Bolero knitting needles - 7 models with schemes, description and video MK

As part of a male costume, this kind of cape leads its own story from Spain. In fact, it was an open, fascinating vest of the bulk. The ladies borrowed this interesting part of the wardrobe and improved her to their taste. Modern sleevelessness for women can be any length, buttons on buttons or tie in front. Knitted bolero will perfectly complement office dress, decorate the evening outfit. Bolero with knitting needles can be associated with the imitation of fur from the "grass", and it is possible - light and openwork, in this case it is perfect for the summer sundress.

Cape for women from "Hesy"

The model is designed for 44 / 46r.

We have to:

  • Yarn "Hestern" - 200g;
  • Spokes straight nO5;
  • Spokes circular NO5;
  • Markers (M).


  • Persons. Smooth - with direct / reverse knitting faces. Rows - all p. Facial, to island. - Pouring.


The model is encountered with your own hands - see the schemes - from top to bottom from the neck one-piece detail.

We recruit filament from the "grass" 56p. and distribute them as follows: 1 Regointed P., M, 12P. On the sleeve, m, 1 regulated. P., M, 28P. backs, m, 1 regulated. p., m, 12p. On the sleeve, m, 1 regulated. n. further knit persons. stroke from "Herbers". At the same time, from two sides of the plane, for the convenience of the selected marker, we make an increase 1P. Through the Nakid.

Of course, on the extreme regulation. P. Add us only on the inside. On from. The side of the Nakid is inserted by crossed n. so that there are no holes. Through a few rows of work, when you will clearly see the lines of the additions, m can be removed.

Work with your own hands continue until the length of the regulation. Lines 26cm. Then close the loops of the backrest and pass.


At the bottom of the back and edges of the neck and the shelves raise into circular joint ventures. Peeling and carry out the strapping of persons. GL In each odd r. We add 6-7P., evenly distributing them. By sticking with 15 cm, we closed freely p. We carry out the seams with your own hands using the schemes. Festive knitted bolero for women is ready!

Openwork cape for women

This summer knitted cape is calculated for several Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

Us It will take:

  • Mixed-made yarn (50g on 398m) - 100g;
  • Circular spokes of NO4.5 with a length of 60cm and 80cm;
  • marker (m).

Patterns and technicians for work:

  • OP - wrap a loop: in persons. R. Knit to paragraph, which we will be wrapped, we translate thread before work, 1l., Track. P. Transfer with the left to the right joint venture, carry a thread for work, return to the left joint venture, turn the work, knit the trail. row In the island R. Knit to paragraph, which we will be wrapped, we translate thread before work, 1st., Furning. P. Transfer with the left to the right joint venture, carry a thread for work, return to the left joint venture, turn the work, knit the trail. A row. In order to test the wrapped p. We put on the wrapping thread on the left joint venture. And we wait together with paragraph, which she wrapped the faces. with l. Stor. and erased. C wason Stor.;
  • UNL is a slope with a slope to the left: removing 2p. On the right joint venture, we have done their left joint venture. Left to right and link them 1l. for the bottom shelter;
  • Openwork: 1r.: 2l., * 1n., 2l., Unl, 2P. 1l., 2l., 1n., 1l. * - Repeat from * and to * to the last paragraph, 1l; 2p. and 4p.: Related; 3r.: 1l., * 1n., 2l., Ung, 2p. 1l., 2l., 1n., 1l. * - Repeat from * and to * before the post. 2p., 2l. Repeat from the 1st to the 4th r.;
  • Elastic: * 1l., 2nd., 1l. * - repeat to the end of the r.

Knitting Bolero

On short joint ventures We recruit 84; 84; 93; 93; 102; 102p. To penetrate direct / reverse knitting an openwork to height 84; 86.5; 89; 91.5; 94; 96.5 cm. Finish 4p. Pattern.


Perform seams for sleeves on both sides of 10 cm.


Raise long joint ventures. 240; 248; 256; 264; 280; 288p. Along the web and, putting the m at the beginning of the row, go to the mating rod. Slip the rubber band 3 cm. We continue using short joint ventures. - Perform the shortened p.

1p.: Gum to extreme 4P. Before m, OP, turn the canvas, gum to extreme 4p. before m, op, turn;

2p.: Gum to extreme 3P. Before wrapped item, OP, turn, rubber band to extreme 3P before wrapped., OP, turn.

We repeat the 2nd r. six times.

In the next. R. We convey the gum on all n. to M. We continue the summer openwork bolero with knitting with a rubber band by 1.5 cm. We repeat from * one more time. Close P.

Openwork Bolero from Rectangle: Video Master Class


Knitting bolero for beginners

This simple model is sympathetic to do it very simple, but it looks very effectively due to the thread used. Alternation of smooth stripes with stripes from "Herbers" visually "unloads" the product and creates the impression of ease.

Offered the size 46/48.

Us would need :

  • Mixed composition yarn, cotton at least 50% (100g per 330m) - 100g;
  • yarn "grass" (100g at 150m) - 200g;
  • sp. NO3;
  • nO3 hook;
  • Ribbon under the color of the thread - for string.


  • Furniture. Ch.: In the faces. R. - Facial, in island. - invalid n.;
  • Steerwork: In all row, all the penetrations are facial.

Alternation Strins: We will encourage 12p alternately. From the grass and 8p. Cotton thread. In the photos, a master class for clarity of the band are made by threads of different colors.

Knitting Bolero do it yourself, master - class for beginners

Knitted bolero for women consists of two identical details.

We start knitting the bolero with a set of grass 122p. and perform 6p. handplay pattern. Next, we upset the bolero with the knitting needles with your own hands, taking advantage of the description, i.e. alternate strips. On the 4th smooth strip, we slide 4p. and close on the sides of 15p. Further by recycle the bolero with the needles right on the desired size.


We fold the details in half - as in the photo. We carry out the side seams, rear seam, stitch the sleeves. The height of the seam on the back determine for itself - how open will be back.


Bottles to tie with hook columns with 2 nakid. Stretch a ribbon to ribbon. At your request, you can still tie the flower - brooch.

Vest-Bolero: Video MK

Warm cape for women

Dimensions: S / M, L, XL / XXL, XXXL

Us need to :

  • yarn with a wool content of at least 70% (50g on 167m) -150, 200.200g;
  • Mochher's content of at least 75% (25g per 200m) -75g;
  • Circular joint ventures. NO4,5 and NO5.


  • Shower: In all row, all the loops are facial;
  • Rubber: 2l.x2i.

See scheme:

The diagram shows all rows - and even, and odd.

Density Matches: on the joint venture. No4.5 yarn in two face threads. stroy 18p. on 23r. correspond to the square 10cm per 10 cm; on the joint NO5 yarn in two face threads. Smooth 17p. on 22r. correspond to the square 10cm per 10 cm.

Knitting bolero for women

We start knitting bolero with your own hands from a set on the joint venture. NO5 yarn two threads 110,122,136,152p. And knit bolero with knitting needles, taking advantage of the description:

4P. a handful pattern, * 6,8,9l., 3i. * - Repeat from * and to * times, 6,8,7,9l., 54p. - Scheme, 6,8,7,9l., * 3i., 6,8,7,9l. * - Repeat from * and up to * 1,1,2.2 regrace, 4P. handplay pattern. Knit Bolero with knitting needles - see the diagram for a height of 44.49,54,59 cm. Complete 4 r. Shoe drawing and close free all loops.

Description of finishing and assembly

Raise the edge on the front. side with closed p. on the joint venture. NO4,5 138,156,174,194P. The same number of p. Raise the set of the edge. Total it turned out 276,312,348,388p. We unscrew the split 4p. Shoe drawing, then go to the gum. By sticking with it 10cm, we close the looping thread in 4 addition, i.e., 2 threads of each type.

Openwork Bolero: Video Master Class

Single scheme

Bolero is called shorten jackets. Usually bolero has claastes. Bolero is made of any material, even leather bolero are found. However, the trendy is considered knitted bolero, a bolero knitted by knitting. The photo of a knitted bolero can be easily found on the Internet.

The prerequisite for the popularity of knitted bolero is the ability of the yarn to reproduce the most luxurious fancy masters.

Bolero is suitable almost to any along, almost any place and event. A knitted bolero will emphasize the unique style of its owner.

A bit of history

Bolero as a type of clothing by its appearance is obliged to Spain. It was there that this type of clothing appeared in the eighteenth century. Moreover, they wore it predominantly not only women, but also men.

Initially, Bolero was a dancer suit that perform the same Spanish Dance Bolero. Subsequently, Bolero wore Toreadors, speaking before the public.

Later, Bolero became predominantly the outfit of girls and young women.

Today, bolero worn young girls who wish to emphasize non-standard taste, real fashionista. Also, the bolero is popular with the parents of little girls, and the children themselves like this type of clothing.

The main advantages of Bolero

With its popularity, Bolero is obliged to follow its characteristics:

  • Universality - this form of clothing is good and practical for any occasion, from walking in the fresh air before visiting various kinds of celebrations.
  • It keeps well the temperature - the cooler associated from the wool well will retain heat and will not only look beautiful, but also keep the owner from the cold.
  • Bolero always emphasizes the image and style - the surrounding will be admired by the taste and sophistication of the owner.

What the bolero is combined with

Bolero will be especially delightful to look with:

  • Summer dress;
  • Mike
  • Top.

Selection of material

You need to start with the selection of yarn. Initially, you need to decide what time of year is planned to wear a bolero. If in the cold, you need to knit from wool or mohair. If in the warm - from cotton, flax, silk.

In addition to the yarn, we need the third size of the spokes, one bright button, loop. We will focus on 42 size.

Stops knitting

We give an example, how to associate a bolero step by step for beginners. The whole process we will consist of three consecutive stages:

  • Tie back.
  • Dial shelf.
  • Tie sleeves.
  • Sew all the resulting fragments.

Knitting back

We recruit 97 loops, 10 centimeters make a double rubber band, remove in odd rows on one loop. Next, we have 20 centimeters, close the squeaks. Scrosh make two loops. Next, knit 48 centimeters. We leave 13 loops on the shoulders. The middle of the 72 loops close.

How to pick up a shelf

We start with the right. The left is then performed in the same way. We recruit 5 loops. In each second row we make an increase.

After reaching 18 centimeters on the right every six rows we reduce one loop. After reaching 20 centimeters from the border on the left, we close 1 loop in two rows, then on one loop through one row. After reaching 28 centimeters, we close 13 loops on the shoulder.

How to link sleeves

We recruit 61 loops. Knit 10 centimeters elastic. We reduce 11 loops in an odd row. At the same time, in each tenth row, we focus on one hinge. After reaching 40 centimeters, the rest of the loops is preserved.

We repeat all actions for knitting the second sleeve.

How to sew all the resulting fragments

First we make the collar. To do this, score 251 loops on the bottom. We associate 7 centimeters with a rubber band. We form a loop. After 8 centimeters, close all the loops. We sew the sleeves, on the sides of the jacket, too, we flash. It remains to attach a button, and your new chic outfit is ready!

Tip: After the thing is connected, the bolero associated with crochet, you need to disappear well with an iron.

We disassembled how to tie an openwork bolero. However, you can show the maximum fantasy and tie the festive bolero. To do this, you need to pick up the "grass" threads.

The "shaggy" surface will not just look gorgeous with high-heeled shoes and play with light, but also help hide small disadvantages of mating if you are not experienced sufficiently.

As you can see, tie a bolero with my own hands is not so difficult, as it may seem at first glance. Reaches a little, you can start knit not only practical, but stunningly beautiful things, causing genuine interest and admiration for others.

On video knitting bolero is described in more detail.

Photo Tips How to Tie Bolero

We also recommend viewing:

how to tie a bolero with spokes

Bolero is a shortened jacket, which most often has no clashes. It can be absolutely any colors and many materials are suitable for it: from dense skin to weighty lace. But now we will look at knitted bolero. Yarn allows you to create unique things and a wide variety.

It is very important for such an element of clothing, like a bolero, because it does not have any definite appearance criteria. Bolero is suitable for any occasion, weather and age. Now we will talk about the knitted spokes of Bolero for girls.

The content of the article

Can you knit with the needles? Publish job on Knitka.ru.

The history of the appearance of Bolero

Bolero appeared for the first time in the 18th century in Spain. They wore it and men, women. It is obliged to this element of clothing with its title to the same dance "Bolero". People who perform this dance wore a shortened thin jackets.

Also, the bolero used bullfighters in their costumes. A little later, this universal shortened jacket has become basically women and young girls. Even later, he spread all over the world. Now Bolero is very popular and carry it, like adult women, and very little girls.

Why a bolero for girls is so good?

Bolero is an excellent addition to any dress for the girl and this has several reasons.

  1. Bolero universally: it is suitable for both a walk in the park and for a hike to various solemn events.
  2. A shortened jacket will be the perfect option for a cool summer when in a shirt over the dress is too hot, and in one dress it is cold.
  3. For girls a little older, bolero can be a good accessory and add a highlight to the image.

Knitted with their own hands Bolero makes it possible to create a thing for his child that he will like and will be a useful addition to the wardrobe and babes, and teenage girls. And the variety of styles and colors allows nothing to limit your flight of fantasy.

Bolero with knitting needles for women

To tie Bolero knitting Does not take you a lot of time. And how nice to throw a warm or openwork bolero in a cool summer evening. Bolero is perfectly combined with summer dresses, jerseys and tops. You can link a great bolero for a girl and dress it if a cold wind fits. On our site you will find a lot of interesting bolero models with a description. Knit Bolero with the needles on the joy of yourself and relatives.

Knitting bolero

Bolero size 38.

For knitting, you will need:

  • Yarn 300 g of lilac yarn Mondial Dolce Mohair (60% of the Royal Mohair, 40% acrylic, 150 m / 50 g);
  • Spokes number 5 and № 6,
  • as well as 2 tapes of 100 cm long.

Description and Balero Scheme by reference.

Lilac bolero spokes

Knitted bolero "Pink temptation"

The size Knitted bolero : 40 (42; 44).

For knitting bolero You will need: 125 (175; 225) g yarn Carezza (70% Angora, 20% polyamide, 10% wool) No. 83 bright pink.

Description and Balero Scheme by reference.

Pink Bolero Spokes

Purple bolero spokes

Bolero size: 38.

For knitting, you will need: 300 g of purple yarn Mondial Bamboo (100% bamboo fiber. 230 m / 100 g), Straight Spokes No. 4 and No. 4.5.

Description and Scheme Bolero Spokes

Purple bolero spokes

White bolero spokes

Bolero size 38.

For knitting you will need: 300 grams of white yarn "Mondial Alpaca" (55% Alpak, 45% wool, 50 m / 50 g); Straight Spokes number 4.

Scheme and Description Bolero by reference.

White bolero spokes

How to tie the spokes pink bolero

Bolero dimensions: 36-40.

For knitting, you will need:

  • 310 g of light pink yarn (100% cotton, 110 m / 50 g);
  • Spokes number 4;
  • Hook number 3;
  • 2 buttons.

Scheme and Description Bolero by reference.

Pink Bolero on the spokes

Spics Bolero

Bolero size: 36/38.

You will need:

  • 400 g Red Yarn Anny Blatt Carrousel (55% Wool, 44% Polyamide, 1% Polymetal, 75 m / 50 g),
  • 150 g of silver yarn Bouton d'or Songe (20% superchide mohair, 70% viscose, 10% polyamide 191m / 50g),
  • Spokes number 12,
  • Circular Spokes No. 6 and No. 12.

Scheme and Description Bolero by reference.

Volumetric bolero spokes

Mustard bolero with knitting with elongated loops

In this bolero, it is successfully combined with a dense elastic band on wide straps and an openwork gum with shut-off loops on the shelves, back and sleeves.

Bolero dimensions: 44/46 (48/50).

Scheme and Description Bolero by reference.

Mustard bolero on the spokes with elongated loop photos

Knitted melange bolero

Size 36/38 (40/42).

You will need:

  • 300 (350) g ​​yarn Mandy Color (51% cotton, 49% polyacryl; 75 m / 50 g)
  • Pink color, № 106.
  • Spokes number 6 and 7.

Scheme and Description Bolero by reference.

Knitted melange bolero

Sweatshirt - Bolero with spokes

Sweatshirt - Bolero with spokes. Work Olga

Work Olga. Tender openwork blouse blouse (bolero type) knitted knitting No. 3 from H / B yarn "Alize Bella". Stacks on the bottom of blouse and sleeves are linked by knitting facial stroke. In front of the shelves and neck are rid of crochet number 2 by columns

Read more…

Openwork bolero spokes

Bolero size: 44/46.

For knitting bolero you will need:

  • 150 g Croctex yarn "Cotton" (100% cotton, 250m / 100g) coffee colors with milk,
  • Spokes number 2;
  • Circular spokes number 2.
Openwork bolero spokes

Bolero scheme:

Bolero spokes photo

White bolero with braids

Size 36 (36/40).

You will need:

  1. 450 (500) Merino Mix yarn (51% wool. 49% polyacryl; 100 m / 50 g) White.
  2. Spokes number 4 and 4.5.
  3. Hook number 4.
  4. 5 transparent buttons
  5. 5 fantasy buttons.

Scheme and Description Bolero by reference.

White bolero with braids linked

Bolero for a girl how to knit

Girls, like moms like to dress up, and tie a bolero for a daughter quickly and easily.

Pink Bolero for Girl Spokes

Bolero size: for 4 years.

For knitting bolero you will need:

  • 200 g of pink SCILLA yarn (100% cotton, 105 m / 50 g);
  • Spokes number 4 and No. 4.5;
  • 1 button.

Description and Balero Scheme by reference.

Pink Bolero for Girl Spokes

Bolero Spokes - Openwork Sleeves

Openwork sleeves - bolero We will definitely use your daughter cool summer evening or will serve an excellent addition to the evening alongside.

Dimensions: 92/98 (104/110) 116/122.

Description and Balero Scheme by reference.

Bolero Spokes - Openwork Sleeves

Bolero for the girl - the work of Natalia Fadeva

Bolero for the girl - the work of Natalia Fadeva

Bolero on the girl. Size 34. Threads 50% wool, 50% acrylic. Consumption 1.5 meka at 100 grams 392 meters. Related in mixed technique: Spokes + hook. Spokes No. 3. Threads White Olga. Bolero knitting schemes:

Read more…

Knitted dress and bolero for girls with knitting needles

Size: for 6-8 years. It will take:

  • Yarn "Azalea" (30% cotton, 70% viscose, 330 m / 1 op) - 250 g of yellow, 150 g light green,
  • Spokes number 3 and 3.5,
  • Set of stocking spokes number 3.

Description and Balero Scheme by reference.

Knitted dress and bolero for girls knitting photo

Cream Bolero for Girl

The main knitting is made on the spokes of 2 × 2 with a rubber band.

Pattern of sweaters is a rectangle. Its width is equal to the width of the back plus 10-16 cm on the sleeve.

The length is equal to the length of the back from the neck to the hip line plus the width of the collar (10-12 cm).

Description and Balero Scheme by reference.

Cream Bolero for Girl Spokes Photo and Scheme

Works of our readers, Bolero for the girl with knitting needles

Work Valeria. White bolero with knitting needles.

Description Bolero by reference.

Bolero spokes photo

Work Svetlana, Bolero from the grass.

Description Bolero by reference.

Bolero for girl photo

Bolero - Cape the knitting needles. The work of Oksana Belioglo.

Description Bolero and scheme for reference.

Bolero for girl photo

Look the other models on the link knitted bolero on Knitka.ru.

In order for the bolero connected to you, it turned out to be on the pages of Knitka.ru just add it to the publication. Use a large green button below.

Video Lessons for Knitting Bolero Spokes

Knit the spokes of the rectangle and tie the crochet, the bolero is ready! But at the beginning I need to remove the measurements! Here should be booted video, wait or refresh the page.

Bolero knitting needles

In this video we will knit with a bolero with knitting needles. It can be knitting both for the girl and for the boy. It will take about 150 to 200 grams of yarn with a thread thick 240 m. Per 100 gr. Spokes number 2 or number 3. The size can be changed depending on the measurement of the neck of the neck and from the height of the armor. Let's knit the rode from the neck and then in a circle of the knitting needles. Here should be booted video, wait or refresh the page.

Bolero knitting needles for girls 8 years

Bolero is one of the most comfortable things for children. You will need: 100 grams acrylic (400 meters in 100 gr), Spokes No. 2.5, butt. Here should be booted video, wait or refresh the page.

Features of modern bolero

In fact, the bolero is a small vest with hiking or a strongly shortened jacket. Although among the new products are many models having:

  • sleeves of different lengths;
  • Collars Stocks, Schalki;
  • frill.

In the fashion capes, covering some blades, warm models to the lower back. Bolero is perfectly combined with jeans, skirts, dresses. They do not waste the image. On the contrary, they give it lightness, atmosphericness, shift the emphasis on the chest, emphasize the waist.

Instead of buttons, brooches or decorative buckles with buckle use more often. Classic knit on the patterns: Schedule, back, shelves are confused separately. Then the product is stitched. Youth prefers creative solutions. Summer options make openworks from thin threads.

Simple models for beginners

If there is experience of knitting scarves, it will not be easy to build two simple Bolero options. For the first pattern it is better to choose an openwork simple drawing. Knit mini jacket with crochet or knitting needles.

Schrag with an add-on

As a separate type of clothing, two connected sleeves invented in France. Based on the Schrah Easily make a beautiful openwork bolero. First lies a long wide scarf. Its length is chosen arbitrarily, usually the bushes make three quarters. The contour of the Schrah is gaining a split loop. Of the two edges, they are confused on one loop, from the third - two. The total number of loops are divided into 12 parts, loops are added along the edges of fragments. It turns out a wave-like strapping. At the breast level, she is bonded by brook.

Bolero for girl with spine

Work begins with the construction of the pattern. It is done as follows:

  • 80x25 cm rectangle draws;
  • Another one is drawn to it, for this, the central axis is made in the middle;
  • At one edge in different directions from the axis, 25 cm are retreating;
  • Rectangle 4x15 cm rectangle.

Such details will need two pieces. Knit them from a wide edge. When the first 25 cm width of the parts will be ready, each side is closed part of the loops so that it turns out 15 cm edges. Then they take a small rectangle.

After that, proceed to the bolero assembly. For this, every detail is folded in half so that the 15-cm edges coincided. Two halves turned out. After that, they begin to cross the side seams.

At the end make sutures on the back, height is adjustable arbitrarily. For decorations are tied up. It is more convenient to do it with a crochet: in a row of columns with two embers easily insert a ribbon. If there are no skills of mating crochet, create a row on the needles.

Holes for tape are made using nakida every two loops. If you wish, we are tied up with a neck, form a collar, I will ideally look sock. Some are limited to a small rack. Bolero is ready to wear. You can perform such a model from any yarn.

Ideas for creative

Creating a pattern for bolero, you can come up with something original. Several proposed options will be scanned fantasy:

Square-based lightweight . First, the spokes or crochet knit the square covering the back from the edge of one shoulder to another and until the middle of the back. Corners are connected by air chains by type of straps for a backpack. Then the blockage of arbitrary length is made:

  • around the perimeter of the contour with the expansion of the book (the picture of the pattern for napkins is selected), the upper part bends as a collar;
  • Oracle is done only on the neck along the line of straps and the bottom of the square, for such a model you need a gentle openwork pattern.

Warm based on a rectangle with long sleeves . A long rectangle is knitting the width of two volumes of the top of the hand. The edges are stitched from the corners from the edge to the middle - the sleeve is formed. So do on both sides. Then, by the remaining contour from the edge loops, create a series of strapping. It is done:

  • With the help of circular spokes, fit clockwise;
  • On the end, it knits there and back, and then in the middle of the back stitches.

The width of the strapping is chosen arbitrarily. Figure is not principled.

Based on a circle . For this original model, a circle is knitted with sleeveless slots. Rectangles are tied to them. For such bolero, you need a soft stretching yarn, loose pattern. The top of the strapping is raised by a collar, the shelves are fastened at the chest level. The bottom of the bolero can be lowered until the middle of the back.

Based on the vest . If you cherished a pattern of a picture, it is easy to add to small hiking. For mating chosen or drawing of finishing, or the main report is placed in the middle of the sleeve.

Based on Reglans . Loops are typing for a length of 2/3 of the neck of the neck, divide on three details: back and two sleeves. Knit like ordinary reglan, adding a loop to the edges of each part in each even row. Total adds six loops. After the desired length of the bolero is obtained, proceed to the circular strapping width up to 5 cm. It turns out a bolero with a rack.

A few words about yarn and drawing

So that Bolero pleased, it is important to choose the right threads for creativity. Thin yarn x / b with the addition of synthetics well hold the form, easily erased. "The grass" hides the crumplers of knitting, always looks elegant.

Acrylic, mohair, wool - functional threads. In the bolero from such a yarn is very warm. Speeciously look loose and bulk drawings. When choosing a pattern, preference gives a drawing with a small report. For lace finishes, use patterns of napkins.

They look quite modern and fresh. Based on existing models, you can always come up with something your own, unique, so dare!

Photo of the ideas of knitted bolero

One of the most popular varieties of needlework is knitting. This is not only a fascinating creative process, but also a way to replenish the wardrobe with exclusive things. Make a bolero needles will be able not only experienced masters, but also newcomers. With a competent selection of Leson, the product will fit into any image, emphasize the merits, disguise the flaws of the figure.

Materials and tools

Creating a bolero for women begins with the choice of suitable yarn. Warm products knit from Alpaca, camel or sheep wool, angora, mohair. Summer capes are made of silk, cotton, viscose, flax. To create universal things, experts recommend using high quality acrylic. Today in trend, unusual materials:

  1. Grass. Special variety of yarn with a long pile. In appearance resembles a fur or plush. Uneven loops with these threads are practically not noticeable, which is very important for beginner knitters.
  2. Fantasy yarn. It is characterized by a different combination of color and thickness of the thread. Finished products have a slightly sloppy view, so suitable for the preparation of informal images.
  3. Gradient. Smooth transitions of shades with the effect of increasing or clarifying tones - the fashionable hit of this season.
  4. Textured yarn. Combinations of fibers, adding non-standard threads, variety of paints - All this allows you to create original things.
  5. Tape. Modern variety of material is used to knit small things, individual elements or decor.
  6. Pile yarn. It is made by twisting several types of threads. I wonder the options with the addition of a long pile.

If a knitted bolero is intended for solemn events, preference is given to unusual catchy materials. Casual products are created from simple practical yarn.

Suitable needles must match the applied yarn. When using ready-made master classes, you can find out the tool parameters from the description. With an independent selection, the thread is folded in half, exactly the same width must have accessories for work.

Winter yarn
Universal Yarn - Acrylic

Techniques and patterns

After selecting yarn and suitable tools, you need to decide on the pattern. For warm bolero, tight methods of mating, embossed or smooth are selected. Products with expressive cells, double braids, crossed girths, pearl weaving look attractively. For the summer, openwork capes are created, capable of decorating any light outfit.

For beginners, the choice of drawing is of great importance. Attention is paid not only to the appearance of the scheme, but also the level of complexity. It is recommended to start with not too complex ornaments in which there are no big harnesses, braids. The products knitted with spokes with a single pattern are most effectively watching.

The optimal technique will be "gum" in various designs. A pearl pattern is also suitable, consisting of alternating in horizontal and vertical rows of invalid and facial capeners. Simple, but interesting drawings are created using a sweating knitting, facial stuff.

A rectangle bolero is the most affordable model of newcomers. Looks like a solid canvase, which narrows or expands at the ends.

Pearl weaving
Facial smooth

Measures and pattern

To the knitted spokes of Bolero perfectly sitting on the figure, you must first remove the measurements. Based on the data obtained, the product pattern is built. It will be necessary to specify the following parameters:

  • Neck circle;
  • chest volume;
  • distance between shoulders;
  • length of things;
  • Wrist girth and shoulder for models with sleeves.

Based on the measurements, you can learn your own clothing size. To do this, it is enough to use special schemes or online calculators.

The finished patterns are adapted to individual parameters. The width, the length of the product is adjusted, the desired changes and additions are made. The female bolero should not trim the body too tightly, so various additions are used for fizzly freedom. At the same time, the features of the shape, fullness are taken into account.

Do not blindly believe the finished patterns, even if they correspond to the size. Before starting work, it is worth thoroughly check the drawing for each parameter. Only after that you can start creating a bolero.

Stages of knitting fashion models

There are many labels of capes that can be made with your own hands. Most popular models: Openwork bolero, with grass, one canvas. Step-by-step instructions, knitting schemes, a detailed description of the process will be useful to novice craftsmen.

Summer openwork cape

For knitting the model, 100 g of gray yarn, knitting needles No. 3.5. The product is performed using a "diamond" pattern, openwork pattern, "gum". Knitting bolero is carried out according to the instructions:

  1. 120 loops are recruited for the back. The first row is the wrong, then - facial surface.
  2. After 16 cm from the beginning of the prugi, 20 capetles of the neck are closed.
  3. For the left shelves, 8 loops are recruited, for the roundabout at the bottom edge, another 4 is added twice in each second row. Prouima and shoulder SCOS are performed, as on the back, in accordance with the scheme.
  4. The right shelf knits the same as the left, symmetrically.
  5. For hoses, 4 loops are recruited, for the lace beams at the bottom edge - another 10 times 3 in each second row.
  6. The second strip is created pattern in the form of rhombuses. Due to the addition on both sides, the product width is increasing. After 13 cm, the remaining 14 loops are closed.
  7. Summer bolero is collected by performing side and shoulder seams.
  8. To create a finish, 18 loops are recruited, a lace pattern is pronounced, which is sewn to the edges of the product, neck cutting, sleeves.

Knitted openwork bolero looks stylish, brings romantic notes into the image. The model is suitable for solemn events, urban walks. The product can be decorated with rhinestones, sequins or beautiful brook.

Jacket with grass for beginners

The grass is the perfect option for beginners. It looks impressive even without the use of complex patterns, and the threads mask small disadvantages of knitting. To create a jacket, it will take 450 g of yarn of 100% polyamide (for 46 size), Spokes No. 7. Pattern and Description: Practice correctly:

  1. 90 kettles are recruited, facial stroy 6 rows is pronounced. Each fifth strip is made increases.
  2. For sleeves, 100 loops are transferred to extra needles, 70 rows are tied facechair. All loops closes on one strip.
  3. For the right sleeves, 50 loops are transferred to circular needles, closed into a circle, 70 rows of facial stroke are performed.
  4. Knitting the left sleeve is similar.
  5. Assembly and finishing involve sewing the bottom of the armor. On the right shelf, the threads are moved to create a loop, the button is sewn to the left side.

Stylish shortened jacket is performed from yarn painted in bright or muted shades. The original product will suit women of any age. Schoolgirls in it will look solemnly and elegant, girls will be able to emphasize their own style, adult ladies Bolero attach a daughty look.

Vest of one canvas

Bolero knitted for women - an indispensable wardrobe subject. The product is relevant for cold weather when it is especially like warmth and comfort. To work, it will take 3-4 woolen wool or half-walled yarn, circular spokes No. 2, markers. The whole process is reflected in the instructions describing:

  1. 303 loops are recruited. In the first row alternate 3 facial with 3 irons, in the second - 3 irons with 3 facial. So 23.5 cm is tied.
  2. The left side is created on the basis of the 78 loops filmed and then according to the scheme.
  3. The right half is pronounced in the same way.
  4. For the back, the thread from the wrong side is joined, each row is performed according to the scheme. At the end of the yarn is cut off, 129 loops are transferred to the holder.
  5. The ridden part of the product continues, seams are performed on the backing of the back, the left shelf.
  6. Two rows are repeated for finishing until the length of the armor does not reach 28.5 cm. All loops are closed, the tips of the thread are hidden.

The original vest will protect from the cold, will bring new notes into everyday images. The model looks feminine, and thanks to the use of the belt you can focus on the waist line. The manufacture of such a bolero is suitable for novice knitters.

Creating a bolero with knitting needles is a simple interesting job that requires patience and perpetuity. To decorate products, you can add a brilliant thread or squeeze the surface by sequins, beads. Elegant openwork patterns are harmoniously combined with an elegant dress, and with everyday things.

Slit 23.5 cm
Left part
Right half
All loops closes, thread tips are hiding
Ready vest


Knit Bolero Crochet

Bolero is a shortened sweater without a fastener, the length above the waist. Bolero happens with a long or short sleeve, and maybe at all without them. Such a small but useful thing gives women's image romance and femininity.

The content of the article

  • How did the bolero come from?
  • Fashion on bolero today
  • Crochet Bolero for Women
  • Bolero (Schrah) Crochet, work Olga
  • Bolero Crochet Bruges Spring
  • Bolero Fuchsia Crochet
  • Julia Bolero-Schrah with Pineapple Pattern
  • Openwork Bolero Crochet - Oksana work
  • Bolero Silver Openings related to crochet
  • Openwork Bolero Crochet - Olga's work
  • Bolero in the style of Irish Lace - the work of Elvira Aleva
  • How to tie a bolero crochet
  • Crochet Red Bolero
  • Knitted bolero rings
  • Beautiful Bolero Crochet, the work of Ignatic Katerina
  • Turquoise bolero, warm, linked
  • Cream bolero from crochet motifs
  • Female bolero crochet
  • Bolero Crochet "Chinese Veser"
  • Bolero Agat, is associated with crochet in the technique of Irish lace
  • Openwork bolero female, hooked
  • Crochet Openwork Bolero - Work Lyudmila
  • Openwork Bolero Crochet - Valentina Litvinova
  • How to tie a bolero for a crochet girl
  • Bolero crochet for a girl. Master Class!
  • Bolero for Girl Crochet, Work Lyudmila Maxuitova
  • Bolero for Girl Crochet
  • Openwork bolero for a girl - the work of Marina
  • Children's Openwork Bolero Tied
  • Green Bolero for Girl
  • Knitted bolero for a girl
  • Openwork bolero for a girl
  • Pineapple Bolero for Girl
  • Bolero Crochet Video Lessons
  • How to tie a simple bolero crochet, for beginners
  • Bolero Crochet from Square
  • Cape - Bolero associated with a simple pattern

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How did the bolero come from?

According to one of the versions it is believed that Spain is the birthplace of Bolero. Why not, because Bolero could appear only in a hot and sultry country. The exact date of his birth is unknown to anyone, but it is supposed to 17-18 centuries.

Initially, Bolero did not have sleeves and belonged to a male national costume. Later, courageous toroidors died in a bolero with a sleeve.

Another version suggests that the bolero is the outfit of women who danced the dance of the same name. In theory, it doesn't matter how and when this object of clothing appeared, we must be grateful to the stories that Bolero remains fashionable and today.

Fashion on bolero today

In the 21st century Bolero men do not wear, only women retained love to him. And many fashion designers include different Bolero forms in their collections.

Women love Bolero for his versatility, it comes to almost any image and style of clothing. Unless it is not caught in the office, although shortened jackets and jackets can be called bolero with a stretch.

Modern shops offer us to purchase a bolero from very different materials on the texture of materials:

  • Leather
  • Fur
  • Knitted from yarn
  • Stitched
  • Denim, etc.

And since our site is dedicated to knitting, we prepared a selection of knitted bolero from different types of yarn, with sleeves and without, openwork and warm.

What to wear bolero?

Bolero is very well combined with different clothes. For example, knitted dress and bolero perfectly complement each other. In the summer, in the heat of Bolero, you can wear a t-shirt or top in combination with shorts, trousers or skirt. Flying skirt, knitted bolero - just imagine what romantic image you will succeed!

And in the fall with jeans, the bolero will emphasize your waist and will not give the hands to freeze. So choose the most beautiful bolero and stick into your pleasure!

Crochet Bolero for Women

Openwork bolero is beautifully combined with summer things, such as sundresses and knitted skirts. Summer bolero can be supplemented with ballet shoes or sandals.

Bolero (Schrah) Crochet, work Olga

Bolero (Schrah) Crochet, work Olga

Bolero is made on the basis of ribbon lace. A spanish yarn of Katia Capri (Motok 50 gr. Thread length 125 meters) Hook 2.5. Bolero size 42. Own 3 Motochka.

Selected tape:

Here should be booted video, wait or refresh the page.

How to knit

  • Knit the tape of the required length (determined by fitting). We wash and labeled as follows.
  • Then knit insert according to the scheme.
  • Then sew insert to the tape.
  • The result is such a bolero. True line we are taking into small shells. Bolero (Schrah) Crochet. Work Olga Knitting and Knitting Schemes

Bolero Crochet Bruges Spring

Bolero Crochet Bruges Spring

Bolero "Bruges Spring" Technique: Crochet Size: 46-48 Materials: This bolero is connected Yarn: Vita Cotton Vega Composition: 65% viscose, 35% Cotton Color: Yellow 5356, Green 5364 Model Description Source: Model Natalia dry, fashion magazine № 2 (548) My changes: another collar, strings on the sleeves,

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Bolero Fuchsia Crochet

Bolero Fuchsia Crochet

Bolero "Fuchsia". Technique: Crochet. Size: 46-48. Materials: This bolero is connected. Yarn: Magic Microfibre Composition: 100% microfiber, color: Fuchsia - 3445. Source of the model description: Rankdarbiai 2008 magazine is linked in the technique of Bruges Lace, the base is decorated with an openwork mesh (my change in the original model) and floral motifs. Crochet Knitting Schemes

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Julia Bolero-Schrah with Pineapple Pattern

Julia Bolero-Shrah with Pineapple Pattern. Work Alise Crochet.

Technique: Crochet. Size: 42-44 - Amber Bolero, 46-48 - Young greens. Materials: Amber Bolero - Yarn: PNK them. CM. Kirov "Narcissus". Composition: 100% mercerized cotton. Color: amber-0510. Materials: Young Bolero Greens - Yarn: Vita Crystal. Composition: 100% acrylic. Color: young greens - 5656. Source of description of the model: Japanese magazine "Let's Knit Series NV4265 2007 CroChet Lace Kr". Schemes

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Openwork Bolero Crochet - Oksana work

Openwork Bolero Crochet - Oksana work

Openwork Bolero White Knitted Crochet Yarn "Crossobred Brazil" 50% Merinos, 50% Acryl knitted for himself. Schemes taken from mod log.

Openwork Bolero Crochet - Oksana work

Bolero size: 44.

You will need: 300 g of minerserized cotton pink colors (165 m / 50 g); Hooks No. 2 for motifs and No. 2.5 for a dense pattern.

Details of the shelves, coquette backs, the lower part of the back, and the sleeves are made of separate motifs grouped into medallions and interconnected during operation. In order for the dimensions of the finished product with the conceived (see Fig. 7), it is necessary to begin to bind samples of motives according to diagrams 7, 7 A and 7 B and check them for compliance with the dimensions specified in Figure 7 a.

Then proceed to perform a single lace part (see Figure 7 b), consisting of 16 blocks-medallions collected according to the 7 V and 4th scheme according to the 7th scheme. Next, tie the bottom of the sleeves. To do this, connect the motifs into medallions according to the 7 D scheme and collect a circular cloth (see figure 7 V). The next step is performed by the middle of the back detail with a dense pattern. First, check the series according to the 7 E scheme (for aligning the top of the lace cloth), continue to work according to the scheme 7 g.

Connect the bottom of the coquette of the back with the middle detail. The upper part of the sleeve is compliance with the scheme 7 s, after performing the aligning series (CX. 7 E). The finished sleeves are in the openers as follows: Fold the parts of the jacket and the sleeves face to each other and lie along the loaf of the armor 1 row to the girth of two parts.

The diagram and pattern of bolero

The diagram and pattern of bolero

The diagram and pattern of bolero

Bolero Silver Openings related to crochet

Bolero Silver Openings related to crochet

Bolero "Silver Openings" in black Tech: Crochet Size: 46-48 Materials: This bolero is connected Yarn: Vita Crystal Composition: 100% Acrylic Color: Black - 5652 Model Description Source: Author Anna Proshina, Knitting Magazine Fashionable and Just Spec . No. 6 2011 Description Bolero Size: 38. You will need: BRIGHT yarn (80% polyamide, 20% metallic, 340 m /

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Openwork Bolero Crochet - Olga's work

Openwork Bolero Crochet - Olga's work

Openwork bolero 44 size is associated from Soso yarn. It took about 200 grams on the product. Bolero knitted according to the diagram of the Pineapple pattern from top to bottom. After the Pineapple pattern knitted with caides and air hinges to the desired length of the product.

Openwork Bolero Crochet - Olga's work

Knitting diagram Bolero

Knitting diagram Bolero

Bolero in the style of Irish Lace - the work of Elvira Aleva

Bolero in the style of Irish Lace - the work of Elvira Aleva

Bolero in the style of Irish lace 48-50 size. About 300 grams of threads went on the product: "Narcissus", Pelican, Iris, Sapphire. Hook 1.0, 1.25 "Klover". I ordered these hooks through the Internet, very comfortable in your work.

Bolero in the style of Irish Lace - the work of Elvira Aleva

How to tie a bolero crochet

How to tie a bolero crochet

Charming red bolero is perfectly combined with black and white color of clothing.

Dimensions Bolero Crochet : 36 (38/40) 42.

For Knitting Bolero you will need: 150 (175) 200 g Red Yarn Merino Lace (100% Merino Wool, 350 m / 25 g); Hooks number 3.5 and № 7.

Kaima: 1st p .. Alternately 1 pt b / n and 5 removal p., Introduce the hook in each row2-th R.: Knit the same. But with the displacement. Knitting density: Relief Art. s / n: 26 p and 17 r. = 10 x 10 cm: st, s / n: 20 p and 11 r. "10 × 10 cm.

Description Bolero Crochet

Crochet number 3.5 Tie a chain from 48 (50) 52 Rev.. n. And knit relief art. s / n. After 224 (244) 264 cm from the set of the edge, the last row to connect with the 1st r. To form a ring. The left edge becomes an outer edge, the right edge is the inner edge. Then tied up the inner edge, ranging from the arrow by A. Crochet N 3.5 Double thread 1 p. Art. C / H, resulting in a detail rounding. Then to connect between arrows A and in crochet No. 3.5 Double thread 84 (92) 100 st. C / N and knit Art. s / n. At the same time, to leave 4 (5) 6 st. Each row at the end of the row 4 (5) 6 times to plug 2 st s / n together = 68 (72) 76 tbsp. s / n. After 20 (21) 22 cm from the beginning of the back, tie 1 p. Art. b / n. Next, bind the edges of the backrest 1 p. Art. b / n. Then sew the details that combine * CO * and ° C ° path.

Sleeves: Crochet number 3.5 Tie a chain of 26 remuneration. p. and tie 60 (64) 68 cm relief art. s / n. One edge of the sleeve to tie the double thread of st s / n. At the same time, in the sections of the armhole, the detail will be addressed = 45 (49) 53 cm. The second edge to tie down with crochet No. 3.5 border.

Assembly : The edges of the bolero to tie the №3.5 crochet No. 3.5. Insert the sleeves, while the short side, which coincides in size with the pastime, pinch so that the beginning and the end are combined at the shoulder. Then the short sides of the sleeve to fold the mustache and perform the sutures of the sleeves. Collar replete on the front side. For each bunch of crochet number 7 thread in 10 additions to tie a chain from the War. P. Length 45 (49) 53 cm. Sewing flights by prummam.

Photo Bolero Crochet

Crochet Red Bolero

Crochet Red Bolero

Red bolero Hooked-related - the work of Anna Sadovsky.

The size bolero : fifty.

For knitting, you will need: "Gazal" threads, 100% cotton in 50g / 200m, 450 grams.

Bolero knitting schemes

Bolero knitting schemesBolero knitting schemesBolero knitting schemes

Knitted bolero rings

Knitted bolero rings

You can knit from the residues - less than 50g threads went to all the product. The baler "rings" - the work of Lyudmila Anufrienko. Bolero "rings" first knitted from acrylic - rings turned out to be large. And this is the second Bolero - out of 100% cotton. Hook №1.3.

Knitted bolero rings

Crochet Knitting Scheme

Crochet Knitting Scheme

Beautiful Bolero Crochet, the work of Ignatic Katerina

Beautiful Bolero Crochet, the work of Ignatic Katerina

Hello! My name is Ignaticheva Katerina. I decided to share some of my creations. I am now sitting at home with a child and there was time to tie, so you appreciate the efforts! If you like it, I can share the schemes! My work: brown jacket, bolero and lilac jacket.

Bolero. Tie a rectangle of the desired size according to Scheme 1 (the number of loops is multiple 6 as I remember I had 168 loops), sew the sleeves. To tie in a circle according to the scheme of the strapping (Rapport 21 loop I got 10 rapports), I still made a fastener, but someone like it.

Knitting diagram Bolero

Knitting diagram Bolero

Scheme of strapping

Knitting diagram Bolero

Turquoise bolero, warm, linked

Turquoise bolero, warm, linkedDimensions: 36-40.

You will need: 450 g turquoise color of Merino Sjperwash yarn (100% Merino wool. 160 m / 50 g): Hooks No. 3, No. 3.5 and No. 4.

Basic pattern , Hook N 3.5: The number of set-down loops is multiple 17 +1+ 1. lift. Knit according to the scheme 1. Each row start with 1 or 3 remuneration. p. Lifting instead of the 1st Art. b / n or 1st st. C / n and loops before the rapport, repeat the rapport, end with loops after the rapport. Repeat 1 time from the 1st to the 8th r., Then repeat from the 5th to the 8th r.

Border : knit as the main pattern, but according to the scheme 2. Repeat 1 time from the 1st to the 11th r.

Knitting density . The main pattern: 21 set p. And 9 p. = 10 x 10 cm: border, height 7 cm.

Attention! Shelves and backs knit entirely, the sleeves are assigned. Due to the features of a cut cutout, the neck is not performed. Arrows on the pattern = direction of knitting. Shelves and back: Crochet N 3.5 Tie a chain out of 137 reasons. Clause +1 lifting and knit the main pattern. After 64 cm from the set of the edge, tie 11 p. Kaima, after which the work to finish. Slide the set of 11 r. Kaima.

Sleeve : Middle 41 cm side sides to tie the main pattern of crochet number 4 (start with loops before the rapport, repeat 4 times the rapport, end with loops after the rapport), while tie 8 p. Crochet number 4. 12 p. Crochet number 3.5 and 12 p. Crochet number 3. Due to the different sizes of hooks, the sifteer is obtained. At the height of 36 cm sleeves is associated for Kaima 1st r. And then from the 6th to the 11th r. Schemes 2.

Assembly : Perform the side seams and seams of sleeves. The jacket can be worn and like a scarf with sleeves: a set of edge forms a neckline of a neck with shelves. End of work with border = bottom rear edge.

Bolero crochet scheme

Knitting diagrams Bolero Knitting diagrams Bolero

Cream bolero from crochet motifs

Cream bolero from crochet motifs

You will need 300 grams of yarn of cream color, 50 grams of yarn of contrasting color for strapping, crocheted №2.5.

Knitting density: 1 square 15x15 cm.

Work description:

Tie a chain out of 12v.p. Cream thread and close it in a circle. Tie 8 motifs according to Scheme 1. When the last row of the second and subsequent motifs are configured, connect the motifs according to the pattern.

Tie 2 motif according to Scheme 2.

Perform shoulder seams.

According to scheme 4, connect the sleeve, approximately 8 cm. Next to perform 3 rows according to the 5 scheme.

Cream thread to tie the resulting bolero in a circle - 4 rows according to Scheme 4.

Take the Bolero in a circle and sleeves with a contrasting thread according to Scheme 6.

Knitting diagrams Bolero

Knitting diagrams Bolero

Female bolero crochet

Female bolero crochet

Bolero. Size 46-48, connected from thread Kartopu Kristal 100 gr. - 450 m., In one thread, hook No. 1.1. All the product went 2 sinks of yarn. Knit Bolero with one spheres pattern. He started knitting with the backs of the main pattern and then on the pattern, making expansion and recess in the pattern. The pattern is very convenient, as it consists of diamonds and make out and adding easily. I drew an exemplary pattern, as it worked only by measurements, without pattern. The schemes of the main pattern, the strapping and pattern of the bolero are attached. Good luck and lightweight! The work of Elena Hank.

The diagram and pattern of bolero The diagram and pattern of boleroThe diagram and pattern of boleroThe diagram and pattern of bolero

Bolero Crochet "Chinese Veser"

Bolero Crochet "Chinese Veser"

Openwork bolero "Chinese Veter" is associated with descriptions from the Internet. From the pony "Peony" PNK them. S.M. Kirova, the composition of 70% cotton, 30% viscose; 200 meters 50 grams, left 6 glomers, crocheted №1.5. Ideal for solemn times summer in the evening. Hand wash is recommended, dried in collected form. Work of faith Koval.

Scheme for knitting bolero

Knitting diagram BoleroKnitting diagram Bolero

Bolero Agat, is associated with crochet in the technique of Irish lace

Bolero Agat, is associated with crochet in the technique of Irish lace

Bolero "Agat" is connected in the technique of Irish lace. Yarn "Violet" 100% cotton and yarn "Tulip" 100% microfiber for decoration on the "Canary" mesh 100% cotton. Turkey production yarn. Bolero is connected via mod magazine 555. The work of Elena Pavlenko.

Bolero Agat, is associated with crochet in the technique of Irish lace

Description Bolero (Technique Irish Lace)

First, the pattern is made, attached on the tablet (from the foam or insulation). Next, the motifs of the yarn "Violet" and the finish "Tulip", crochet number 13, in the scheme. Schemes are right here. But I changed them a little. We make a composition on the pattern. Elements put face in the bottom. Fresh elements pins.

Next, knit the irregular grid "Canary" crochet №0.5. We remove parts of the blouse from the tablet and patterns and spark under the iron. Side seams and attachments are secure on the tablet pins and knit between the parts of the mesh. Hide with the needle of the "Tailing". The seams are not visible. The product is sprinkled under the iron. The product is ready.

How to tie bolero, schemes

Knitting diagrams Bolero

Openwork bolero female, hooked

Openwork bolero female, hooked

I was asked to associate such a model for size 46-48. Knit Yarnart Begonia 50g 169m 2,5 hook. Workarines.

The work is very interesting, moderately complex. The woman found such a ballerio on the Internet and asked to tie her. Descriptions of work were not, I saw only the schemes from Chinese magazines, for which it was difficult to figure out what. During the work allowed some errors, this decided to make a full description of the work, and share it with you.

Description of the Knitting Process Bolero See by reference

Scheme for knitting bolero

Knitting diagram Bolero

Knitting diagram Bolero

Crochet Openwork Bolero - Work Lyudmila

Crochet Openwork Bolero - Work Lyudmila

Black openwork bolero with a vegetable pattern, crocheted No. 1.0. Pelican yarn, 44-46 left 2.5 wow. Began to work with round motifs on the back, then the motifs of fans in a chess order. The motifs on the shelf are symboling a little bit.

Crochet Openwork Bolero - Work Lyudmila

Master class on knitting this bolero is in the wanderers

Bolero knitting schemes Bolero knitting schemesBolero knitting schemes

Openwork Bolero Crochet - Valentina Litvinova

Openwork Bolero Crochet - Valentina Litvinova

Blue openwork bolero. Bolero is associated with a crochet number 1.0 with a beautiful fantasy pattern. On the contour of the bolero with a beautiful strapping. Yarn 100% cotton. You can wear with dress, blouse, golf.

Knitting diagrams Bolero Knitting diagrams BoleroKnitting diagrams Bolero

How to tie a bolero for a crochet girl

Girls like to dress up, especially to wear unusual things, and the bolero is no exception. Tie or buy a bolero of soy daughter, it looks beautifully with an elegant dress. And Bolero in the marine style - white blue can be worn with shorts.

Bolero crochet for a girl. Master Class!

Bolero crochet for a girl. Master Class!

M-k. Bolero crochet for a girl. The author's work of Efimia Andreevsky. Size for 6 years. Related from x / b threads with a thickness of 170 m. At 50 gr. (It took OK. 100 gr.), Hook number 1.

For a flower and buds used Romana Romana, and for the strapping of the thread "Tulyp". Bolero consists of 2 round motifs of interconnected needles.

Wizard - Class See by reference

Bolero crochet for a girl. Master Class!

Bolero for Girl Crochet, Work Lyudmila Maxuitova

Bolero for Girl Crochet, Work Lyudmila Maxuitova

Bolero for the girl of three years in the style of Irish lace. Thread-Turkish cotton, for motifs; for mesh-thread canary of different colors. Racing 0.9 for motifs; 0.75 for the grid. Used about 200 grams of threads.

Crochet Knitting Schemes

Bolero knitting schemesBolero knitting schemesBolero knitting schemes

Bolero for Girl Crochet

Bolero for Girl Crochet

Bolero for a girl Size 40. For bolero, we needed 130 grams of yarn "Belarusian volume". Hook number 2. Knit two threads. The whole length of the sleeve is 55 cm. Bolero length 36 cm, width 40 cm. Bolero for a girl,

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Openwork bolero for a girl - the work of Marina

Openwork bolero for the girl - the work of Marina knitting and knitting schemes

Easy, lace, openwork cape, bolero is a great addition to any along. Openwork bolero is associated from the subtlest 100% cotton from Pelikan yarn. 1.5 Motchka (330 meters in 50 grams). The photo of Bolero was connected complete with a skirt.

Schemes and pattern for knitted bolero Openwork bolero for the girl - the work of Marina knitting and knitting schemes

Openwork bolero for the girl - the work of Marina knitting and knitting schemes

Children's Openwork Bolero Tied

Baby Bowler Crochet Photo

Children's openwork bolero, hooked - work Lyudmila Maksutova.

Threads Turkish cotton for decoration and Elian Lusy for bolero. Runs used about 100 grams.

Children's Bolero Knitting Scheme

Knitting diagram Bolero

Green Bolero for Girl

Crochet Bolero Photo

Bolero size: for 2-3 years.

For knitting bolero you will need: 100 g of yarn (100% acrylic) green. Hook No. 3. Conditions: Air loop (p. P.), Schedule without a Nakid (Art. B / n), a column with Nakid (Art. C / H), connecting column (compound. Art.).

Fantasy pattern: according to the scheme.

Description Knitting Bolero

For the back, tie a pentagon according to the scheme. In the 13th p. Run the armies, typing additionally on both sides of the chain of 32 V. n. Each, passing at the same time 12 p. Continue knitting according to the scheme, repeating the 14th and 15th r. Just 4 times, and crop thread.


Take the edge of the provision of 1 r. Art. b / n. The finished product is moistened and let him dry.

Bolero knitting diagram:

Knitting diagram Bolero

Knitted bolero for a girl

photo of knitted crochet bolero

The spectacular bolero Zoe Leporsky is completely uncomfortable, but how many joy can be delivered to their daughters.

Bolero size: 110-116.

Description Knitting Bolero

The model is crocheted. You will need: 150 g of yarn (100% cotton, 440mm 100 g) white; Hook number 2. Before starting work, follow the pattern to a natural amount in line with your sizes. According to the pattern associated according to the scheme 34 and the flows, make the calculation of knitting, bind the details of the shelves, backs and sleeves strictly by following the pattern. Receiving the formation of the preach and the cutting of the neck, see the schemes 34 A, 34 b.

Connect the details on the shoulder and side seams. Put the sleeves in the armor. On the perimeter of the canvas, make the strapping with Ryutsya as follows: 1st R.: * 1C1N, 1VP *; 2 p.: In each cell from VP, knit 4-5 C2N; 3rd P.: * 5C2H, "Pico" *. On the details of the shelves, make the rides as follows: Tie the chains from the VP, tie them with connecting columns, make a spiral at the ends, having encouraging 3c1n from one loop.

Knitting diagrams Bolero

Knitting diagrams Bolero

Openwork bolero for a girl

Bolero for a girl

Knitted openwork bolero for a girl. This work sent our permanent reader and the needlewoman Marina Milokumov. Marina writes that the gardens very much asked to tie a bolero. She tied to his taste, the model is taken from Osinka. Fits easily and quickly. Died one Motok Narcissa, hook number 2. It seems to me that it turned out a great thing for the summer.

Bolero for a girl

Bolero knitting diagrams for girls

Bolero knitting diagrams for girls Bolero knitting diagrams for girls

Pineapple Bolero for Girl

Bolero_peedHigh degree of complexity. Size: for 4-5 years.

You will need: 100 g cotton cream color yarn; Hook no 2.5. Roast crochet dry equipment: a chain of wealth. p. (V.P.), a semi-solitary (P / art.), a column without a Nakid (art. b / n), a column with nakid (art. s / n).

Knitting density: first 4 r. Square motif = 10 x 10 cm, linked No. 2.5. The size of the square = 28 x 28 cm.


Work description:

Back: consists of one square motive. Take a chain of 6 V.P., Close to the circle in one p / art. in 1st V.P. And in the resulting circle, knit: 1st row: 16 tbsp. C / N (replace the 1st art. s / n 3-M. VP); Close this and all the following rows of one p / art. in the initial n.). from the 2nd to the 15th row: knit according to the scheme; At the end of the scheme, we will converge and secure the thread.

Right shelf: consists of one part of the square. Knit according to the appropriate scheme and perform the part in a circle indicated by gray, rows there and back the part specified in black. At the end of the scheme, we will converge and secure the thread.

Left shelf: Knit symmetrically with the right shelf by the same scheme. Sleeve: Each sleeve consists of one square. Dial the loops and knit, as a back.

In the middle of each motive, I sewed rhinestones, it turned out very elegant.

Bolero shelf knitting scheme

Knitted bolero for a girlKnitted bolero for a girl

Bowero back knitting circuit

Knitted bolero for a girl

Bolero Crochet Video Lessons

In addition to complex openwork boolero openwork or in the technique of Irish lace, there are simple knitting schemes. Especially easy to knit them together with video lessons.

How to tie a simple bolero crochet, for beginners

For knitting you will need yarn jeans and hook number 2 ,,, 5-3. Bolero consists of two parts: Babushkin Square and a binding in a circle.

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Bolero Crochet from Square

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Cape - Bolero associated with a simple pattern

Step-by-step and clear video for knitting a very simple and very comfortable bolero, simple pattern. Simplicity and convenience of this cape - the main image of the image for a woman of any age. Sapphire from Vita, 50 percent of wool, 50 percent acrylic, 100g - 250m, hook for 3.5mm and 3mm. Consumption of yarn 4makes.

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Already several hundred years of bolero is considered a beautiful and easy attribute of female fashion. It is often used in fashion shows where the bolero gives models a sophisticated and luxurious look. Even the most beginners in this kind of activity can associate. Bolero come in different lengths, patterns, materials.

This attribute of women's clothing will add any kind of elegance: from office dresses to ordinary summer sundress. He perfectly emphasizes the waist, gives expressiveness to the image and cares look at himself.

Brief content of the article:

Views of Bolero

We will introduce you to the most common and popular models. Exactly exactly, at least you will like one of them. Each model has a detailed instruction, how to associate a bolero. This is done easily and quickly. Such an element of clothing does not require high skills in this area.

Our site provides you with comfortable and understandable schemes and a description of the knitting for beginner needlewomen. We will tell you the better to knit the bolero novice, what kinds are most popular and what can be worn in every season.


This is how the appearance of the first cape. In the photo, the bolero can consider in detail.

The secret of this clothing - a special knitting thread is used - herb. For mating such a cape does not need high skills.

In order to create it, you will need:

  • Knitting threads "grass"
  • Straight and circular spokes number 5
  • Markers / Feltolsters for what can be noted.

In the photo you see the scheme of finished parts, which after the manufacture it will be necessary to sew. Each item is done manually, knits on the spokes.

The first thing you need to do is score 56 loops. The first is regulated, celebrate the marker, 12 loops on the first sleeve, 1 regulated, marker marker, 28 hinges for the back, mark, 1 regulated, marker, 12 for the sleeve. Then everything knit ordinary facial loops.

For further convenience, we throw one loop. At the end of the mating - we close the loop. At the edges of the back and throat - run on circular loops, taking ready-made details. Putting the face with facial stroke. According to odd rows, add 7 loops, distributing them.

Having done another 15 cm, close the loop. Women's festive bolero is ready. This species will suit under a monophonic dress, will emphasize the top and add a kind of highlight into a luxurious image.


Such types of capes are very relevant in the summer season. We need:

  • Yarn (better to take mixed composition)
  • Circular spokes with a length of 60 and 80 cm, №4,5
  • Marker or Flomaster

The photo below shows the scheme. It will meet the following cuts:

OP - wrap the loop. In front of the hinge, which we are going to wrap, we translate the thread on the other side, 1 front loop, carry a loop with the left to the right knitting needle, return the thread back, turn the work.

An invalid row also knit up the loop, which we will turn around, we turn the thread before work, 1 is the wrong loop, then transfer to the right side, we throw yarn in the past position, turn the product.

UNL - Relief with the left tilt. Thinking 2 loops on the right side, we felt the left spin on the right side, we associate 1 front behind the lower part.

Now that you know the main conditional designations for the implementation of this technique, you can proceed to execution.

The openwork itself knits as follows: 1 row: 2 l., 1 n., 2 l., Unl (Relief with left tilt), 2 loops in 1 facial, 1 n., 2 persons. We repeat several times to a certain size. 2 and 4 row - invalid loops. Knit 3 row: 1 l., * 1 n., 2 liters. loops, UNL, 2 p. in 1 Lee., 2 l., 1 n., 1 l. * - Where we repeat from * to * to the last two loops. We repeat from 1 to 4 row.

The gum fit easier: 1 persons., 2 out., 1 persons. And repeat until it reaches the size you need.

We gain 84 cm for 60 cm; 93; 93; 102; 102 loops. Next, we are done by direct knitting the openwork pattern to a height of up to 5 cm. Finish 4 row of the pattern. Seams for sleeves make 10 centimeters.

Such a bolero will give the way ease and elegance, especially if it is performed in pastel colors. It will be perfectly combined with evening dress, which can be put on holiday, or to everyday clothes to dilute and give new features to the image. From the first time it may not be possible to associate, but this feature as hard work is very important in knitting.

Festive option for beginners

This is one of the easiest versions of Bolero. It looks spectacular and luxurious due to the alternation of various types of yarn. The finished product looks like a slightly fascinating look and all attention.

For the manufacture of a festive option you will need:

  • Knitting threads where cotton content from 50% and higher.
  • Yarn "grass"
  • Knitting knitting needles and hook №3
  • Ribbon for string (optional)

Patterns in this product are very light, even those who did not knit anything at all can be mastered. The first is facial smooth. In the facial row - the facial nipper, in the involving - the wrong one.

The handful smooth is different from the facial in that it is absolutely all rows of facial. To achieve the same effect as in the photo, alternately perform 12 rows from the grass, then 8 rows with cotton threads.

Frequently Asked Questions about Knitting Bolero

What is better to knit a bolero novice? We provided 3 distributed and easy option. Each of them can perform a beginner. It is better not to start with synthetic threads or immediately take on complex patterns. Everything will come with time and experience. We need to take quality, not quantity.

For what to wear? Bolero is suitable for everything: from the office dressing before the daily pleasure option. The most important thing is that the appearance and color approached the image as a whole and well harmonized with each other.

What time of year to wear? Since there are various species, you can find a more insulated option, and the other can be worn and in summer, emphasizing the tenderness of the image. Bolero is a universal clothes element.

If you are a novice in this area, you should not immediately rush into heavy items. Start with a small, bolero is a great start. It is universally and stylish. Suitable for all types of figures, emphasizing the positive features of appearance. You will immediately notice the views when you put it. This clothing is attracting attention, looks luxurious and elegant.

And even more Sharma gives a bolero made with their own hands. Such work looks more soulful, real and charming. Any girl will look in it a real princess, as in a fairy tale.

Photo of knitted bolero

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