabric separately
Pull the thread to collect cloth
Send ribbon


To sew a fate skirt for the girl with their own hands, a lot of effort will be required, but the result is spectacular. For the Patty model, you need to prepare material for the tier and rolves, dense cloth for the coquette, rubber band, sewing accessories. Stages of work:

  1. From a dense material to carve a coquetka, the length of which is equal to the waist girth, multiplied by 2, and width - 20 cm.
  2. From a fatey to form a skirt tier, the length of which is equal to the waist girth, multiplied by 9, 11 cm wide.
  3. For Ryush, it is necessary to cut long strips from the fate of the width of 7 cm.
  4. Along the strips exactly in the middle, you need to pave a machine line for the assembly. You can use a special paw. In the sewing process, put the following stripes.
  5. After that, roll Ryushy until their length is equal to the yarus length.
  6. Save ruins to the edge of the tier.
  7. A rectangle for the coquette sew on the short side into the pipe, the top edge to adjust and form a stem.
  8. A tier to recall the coquette length manually or using a machine line and sew to its lower edge. Insert a rubber band into a row.

To skirt for the girl looked good, it can be decorated with a satin ribbon, knitting into the bow.

Starting ribbons and pull to form Ryashe
Send to the front side of the rectangle
Fold the coquetka in half and sew the ends, closed the circle
Ready product


To get a pack of a fate, consisting of 3 tiers, you need to prepare 4 meters of material, knitted fabric cut for the base. In addition, there will be a rubber band, sewing supplies, threads in tone. Sequencing:

  1. From the knitwear, we cut a rectangle, the length of which is equal to the girth of the hips + 2-3 cm. Width is 5 cm less than the length of the skirt. We sew short sides, get a pipe.
  2. Fatin cut into a strip of a width of 15 cm.
  3. We climb stripes to the base. At the same time form folds. The first strip is climbing at a distance of 10 cm from the top of the base, the remaining two evenly distribute in length so that 7 cm remains from the last seam to the bottom of the product. To get a very magnificent fatery skirt, you can increase the number of layers.
  4. The top of the knitted tube is peeling inside and form a scene.
  5. We make a hole to insert a gum.

So that the product is impeccable, you need to choose an elastic band in tone skirt. The optimal width is from 3 to 5 cm. If it is a children's skirt, then a narrower elastic braid is suitable.

Cutting fatin stripes, strain, guarding
Surify ruffles to the base
Sew to the belt tape
Ready product

From rectangles

To make a fate of three layers of rectangular cutting, you need to take 6 meters of tissue width equal to the length of the future skirt. If the material is transparent, you may need a lining. Also need a wide satin belt for belt.

Master class sewing fate skirt:

  1. We cut the fabric to 3 pieces: 1.5 meters, 2 meters, 2.5 meters.
  2. Each piece is sewn along the short side into the pipe (without reaching the edge of 10 cm) and we collect on the long part with a needle with thick thread. Their length after that should be equal to the waist girth plus 4-5 cm.
  3. We collect layers so that inside was the most narrow piece of fabric, and on top - the most wide.
  4. We estimate the layers among themselves.

Seams close with a wide ribbon and add it using a typewriter. You can leave long ends for tying. The same scheme also sews a fate of a fate on a rubber band.

Cut rectangles, stack among themselves
Send each layer
Start gum sewage
Ready product

The sun

To sew a fate skirt for a girl or an adult woman, you need from 4 to 8 layers of fabric. If there are less, the lining and assembly on the waist for volume will be required. Then the radius for the hole in the circle is calculated by the formula: waist grumps / 3.14. Each of the layers will be guarded separately, since otherwise they will repeat each other's form, and the volume will not work. To save material, you can paint some of the circles of solid, and some of the halves and quarters, which are then stitched. Such layers are better to put down.

An interesting option is obtained, if you cut the skirt with the sun from a fate of 2-3 layers and carry it with another clothing. It can be put on both from above, to give an image of elegacity and down to create a volume. In order to sew such a thing of clothing, we take 2 meters of eurofatine of medium stiffness, fairy-elastic band waist and sewing supplies.

Sewing is as follows:

  1. We cut the right number of circles for the Sun skirt. The hole in the center should be equal to the girth of the hips for free wear.
  2. We fold the layers together and flash them with a machine line close to the edge.
  3. There is an eyebreaker in half and stroke to prevent shrinkage.

Then processed the belt belt. Lightly stretch it and sew a rubber band around the edge, hiding the previous seam. The ends of the faces are stitching among themselves.

Folded fatin in half and cut the right amount of blanks
Round billets folded together and flash
Sew erases
Ready product

How to make without sewing

Funny and interesting Skada Tutu, with their own hands, it turns out of the fire strips fixed on an elastic band without sewing. Such a thing is suitable for a girl or for a teenage girl. Sequencing:

  1. To calculate the amount of fabric on the skirt-tutu, measuring the waist. It will take so many lanes from the fate, how much it turned out centimeters. The size of the rectangular strip is 20 cm and twice the length of the skirt. You can take several different colors of the fabric.
  2. A rubber band suitable for a waist circumference, sew in the ring and stretch on the back of the chair.
  3. Every strip of tissue bend in half and tie a node-loop to a rubber band. The last thing is important not to drag so that the product remains smooth. To secure the bands without excess volume, you can use a hat rubber, fixing it by the fatin method "Back Neck".

After all the bands are tied, we collect their ends into the bundle and hang the hem. The belt can be decorated with a ribbon, winding it around a gum with nodules.

Cut fatin by 40-50 bands
Strips wrap around formed gum
Ready product

Decorating the product

The weightless things from the Fatin themselves look elegant, so you can not add decorations for everyday socks. But if they are intended for the holiday, that is, several ways to decorated products to give them shine and effect. The belt can be decorated with a wide satin ribbon, which is tied at the back or on the side of the lush bow. The latter can be replaced with an artificial flower, broken. All these decorations are allowed to use and without a satin belt.

A ribbon or bay decorated and the hem, to emphasize the volume. Inside the tissue can be inserted to the fishing line for beautiful Fald on the edge. If desired, the hem is expanding beads, beads, sequins, decorated with decorative embroidery. Children's skirts are complemented by beautiful buttons, bows, pompons, lace.


This ballet skirt has long stepped from the scene in the wardrobe of thousands of women. A bundle skirt, more precisely, its more suitable for everyday socks is a kind - a tunic, she is Schopin, she is Tulle - long loved fans of the series "Sex in the Big City".

The main heroine of Carrie Bradshow wore such skirts with jerseys, t-shirts, jeans, successfully diluting some Pluziness of Schopin's simple everyday things. And the search engines are still unmistakably issue examples of Schopin on request "skirt, like Carrie." The heroine of the series dressed the best world stylists, but it is possible to make such a skirt independently. We offer three ways how to sew a choppen with your own hands!

Method first: almost without sewing


  • Basic Fabric for Skirt - Fatin,
  • The cloth for the subdrance - the atlas is suitable, but you can experiment,
  • Gum for belt.

one. Such a skirt is done without sewing, very quickly. We are determined with the length of the gum on which the tutu skirt will hold. It is important that it is easily filmed through the hips. We sew the edges of the gum.

2. Determine the length of the skirt. Cut from the fate of the tape with a width of 5-10 centimeters and twice the length of the desired length. Bend the finished ribbons in half and tie them to the gum. We do it until we completely cover the rubber band with a cloth.

3. Skirt-tuta is ready! It is also worth taking care of an opaque attitude or wearing this skirt with dense leggings or leggings! Production details can be viewed in this video:

The method of the second: just, but full


  • Basic Fabric for Skirt - Fatin,
  • The tissue for the subdrance is suitable atlas, but you can experiment.
  • Gum for belt.

Very easy way - to carve out the Sun skirt. Since the fatin is often sold in rolls of 2-3 meters wide, it will not be difficult. To build patterns you need only two standards: waist girth and skirt length. We fold the fabric 4 times, to create patterns we use the scheme:

one. We define how many layers will be in the skirt - so many "suns" and Crow. Since this type of cut is more suitable for fragile girls, and people even medium-sized physique are full of complete, it is better not to do more than three layers.

2. We are preparing a lining: we reject it in the width of your hips, along the length - centimeters on the 5 shorter the selected length of the skirt.

3. There are two ways further. The first - we collect all the fatine skirts in one and attach their belt to, stitched into the ring around the waist, rubber band (it is important to check that the gum is easily tensioned on the hips). The finished design is climbing on the skirt-lining. We calculate the edges of the subflade (the fatin does not need it). Skirt is ready!

four. By the way, the fatin skirts can be made of different lengths - the longest seus closer to the subclass, the shortest - outward. It turns out a skirt resembling a three-tier cake.

The third way is suitable for any figure, but you have to work hard!

one. This method is somewhat more complicated. Fatin is manifested not by the sun, but cuts into strips. The first is the width into an estimated length of the skirt, a length of two hips. The second - on 5 centimeters is already the first, in length - the same. The third - on 5 centimeters is already the second, in length - the same.

2. Just as in the first and second case, we sew a lining skirt, but there are two different options.

3. You can make a skirt, which on the waist will be collected on the gum - then it is easier to make the attitude of the usual, rectangular.

You can make a skirt that will be fastened on the hooks - in this case it is better to freeze the attachment in the form of a trapezoid or direct - but take care of the outstands so that the skirt is nice to fall on the waist and hips. Then she will not be fulfilled.

four. Behind or on the side, we make an incision with a depth of 5-10 centimeters, and depending on the bend of your spine - cut to the state when the skirt can be removed "through the legs". We calculate the edges and sew hooks.

five. Now the most difficult. We take a strip of a fate, and, armed with a needle and thread, begin to "suck", so as to bring their width to the approximate girth of our clothesline. How to scam, you can see in this video:

6. The tailoring method from this video can also be adjusted, but we do a little different. We plan that the first fatine skirt will be sewed on the clothesline closer to the waist, the second - on 5 centimeters below, the third is still the same below.

7. After that, we connect the edges of the collected fatin skirts and sew them, leaving for the upper skirt from above 5-10 centimeters free.

8. Now the ready-made fatain skirts need to sew to the attitude - no longer from hand, but with the help of a typewriter.

9. After that, we remove the threads that were used to climb the fabric.

ten . It remains only to arrange the belt - you can sew to the finished skirt of the rep a ribbon, which will be bought from behind. Or sew two tapes together to make a hard belt, and attach loops and hooks to the edges. Krepim him to the finished skirt. It should be something like that:

And now - a little inspiring ideas, how to wear a skirt-pack and Skopenk skirt:

Do you like such skirts?

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Read also on the portal "I buy":

Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

Lush multilayer fate skirts are superbly combined with the most common tops and vests, sweatshirts and t-shirts. They can be worn in the office along with the blazer, wear under the dress in the style of the New On, or speak in a carnival procession or to be scene.

From such skirts worst crazy, very small girls and moms crumbs in wheelchairs. They also adore young girls and successful business women. There are many options how to sew a fate skirt, there is even an option to create a breathtaking skirt with your own hands almost without needle and thread and literally for half an hour.

Sewing options for a classic pack with a three-step lower skirt and upper skirt-sun or -Pollar

You will need

  • Fatin, tulle, veil or organza (for our sample Consumption of Tulle 6 M wide 150 cm) - Fabric flow options See below.
  • The fabric for the upper cloth skirt-sun is the same fatin, tulle, veil, organza or completely different fabrics - from silk and cotton to synthetics and wool, but the fabric for the top skirt should not be too heavy.
  • The oblique beaker with a length of 15 m for edging of the lower edge - see the expenses for the instruction.
  • Elastic ribbon width 6-12 mm, length = waist girth + 2 cm allowance for seam.
  • Cutting knife (buy in the store Burda)
  • Threads for sewing.
  • Marking pencil (buy in the Burda store)
  • Pins (buy in the store Burda)
  • Mannequin (preferably).
Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

Tips on Sewing Fatina, Tulle, Veva, Organza

  • Do not shine too long stitches, otherwise the fabric will immediately suck. With excessive small stitches, the threads of these gentle tissues (especially Tulle) can be "stuck" in the plate plate. Optimal stitch length 2.5 mm.
  • For manual lifting, run the pins as often as possible.
  • Do not forget in the sewing process you constantly iron your product. It is best to do this after each step performed. On each seam, we have breakup, and then start them on one side. Fatin, tulle, veil, organza, usually ironing at the lowest heating so that the fabric is not deformed. For silk, cotton or wool (top skirt-sun), respectively, choose another heating mode.
Master class: how to sew a fate skirt
  • To dwell these fabrics on the typewriter, put the straight line, the longest stitch. In addition, adjust (loosen) the tension of the lower thread - read about it in the instructions for your machine, most often it can be done, slightly weakening the screw on the spool.
Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

Thus, due to the different tension of the threads and a long direct stitch, the fabric will be scattered automatically, and you will only need to follow to perform a smooth line. Do not forget to also leave at the end and at the beginning of the lines to give up the long ends of the threads.

Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

Work description

Step 1: Cut the Tulle

The lower skirt of our sample consists of three steps. Each stage is composed of a width of 150 cm (= tissue width) and 30 cm long.

The upper step is made up of 2 panels, the second (average) stage - out of three, the third (lower) stage is out of five.

In total, after the cutting, you should have 10 identical cloth.

Tip 1:

If you want to get a three-step skirt of several layers, the flow consumption will be doubled, three times, four times.


Tip 2:

These data are intended for a skirt with a length of 87 cm, if you want to sew a skirt in short or longer, the tissue consumption will also decrease or increase. Accordingly, exprobe the panels for the steps in short or longer. For example, if you want to sew a knee-length skirt, then reveal the panels with a length of 15 cm, as shown in the picture below.

Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

Tip 3:

With a smaller width of the fabric, exprobe a larger number of cloths for each stage.

Calculate the number of cloths (as well as layers of a stepped skirt), depending on how lush you want to sew a fate skirt.

Tip 4:

Elastic tape can be pulled to the upper cut of the top stage of the skirt pack. Either make a conventional stretch for elastic ribbon. To do this, when calculating the height of the clouds for the upper stage, add 5-6 cm allowed space for one-piece row.

Step 2: Start in the ring of the panel for steps of a fate of a fate

Two panels for the top stage to fold the front sides to each other, stitch the side seam, the seam width is 0.5 cm, the allowances to spend together. Then stack the second side seam, the allowance also to spend together. You got a ring.

Similarly, stack three panels in the ring for the average stage, then stack in the ring five panels for the bottom stage of the skirt pack.

You have 3 rings of different diameters.

ATTENTION: All allowances to spend together and knock on one side.

Step 3: Treat the bottom edge of the bottom

Option 1:

Treat lower edge

on a typewriter or manually.

Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

Option 2: Process the lower


oblique baker.

Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

If you sew a lower three-step skirt from several layers, then process

oblique baker

Lower cut of each lower level of each layer of fate of the fate.

Step 4: Start three steps of skirt together

Measure the width of the lower slice of the middle stage of the skirt pack. Exactly to dwell the upper cut of the lower stage of the skirt. To do this, perform a line with long stitches on a typewriter or


, Ends of the thread leave hanging. The threads of the line stretch so that the length of the seamless upper cutting of the lower stage is equal to the length of the lower slice of the middle stage.

Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

The ends of the threads to tie nodes, the assembly to distribute evenly across the entire width. To be made by pins, the seedy edge of the lower stage and the lower edge of the middle stage of the face to the front side, strain. Remove the scoring threads, spend the allowances together and fought down.

Similarly, to dwell and stop the middle step of the fate of the fate to the top.

Step 5: Treat the top edge of the skirt

Option 1: The upper cut of the upper step is to wash the zigzag lines or on overlock. Cut the elastic tape of the desired length and stack ends into the ring. Place on ribbon 4 identical segments. Position on the upper cut of the upper stage 4 of the same segment. To make 4 labels with pins. To shoot an elastic ribbon to the upper slice of the zigzo-disconnect line, stretching it so that between the tags the cloth lay down evenly and the assembly was distributed evenly.

Option 2: Perform a stem for a rubber band. First sew the upper skirt, see steps 5 and 6, then connect the upper sections of the upper and step skirt and then process as a single-layer item. The upper sections of the skirts are 0.5 cm on the wrong side, then overcome 1.5 cm once again, notify, start the scene to the edge, while leaving a hole in the seam to produce an elastic tape. Elastic ribbon to go into the scene.

Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

Step 6: Clear the upper cloth

For the upper panel, you can take any fabric - the same tulle (like sample) or silk, cotton, etc. first need to draw the pattern

Skirts Sun.

or -Collar.

On a large sheet of paper from the right upper angle to draw out with the help of a filament circulation radius ® for the waist line and radius (R1) for the lower edge of the skirt (the radius plus the skirt length). Or postpone for the line of the lower edge several times the length of the fate of the fate from the waist line down and put points. Then the point to connect the arcuate line.

To build the Sun skirt, the radius ® is calculated by the formula: ½ of (waist girth) / 3.14. If the skirt is sewn on the elastic band, then instead of girth of the waist takes the magnitude of the hips.

For a semis skirt (as in the picture below), the radius ® is ½ from / 3.14 / (2/4).

Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

ATTENTION: Since our taching skirt on a rubber band, the upper cut must be calculated by the magnitude of the hips in the widest part of them (see forumum above).

Terminal translation:

Fadenlauf = direct thread direction;

Einreihen = Sit down;

VORD. U. Rueckw. Mitte = middle handle / back;

Stoffbruch = fold.

Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

The pattern of the skirt is imposed on a folded halve cloth for the top of the skirt, aligning a barrier on the pattern with a fold of the fabric, the line of direction of the thread should lie in parallel to the edge of the tissue. Thus carve 2 panels.

Step 7: Sew the upper skirt

Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

On the panels skirts stack side seams. Swiss allowances to wash and irrigate. Bottom cut off the bottom on the wrong side, then check the length of the skirt on the mannequin and only after that he is to flick into the edge.

On the upper cut of the upper skirt, lay 4 identical segments. On the Kulisk or on the elastic tape of the lower speed skirt also place 4 identical segments.

Option 1: Upper the upper skirt replete up the face down and put it on the elastic tape of its upper cut over the damned edge of the step skirt. Save to the ribbon, evenly distributing the assembly, then unscrew the top skirt down.

Option 2: Saving the upper cut of the upper skirt, connect with the upper slice of the stepped skirt from the Tulle and sew a scene as a single-layer part, see step 4.

Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

Your skirt is ready!

Skirt-bundle from the fate of "without sewing"

Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

This option is suitable for those who are in a hurry, and for those who are just starting to sew and are not solved by becoming difficult.

You will need

  • Fatin, Tulle, Veil, Organza of one or different colors - the more fabric will be, the stringener will be the skirt.
  • Elastic ribbon suitable to colors, 3-5 cm wide, length = waist girth + 2 cm allowance for seam.
  • Threads for sewing.
Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

We took for our sample 2 of the tulle roll on 9 m light and dark pink

Work description

Step 1: Sew the elastic ribbon and cut tulle

Impose one end of the elastic ribbon to another and become twice

on typewriter

or sew manually. Tulle cut into strips with a width of 60 cm, length = dual length of the skirt.

Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

Step 2: Tighten the band by the knot on the ribbon

Take one lane in your hand and fold it in half so that the loop (1) is formed above. At the rear to the elastic ribbon (2). Bottom, open ends turn up and stretch through the loop (3). Gently tighten the loop on the ribbon so that the Tullet's strip lay as smoothly and flat (4) as possible.

Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

Step 3: Tighten the following tulle stripes on the tape

Now tie a node on the elastic tape the second lane of the tulle close to the first. Make sure that the Tulle bands are directed strictly in one direction. Every time we changed the color of the tulle strips.

Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

Step 4: Completion

Continue as long as all Tulle bands are used.

Tip: Tie the strips on the elastic ribbon tight to each other. Just in case it is better to have a reserve of Tulle, as it is difficult to calculate exactly how tapes it is for your skirt is difficult.

Master class: how to sew a fate skirt

Fatina Skirt DIY

Photo: PR, Burdastyle.ru

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