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The main secret of pork chops is, of course, good meat. Do not spoil it will help common sense. Such errors like coals in a pan or in the lace, we do not consider meat. Our advice for those who already understand something in meat and want to prepare a truly juicy pork chop.

What meat take

The best cooled (ideally steam room, but we are realists) pork. It should be pale pink. It is possible with thin, millimeters 5-7, a layer of fat on one side. Best suitable Korean, ham, blade. Meat must be without films and without thick streaks.

How to chop

The meat is cut across the fibers, approximately 1.2-1.5 cm thick. The width and length of the chops are limited to the sizes of a piece that you bought. Optimally - chops with your palm.


The meat is better not to wash, it is absolutely excessive action, especially if you consider that you will fry on a very hot frying pan. In addition, after washing, chops can be too wet and a crust is not formed on them.

Important: It is necessary to fry dry meat, so be sure to get biling with a paper towel.


If there are small veins, then it is better to cut. This is done with a sharp knife, at an angle of 45 degrees to the alcohol, you can in 2-3 places. Crabapped bodies will not pull meat, and the chop will turn out to be smooth and beautiful.

How to beat

It is impossible to beat meat to the status of a lace. The thickness of the piece should not be much reduced after chopping. The hammer is best to take a wooden, but if there is only an iron, be merciful to meat, do not push it with all its strength.

With good, high-quality, gentle meat and handle it is necessary gently. If you caught not too good a piece, then it is necessary to beat it somewhat stronger. And put all the veins in several places. If all the meat promises to be harsh, think about another dish. For chops you need really good meat.

What to fry

Meat need to fry on a small amount of oil, often recommended vegetable or a mixture of olive and butter. The fact is that simply butter is lit at high temperature and spoils the taste of dishes, and in general, carcinogens are formed in the overloaded oil.

An excellent option to take the foiled oil, which was treated for a long time, so that milk left it, and only fat remained. Such oil does not burn and great improves the taste of meat.


One of the most reliable and proven ways: to dip in the whipped protein and cut into breadcrumbs. The latter can be replaced with ground sesame or nuts, wholegrain, chickpea or corn flour, potato or corn starch.

If you are confident in meat, then the chops can not be paniced, but simply to deceive the mustard. With her pork looks just fine, becomes soft and fragrant.

How to solit and pepper

Perchym before breading. But it is not necessary to pick up immediately, the salt pulls the juice from meat, and the chops are dry. Salt the meat right before the feed. If you use mustard, then try not to salt at all, perhaps you will be sufficiently salt and so.

What kind of pan fry

A frying pan is perfect for a thick bottom and non-stick coating. Just make sure that the coverage is the whole, there was no scratch on it, otherwise the products will burn.

How to fry

I'm so fervently so: first on a strongly preheated pan 1-2 minutes to form a crust. Then a couple of minutes on a small fire. Then I turn over and repeat the process on the other side. I turn the meat with a wooden skewer and look at the transparency of the juice: in most cases the juice is transparent, and the chops are then ready. If not, I have been dragging for a minute on medium fire.

Important: The meat cover is not closed, often not to turn over.

Pork chops are one of the most popular second dishes. They are often served to the table with boiled potatoes and vegetable salad. But pork is not always perfect. Sometimes the meat loses juice when frying and becomes dry. In the article we share the secrets of specialists for the preparation of pork chops. They will help you get a juicy and tasty dish.

Where to buy meat

In supermarkets, pork fillet is usually sold in vacuum packaging. Such a product is not suitable for the preparation of chops. After all, you are deprived of the opportunity to influence the choice of meat.

Pork for chops is best acquired in specialized meat stores, where you can ask the seller to cut off a certain piece of meat.

What part of the pork carcass to choose

Choose a piece of pork from the Korean side. This is the most tender part of pork carcass. To find the best piece, pay attention to its shade. The Korean is distinguished by a rich color, which becomes darker on the border with the neck. In this part, meat has the highest juicity.

Do not choose bright pieces of pork cores. Of this meat, hard and dry chops are often obtained.

Perfect pork Korean should have thin fatty bodies in cross section. It should not be purchased too lean meat. After all, fat gives chops a more rich taste and makes them more juicy.

Do not use frozen meat. Choined pork chops are obtained more gentle and contain more nutrients.

How to cook

Many people believe that before cooking pork, you need to wash thoroughly. However, this is a big mistake. You can not flush inner meat fibers, and all harmful microorganisms on the surface will be destroyed when frying.

Meat for chops was undesirable. But if you still decided to rinse it, do not forget to wipe the product with a kitchen towel. Pork must have an ideal dry surface.

Before chopping, be sure to wrap each piece in the food film. Otherwise, you can damage the meat fibers with a hammer, which will adversely affect the texture and taste of chops.

Avoid excessive roasting pork chops. Otherwise, gentle meat will turn into a rigid "sole."

When the dish is ready, do not apply it to the table at once. Place the chops in the dishes with a tightly closing lid and give them to "get" for another 10 minutes. Do not let pork cool. During this time, meat juice will be evenly distributed throughout the piece. You get juicy and well roasted chops.

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Chops it is always an excellent addition to any side man. Meat eat with pleasure, and love everything. For the preparation of juicy and tasty meat, it is important to know some of the sections of the preparation that you will learn in the article.

There are several ways to make a dish, you can fry a steak on the bone, and you can, beat off the flesh and fry in a frying pan. Also, there is a different way of cooking in the oven.

I buy fresh meat, part of it, and some of the cut, I put each piece separately in the kulek, and freeze. Then frying portions, I need 2 chops, I get out, I defrust a little, and fry.

Feed meat with various sauces (berry or fruit), with vegetables, with ketchup, with mustard, suitable as seasonings beetted with horseradish, any fresh greens.

Methods of roasters are different: in a grain, in breadcrumbs, in the eggs, in flour. It is roasted either in the grill in the pan, or in oil. You can complement the meat with spices, herbs, garlic.

The spasps are prepared from eggs, complementing its beer, sour cream, mineral water, mayonnaise, solid cheese, and a small amount of flour. I love in breadcrumbs, they give an incredible aroma and a pleasant crunch. For taste, crouches dry spices and herbs.

What meat make chops from pork

The key to his success is of course the fresh meat of the highest grade. For chops from pork, it is better to take tenderloin, a core or so-called chop part. Some for chop take the thigh, the blade, Oissek.

Meat should always cut across the fibers and a thickness of no more than 2 cm.

Before marinating chops should be well discarded with a kitchen hammer, it is very convenient to do, putting meat into a plastic bag. As a result, pieces should be thoroughly "sprawling" - to decrease in height, and in the circle to increase.

Very often for the preparation of pork chops use mustard. Thanks to the short marination in it, the meat is soft and juicy.

So that the meat has retained its juiciness, it is cooled in front of hot, which forms a ruddy crust. Clar is a mixture of flour, eggs and spices. What it is thick, the thicker it turns out the crust of the cooked chops, so it is often bred by milk or water.

Juicy pork chops in a frying pan in a grain

Chops prepare in the oven or in a pan. You can dip meat in flour and eggs, and you can, prepare a spine. For its preparations are used on water, milk, sour cream, mayonnaise, mineral, beer. The main ingredient is eggs and flour.

Slevisions (Fr. Liaison "Communication, compound") - liquid mixture of eggs, milk (or cream) and water or yolks and cream (for white sauces; provides a bunch of food product.

Slap products before breading: it contributes to the better sticking of breading to the product, improves the taste of the dish and increases the caloric content of the product.


  • pork
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 3 eggs
  • flour
  • vegetable oil

So that the meat is comfortable to cut, it needs to be frozen, and cut a slightly frozen. To do this, it can be placed in the freezer.

Cut into pieces. Approximately 1-2 cm.

Each piece from two sides, be chopped with a kitchen hammer. Solim and pepper on both sides.

When you beat off pieces, you can cover them with a food film so that the splashes are not flying. And so that the knock from the board is not so heard, it is best to put a kitchen towel under it.

Put the pieces in a bowl, and leave to pickle about 20 minutes. We drive into a bowl of eggs, we spit a little. Whip them with a whisk, or for a fork. Also, in a separate bowl we will prepare flour.

We take apart every piece of meat from two sides in the egg, and then in flour. Lay out on the pan. Previously, you need to warm up the frying pan on fire, and pour vegetable oil. I am preparing on refined.

Fry on both sides on medium heat, if you make fire strong, meat burns, if the weak will not be roasting. Farm for 5 minutes on each side. If the pieces are large, then you can cover the lid.

We remove the meat on a paper towel, it is necessary in order to remove excess fat, vegetable oil. We apply with acidic or fresh vegetables. They are served to any garnish, greens, or with any sauce.

Chops of pork in a pan in breadcrumbs

I do not know who, but personally, I really love chops in breadcrumbs. I am preparing them from the baton. Drinking pieces of the baton, and then scramble them, you can additionally place them in the oven when they are pressed, then the crown is even tastier. But you do not need to do crackers if the pieces are burned, it threatens to spoil the dish.

We sell crackers with spices and dry herbs, real yummy, chops delicious and very fragrant.


  • Pork (flesh or chop) 500 grams
  • Bread crushers 5 tbsp. l.,
  • Egg 1 - 2 pcs.,
  • Salt, black ground pepper,
  • vegetable oil

Wash meat, dry with a paper towel, and cut into pieces of 1-2 cm, it is approximately not necessarily to measure, and cut off exactly so much.

The food film needs to be causing a cutting board, lay out meat, and drain it with a film. Disable from two sides by the hammer.

It's easier then to throw away the film than washed off fat and meat the board, and meat purity around, the splashes do not fly in different directions. Disable in one and from the second side. Pork salt and pepper on both sides.

We fold pieces in a bowl, and we remove aside, prepare Clar. In a bowl, drive the egg and whip it with a fork.

Sugari Single in a bowl, for convenience.

If you have homemade crackers, you can drink them with dry garlic, dry spices and herbs. So it will be even tastier and more fragrant, or buy crushers with herbs and spices.

We take a piece of meat, catch it from two sides in breadcrumbs, and then in the egg.

After we dipmed a piece in the egg from two sides, we take apart from two sides in the breadcrumbs, and lay out on a preheated frying pan. Pour vegetable oil in the pan. Fry on medium fire.

On the one hand, he fry 5 minutes, turn over, and from the second side, fry 5 minutes.

Immediately I will say, crackers can fall off from meat, and burn in oil if strong fire.

We serve on the table with a garnish of potatoes, rice or pasta. Bon Appetit!

Video recipe chops in the grill pan

And now I propose to prepare meat in a grill pan. To cook click the button, and view the video material.

Delicious pebble chops with tomatoes and cheese in a frying pan

Do you know that chops with tomatoes can be prepared not only in the oven, but also in a frying pan, it turns out juicy, and tasty. Excellent dish for the whole family. In our family, a favorite recipe with tomatoes, we love for holidays and on weekdays. Festive and tasty, like children and adults.


  • 500 gr pork (I took the neck)
  • 3-4 Tomato
  • 150 g Cheese
  • salt pepper
  • 1 egg

Wash meat, dry on a paper towel, cut into pieces of about 1.5 cm. Then put a piece in the crook and knock off the hammer on both sides, so you beat off all the meat.

Put the sliced ​​pieces in a bowl, salt and pepper, mix. Salt well, the chop must be a bit straly. If the meat is fresh, it is not very tasty.

Drive one egg. All mix well. I have a big egg, I add one, but in general, the number of eggs depends on meat.

Meat should not swim in the eggs, each piece should be covered with an egg. Cover the food film and remove for 2 hours in the refrigerator.

After time, in the pan, we pour vegetable oil, warming up, lay out meat, and fry 5 minutes from each side.

Fry on both sides. The fire must be average that the pork is not burned. Meanwhile, rub the solid cheese. Cut with cubes of tomatoes. Move into a bowl and salt. Tomatoes let juice. We do not need juice, but only the pulp.

If the tomatoes are very juicy, then use the eye, pulp and seed cut. These parts can be used for gravy or sauce.

We lay out tomatoes on meat, and 7 minutes under the lid. Then lay solid cheese. Cover with a lid, and a couple of minutes.

The cheese is melted, it turns out insanely tasty, the tomato attaches such a piquancy. Serve better hot.

How to prepare pork chops in a frying pan with cheese

I propose a very simple and delicious meat recipe, it is served hot, as it prepares with solid cheese. Juicy, gentle, and unusually soft meat turns out.

What do you need:

  • Pork (optimally carbonad) - 300 grams
  • Salt, pepper - to taste
  • You can use any spices and herbs to taste


  • 2 eggs
  • Syrech hard - 50 gr.
  • Sour cream or mayonnaise - 3 tbsp. Spoons
  • Salt - chipotch
  • Flour - 1-2 Art. Spoons (Clar should hold well on meat, but at the same time should not fall too thick layer)

Useful tips: For chops frozen earlier meat is better not to use. It is desirable that before frying chops were room temperature. Optionally, you can add garlic and other seasonings and spices to chops, but they should not be too much. It is important to feel the taste of meat, not additives. For chops, the blade, Korean, carbonade or neck is perfect.

We beat the meat to pieces, beat back from both sides. Solim and Pepper, too, on both sides.

We prepare the Clar for me, it should not be thick, but also should not be, the consistency of sour cream. In a bowl we drive eggs, add salt, sour cream, flour, all mix, it is better to do it with a whisk. Add grated solid cheese. Stir all once again.

In the pan pour oil, warming up. Each piece of pork pork into a purple on both sides.

Fry on the one hand 5-7 minutes, turn over, and fry from the second side 3-4 minutes, then cover the lid, and roasting more, literally 3-4 minutes.

If you fry a lot of chops, then in the process of frying it is desirable to change vegetable oil. The signal to this is to reduce its quantity, plus it becomes dark color. If you fry in such oil, then products acquire a dark and not beautiful view.

The cheese is part of the Klyar, as you might notice, it does not fall from above, it covers evenly all meat, it turns juicy and gentle, and from above the delicious ruddy crust.

Video recipe, how to cook steak on a pan or bone chop

Some are called a chop on the bone, but here we do not beat anything, but fry the steak in a pan. It turns out juicy and very tasty. We are preparing a kebab, but in the season, and in the winter, fry in a skillet.

Prepare surely, I am sure you enjoy it.

Juicy and tender pork chops in soy sauce with garlic

Soy sauce is very tasty, suitable for marinade, with him it turns out tastier and much more piquant. Taste awesome. If you want to diversify the menu, try this recipe.


  • Meat 400 gr.
  • Egg 2 pcs.
  • Soy sauce 50 ml.
  • Flour 30 gr.
  • Garlic 1 teeth
  • Petrushka dry 2 h.
  • Vegetable oil 50 ml.

Meat cut, cover with a food film board and cover meat, knock off with a kitchen hammer from two sides.

Cooking can be prepared, it is very tasty and fragrant, the meat in it turns out the gentle and juicy. These are not banal pork chops in eggs and flour, this is an unusual taste.

Drive in the bowl of eggs, add soy sauce, butter, flour, garlic passed through the press, fresh or dried parsley. Whip all evening.

In the pan, we pour oil, warming it. Macaw on two sides of meat into the clarity, and fry on both sides in a pan. On each side of 5 minutes on medium heat.

As you might notice, the pork itself we do not salt and do not pepper, as the clarity is saturated with saturated, and very tasty. Salt we replace soy sauce. Garlic will give a spike dish and stunning fragrance.

Meat in soybean, it turns out juicy, gentle, and unusually tasty. I am sure if you prepare, then you will surprise not only your friends, but also all your family.

Video recipe, how to make salamon that conquer from the first sample

Meat on this recipe can be cooked any, conquering from the first sample and children, and adults. This is the case when you can cook for lunch or dinner. So tasty and appetizing, which is not ashamed to serve on the festive table.

Press the button, view the video, confident, the recipe will conquer you, and you will prepare such a dish often. Moreover, everything is described in detail, and shown.

Delicious soft pork chops with pineapples and cheese

I love this recipe, for its simplicity and tasty. The combination of meat and sweet pineapple makes the taste of unusual. Wonderfully looks at the festive table. For a couple of years now, I am preparing for a New Year's table.


  • Meat (pork) - 0.5 kg.
  • Pineapple - 9 count.
  • Cheese TV. - 250 gr.
  • Sour cream - 2 tbsp. l.
  • Oil Sn. - 2 tbsp. l.
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Pork cut into pieces, approximately 2 cm. Reject the hammer on both sides, pepper and salt, too, on both sides. You can add any herbs and seasonings to your taste.

We lay out the pieces on the tray of the shining foil, each piece with a brush lubricate sour cream. You can take the store or rustic product.

On each piece lay the ring of canned pineapple. I rub the cheese, and lay out on top to pineapples.

We cover the foil from above so that the cheese is not burned, but 10 minutes before readiness, we will remove the foil, and the cheese will be shrouded. We send to the oven preheated to 180 degrees for 40 minutes.

Here is a tasty and beautiful dish it turns out. I'm sure it will conquer all guests, and your family will like. It turns out juicy and gentle meat. I highly recommend trying.

How to cook chops from pork to be soft and juicy

Each hostess has its own proven recipes and secrets of cooking. Pork is a delicious meat, the dish it takes an honorable place on our table.

What are the secrets of cooking:

  • Cut the meat with pieces of 1-2 cm. It is not necessary to do it for a ruler.
  • Disable good on both sides.
  • When they spicked with spices, salt and pepper, let him lie down for 15 minutes so that the spices penetrate the meat.
  • You can sprinkle with dry garlic, thyme, rosemary, and other dry herbs.
  • When collapses in flour, shake it over.
  • Eggs, flour, crackers, which are used, do not give juice to flow when frying, it is closed on all sides, so it turns juicy and all juices are stored inside.
  • When we lower meat into the egg, then we give drain, and only after that we put in the pan.
  • You can put a flour and egg several times, then the layer will be more dense.
  • Do not remember, otherwise the meat will be dry.
  • The signal to the fact that white edges should be turned over.
  • To remove excess fat, you can upload pieces on a paper towel.

In each preparation, there are your nuances if they follow that chops of pork in a pan will be juicy and soft.


  • 500 grams of pork
  • 2 eggs
  • flour
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • vegetable oil
  • salt

Cut the pork on thin pieces across the fibers, be disabled with the help of a kitchen hammer. We sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides. In the container, we pour a glass of cooled boiled water, add passed through the press garlic. We put meat.

If not enough water, then you need to add. Water should cover pieces completely. We send to the refrigerator for 2 hours. Best for the night. According to this recipe, chops of pork turns out the juicy due to the fact that the pieces absorb water.

To be sealing inside all the moisture that the pieces have absorbed, you need to dip in flour, and then into whipped eggs.

Fry in heated vegetable oil from two sides to a golden crust.

This dish is suitable for a festive table, and for the everyday menu. Your guests and relatives will be surprised as far as they will be tender and juicy. You can serve with any garnish.

The question is which part of the pork is the mild and tasty - from the category of relative. The choice of pork depends on the dish, the technology of its preparation. Pig breed is a factor affecting the softness and juice of pork part. The taste reflects the conditions of detention, age and diet of the animal to slaughter. Finally, the meat must be fresh.

Makeup a menu, go on a meat row. All sellers pork differs in color, gloss, elasticity, smell and price.

We tell how not to be mistaken with the choice of the most soft and juicy part of the pork.

Pieces of pork carcass

There are several schemes for the destruction of pork carcasses. They are applied depending on the scale of production, wholesale (for large meat processing enterprises) and retail (for retail chains) implementation.

Schemes for destructing pork carcass
Schemes for destructing pork carcass

Consider the most detailed, classic destruction scheme, which is used by farmer farms for the sale of pork on the market: cuts are most accurately divided by the structure of muscle tissues.

Classic scheme for the destruction of pork carcass

Before moving on to the question of choosing pork parts for certain dishes - several of the most important recommendations:

  • Pork pulp should look shiny, not taped, has a pale pink or pale-red cut.
  • Do not forget to touch pork pulp to the touch: it must be elastic. If, after pressing the finger, more than 10-15 seconds remains a dent on a piece, choose meat from another seller.
  • Meat should not be sticky. Such a sign talks about his non-reliever.
  • Feel free to sniff the meat before buying, especially if you choose it in places where there are no refrigerators. In addition, it must be borne in mind that there is a risk of purchasing boar meat, with an unpleasant specific smell.
  • Fat layer should be white. The yellowish tint indicates that the age of pigs before the taste was "venerable", or meat was stored in improper conditions. The best meat, with thin fibers and tender consistency in piglets of 7-9 months.

The best taste of pork meat has 2-3 hours after slaughter (pair). Further ripening occurs in 2 stages: shortly after the face there is a natural stuff, and then softening (fermentation).

A lightweight "dry crust" is formed on the surface of the ripe, soft and juicy pork, juice appears inside, but the elasticity is preserved, the supreme pleasant smell, gentle pink or reddish tint. With a longer storage of the cooled carcass, the meat acquires a brownish color, the taste is worsening, culinary qualities are lost.

Softness and juiciness of pork gives fat having a more "delicate" biochemical composition than in beef or mutton. On average, pork carcass contains up to 38% fat, but this indicator depends on age, gender, fatness and pig breed.

What part of the pork is better to take and for what dishes What part of the pork is better to take and for what dishes

The properties of the pork listed above relate to all parts of the carcass. Now consider them separately, determining what kind of dishes what part of the pork is better to take.



One of the most expensive parts of pork carcasses is rightly considered universal delicacy. Well, if the neck contains a light fatty layer.

Such meat is perfect:

  • for kebabs;
  • for baking with a whole piece;
  • Marinization and smoking;
  • Combining and cooking of sausages of the highest grade;
  • for roast;
  • chops and shoitals;
  • Machine for dumplings and kitlet.

But, given the value and value of the tender texture, the neck cut, it is still used more for baking on a fire, grill, in the oven. Fat between muscle fibers provides juiciness and softness.

If the meat was stored in a frozen form, then it is better to use it for mince and second dishes. The neck is ideal for cooking in the measure of oily pork stew.



Front of the shoulder joint in the carcass. Unlike the rear (ham), contains less connecting fibers, so the pork spatula can be considered soft and sufficient juicy meat. This part is almost as versatile for culinary processing, like the neck.

Use for cooking:

  • first and second meat dishes,
  • for cooking,
  • extinguishing and frying.

The market price of pork blade is close to the price of the cervical part, and there it is sold on the bone. In supermarkets, the blades are removed. You can save if it does not confuse the difference as home meat and pigs grown in a large farm, "on the stream".



For retail sales in the market, the Korean is divided into 2 parts: the front is located behind the cervical zone, the average - next, before the lumbar department.

In the pulp of Korean without bone contains only 2% fat. If you cut off the outer fat layer, then this part of the pork carcass is the most dietary.


  • For a kitlet, chops, escalop.
  • From the Korean you can cook exquisite banquet meals.

The middle of the Koreans are prepared on the bone, fried whole piece and portion. The pulp between the ribs is the most soft and juicy. Soup broths also prepare from it.

Lumbar part (okovaly)

This part contains the greatest amount of pulp: thick and thin cutting or adrenal fillets).

Meat universal from the point of view of culinary processing. It prepares broths for the first dishes, second dishes, cutlets.

Cutting is an expensive delicacy that is neatly cut off from the inside of the row. At first glance, its flesh seems tough, but the thin fillets during the life of the animal is not subject to physical exertion. The pulp of tenderloin has a gentle texture. Usually it is fry, they prepare a raw bali.



The thinnest, lower cut of the middle part of the carcass.

Under the layer of salla - muscle tissue. Closer to the front of the branch also includes ribs.

Breast without bones is suitable

Breast without bones is suitable for the preparation of juicy rolls. The rib cartilage prepares broths, first and second dishes, smoked.



Muscular fabric of ribs contains a significant part of the fat, so it is soft and juicy.

Rib cutting is a universal product for culinary processing. Soups, stew, complex second dishes with croups and vegetables are preparing from it, fright, smoky.



Outdoor or back, with a large content of thick muscle mass and thin layers of fat between muscles; The amount of fat in this part depends on the breed and sex of pigs; The meat of animals, fed at home, is more soft and fatty, and therefore with juit.


The outer part of the ham is made of more dense, calm muscle tissues, includes tendons, so the meat is subjected to a longer thermal processing after pre-veil (stripping tendons, films).

The inner part of the structure and density is almost no different from the lower cut, but more durable, as it refers to the most rolling muscles of the animal.

The outer and inner parts of the pork hip cut, from a culinary point of view, harsh, but are quite suitable for extinguishing, suitable for cooking cold without preliminary stripping from films: the meat is lowered in cold water with a whole piece, and hesitates after cooking on slow fire, for 4 -5 hours, then cut portion.

Note! The juicy meat is preserved if it is lowered in boiling water during cooking: the upper fibers are compressed under the influence of boiling water, keeping meat juice inside the piece.

In the grilled form, such a pork is better pre-repelled or pickled.

Top (fire)

Top (fire)

To the top of the hip, the bodies include the jagged muscles connected to the pelvic spine. This muscle group is least exposed to physical stress in animals to slaughter, so the meat is soft, contains a sufficient amount of fatty tissues, that is, juicy, and suitable for baking, grilled frying. Often it is used to prepare kebabs.

Side part

Side part

Between the fibers of the side of the lateral part contains a thin fat layer (in the pigs of the measual direction has a pronounced "marble" structure), does not contain bones. Red meat, dense.

After pretreatment, steaks are fried from this part. The side part is suitable for the preparation of complex, multicomponent foods: hot, pork pork, azu, goulash.

Tip! For the preparation of chops, steaks, the cunits of the meat are cut across the fibers, 2.5 cm thick, for optimal roasted. Before the hot meat is withstanding about 2 hours at room temperature. Softness and juiciness of the pork steak depends on the skill of the cook.

Pull and Golyashka

Pull and Golyashka

The most fatty pieces of pork carcass, with rigid muscles, covered with film - the knuckle and naked.

The coarse parts of the pork, nevertheless, the indispensable ingredient in the preparation of the chill, the rational broths, since they contain a large amount of collagen (gelatin) necessary for the formation of jelly consistency. These parts stripped from bones, tendons and films are used for fillings.


After poultry meat, pork is the most popular view of meat in the European part. This is due to the availability of the product acceptable price, in comparison with the more expensive beef and rare lamb. In addition, according to the biochemical composition, despite the high content of fats, pork is resolved easier.

Universal culinary properties of pork turn each dish into the masterpiece.

First of all, to abandon the belief that the chops should be prepared only from the cutting. This is the most tender and most expensive part of the pork, but the chops better do not do from it.

Recently, a wave of publications was held that scientists change their usual views and now consider pork useful, and the cutting ranked at all to the dietary meat. I don't know how others - our family only laughed: We also love meat without scientists and a long time ago, we prepare it at least 1-2 times a week.

And the best chops are obtained from the Korean without bone or carbonade. Here is a photo of a part of the showcase that interests us (the photo was made on November 30, during the trip for the products for the upcoming week).

What is the first thing attracts attention? Large chops for almost 449 rubles. kilogram. They are not only sliced, they have already passed Tenderizer - a mechanical device that replaces the kitchen hammer (it is also called the meat separator).

How to choose a pork for chops and not overpay

Inexperienced young families, most likely, will buy them: they look prepared, it is only necessary to deliver and fry. And they are unlikely, like many of us, they know that these chops are cut from the same carbonade or barn, only they are thicker and they did not cut fat and films. A couple of pieces will pull at least 400 g.

To the right of these chops we see under glass oval beautiful pieces of meat with a thin layer of fat called "Escalop".

How to choose a pork for chops and not overpay

Eskopelop is the name of the dish, not part of the pork, but it is usually cut from carbon frame or a Korean. These pieces are less, thinner, on the sides with them almost all the fat and films were removed, which were left on large. The price you see - per kilogram - 375 rubles. (without a penny). It is believed that they should only be repeated, season and fry or bake.

However, the first slices that left more fat and only beat off - more than 74 rubles. For several blows tenderizer? The seller on my question only shrugged.

Well, what do escalopa take? Or maybe we will raise your eyes higher? And see - what?

How to choose a pork for chops and not overpay

And again the Korean. In the middle of the photo - the length of her piece lies with us sideways, it is a price tag - almost 290 rubles, and the right - quite large pieces, for which the Korean cut, usually we will weigh 700-800 g. I take such a family, of which I cook 6 -7 chops or shtitals, not to mention a variety of other dishes.

You can take such a piece, but you can ask to cut off from the long one - there is no difference for the result.

What is the result. We did not take thick chops by 449 rubles, the investigated by the tenderizer - and saved per kilogram of 158 rubles.

And sliced ​​escalopa ignored - saving 85 rubles.

And bought a piece of Korean for 290 rubles. kilogram. From which you will prepare anything. It is "anything" - hundreds of recipes of meat dishes and others - you will find on the pages of our site Povarixa.ru. .

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Delicious and gentle meat

Pork is as delicious and gentle, as well as useful meat. The main use of pork is to the vitamins of the group B. In the same, there are many proteins in pork. Pork, like other meat products, contains a large amount of iron and zinc. These elements reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Pork meat and fat contain arachidone acid and selenium that helps a person to fight depression. Pork is easily absorbed, which positively affects the digestive tract of the human body.

Important! Calorie Pork: 100 g about 263 kcal.

The delicious part of the pork carcass is the chief, or is called - zelzok.

It is a clipping from the top of the back of the animal closer to the tail, above the ham.

Calorie pork

Since the meat in this part of the carcass of the animal for his life is usually not exposed to any physical exertion, then the meat is obtained very gentle and juicy, but at the same time lean. That is why the fire is highly appreciated with supporters of healthy nutrition.

In this case, the fire is ideal for baking in the oven, namely, with this method, the preparation of pork is obtained the most delicious.

I think it will be correct to deal with what part of the carcass, what goes in the cooking process, then any of them will be very tasty:

  1. For frying a piece of pulp from the spine, cutting or rear leg pulp.
  2. For roast - meat from the spine (less fat), the back leg, etc.
  3. For extinguishing and cooking - front leg, breast and pashin.
  4. For the kitlet - slices of the front and back leg, neck, cropping and croc.
  5. On the jelly - head, legs, legs, a piece of neck.

How fat is pork? There is an opinion that pork is fat, but it is not quite so. Pork carcass consists of different-quality pieces. For example, the fat content in the hammer exceeds 21%, and the blade, which is sometimes called the front ham, on the contrary, one of the most fast parts of the carcass. Neck fatty blades, but also more. It is good to fry without butter or cook on the grill, then fat is overhaul. The breast is rather fatty meat, the smaller fat in the tenderloin is only 2.8%, and in a hen 3%.

What parts of pork is better to use and for what dishes

After slaughtering a pig, butchers separate her carcass in about 40 parts. Each of them is good in its own, if you know how to cook it. So, for the rigid broth it is better to use pork ribs, bones with a small amount of meat on them, a blade or a shin. And for the cooking of the chill more feet more feet.

From the fatty carcass

The best goulash is obtained from the blade, the ham, the fillet, or the Korean - the most fatty carcass. These parts of the pork can also be used to prepare a boiler, chops and chopped zaras and hot. The blade is generally considered the most rigid part of the pork, so it should be subject to long-term heat treatment - extinguishing or cooking.

But to plant pork ribs, neck, shin, knuckle or back fuel part. For this purpose, pork language is also suitable and, of course, the breast. The latter is located on the sides of the abdomen immediately behind the blade and is pieces of a sala with meat layers.

Meat on the fire

The kebab is best to do from the neck - this part of the pork has fat layers, thanks to which the meat on the fire is succumbing. For baking, a large piece is best suited for the hammers - the most fleshy part of the carcass, which is a pork buttock. However, today for the hammer is usually issued by the rear subable, located just above the knee. You can cook delicious buckhenin or roll.

It turns out juicy

Steaks, chops, Schnitzel and Langet should also be prepared from the ham, and the medallions and cutlets of the honeycomb are from Korean. Then these dishes will be particularly juicy, soft and tasty. Conventional cutlets, in principle, can be prepared from almost any fleet of pork. And for greater fattyness in them it is worth adding a little Korean.

Pieces of pork carcass

How does the broth get too fat, and roast - difficult to upbringing? Following our recommendations, you will learn what kind of subtlety meat, whims and preferences have.

Neck - Shashil

The cervical meat, with thin fatty streaks, is distinguished by tenderness and juice, and therefore, first of all, it will serve as an excellent material for kebabs - not fatty and not dry, namely, as needed. And in the second and third, for exemplary chops and cutting, involving rapid frying. Yes, and try the cutlets or soup with starch meatballs, prepared from the cervical pulp.

Shovel - SUP

The blade is the upper part of the front leg, which is not recommended to take for frying: meat can turn out hard. The best solution is to use the blade meat for extinguishing or cooking, for example, in order to prepare the first dish - soup or borsch. In addition, meat from a whole blade unit can be turned into mince - for lovers of low-fat boiler.

Koreka - Schnitzel

The most "noble" part of the pork: it is the Korean, or a spinal part, consider the best pork meat. This is indeed a gentle meat, surrounded by a thin layer of subcutaneous fat, which is usually divided into an antlekota - the bones of the bone - and an insufficient part. Frying (schnitzels, chops) and kebabs - the best thing to do with the Korean.

Lumbar part - soup

The gentle meat of this part is roasting a whole piece or cuts on the shares that are obtained by a clear rounded form and contain meat itself more than any other pieces. Lumbar meat is divided into clippings and thick fillets and is suitable for hot, escalopov (smooth, round layers of meat out of cut or other pieces of pulp), walking, kebabs, as well as soups.

Outdoor and inner sides - fried meat

"The pork of the highest grade", - without unnecessary words characterize these parts of the ham. Such meat best satisfies the requests of true meats - the inner and outer part of the ham, it is possible, not a ceremony, roast a large piece, or bake on the grill or in the oven, or to cut into pieces, fry or make chops: keywords - fry and stove.

Top of the ham - Goulash

This is the best part of the pork ham - also it is called the upper fuel part, or the back. The fake part of the ham contains a lot of meat - the highest grade - and is suitable for roast, chopped boils and broths. Nevertheless, the best purpose of the upper part is to make a material for the real Hungarian goulash.

Breast - Roasted meat under sauce

The thoracic part is best to separate, that is, cut into pieces. The breast is divided into two parts: breast on the bone and sneaker without bone. Slices of the thick end of the sternum fry and served under the sauce, but in general, the gentle, the fatty meat of the chest is well suited for extinguishing or pill.

Side of the ham - buoyhenina

The ham is considered the most fatty part of the pork carcass, and, in turn, this one of all its parts is the most fat, and therefore the most tender and pink and most suitable for baked and, of course, for the preparation of buoy. The latter is a pork baked with a large piece, and is usually prepared from grated salt and spices of pork ham without bone.

Ribs - Plov.

Usually, pork ribs are prepared separately from other parts. They are ideal for solving two tasks: first, for the cooking of broth - the bases for soup or borschor; Secondly, from chopped into the pieces of ribs, with the addition of onions and spices, the meat roaster for the povet is excellent. Naturally, in itself or in combination with vegetables, this is a hot and good idea.

The knuckle and naked - the cold

The front nose wears a separate name - it is called the knob. The meat of this part requires careful culinary processing, and there is a lot of options for its preparation. Stew, bake and cook - classic, and you can make a broth from the knob. As for the back of the naked, the meat on it is almost no, and there are cartilagers and bones intended for broth and chill.

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