Mode in the plane in Windows 10. How to disconnect?

Mode in the plane in Windows 10. How to disconnect?

I do not know why, but somehow I missed this moment and did not tell about what is "on the plane" mode in Windows 10. For what it is needed, how to enable it, disable and how to solve problems associated with this function. As it usually happens, with the appearance of the possibility to enable the mode "on the plane" on a laptop, or PC, users have many questions and problems. Most often it is not possible to disable this mode on the computer. (where he is not needed in principle) . And if it is turned off, very often Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth cease to work, or do not work as needed.

What is the mode "on the plane" on the computer? Everything is very simple. When this mode is enabled in the Windows 10 settings, all wireless modules are disconnected. In laptops, this is usually Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Also the cellular network, for example, on the tablet. It is not difficult to guess from the title, it is intended mainly for use in flights. Well, on a laptop, he can still need, and why on PC? Unclear. If I want to disable Wi-Fi, I just turn it off in the parameters, or by clicking on a separate button in the connection properties.

Personally, I had no problems with this regime. It is always turned off. But judging by the reviews on the Internet, not all so. Now we will try to figure it out.

How to disable the mode "on the plane" in Windows 10 (on a laptop and PC)?

The easiest way is to click on the Internet connection icon, or on the call center button, and click on the "Mode in the Plane" button. Press once, it turns on and the button becomes blue. Click again - turns off.

Mode "On the plane" in Windows 10

Or another option. Enters "Parameters".

Control mode "on the plane" in parameters

Go to the "Network and Internet" section.

Setting up the mode in the aircraft in Windows 10

Open the "Mode in the plane" tab, and turn off / turn it on with the switch.

Disable the mode "On the plane" on a laptop and PC

In most cases, everything is perfectly turned on, turns off, and all the radio modulus continue to work normally. Even in a stationary computer. If Wi-Fi is installed, and / or a Bluetooth adapter.

Turn off the keyboard key on a laptop

Almost every laptop has function keys to enable and disable wireless modules. So, in Windows 10, they work even without installing drivers and all sorts of utilities from the manufacturer. And this combination of keys can be controlled by the mode "on the plane".

On ASUS laptop, these are the Fn + F2 keys. On the function key there must be an icon. It is usually in the form of a wireless network. And on new models of laptops, the icon is already in the form of an airplane.

Mode control in the plane keys on a laptop

There may also be a combination of keys Fn + F12, Fn + F9, etc., it all depends on the manufacturer of the laptop.

Solving problems with the regime "on the plane"

The most frequent questions on this topic: how to disable the mode on the computer if there is no item in the settings, and what to do if the "airplane" mode itself turns on.

In fact, it is difficult to answer these questions, as I did not come across it. And I did not find any solutions on the Internet. Regarding "it turns on", it is very unlikely, since there is no such function. Is that some third-party program can automatically control these settings. If there is no item in the settings, and this mode is disabled, it is quite possible that it simply should not be on your device. Most likely you have a stationary computer (without wireless adapters) And he is not needed there.

If a Wireless network does not work, or does not work stable After turning off the mode, then try a few solutions. Also, the Tips described below can help in the case when the switch (slider) Inactive, and cannot be disabled this mode.

  • First of all, restart your laptop, or PC. You need to click on the Start menu, click on the "Shutdown" button and select "Reboot." The problem with the regime "on the plane"Everything should earn. And the mode "on the plane" is better no longer turn on.
  • Disable the wireless adapter shutdown to save energy. In Windows 10 it is not difficult to do this. Wrote about it here.
  • In the device manager, you can try to remove Wi-Fi adapter. Just click on it Right-click and select Delete item in the menu. After rebooting the computer, it must be installed automatically.
  • Check if the WLAN auto-tuning service is enabled. In the comments, wrote that it helped.
  • Upgrace the Wi-Fi driver of the adapter according to the instructions: update (installation) driver on Wi-Fi in Windows 10.
  • You can also try to reset the network settings for this instruction.

I would be grateful if you write in the comments about the solution that helped you. And describe your problem. Useful information will be added to the article.

Today we will talk about how to disable the "plane" mode on a computer or laptop. Previously, this feature was present only in smartphones. However, with the release of Windows 10, the flight mode appeared on stationary PCs and laptops. And there are many problems with it when connecting to the Internet on WiFi network, as well as in working with wireless Bluetooth gadgets. Why do you need "on the plane" mode and how to activate it or turn off in the operating system?

What is the "airplane" mode on a computer or laptop and what is it needed for?

The "aircraft" mode on Windows 10 is the function of full simultaneous disconnection of all wireless connections on a computer or laptop.

When it is activated, WiFi and Bluetooth adapters are turned off, as well as 4G modem if it is in the system. Accordingly, all current connections with wireless signals and devices are broken. We are necessary in order to save the battery charge on a laptop, since the connections "by air" consume a sufficiently large amount of power to maintain a permanent communication with gadgets and a network.

WiFi Network

Also, very often include flight mode is required on board the aircraft so that the retransmitted signals do not create interference and did not interfere with the operation of airliner onboard equipment. Surely, if you have ever flew, then faced with similar warnings. As follows from all over the foregoing, the regime in the plane is advisable to use precisely on portable devices - laptops or tablets. While on the stationary PC it is actually useless, as the computer is constantly connected to the source of energy and you will not take it into the plane. However, the Windows 10 operating system is universal for all types of devices, which means that it turns on or off in any case can affect the operation of the Internet.

About the autonomous flight mode on Android We have a separate article.

How to turn off the mode in the plane in Windows 10 or turn it back?

In Windows 10 there are several ways to disable the "aircraft" mode. The choice of one of them is the essence of the matter does not change, but everyone is more familiar to activate it in the same place. Therefore, consider each of the options in more detail, and you already decide which it will be more comfortable for you.

From Windows Desktop

If your computer is offline, an icon in the form of an airplane should be displayed on the bottom panel in the Windows notification area.

Windows mode in the windows

You need to click on it with a mouse - you will see the square from the Mode in the Plane, painted in blue. This means that he is currently active

Disable mode in the plane

To turn off this feature, click on it and see that the icon is gray. At the same time, the neighboring "mobile hot spot" and "WiFi" is activated. And a list of wireless networks, which are currently available for connecting are displayed.

WiFi Windows 10 network

It remains only to choose your router and join it.

Through the network parameters

The second way to turn off the stand-alone computer or laptop is to go from the "Start" menu to the "Parameters" section

Windows 10 parameters

Next, open "Networks and the Internet"

Network and Internet Windows 10

And find "Plane mode"

Menu mode in the plane

Here we translate into an inactive state toggle in front of the corresponding text

Disable the mode in the plane on the computer

Wi-Fi Bluetooth wireless modules must be activated.

WiFi Bluetooth Wireless Networks

Using the combination of special keys on a laptop or computer

Finally, on many laptops or individual keyboards that connect to the computer, there is a separate button responsible for the aircraft mode. It is usually turned on and turned off with a combination with the "Fn" key. Just press them at the same time.

The mode keys in the plane

Also, very often the inclusion of the flight mode is accompanied by turning on the light indicator on the LED panel at the top of the keyboard.

What if the mode in the plane does not turn off on Windows 10?

It would seem that everything is simple. But there are cases that the aircraft mode on Windows 10 does not turn off any of the above methods. This is possible when any errors occur in the WiFi wireless network adapter.


And here it should be remembered that very many issues are solved by the usual reboot of the operating system. You can make it either from the same menu "Start" Windows

Windows reboot

Or forcibly a power button or reboot on a laptop or computer.

Huawei Matebook D15 Print Scanner

Restarting a wireless network adapter

You can also separately enable and disable WiFi wireless adapter without restarting the entire laptop or computer. To do this, you must enter "Device Manager" in the Windows String line and go to the System Program of the same name

Windows Device Manager

In the list we find a "network adapter" and then by name the module that is responsible for the work of WiFi. It usually has the word "Wireless". Click right-click to call the auxiliary menu and select "Disable"

Turn off the network card

Confirm the action

Deactivate wireless adapter

And after that it is similar to it back

Enable wifi adapter

Driver Update

If nothing helps, and the computer still does not leave the mode on the plane, then try to update update the drivers to the network adapter. They may have flown as a result of conflict when installing some kind of program or other drivers. And Windows simply cannot detect it in the system.

  • If you have another laptop that has access to the Internet, you can pre-load on a USB flash drive and transfer it to a broken or installed directly from the external drive.
  • If this is the only computer in the house, you will have to either connect it to the Internet on the cable, or use the mobile USB modem. Otherwise, the drivers will be simply nowhere.

In the case when it was possible to enter a network via an alternative source (cable or 4G), also in the "Device Manager" by pressing the right mouse button by the name of the network adapter and select "Refresh Drivers"

Update Windows Network Adapter Driver

Next, run automatic mode

Automatic search for drivers

WiFi is not active due to energy saving

When we are dealing with a laptop, in Windows 10, the default is the energy saving function when the charge of the battery is achieved by a critical low result. Depending on the settings, it can be forced to disable all wireless modules so that the signal search further does not discharge the battery.

To disable this mode, again, call the device manager settings and to the submenu, which is called the right mouse click on the Wireless Adapter, go to "Properties"

Properties of the network adapter

And in the "Power Management" tab, remove the checkbox with "Allow disconnecting this device to save energy"

Adapter power management

The mode in the plane on Windows 10 itself is turned on and disconnected.

The settings fails in the Windows 10 system service responsible for network connections can also cause constant spontaneous on and off the "aircraft" mode. To correct the situation in the search bar (next to the "Start" menu icon, we prescribe the word "Services.msc" to call the system program

Services MSC.

In it looking for a string in the right column "Auto-tuning service WLAN"

WLAN auto-tuning manager

We go into it and as an "type of launch" exhibit on "automatically". Then click on the "Run" button and apply settings

WLAN auto-tuning mode


Step-by-step instruction

Let's summarize how faster and easier to disable the mode in the plane on a laptop or computer.

  1. Click on the "Start" menu
  2. Open the "Parameters" menu
  3. Choose "Network and Internet"
  4. Go to "Mode in the plane"
  5. Turn off

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Do not turn off the mode in the aircraft on Windows 10

The "airplane" mode on Windows 10 is used to disable all laptop or tablet emission devices - Simply put, turns off the power of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters. Sometimes this mode is not turned off, and today we want to tell about the methods of eliminating this problem.

Turning off the regime "On the aircraft"

Usually disconnect the considered mode of mind does not represent, it is enough to re-press the corresponding icon in the wireless panel. Location Button Disconnect mode in the aircraft on Windows 10If it does not work, there may be several reasons for the problem. The first is the specified task simply depended, and it is enough to restart the computer to troubleshoot. The second - stopped responding the WLAN auto-tuning service, and the solution in this case will be its restart. Third - problems of obscure origin with a hardware switch of the mode under consideration (characteristic of some Dell manufacturer devices) or the Wi-Fi adapter.

Method 1: Restart Computer

The most common cause of an unconnected state of the "airplane" regime is the freezing of the corresponding task. Access access through "Task Manager" It will not work, so you will need to restart the car to eliminate the failure, any convenient way is suitable.

Method 2: Restarting the auto-tuning service of wireless networks

The second probable cause of the problem is a component failure "WLAN auto-tuning service" . To correct the error, this service should be restarted if the computer has not helped the reboot. The algorithm is the following:

  1. Call the window "Run" Combination Win + R. On the keyboard, write in it Services.msc. and use the button "OK" .
  2. Call services to disable the mode in the aircraft on Windows 10

  3. A window will appear "Services" . Lay in the list item "WLAN auto-tuning service" call the context menu by pressing the right mouse button in which click on item "Properties" .
  4. Open WLAN auto-tuning properties to turn off the mode in the aircraft on Windows 10

  5. Press the button "Stop" And wait until the service is stopped. Then in the "Start Type" menu, select "Automatically" and click on the button "Run" .
  6. Restarting the WLAN auto-tuning service to disable the mode in the aircraft on Windows 10

  7. Here click "Apply" и "OK" .
  8. Apply new WLAN auto-tuning service settings to disable the mode in the aircraft on Windows 10

  9. It is also worth checking whether the specified component is in autoload. To do this, call the window again. "Run" Write msconfig .Call the system configuration to disable the mode in the aircraft on Windows 10Click the tab "Services" And make sure that item "WLAN auto-tuning service" It is marked with a check mark or mark it yourself. If you can not find this component, turn off the option "Do not display Microsoft services" . Complete the procedure by pressing the buttons "Apply" и "OK" , then reboot.

Mark the WLAN auto-tuning service in the autoload for turning off the mode in the aircraft on Windows 10

When the computer is fully loaded, the "airplane" mode must be disabled.

Method 3: Troubleshooting Mode Hardware Switch

In the newest Dell laptops, there is a separate switch for the "airplane" mode. Therefore, if this function is not turned off by system tools, check the position of the switch. Location of the mode switch in the aircraft on Windows 10Also in some laptops for including this feature, a single key is answered or the key combination is usually Fn in combination with one of the F-row. Carefully examine the laptop keyboard - the desired is indicated by the aircraft icon. Location Turns on the mode in the aircraft on Windows 10If the toggle switch is in the position "Disabled" , And the keystroke does not bring the result keys, there is a problem. Try to perform the following steps:

  1. Open "Device Manager" in any affordable way and find a group on the equipment list "HID devices (Human Interface Devices)" . In the specified group there is a position "The regime" on the plane "" Click on it right-click. Mode switch in the aircraft in Windows 10 Device ManagerIf the position is missing, make sure that the latest version of the driver from the manufacturer is installed.
  2. In the context menu of the position, select "Switch off" .Disable the mode switch in an airplane on Windows 10Confirm this action.
  3. Confirm the switching off mode switch in the aircraft on Windows 10

  4. Wait a few seconds, then call the context menu of the device again and use the item. "Enable" .
  5. Enabling the mode switch in an airplane on Windows 10

  6. Restart the laptop to apply changes.

With a large probability, these actions will eliminate the problem.

Method 4: manipulation with Wi-Fi adapter

Often the cause of the problem lies in problems with the WLAN adapter: it can cause incorrect or damaged drivers, or software malfunctions in the equipment. Check the adapter and reconnect it will help you instructions from the following article.

Read more: Correct the problem with connecting to Wi-Fi network on Windows 10


As you can see, the problems with the constantly active mode "in the plane" are not too difficult to eliminate. Finally, we note that its reason can also be a hardware, so contact the service center, if none of the methods given to you did not help.

CloseWe are glad that you could help you solve the problem. CloseDescribe what you did not work.

Our specialists will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Will this article help you?


The mode in the plane is a special feature that allows you to disable the mobile network and the Internet without turning off the device itself. It is often used while traveling in an airplane or in cases where you need to disable calls for a while. However, users of Windows 10, which did not turn it off and did not use it, often discover that the Wi-Fi network and the local network connection does not work because of this mode. Therefore, in this topic, we will tell about how to enable and disable the mode in the Windows 10 aircraft, solve problems with its absence in the parameters section.

See also: Why does not work Wi-Fi on a laptop, PC and phone?

How to enable and disable the mode in the Windows 10 plane?

The mode in the aircraft on a computer with Windows 10 can be enabled and disable in several ways:

  • A combination of keys;
  • Using system settings.

A combination of keys to enable or disable the mode in the Windows 10 aircraft is simple enough. To do this, click "Fn" and the button with an airplane icon image. Often it is "F2", "F10" or "F12" (see the instructions for the laptop).

These combinations are turned on, and this mode is turned off.

To disable the mode in the aircraft in Windows 10 through the system settings, you should do the following.

  • Click "Start" and select "Parameters".
  • A new window will open. Select the section "Network and Internet".

  • In the menu on the left, select the "Mode in the Plane" section.

  • By dragging the slider to the "Enabled" or "Disconnection" position (depending on the purpose).

Or you can turn off this mode through the taskbar. On it, click on a special icon and select "Enable" and "Disable" mode in the plane.

What if you do not turn off the mode in the Windows 10 plane?

The first thing to write about is about the situation when this mode stops working. Recently, when you connect a modem to Windows 10, a problem with the mode in the aircraft was noticed.

As soon as the modem has connected, this mode has become active to management. It could be turned on and off. As soon as the modem is disconnected (pulled out of the socket), then the flight mode is hooked.

Decision. Restart PC. Connect the modem. And as soon as the mode becomes active, turn it off. And only after that disconnect the modem.

Next, if you are not connected to the modem, then the solution to the problem disabling the mode in the aircraft will be the following.

Method 1

The mode in the plane may not work if the laptop entered sleep. If you closed the laptop cover, thereby sending the device to sleep, then you need to turn on the leptop, and after restart it. The mode will be active and it can be turned off.

Method 2

The mode in the plane stops working when network drives were separated. To do this, go to "Device Manager" and select "Network Drivers".

Press the right mouse button on the device and select "Update Drivers". Next, follow the prompts of the installer wizard.

Method 3.

It is necessary to disable energy savings for the wireless adapter. In Windows 10 it is not difficult to do this. To do this, carry out the following:

  • Open the "Device Manager" and select "Network Adapters" in the list. Click on it right mouse button and select "Properties".
  • A small window will appear. Go to the "Power Management" tab.
  • Remove the mark from the item "Allow the shutdown of this device to save energy."

  • We maintain changes and reboot PC.

Method 4.

To solve problems with the regime in the plane, you can try to remove Wi-Fi adapter. I find it in the same "device manager" and by pressing the right mouse button, select "Delete".

After the adapter is removed and rebooting the system, it will re-appear in the list. Software will be installed automatically. The mode in the plane can be turned off, as it is directly related to the network.

Method 5.

The mode in the plane may not work if the WLAN auto-tuning service is disabled. Therefore, press "Win + R" and enter "Services.msc".

We find this service and launch it.

We reboot the computer to change the changes to take effect.

IMPORTANT! If there is no "Parameters" in the "Parameters", then we turn on the "WLAN auto-tuning service".

If these methods have not helped solve the problem, you should roll back the system to an earlier state.

Many users noticed that in Windows 10 there is a certain mode in the plane. Everyone knows that such an option is in mobile devices, which is used during flights on airplanes. Why is it needed on laptops? How to enable it and disable? Reply today for these questions.

What is the regime "in the plane" and why it is needed

Mode "On an airplane" is not only in mobile devices, but also on computers. It is designed to quickly disable all wireless network connections (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) so that the PC cannot establish a connection with external sources. The most common situation for the use of this regime is on board the airliner. After all, during flight, passengers use not only smartphones, but also laptops. Since external signals can interfere with the aircraft management, this mode is activated.

What else use the airrest on computers? For example, to restart into one click all the network connection of the device or not to create interference during the operation of certain devices in medical institutions.

Enable and disable Options on Windows 10: Several simple methods

Activate the "plane" mode, and then return to the usual one after a while you can in several ways: in the Windows area with notifications about recent actions, in the "Parameters" window, in the area with a list of Wi-Fi networks and with key combinations. Consider today all four methods.

Through the area with notifications

This area is also called the "Center of Notifications". It appears on the computer screen immediately after pressing a specific key combination, so this method of activating the "airplane" mode can be considered one of the fastest. Let us consider the track in detail:

  1. On the keyboard, locate two keys: Win (with the Windows icon) and A (Latin). Hold these two buttons at the same time to call the area with notifications.
  2. In addition to notifications, you will see a lot of tiles below. Laying the tile with the name "Mode" in the plane. It will be inactive (unsaturated shade in contrast to active tiles).
    Center notifications
    Find the tile "Mode" in the aircraft "in the" Center for Notifications "
  3. If you have not found this tile, click on "Expand" so that more tiles appear in the notification area.
    Twisted tiles
    To see more tiles in the notification area, click on "Expand"
  4. Click on the left mouse button. It will become active in a couple of seconds - you will see your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network work.
    Active tile "Mode" On an airplane "
    So that the tile "Mode" in the aircraft "has become active, click on it with the left mouse button
  5. To disable the option, click on the same tile.

In the area with the list of Wi-Fi networks

The same tile can be found in the area where the list of available Wi-Fi networks is located. How to open it? Consider this method in detail:

  1. On the "Taskbar" (Balance at the bottom of the screen, on which icons of active and fixed programs are located, as well as the "Start" button) in the right corner there is a Wi-Fi network icon in the form of a quarter of a circle. Click on it with the left button to start the desired area with the list of networks.
    Task bar
    In the right corner of the "taskbar", find the icon with the image of the Wi-Fi network
  2. There are several tiles associated with the Internet.
  3. We find a familiar tile "Mode" on the plane "and click on it with the left mouse button.
    Area with Wi-Fi network list
    In the area with a list of Wi-Fi networks, click on the tile "Mode" in the aircraft "
  4. As a result, the tile will become active, and the area will decrease in size.
    Active tile "Airplane mode" in the area with Wi-Fi networks
    When switching to "in the aircraft" mode, the area with Wi-Fi networks immediately decreases in the amount
  5. To turn off the option, re-click on it.

In the Windows Settings window

In the system window to configure the computer, you can change the set of parameters, as well as activate many options, including the "airplane" mode. This method can be used, for example, in the case when the notification area refuses to appear on the screen after clamping the keys. What needs to be done?

  1. To open the Windows Settings window, click on the left mouse button on the gear icon in the Start menu. It is right above the icon to turn off the computer.
    Menu "Start"
    Find the "Start" menu icon in the idea of ​​the gear button above the device off button and click on it.
  2. In a new large window, click once on the "Network and Internet" section.
    Window "Windows Settings"
    Click on the "Network and Internet" section in the Windows Settings window
  3. Now go to the "Mode in" Plane "tab. It sees the switch. To enable the mode, click on it with the left mouse button once - the switch will be in the "On" position
    Tab "Mode" in the aircraft "
    Click on the mode switch to put it in the "On" position
  4. To return everything to the place, click on the switch again. As a result, the mode will turn off.
    Disabled Mode "On the Plan"
    Disconnect the "airplane" mode by re-clicking on the switch

Using a combination of special keys

On each laptop (laptop computer), you can enable the "airplane" mode using a specific key combination. In laptops from different manufacturers, they differ. The default key combination is built into the system: it works without installing additional drivers and other software from the manufacturer.

For example, in laptops from ASUS, the key combination is as follows: Fn + F2. Wireless network can be drawn on the latter key. On the new models of laptops from this company there is an airplane icon.

Laptop asus
On ASUS Laptop Keyboard On the F2 button there is an airplane icon

Usually one of the keys in combination is Fn. It can go in combination with F3, F4, F9, F12. Carefully inspect the keyboard of your laptop - you may find a wireless web icon or an aircraft on one of the buttons.

Setting up the "airplane" mode: what can be configured and how to do it

First consider where it can be configured. To quickly open the window with the parameters of the "On the Plan" mode, do the following:

  1. Click on the Wi-Fi network icon on the "taskbar" in the lower right corner.
  2. In the area with a list of available networks, click on the "Airplane" mode ", but not the left mouse button, but the right.
  3. A menu appears in which there will be one item - "Parameters". I choose it.
    Wi-Fi area area
    Click on the tile "Mode" on the aircraft »Right-click and select" Parameters "
  4. The required tab will immediately start, which we have already been opened in the section "In the Windows Settings window" in this article.
    Parameters of the regime "in the aircraft"
    In the "Mode" in the aircraft, there are two options: Disables and enable wireless networks and Bluetooth

Here you can only configure two items: enable and disable separately wireless network and Bluetooth. If you want the computer to not looking for a Wi-Fi network, but it worked for Bluetooth, put the "On" mark Only at the corresponding second paragraph. The same applies to the wireless network: you can leave only it enabled, but turn off Bluetooth.

Solving problems with the work of the regime "On the aircraft" on Windows 10

Not always everything is going smoothly: difficulties may occur in the regime management. Today we consider the most common of them, as well as ways out of the situation.

What to do if the mode does not turn off

The mode may not be turned off if, for example, you have turned on it earlier with a combination of hot keys. At the same time it does not matter, it was randomly or deliberately. The fact is that the same key combination does not allow you to turn off the airline. Turn off it and return to normal mode will need any of the above methods: in the Windows Settings window, through the "Notification Center" or in the area with a list of networks.

It is not possible to connect to the network after exiting the regime "in the plane"

After disconnecting, the PC option can start working incorrectly. An error may appear with the message "Failed to find wireless devices on this computer." The following difficulties may also occur: there is no connection with the adapter, the PC is not looking for available Wi-Fi networks, etc. What can cause such problems in the work?

  • Instant deactivation of just included mode;
  • Sending a device to "sleep mode" with the active mode "on the aircraft".

These two conditions can lead to a synchronization violation between the network adapter and the computer mode.

How to fix the situation? First of all, you need to restart the device: in the "Start" menu, click on your acquaintance button and select the "Restart" option among the three items. Usually it immediately solves the problem with the work of the adapter and networks. This and the following methods for solving problems also help if the "airplane" mode is not turned off (the switch stops responding to clicks).


This method can solve many problems with connecting to the network, so it is worth using the first to troubleshoot. What exactly needs to be done?

  1. Run the "Control Panel" using the Start menu (locate it in the list).
    "Control Panel" in the "Start" menu
    Find in the list of programs and services in the Start menu section "Control Panel"
  2. In a new window, click on the second section "Network and Internet". At the same time, in the "View" paragraph, which is located in the upper right corner of the window, must necessarily stand the value "Category".
    Control Panel
    Click on the "Network and Internet" section
  3. Now choose the first network management center and shared access unit.
    Section "Network and Internet"
    Select the first mouse button on the "Network and Common Access Center" block.
  4. In the window for changing the parameters of the Click on the last link "Troubleshooting".
    Network and Shared Access Control Unit
    Click on the Troubleshooting link to start the diagnostics
  5. The system itself will find and fix the connection error. You only have to expect the completion of the process.

Driver Update

The computer may not connect to the wireless Internet if the drivers are outdated or they stopped working at all. In this case, you need to update them. Use the following instructions:

  1. Open the "Windows Search" using the icon in the form of a magnifying glass located in the lower left corner of the screen on the "taskbar".
    Windows search
    Open "Search Windows" on "Taskbar"
  2. In the line located at the bottom of the area, write yourself the "Device Manager" request or copy, and then insert it to save time.
    Request "Device Manager"
    In the search string, enter the device manager's "Device Manager"
  3. Open it and locate the section called "Network Adapters" in the list. Click on it with the left mouse button.
    Device Manager
    Lay out the "Network Adapters" item in Device Manager
  4. A list of adapters will appear. We need one whose name is Wi-Fi or Wireless.
    List of network adapters
    Find in the list of adapters item with Wi-Fi or Wireless
  5. Click on it right-click, and then in the list of options, click on the "Update Driver".
    Contextual adapter menu
    Click on the adapter with a Wi-Fi or Wireless right-click and in the context menu, select "Update Driver"
  6. Click now by "automatic search for updated drivers".
    Automatic search for drivers
    Click on the "Automatic Search for Updated Drivers" link
  7. Search for available updates.
    Driver search process
    Wait when the driver updates search will be completed
  8. If the system finds an update, she will immediately load it and install him. You will see how the process is moving in the window. Then they will notify you that the procedure is successfully completed.
  9. If the driver does not need to be updated, you will be reported in the window that all current updates are already installed.
    Actual adapter drivers
    You received a message that current drivers are already installed on your PC.

Enable WLAN auto-tuning service

The network connection problem may be caused by the fact that the WLAN auto-tuning service does not turn on after exiting the "on the aircraft" mode. In this situation, you need to include it yourself. Consider everything step by step:

  1. To call the "Run" window to further enter the command, clamp the two keys on the keyboard: Win and R.
  2. In the Open field, you must now enter the following: Services.msc. In order not to make a mistake in the command, it is recommended to copy it and paste with the help of the context menu that is called right-click. Click OK or ENTER on the keyboard when the command is in the "Open" field.
    Window "Run"
    Enter the SERVICES.MSC command in the "Open" string
  3. The "Service" window will start. The list will be big. In it, locate the WLAN Auto Tune Service.
    Window "Services"
    In the list of services, find a paragraph called "WLAN Auto Tune Service"
  4. Click on it right mouse button. In the Different Options menu, select "Properties".
    WLAN auto-tuning service
    Click on the WLAN Auto Tunepoint item right-click
  5. The result will open a new small window. In the first tab we find the "Startup Type" section.
    Window "Properties"
    Find the "Startup type" section in a new small window
  6. In the drop-down menu, select "Automatically".
    Menu "Start Type"
    In the drop-down menu, select "Automatically"
  7. Click first to "apply", and then OK to close the window.
  8. Restart the device.

In order for you to connect to the network again without any problems, follow the two rules: do not leave the "on the aircraft" mode immediately after it is turned on and do not send the computer to the "sleep" mode when "on the aircraft" mode is enabled.

Video: how to solve the problem with connecting to the network after exiting the "on the aircraft" mode

Constantly turns on and off

An error may be the following character: the mode automatically turns on and off every second. What to do with such a failure? How to stop the constant flashing of the message in the left corner that the mode is first turned on, and then off?

  1. On the "taskbar" we find the "Start" button in the left corner and click on it right mouse button. In the large list of available options, select "Computer Management".
    Context menu "Start"
    Select "Computer Management" in the Start Context Menu
  2. A window will start with the corresponding name. In the first left part, we click the left-click on the "Device Manager". In the second part we find "HID devices". Click on this item to open another list.
    Section "Device Manager"
    Select "Device Manager" in the first part of the window, and then "HID devices" in the second
  3. Select "Wireless Radio Radio Management Elements with HID Support" with the right mouse button. In the context menu, click on "Disable the device".
    Context menu item
    Select the "Disable Device" option in the context menu
  4. Confirm the action: click on "Yes" to forcibly disable the device.
    Confirmation of shutdown
    Confirm that you want to disable the device by clicking on "Yes"
  5. Now go to the area where the list with networks should be. To do this, click on the Wi-Fi icon on the right side of the taskbar with the left button.
    Wi-Fi region
    Select "Manually" in the drop-down menu and turn on the Wi-Fi tile
  6. In the drop-down menu, choose "manually". Click on Wi-Fi tile to enable wireless network connections.
  7. As a result, the device will find your router and connect to it. If not, connect to it yourself manually.
    Area with a list of available Wi-Fi networks
    The computer connected to your router, distributing a signal.

Mode "On an airplane" on a computer with Windows 10 implies a quick shutdown of wireless networks and Bluetooth. It is used not only on board the airliner, but also in other situations, for example, in hospitals in order not to interfere with the operation of special devices for surveys. Include this mode, and then you can return to the usual one after a while you can multiple simple methods: in the area with a list of Wi-Fi networks, in the Windows Settings window, in the "Notifications Center" and with hot keys. If you have any problems with connecting to the Internet after a sharp exit from the "on the aircraft" mode, do not panic: this problem can be easily solved by several methods.

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What is "on the plane" mode, which was added in Windows 10? This is a special mode in which all wireless networks are disconnected, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And since Windows 10 is also used on tablets, then the mobile network. This mode, as clearly from the name, is customary to be used in flights, however, it can be included and if necessary.

Why do I need a "plane" mode on stationary PCs or laptops, if the same Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can be disabled separately? First, it is convenient, and secondly, apparently, the mode is intended for tablets with the support of mobile Internet, and in the version of Windows 10 for PCs and laptops it simply did not take it.

Now we will tell about how to disable this mode, if for any reason it has been turned on.

Center notifications

At the right side of the desktop you can find the icon of the notification center. That's how it looks like:

Click on it, after which the center of notifications opens. If, in our case, you do not see the "plane" mode button, you need to click on the "Expand" line. By the way, note that if the mode is enabled, you can see the icon in the form of an airplane on the taskbar.

We see that the "airplane" mode is activated. Click on the icon.

The mode is disabled, as evidenced by the color icon, as well as the absence of an airplane on the taskbar.

Task bar

Click on the aircraft icon to appear menu. Then click on the "on the plane" button.

The button has changed the color, mode is disabled. In this case, your device can connect to Wi-Fi if an automatic connection to open networks is set.

Windows settings

In our opinion, this method is the most reliable to disable the mode "on the plane", because it works almost correctly.

You need to call the "Parameters" menu. This can be done, for example, visiting the "Start" button and pressing the right mouse button to appear in which you want to select "Parameters".

To call the menu, you can also press the Win + I keys on the keyboard.

The menu is running. Click on the "Network and Internet" string.

Find the line "Mode in an airplane", click, after which we translate the switch to the "Off" position in front of the item of the same name, as shown in the screenshot.

Buttons on the keyboard

In some cases, the "airplane" mode can be disabled even from the keyboard. For example, on separate ASUS laptops, for this you need to press the Fn + F2 keys.

On other laptops, another key can be used - look for an icon in the form of an airplane.

Flight mode - what is it and why you need?

In some places, the use of devices that radiate radio waves is prohibited. This applies to such, for example, an airplane (which, in principle, is clear from the name). But if you need to use the gadget autonomously, without access to the network, you just need to activate this mode.

With incorrect settings, errors in the operation of the Windows system, the user's negligence of the user mode can be included for some reasons. And sometimes, the user will not be able to disable the option at all.

How to disable this mode in Windows 10?

There are many ways for laptops and computers. Let's start with the simple, they will help you if you accidentally turned on it yourself.

Using the icon on the taskbar

When this function is activated in Windows 10, in the taskbar (where: date, time, input language) appears a new icon, which was not before. He looks like a "plane".

  1. Click on this icon.
  2. In the window that appears, we should click on the "Mode in an airplane" tile (highlighted blue).
  3. Ready! After, the automatic search process for available networks will begin.

In the greater half of the cases, this is enough to solve the problem. Is the mode still active? Then go on ...

Button on the keyboard

On many laptops, the F1-F12 keys are combined with buttons of various functions. They are indicated graphically. For example, on this keyboard, the Turn button on / disable the flight mode - F7.

The user should start the "Fn" key, the approximate location of which can be seen in the photo, and then do not lower the F7 button (in this case). After that, the option will be deactivated.

Disable through Windows Settings

First we need to go to Windows 12 settings window:

  1. Right-click on the "Start" click.
  2. In the menu that appears, select "Parameters".
  3. A new window will open in which you want to select the "Network and Internet" section.
  4. Go to subparagraph "Mode" in the aircraft ", and then activate it by moving the corresponding checkbox to" On "

If all three instructions could not help you, then most likely the problem is much more serious than we thought. But in this case, we have a couple of ways for you!

"Flight" mode does not turn off on a laptop. What to do?

Do not panic! Everything is solved quite simply, even the most inexperienced users.

Restart windows

One of the best, and simple part-time solutions. In order to restart the entire system, you need to click on the "Start" -> "shutdown" button (appears above, after clicking on "Start") -> Reboot.

We expect to turn on Windows 10 ... The problem should disappear.

Update Driver

Perhaps the network card of your computer requires installing or updating your driver. Follow the further instructions ...

  1. On the desktop we find the label "My Computer". We click on him PKM.
  2. In the context menu, select the item "Properties".
  3. In a new window, we find the desired device (network adapters), and again click on it with the right mouse button. Click "Update Drivers ...".
  4. Now choose the automatic mode so that Windows can find the desired software on the Internet and expect the installation of drivers.

Upon completion of this process, the user will see the corresponding message on the screen of its monitor. We recommend to restart Windows.

Auto-tuning service of wireless networks (WLAN)

Disabling this option leads to optimizing the operation of the system and to its faster work. However, this action also contributes to the emergence of some problems. How to enable this service again?

  1. Click on the keyboard the next key + R keys.
  2. In the field that appears, enter the command "Services.msc".
  3. We find the "WLAN Settings" item, click on it by PCM and select "Properties".
  4. We specify the following parameters "Start Type: Automatically". You can also choose the item "manually".

Confirm all your actions by clicking on the "OK" button. Now you need to restart the computer so that the changes have entered into force.

Flight mode constantly turns on / off on a computer?

To begin with, check: Does anyone interfere with the button on the flight mode. Perhaps the contamination of the keyboard so makes itself felt.

If everything is fine, then:

  1. Reggle to press the PCM to "this computer", select "Properties", in the left column, the "Device Manager" item.
  2. Now open the "HID Devices" section.
  3. Right-click on the "Wireless Radio Control Radget to HID" item. In the context menu, click on "Disable the device".

In the dialog box, confirm the disable device. Now you need to re-connect to the network via the Wi-Fi button on the control panel. Ready!

Solving the problem with the help of the Power Power

For more economical use of the battery resources, the system disables some PC components, which include and "Network Board". It is this disconnection and can deprive the Internet access to the Internet.

  1. PCM We click on the "Computer" label, select "Properties".
  2. In the left column, click "Device Manager".
  3. Double-click "Network Adapters", and after again click the right mouse button on the problem component and select "Properties".
  4. Select the "Power" subsection and remove the checkbox opposite the item "Allow shutdown of this device to save energy."

Click "OK" to save the changes made in Windows 10.

The functionality of the Windows 10 operating system is a special mode that has the name "on the plane". There is only a user to activate it - all wireless modules will be disabled on the device, i.e. Cellular module, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters and other modules.

The idea of ​​this regime, as it was already possible to guess, originated from the need to disable devices that can cause problems with airfares. If you flew on the plane (or simply saw such scenes in cinema), then you probably heard the request from the flight attendant on the disconnection of all electronic devices during takeoff and landing.

So, let's consider in detail this mode in the Windows operating system 10. Given that this OS can be installed on a wide range, the material of this article will be able to use multiple users. Nevertheless, we will concentrate on the "airplane" mode in Windows 10 installed on computers and laptops.

How to enable or disable the "aircraft" mode in Windows 10

It is worth saying that the "airplane" mode most of the Windows 10 users are activated by an accurarated accident, and the owners of laptops are subject to this more often than others. It is clear that it accidentally cutto all the means of communication - this is not the most pleasant event. It is also worth indicating that, according to some users, the "aircraft" mode in Windows 10 may be included in itself. Perhaps this happens as a result of some bug in the system or interference of the software installed on the computer.

Despite all the above, the "airplane" mode in Windows 10 can be turned on and off using a pair or several clicks. In total, there are three ways to switch the regime "on the plane":

  • in the center of notifications;
  • in the system parameters;
  • Using the key combination on the laptop keyboard.

We will consider all three ways. To begin with, start with the simplest - switch in the center of notifications.

Mode "On the plane" at the notification center

The easiest way to enable or disable the "plane" mode is the use of the switch that is in the notification center. Some users sometimes do not even know what this element of the system represents, and where it is at all.

Get access to the center of notifications is incredibly simple: Press the left button on the dialog cloud icon on the edge of the start panel, after which a number of options appear in front of you, among which will be in the aircraft mode. Just click on the mode and it is activated or deactivated if it has been turned on.

Mode "On the plane" in the system parameters

The second method with which you can turn on and off the "airplane" mode is directly through the system parameters. Press the left mouse button on the start and select "Parameters". Next, open the "Network and Internet" section. Find the "Mode in the Plane" on the left side of the window. To activate or deactivate mode, move the corresponding slider to the position you need.

Activation of the "aircraft" mode using the key combination on the laptop keyboard

The last way to activate the "aircraft" mode refers only to users of laptops. Some laptop manufacturers allow you using a specific combination on the keyboard. Usually, on one of the keys, the "aircraft" mode icon will be drawn, and it will need to click simultaneously with the key FN. , eg, Fn + F3. or Fn + F4. .

Inspect your keyboard well and find the function "on the aircraft" mode. Nevertheless, this function may not be on your laptop. If so, then you will have to use the above methods for inclusions / disable the "aircraft" mode.

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