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ON TIME! Oh Mrava! Today, the game industry is rather reminiscent of the era of the end of the Cold War with America, when the world is already so sure of the monopolarity of the world, which does not remember how it was five years ago! And the memory will refresh the Overgamer channel with a reminder: it was not better And differently!

Some already do not remember how these babes looked like! Have you had a PS3, Xbox 360 generation console?
Some already do not remember how these babes looked like! Have you had a PS3, Xbox 360 generation console?

How it all began...

Not many remember, but the Xbox 360 due to its specific security of the system was of great popularity specifically in Russia, for it was expensive to buy games, but to pump everything literally for free! What is not paradoxical, but Microsoft's flaws in the field of protection played them on hand But not only one rule "come in and piwing, who wants" made a "box" popular. The salt was that while Sony had something to themselves and "solved solutions" there, Microsoft had already launched their platform. Ixboxes started in 2005, when PS3 was able to enter the world market only in 2007, which, of course, played a completely evil joke with a Japanese company.

Before the pictures were filled with all the Internet
Before the pictures were filled with all the Internet

Imagine: Two years you eat flakes for breakfast. They are delicious, they like you, and here with some Japanese ... Question ... You need to go to the usual Friday for others. How do you do? Yes, and gamers in 2007 did not hurry with the conclusions. But the same thing was that "Sonya" started with the price that significantly exceeding the price of the 360th. This is the end of the journalists who love the series of games about the player Spyro, Ratchet and Red Crash But we know with you than everything ended.

On the way to Olympus

Old Dualshock 3 was so-so, honestly.
Old Dualshock 3 was so-so, honestly.

And there began long and stubborn Bodaniya with Microsoft, Sony balls, came from the rear and tried to do everything to win the giants to their piece of cake. And you still need to understand one thing: For Sony, the project "PlayStation" is about 35-40% of income, And for Microsoft, their Xbox is only 10%, which, of course, is serious, but not critical. When the competition is at the moment and reminds the game in giveaway. But then everything was completely different. The sony only revealed the key, which would be revealed as "T-shirts" have already flew over their nest, in hope they will live themselves.

Sony and "His Kinect" Made in response to Mikes on their "WII U-controller" and the vibration in the gamepad added and the batteries did not have in the controller and began to make everyone there God of War, Resistance, Heavenly Sword and TD. But all People's love was not to find. Very guys, expensive. Neighbor remark: Companies make consoles below cost, thus making them unprofitable, in the hope of making a profit on games, deductions from shops that receive a commission from each sold copy of this game The most console and TD. And here Sony has ceased to it: Heavy Rain, God of War 3, Infamous, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank and so can continue very well.

Where are we without a father of all memes?
Where are we without a father of all memes?

Our friends from Microsoft also did not stood post.Ini answered every volley (not that now): Sunset Overdrive, Halo, Gears of War. All these games managed to love for the time while X Boxing collected all cream as the only console "second generation" without competitors. Yes, there was still Wii U, who also got a deck, but not critical. Mikes felt like leaders, therefore did not feel some kind of pressure. They calmly walked around the water when Sony rowed five hands. What did it appear? Look old E3 And you are terrible. The situation was exactly the opposite of the current one .Sony announced one game after another, trying to negotiate with third-party studios on a lot and a lot of money only in order for their presentation a minute trailer for some new-old Call of Duty for more It is precisely around their brand, their exhibitions, their consoles. Don't subscribe to those times when there was an icon "30 minutes of exclusive gameplay. Only on the PlayStaytion". The .yapons agreed on multi-million contracts for any attractions for their offspring.

The mouth of the baby ...
The mouth of the baby ...

So who won?

Always wins the one who tries. Amicrosoft at the end of the generation to give up and was not going to surrender. Just the struggle fleeing with the Xbox 360 and PS3 on the Xbox One and PS4, about which we also talk about. For me, I personally won, of course, Sony, because My solar childhood was held behind closed curtains with her beloved PS3 in another novelty or just a favorite and cozy game. And who won your personally for you? Which games swat on PS3 and Xbox 360? Put this article like, subscribe to the channel so as not to miss. The next article is already tomorrow. With you was Overgamer, one who answers every comment from his favorite and beloved viewers with love and trepidation, who follows the "bell" by the profile.

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Make the game on this book. The success is guaranteed.

Compare two competing consoles of one generation: Xbox 360 VS PlayStation 3 These consoles are already outdated, but now they are like on the palm, everything is known about these consoles, so let's compare and understand which one is better? What to buy today from these classic consoles? As soon as these two consoles were officially represented and released on sale, they immediately received tremendous demand and fame worldwide.

Both seventh generation consoles are much more interesting and better than previous, all the shortcomings of the PS3 and Xbox 360 have been fixed, for example, now users have a wide selection of available games, as well as additional games will be available when updating will be available, overheating will no longer stop you In the process of the game and brake it, such a problem, as the firmware dampness is excluded and, of course, the price for them has long become much more accessible, so this factor will no longer stop at the wish. To all new games for this generation, not yet one year will be updated and extinguished, with better quality and with a large volume of options. However, for all this time, many users of these two consoles still cannot decide which of them two is better in characteristics, quality, power and many other parameters. To finally understand the strengths and weaknesses of two consoles, you need to get acquainted in detail with their "internships".

PlayStation 3 characteristics:

• The very heart of the console is a central IBM Cell BE processor, developed specifically for PS3, the frequency of operation of 3.2 GHz, equipped with eight nuclei, of which seven are functioning in the usual for all mode, and the last eighth serves as a task distributor between them. Theoretical performance is 218 GFlplops, a graphic exclusive processor - RSX, the clock frequency of 3.2 GHz, is equipped with a memory of 256 MB, the operation of which is carried out by the core passage. In general, it is assumed that the maximum capacity of 20 GB / s, a huge number of shader operations - 74.8 billion per second. RAM of only 256 MB XDR DRAM operates by 3.2 GHz + 256 MB GDDR3. A huge advantage is still the fact that the user's hard drive can change itself depending on the desired volume, which cannot be said about Xbox.

Xbox 360 characteristics:

• The most important part is the IBM Cell Xenon central processor, as the above described model, was made exclusively for Xbox 360, the operating frequency is similar to the previous - 3.2 GHz, however, the number of nuclei is significantly less - 3. Theoretical performance has 115, 2 Gflplops The XenOS graphics processor from ATI has two chips, the clock frequency 0.5 GHz. RAM contains 512 MB GDDR3, which occurs at a frequency of 1.4 GHz, this memory is also common to the central processor and the graphics core. Xbox has an EDRAM module for 10 MB with a bandwidth more than PlayStation3. The work and capacity of hard drives directly depends on the user-chosen version of the console.

Sony's prefix is ​​considered better for several reasons: it was released in 2006, while Xbox in 2005, so in the technical plan it is recognized as more complex, PlayStation3 has high-quality sound processing technologies and pictures, one of them is Dolby Trye HD and the rest. Thanks to this, it can be said that as a multimedia center, the prefix from Sony is much better. Also, there is also a Blu-ray drive, and in contrast to the Xbox 360, in each version of the PlayStation 3, the Wi-Fi module is equipped, which facilitates the game process. What can be attributed to the advantages of XBOX 360? For example, that the cross-platformer is much easier to port on this prefix, because in its architecture it is closer to the computer, as well as install various demolitions of the desired games, trailers, song music, television programs and shows and games. Based on this, it is concluded that if you have no exclusive project, it will be better to look at the Xbox 360.

And so, in detail describing two consoles, comparing all the pros, cons and flaws, we can say that even if the PlayStation 3 in some parameters above the Xbox 360 and the quality of the image and sound, all the same games are easier to portly with PCs on the Xbox360.

External appearance and design of consoles

The appearance, assembly, mechanism and all associated with this two consoles changed very much more than once for many years. For all this time, both had several versions of models and absolutely different modifications, three at PlayStation 3 (original PS3 FAT, PS3 Slim, PS3 Super Slim) and five at Xbox 360 (Arcade, Slim, Premium or Abbreviated - Pro, Elite, E ), Each of these is distinguished by its size, the development of the technical process of components, the motherboard and cooling systems to prevent the console overheating.

If you compare the housings of the two consoles, then the convenience and quality is better than the Japanese manufacturer Sony. PS3 prefix is ​​made of high-quality materials, which allows it to last longer listen and not interfere with the player with permanent clans, like Xbox 360, most of all users are unhappy with the quality of the assembly version of the FAT. Another minus is that the power supply at the Xbox 360 external, which is extremely uncomfortable, and the PlayStation 3 is built-in, so many users choose it for this reason. Summing up, it can be said with confidence that PlayStation 3 is knocked out.

Comfort gamepads at Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

The pleasure received from the game, is understandable, which depends on the quality of the picture, games and emotions, but still playing the gaming console, with which the user manages the game and the character. Choosing an uncomfortable option, at least the slightest satisfaction from the game will not be able to get and the second time it is hardly wanting to start the game.

Therefore, it is important to choose the console not only in its internal characteristics, and even by the comfort of the game console. And so, what gamepad is designed better: PlayStation 3 is called DualShok 3, at the Xbox360 - Microsoft Controller. The equipment externally is similar to them, that is, the other in the amount of twelve buttons, the joysticks are similar to each other and in their work they are not inferior to different manufacturers.

The only difference, perhaps, can be said, is that the Dualahok3 contains a gyroscope and accelerometer - this is what allows you to determine your position in space, however, these functions are not particularly used in the game process, so it is impossible to call it a big plus . Comparing controllers for convenience, with confidence it can be argued that the DualShok 3 energy system lags behind the Xbox360. Microsoft Controller seems to be so suitable for any hand and remains there in a very comfortable position and all the joysticks similar to him are the same. Therefore, even playing a few hours, your hands do not get tired.

Two gamepad from different manufacturers work on Bluetooth wireless protocol. Both have versions that allow playing in active mode for a long time, Xbox360 - Kinect, and the PlayStation - PlayStation Move. Microsoft Controller works from ordinary finger batteries, which is why the duration of the game depends on the capacity of the batteries and on their work time, in DualShok 3 initially built a very capacious battery, which allows them for twenty hours to use it continuously.

And if during the game of the game on Microsoft Controller, batteries will sit, then the entire game done will have to start first. If you talk about gamepad for PlayStation 3, then in this case, the user can use the Mini USB cable for DualShok 3 and in the process of recharging (from one to one and a half hours) to continue the game, and for Xbox360 it is very rarely buying wires, so their quantity and location in places Shopping can be limited. Conclusion: Xbox360 caught up here, because his gamepad is somewhat better.

PLAYSTATION 3 and XBOX360 functionality and interface

The Blu-ray drive that reads optical media used by PlayStation 3 has a high level of technical and software and allows you to watch movies, and Xbox 360 has a DVD drive. Also, the work of the Japanese is practically not heard that it is impossible to say about the Xbox 360 - even on the non-strong volume of the game, cracking when reading the disc is extremely noticeable and heard from the whole complex of sound sounds. However, Sony's cooling system loses Xbox 360, even though it is more powerful, but the FAT version even has not fallen in love with users in this regard, because it is very noisy.

The PlayStation 3 interface even if a little strict in its variant, then understanding it in it, you can quickly get used to it. When choosing from the menu, at the time of clicking the button, the actions are accompanied by characteristic sounds. In this version, each user can configure the topic of registration for itself or by mood. Using the playing console from the Xbox360, it felt that his design was aimed at convenience, as it is almost the entire multimedia center. You don't need to look for a long time in the menu and the necessary partitions you need, everything is always visible and reaping all menus you do not need. Conclusion: PlayStation 3 functionality is much better, Xbox360 weeks, but for the election of the menu and finding the necessary information better than xbox360.

Quality Pictures and Graphics: PS3 or XBOX360

Today, almost all games are created by cross-platform, which means that they are supported on the Xbox360, and PlayStation 3. Some of them are more suitable for one console, some for another, it depends on the assembly of each. A separate conversation for exclusive - Blu-ray allows you to download large games and even in a 3D format, without squeezing their size, leaving them in the "native", so the picture, sound, the general image and the quality of all this is definitely better at PlayStation3, still on this The console has its exclusives.

Finally, the main and generalizing all the above information: by selecting the Xbox360, the user will be forced to buy a console with a hard drive of which will not exceed 250 GB and still constantly change DVDs. But the console from the Japanese manufacturer at first glance seems more convenient, better, more "whipped" than xbox360, but the latter also has many advantages - a comfortable game console, meaningful Kinect, but even they could not set this console to one level with the prefix PlayStation 3.

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Probably, you did not notice how PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Replaced the previous generation. Publishers fully switched to new consoles, and only real indie developers are practiced on the "old men". However, there are no few people who still include PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. Moreover, some even think about buying the console of the 7th generation. But is there any point in this?

Yes! We will be honest, but previous consoles have a huge base of games that are not available for PCs: The Last Of US, Uncharted, Gears Of War, Halo and so on.

Of course, platform-containers gradually transfer the classics to new consoles. In the Trilogy of Uncharted, Halo and "One of us" can be played on the modern system, and even with improved graphics. But for it will have to pay on average twice as much.

In addition, on PlayStation 4. There is a styling service PS NOW, Allowing for a subscription to pass many projects with PS3. True, all this will not get all this. But on Xbox ONE is already available backward compatibility - in Xbox 360 games you can play without unnecessary problems.

But what if you do not need games with PS 4 and Xbox ONE? Then there is no point in overpay. Especially on PS3 and Xbox 360, there are still free video games every month, and not the last echelon, and quite large aaa projects. To get freebies, you need to have a subscription on PS PLUS or Xbox Live Gold, respectively.

Also, if you are not the most avid player, but just want to relax in the evening, then PS3 / X360 is the perfect choice. And whenking the gamepads, there is excellent entertainment for the party and holidays, the benefit of the game with the support of multiplayer in bulk. By the way, these consoles are perfect for children, given the small cost and a large selection of games.

And if you want to truly light with friends, you can purchase Kinect or PS Move, which offer an active gameplay. PlayStation Move, by the way, can later be used with PlayStation 4 if you suddenly decide to purchase a new console.

In general, if you missed this beautiful era of the house, you can safely acquire PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

From year to year in the world of consoles there is a real war: what to choose - Sony PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360? The confrontation between the brands began from the moment when Microsoft introduced its first game console of an XBOX, and continues to this day. With each generation, both brands will present their improved consoles and try to receive a dose of recognition from experts and users with many years of gamers. What is better? Consider the main advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Technical data consoles

xbox 360 vs ps3

Console power is an important parameter on which the quality of the launch of the game depends. Since the corresponding versions of games are written for each game console - you can not worry that anything does not start. All that is intended for PS3 will be played without any problems. Similarly, the Xbox 360 is a perfect processor and a considerable amount of memory allow you to play the most popular toys. Therefore, we can safely say that according to the technical characteristics - the prefixes are practically equal. As for the noise level when working - the Console from Microsoft loses a little "Japanese". The Sony PlayStation 3 game console is perfectly reproducing even the most demanding games, while Xbox 360 is heard while inclusion and work. Sony Pleustecs three also recognized graphic characteristics and sound quality. This can be easily verified if you run uncharted or Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

Types of games

xbox 360 vs ps3 img2

A significant difference between the prefixes of Sony PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is a set of games that is created individually for each type of consoles. It is these parameters that can be guided during the purchase of the console. Having bought the game prefix Sony Pleastechn, you can enjoy the famous games like Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid 4, Tekken 6 and Final Fantasy Xiii Versus - the number of versions sold has already exceeded 20 million. Due to the fact that the X Box 360 prefix appeared earlier than the third Sonya - in her library you can find much more interesting games written by this generation of consoles.

Connecting the console

The first thing to pay attention to when buying is the type of console connection. If you have a modern TV that has all new outputs for attaching additional gadgets - you can also take PS3 and Ixbox 360. In the event that the TV model is not improved - it is worth buying Xbox 360, since this console is suitable for connecting to any monitor. This provides a VGA cable.


xbox 360 vs ps3 img3If you do not want to spend a lot of money to buy licensed games - you can flash the console. This means that at your disposal will be free downloading almost any toy and the ability to run pirated versions of the disks. Xbox 360 is freeboot or lt + 3.0. The difference between them is that Fribut is created to download games from the Internet using a flash drive or when connecting the console to a computer, LT + 3.0 - reads "pirate" and self-written discs. Unlock a newer version of ICBOX - "One" - it is not yet possible. Therefore, if you want to use the free service to download content - it is better to choose the version of the Xbox 360 game console with FreeBoot or with LT + 3.0 firmware. For the Gaming Console PS3, the firmware is called jailbreak, with which you can also download games and run non-license wheels. To play your favorite game, you do not need to go to the store and buy discs, since appropriate paid services with content have been created for all console owners. For everyone, however, your own: at the Sony - PlayStation Store, at Xbox - Xbox Live. It is using such a cloud system that can download demo version, full-length games or play online with other gamers, which are also registered in the system.


xbox 360 vs ps3 img4By purchasing additional accessories for the console, you diverge the capabilities of your console. An interesting alternative to the joystick was the cinem in Xbox 360. With such a small device, you become a full-fledged participant of the game. The principle of his work is very simple: special sensors read a person in space and "move" into the game. You can not only manage the prefix with voice, but also use gestures of hands and legs for existence in the virtual world. All you need to do is connect Kinect and run the appropriate game. When turned on, the accessory offers to define you as a future player. To do this, you need to become before the prefix, which will see you and bring into memory. After that, you can start the game. The kinekt is a significant argument "For" why you should choose an Xboxbox 360 console. The Sony PlayStation 3 consoles are reacting the PlayStation Eye webcam, which is installed above the TV monitor and also define a player in three-dimensional space. But they work not as perfectly and exactly as the famous kinekt.


xbox 360 vs ps3 img5

An additional accessory ink is a convenient analogue of the gamepad, but you will need the joystick anyway, since games for Kinect - now not so much. Gamepada from both consoles - very similar, but more convenient is considered to have a console from Microsoft. It can be connected to a computer and play computer games using a joystick from a well-known brand. Charges both from the network, and can be fueled by conventional finger batteries. In turn, the PS3 prefix controller is more accurate and easy. He practically did not change if I was looking at what was to the first console of Sony. If you compare with the gamepad from the previous version - with PS2 - it has become wireless.

Cost of the prefix

The price for Microsoft consoles is slightly lower than on the "brother" Sony. If this parameter is very important for you - select Xbox 360. Several versions of these consoles will allow you to choose the perfect device with the desired memory and the design of the case. If you used the previous version - PS2, and you do not want to change anything, then it is better to pay extra and take Sony PlayStation 3.

To compare these two consoles is not so simple, since both are individual and perfect in their own way. If you want free download games and use the touch control of the kinem - then, of course, the Xbox 360 is better suitable. In the event that a priority Blu-ray player and exclusive games that have released only for Sony Playstation are better to choose the third Sony. All the "pros" and "minuses" we looked at, and the choice is yours!

Xbox 360 against Sony PS3 - Which of these game consoles is better? What to choose?

Xbox 360 or Sony PS3 - Which of these gaming consoles is better? Below will look at the advantages, disadvantages and features of each of the consoles in separate aspects.

But before proceeding with the comparative review of these consoles, we bring a brief reference information about them.

Gaming Console Xbox 360: Brief Reference

Xbox 360 - This game console is the product of the production of the software giant - Microsoft. This is the second Xbox game console model, created by the manufacturer with large ambitions, in order to compete in the market with game consoles such as PlayStation and Nintendo Wii.

First editor

Xbox 360.

Microsoft was represented in 2005. In 2010, the manufacturer did the Console Upgrade and issued an updated editorial board.

Xbox 360.

, having searched it slightly, equipping with additional functional and ports, in particular, built-in Wi-Fi and a 250 GB hard disk, while the first edition of the console only had a network port for connecting a wired Internet and a memory card only on 4 GB. Today, the console can be purchased in various assemblies with a hard disk from 20 GB to 320 GB.

Xbox 360.

- This is a whole multimedia center, which, in addition to video games, can also reproduce and upload from the Internet of game demo and various media content - music, movies, trailers, TV shows, etc.

Sony PS3 Game Console: Brief Help

Sony PS3.

(Full Console Name -

Sony PlayStation 3.

) - This is a product of producing a powerful Japanese Corporation Sony Corporation, an evolutionary continuation of the previous generation consoles PlayStation and PlayStation 2. The first edition of Sony PS3 saw the world for a year and a half later than the first edition of the Xbox 360, in 2006.

For all the production time

Sony PS3.

Configuration of this


We have undergone many changes - this is the external finish, and the number of USB ports, and the presence of a built-in cartride. But for the most part, the configuration change concerned the volume of the hard disk. So, the first simplest assembly

Sony PS3.

It was provided for internal space in size of 20 GB, and today this console can be purchased at various assemblies - both with a pre-installed hard disk for 320 GB and in a budgetary assembly with flash memory by 12 GB and the possibility of connecting in a further hard disk of 250 GB.

Sony PS3.

like the main competitor

Xbox 360.

Is also a full-fledged media center with which you can play video games, watch movies, listen to music. Unlike the Xbox 360, the Sony PS3 is equipped with a built-in browser, through which you can work with e-mail, as well as view pages on the Internet. Sony PS3 supports most of the games adapted for the previous generation consoles of the PlayStation and PlayStation 2.

Well, now we turn to the comparative review of the consoles: Xbox 360 or Sony PS3 - in what few times is it better?

Appearance and build quality

Xbox 360.

Outwardly, it looks pretty good - the neat view of the housing, pleasant to the touch plastic, which is almost not dumping. Simplicity of design and convenience of the Console Corps organization can be seen even at the first consideration. But more picky inspection, or rather, testing to the touch, will show not only the simplicity of design, but, unfortunately, also ease of assembly. It is worth several to turn the console in your hands, you can immediately hear the creak and crunch of plastic parts.

One of the advantages

Xbox 360.

It would be possible to note the small size of the console body, but it is worth remembering the huge external power supply in a non-uncomfortable and inconvenient form, this plus immediately want to forget.

With a console

Sony PS3.

Everything is different - the quality of the assembly is at the height, everything is collected firmly and flawlessly. The console body is also made of a pleasant plate of plastic, in black color, and the appearance of Sony PS3 can be said much more than about the Xbox 360 - everything is just elegant. However, Sony breathes with grace and luxury. For the brilliance of the Console case, just once it is pretty won it with a special soft napkin. In this brilliance of the toned case, even scratches will not be noticeable that could appear in the process of careless use.

Therefore, the unconditional leader in the design of the design and the quality of the assembly of the gaming console is only Sony PS3.

Contents of delivery

At the time of buying

Sony PS3.

You may have to run on computer points or "perieve" on online stores in search of a wire for displaying images via HDMI or AV output. Since there is no cable in the console package, which is capable of transmitting high-resolution video. In a box with a console, it is possible to find out that outdated "coaxial", which can be useful, perhaps only for playing in dendy.

Xbox 360.

, Completely, the delivery with this game console is a good component high quality cable with gold-plated connectors, and even in addition - a SCART adapter. Using such a set, the console can be connected to any type of televisions - both digital and analog, and, accordingly, to get a picture of the highest permission immediately after purchase, without bothering, where else to get a video cable. Therefore, in the question of the delivery of the Gaming Console -Over-like Xbox 360 victory.



Sony PS3.



-, audio optical and analog output, as well as a network port for connecting to the Internet. All connectors are highly thought out - separately, without interfering with each other when connecting wires. The connectors are not dependent in this way, if necessary, you can enable video via HDMI cable and at the same time sound via an optical or analog output.

There are no optical sound output at the Xbox 360 console, and the HDMI- and analog outputs are too close to each other, thus preventing the cable simultaneously in them. And if you connect the console to the TV via HDMI, then the video and sound will go through it.

It is possible that such subtleties, like a separate video and sound output from Sony PS3, many may seem excessive admission when compared. But as for the convenience of organizing outputs, here the victory of this console is unlikely to cause doubt. So, this is the second victory of Sony PS3.


Sony PS3.

- Working out this particular console, Sony engineers made quite a lot of errors. And one of the main errors of the console was its joystick (gamepad). First, the manufacturer failed to come up with something drastically new, stunning unique management opportunities - this is again the same boomerang, who has managed to borrow the gamers since the first Sony. Secondly, the manufacturer failed to implement vibration support in Gamepad, and, which does not particularly paint the corporation as an honest market player, in Sony such a lack of vibration support was explained by the cost of the final price of the product. Despite the lack of fundamental changes in the organization of the joystick, it should be noted that this is a very convenient device, in high-quality execution, and its main advantage, perhaps, it is worth noting the built-in battery and short-time charging time. Some hour charging joystick is enough for a whole week of a moderate game.

Joystick Ot

Xbox 360.

The order is better. Or rather, it is perhaps the most comfortable joystick, which was invented at all in the market of game controllers. But the disadvantage of this joystick, in contrast to the Joystick Sony PS3, is his charging. It works from the batteries that will have to change on average every two weeks of the active game.

In this matter, Identify the leader is quite difficult - the commercial policy of Sony in the production of the joystick is unlikely to be interested in true gamers, because the ease of management will always be in priority. A convenience of control is both participant in the review. And in this matter, probably a huge role will play individual preferences.

So draw.


Sony PS3.

It has a more colorful and "adult" interface - bright topics, quite convenient navigation, a convenient font, a clear menu.

In console

Xbox 360.

The interface is much easier, and it seems that the interface was calculated rather to the children's custom audience, rather than adult people.

The console interface is another question, the championship in which it is quite difficult to determine because of individual preferences of users, but still victory, albeit very conditional, give Sony PS3. At least for the efforts of firmware developers.

This is the third already victory of this console.

Noise at work

The market of technology and electronics today is quite demanding on the noise indicator of devices. The nervous system and user comfort is placed at the head of the corner, therefore quiet and silent work is a prerequisite for high-quality product in the market of equipment and electronics.

Xbox 360: Chinese paired details that have heat from the processor on this console simply cannot work quietly after a couple of months of operation, although it may be possible to many people with a minor noise. As for the noise of the drive, here Xbox 360 is not particularly boasting nothing: this console from the rotation of the disk in the DVD drive is published quite strong noise. Separately, it is worth noting another drawback of the Xbox 360 - the aforementioned supply unit of the console during operation is also noise, making unpleasant irritating sounds.

But Sony PS3 and works, and reads the discs very quietly.

As a result, the fourth, again the unconditional victory of Sony PS3.

Graphic arts

The Internet does not subscribe - which of these two consoles has better graphics? This is another question, where the winner is unlikely to be determined, since both consoles - and Sony PS3, and Xbox 360 are playing a picture of flawless quality in video games, everything is detailed and realistic.

It is also worth noting that the quality of graphics will always be better in exclusive games designed specifically for a particular platform. Special adaptation of video games under the architecture of the processor of a specific game console will naturally be positively affected not only on the quality of graphics, but also on the quality of the other parameters of the game - sound, physics, control, etc. For Sony PS3, a greater number of exclusive games have been developed, therefore, the graphics will be perfect in them. But, for example, if we talk about multiplatform games, the Xbox 360 will transmit a little better picture due to the fact that the architecture of the processor of this console is more similar to the PC processor architecture.

As a result - again draw.

Blu-ray drive

The Xbox 360 is equipped with a regular DVD drive. And here the Blu-ray drive is included in the Sony PS3 assembly. With it, the console can read Blu-ray discs - high-tank discs that powerful resource-intensive video games (from 16 GB or more) can be recorded entirely. Playing on Sony PS3, you will not need to insert the second, third or even fourth disk, constantly sharper drive and distracting. Games are neat and conveniently contained on one Blu-Ray disk, the capacity of which is 25 or 50 GB.

Although games for the Xbox 360 can be installed on a hard disk, thereby deciding the problem of constant change of conventional DVDs, the advantages of the Blu-Ray drive in the Sony PS3 console are obvious - you don't need to change the discs and confuse when installing the game . Another advantage of the presence of Blu-ray drive in the Sony PS3 console is to play movies in 3D. These are resource-intensive films (as a rule, from 20 GB), which, of course, do not fit on ordinary DVDs.

Therefore, the victory is again for Sony PS3, and this is her already fifth victory.

Online services

Xbox Live - Internet service integrated into the Xbox 360 firmware, which additionally opens the user's widest multimedia features - to upload video, music, game demolism, buy games, conduct firmware updates, etc. You can become a member of the service both by paid subscription and free. Thus, users of free accounts can communicate on the service forums, to use the store, communicate via voice and video communication, but if you want to play online, here they will have to face serious restrictions. A full-fledged network game is possible only by paid subscription, which, by the way, will cost about 3000 rubles per year.

PlayStation Network Platform is a clone of the Xbox Live Internet service, but for Sony PS3. And his pleasant feature, unlike the prototype, is the availability of the functionality. Naturally, for downloadable games and various additions will have to pay, but play the network with real players is always free. Another service for Sony PS3 is the PlayStation Store, a kind of social network destroyed in a virtual world, where any user can create a character and explore this world, interacting with the same characters of other users.

Free chain game, original idea with a virtual world - the next, Sixth victory Sony PS3.

Game Content

It is no secret that the popularity of Xbox 360 in Russia began to gain rapid turnover due to the shooting of the actuator and the ability to use pirated copies of games. In almost 100% of cases, this fact made many gamers in the direction of the acquisition of Xbox 360. After all, it is difficult to imagine what is the income of a person should be able to constantly indulge in the names of games on licensed disks, the value of which on average is 2500 rubles. With reflamped drive, playing the network in Xbox Live in principle, it will always be the likelihood of a ban. Some players play for several years, and some receive the ban on the first month after flashing - this is a matter of chance.

Sony PS3 hacking can be a real headache for the user, because Sony Ryano Corporation protects its copyrights, with each new firmware update eliminating breaks and improving protection.

Even though the Sony PS3 console supports games designed for PS2 and PS1, and the user may seem that in one console, only three are conveniently connected, it is impossible not to give victory in terms of diversity and availability of the Xbox 360 console. Pirate copies of the newest Games that can be downloaded on any torrent tracker is completely free and recorded on a regular blank - this is an indisputable advantage that the gamer's budget seriously saves, without forcing him to be content with the old games acquired on the sale of licensed discs.

So in the question of playing content confidently leads the Xbox 360, but this is only the second victory of the console in this review.

Summing up ...

The victory in this comparative review with a huge searcher remained Sony PS3 -

Six advantages

This console is against only two xbox 360.

Что лучше: Xbox 360 или PS3? Сравнение характеристик, прошивок и возможностей

The network recently conducted a survey, where people answered the question, how much money they spend Or willing to spend on games. Surprisingly it turned out that most users have chosen the option " from 0 to 3000 rubles per month "

However, if you consider that the overwhelming number of gamers have only a computer at home, where games can be downloaded from torrents This result is quite logical.

Console games especially New on PS4 or Xbox One , It is quite expensive, and to buy a full-fledged game PC for 60-70 thousand rubles will turn out far from everyone. In this regard, many technobloggers remove the video " how to assemble the game PC for 15, 20, 30 thousand rubles ", Helping people to decide on the choice.

With a limited budget, let's say 10 thousand rubles Much more profitable to buy the 7th generation console (Xbox 360 or PS3) and play it completely free, the benefit of the firmware appeared for a long time. Here and more or less Acceptable graphics And modest according to the standards of the current market price.

For this money, you will not be able to buy a PC for games, however, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 will perfectly cope with the task, also will offer you a lot of exclusive that are not on the computer.

Comparison Xbox 360 and PS3: Preface

The network has hundreds of comparisons of these platforms. Some are quite objective, and some are simply absurd. We will try to highlight the main differences, and in the end summarize, which we hope will help you decide on the choice and decide What is better: ps3 or xbox 360 .


Xbox 360:

  • 3-nuclear central processor IBM Cell Xenon. with a frequency of 3.2 GHz;
  • Theoretical productivity of 115.2 GFSHS;
  • 2 Xenos graphics processor chip, operating at a frequency of 0.5 GHz;
  • 512 MB GDDR3 RAM And the EDRAM module with high bandwidth.

PlayStation 3:

  • 8-core central processor IBM Cell Be. by 3.2 GHz;
  • Theoretical productivity of 218 GFlplops;
  • Unique RSX graphics processor with a clock frequency of 3.2 GHz.
  • 256 MB XDR DRAM RAM and 256 MB GDDR3.

As we see, PS3 is not strong, but more powerful than his opponent . Most likely, this happened because it came out a year later, accordingly, new technologies were used in it.

Another advantage of PS3 - Dolby Truehd sound . Although Microsoft stated that their console is a mixture of the game platform and a multimedia station, the sound in the Sony console is a bit better. About technical superiority PS3 says Blu-ray drive which is clearly better than the usual DVD drive installed in Xbox 360. Blu-ray discs are less wearing and you can write more information on them.

PS3 and XBOX 360

PS3 and XBOX 360

As you understood, in technical terms PS3 unconditional leader However, when comparing the Xbox 360 and PS3 graphics in games, most often the picture is the same, and at some points on the Xbox 360 it looks better. In addition, the "Distribution" FPS in cross-platform games are more often observed at PlayStation.

Many bloggers, media, and even ordinary users say that the external power supply of Xbox 360 is already One of the reasons for not buying this console . Perhaps it is not so comfortable, but to say that External power supply Causes some difficulties in operation or takes a huge area, it is impossible. It is better to determine what is better to Sony Playstechean or X Boxing, it is definitely impossible for this parameter.

DualShock 3 VS Microsoft Controller

Another criterion that can affect the choice of xbox or PS - gamepad. In fact, it is he who is a kind of heart of the console, because it is on interaction with the controller built All gameplay . It is at this point that the pros and cons of Xbox 360 and PS3 are clearly allocated for many, especially for those who are important ergonomics.

Of course, get used to one or another gamepad - It's a question of time But most independent surveys have shown that the Xbox 360 controller looks much more profitable against the background of DualShock 3. It is perfectly combined with ergonomics, functionality and practicality.

Microsoft Controller works from batteries While the PS3 controller has a built-in battery.

The time of operation of the first with moderate use - from 2 weeks to one month . While DualShock 3 does not withstand and two full-fledged gaming sessions .

In the case of Xbox 360, you can simply turn the batteries a few months ahead, otherwise, if they are sitting, and you do not have a USB cable, you will not be able to play will have to go to the store .

Gamepad from PS3 charges no longer than 1-1.5 hours .

As we said earlier, you can get used to any controller - this is the case of taste, so we will not allocate a particular winner.

What is better: stitched PS3 or Xbox 360

The possibility of firmware - main reason why it is worth paying attention to the 7th generation console. You can pass all games focused on Single-Play absolutely free.

It is best to buy an easy-to-fly console, and if there is no such possibility, Contact workshop . By paying once, you can play all the remaining time.

Let's start with the Xbox 360 firmware:

  • FreeBoot - Spindy special chip with a programmer that allows you to bypass the protection of the console and install an unofficial graphic shell on it. With Freibut, you can run games from a hard disk or external USB media. This is the most common type of hacking and the most functional. The only negative is the way out in Xbox Live is blocked forever.
  • Drive firmware Allows you to run self-inspection and pirate discs. This breakdown option involves the possibility of exiting Live, with minimal risk to be banned.
  • XKey. - The drive emulator that allows you to run ISO images from flash drives and external hard drives. The most expensive, unpropered and low-functional way to launch free games.

In our workshops produced Xbox 360 firmware . You can safely trust many years of experience of our specialists. Call and write down!

PlayStation 3 firmware:

  • CFW. - Replacing the standard software shell (OFW) to the modified, as well as setting Multiman or Rogero Manager to start games from an external or internal hard disk. With such a firmware, you can: Run games from HDD, set third-party applications, copy licensed BR-disks on HDD and play without them.
  • Ode. - Emulator of the original drive. It is installed on those consoles that cannot be stitched using a softmode. This method is less stable and used only in cases where there is no other option.

In our workshops produced Both consoles are flashing, so there is no leader again. . You can safely trust many years of experience of our specialists. Call and write down!

PS3 firmware

Xbox Live Gold VS PS Plus If you are not going to flash the console, you may be interested to know about paid subscriptions that provide Official console services . This also plays a big role, if you do not know what to buy: .

Xbox 360 or PS3

PlayStation has only one subscription - PS PLUS. On PS3 it is not necessary to buy it, as the multiplayer is free. It may be needed if you buy games in a digital store: gives discounts and several free games. Xbox Live Gold. - Analogue PS PLUS for Xbox 360 and One. The only thing, .

Without GOLD status you can not play online On xbox you need to buy Paid subscription

To play online. In addition, in Xbox Live there are 2 other subscriptions: Xbox Game Pass (opens access to the game library), EA Access.

(opens access to electronic arts games, as well as discounts on the in-game currency in them). The xbox is better than PS3 - many subscription options, the system of achievements and social functions is better developed. but Paid online

Overcomes the situation in favor of PS3, so if looking towards saving - Sony again ahead.

What to choose, xbox or PS: Results To begin with, it is still worth buying PS3 and pass the lot of exclusives from Sony, as they are just more and many of them are much more interesting in terms of the plot and gameplay, take the same the Last of us. Of course, Comparison of characteristics, firmware and opportunities

Только когда вы пройдете все игры на PS3, можно докупить Xbox 360, который к тому времени станет еще дешевле, и пройти все те игры, которых не было на «плойке»: Forza, Halo и другие.

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