More and more people are starting to be interested in blogs. It seems that each person or business has its own blog. If you are wondering how to create your blog, I congratulate you, you got into the right place!

My goal is to explain all the steps so that you can create a blog almost free. After all, the starting process should not be difficult and expensive. This guide will help the newcomer not to make mistakes when starting.

The good news is that if you follow this instruction step by step, it will also save you from confusion throughout the process and complex technical moments.

Why should you create a blog today?

In fact, there are many reasons, here are the most popular of them:

1. Income

Blogging can be a very profitable occupation, if you do everything right. Earnings can be calculated by hundreds of thousands and even millions of rubles per month.

2. Popularity

Many popular bloggers are known as specialists in their business only thanks to their blog. If you are known in your niche, it will give a lot of advantages, including on earnings. You can make partnerships with other top bloggers.

3. It is interesting!

Creating a personal blog will help you find like-minded people and share our ideas and experience with them. It will also help develop copywriting skills and you will learn how to structure your thoughts.

7 steps to create a blog

Any blog begins with these simple steps. Some of them are very lungs, some require a certain time.

  1. Take a solid solution to make a blog
  2. Choose a niche for a blog
  3. Choose a blog platform
  4. Select Domain and Web Hosting
  5. Set up a blog
  6. Start blog
  7. Start making money on a blog

1. Take a solid solution to make a blog

On the Internet, thousands of blogs appear every day, which begin to be actively, but over time they are thrown. In most cases, this is due to the fact that people do not see the rapid results and their hands are lowered.

You must come up to the long-term perspective and understand that this is not a sprint, but a marathon. Make yourself a plan for the release of articles on the blog and be always consistent. Try to publish at least one article per week

Here is my story, why I decided to make a blog.

2. Select a niche for a blog

Decide for yourself what topic you will blog. It is better to choose that niche in which you understand or which you like. It can be anything from cooking to politics.

Niche is the basis of the blog . To succeed, you must seek your blog to become number 1 in my niche. Accordingly, select the right theme so that it "lit up" you and you did not get it too fast. Be sure to read the article about choosing a niche and an article with themes that will always be relevant.

3. Select Blog Platform

To the question "where to create a blog" has two answers. The first is to create a blog absolutely free, and the second is to pay 120 rubles a year per domain and 165 rubles a month for web hosting. As you can see, the second option is not so expensive and can afford every person. Now let's look at what they differ from each other.

1. Free

You can create a blog on three most popular platforms.

  1. Blogger.
  2. Wordpress.com.
  3. Yandex Dzen.

Place a blog free - sounds like a good idea. But it is only in theory. In fact, you will encounter problems by choosing a free option.

  • At a time when you diligently work on creating your content (articles, photos, video), these sites will earn at you by placing advertising and sell you additional services.
  • If you want to change anything in design or code, then you can not do it. Such a blog does not belong to you, which means you will not have control over it.
  • These free platforms task make money for yourself, and not for you. Advertising banners will be placed on your blog. This means that you will not be able to sell advertising places on your blog, and this is one of the main sources of income from bloggers.
  • On such a blog you will not be able to take advantage of the possibility of installing free plugins that make a blog much more convenient.
  • On free platforms, your blog can delete at any moment due to the slightest violation or technical failure. You can not influence this, because you will not be controlled.
  • You will never be able to sell such a blog to another person or company. Again due to the fact that it does not belong to you.

I think these reasons will be enough to push the idea of ​​creating a free blog.

2. Conditionally free

If you want to have full control over your blog and make money on it, then you need to create a blog on the WordPress engine. The engine is called a program on which all this business will work.

The Wordpress engine itself is free, you can download it at this link. Millions of blogs on the entire planet work on it. It is completely translated into Russian. He has an intuitive menu. Convenient text editor. There is an opportunity to install free plugins and design themes. My blog works on this topic.

Why then "conditionally free"? All you need is to buy a domain and order hosting. In fact, it is inexpensive, it is even cheaper than going to the movies.

Hosting services can be ordered for only 165 rubles per month, and the domain is to buy for 120 rubles per year. If you pay hosting immediately for a year ahead, then: first, you will get a decent discount for it, and secondly domain will go as a gift!

Watch the video instruction below, which step by step will show how you register your domain and hosting.

4. Domain and Web Hosting

This step is technical and many newcomers do not create their own blog on the Internet precisely because of it. A few years ago, it was very difficult to make a blog. Now it takes no more than 20 minutes of time. At the same time, you do not need to know programming languages ​​and other technical nuances.

I recommend booking hosting in the company "Running". I keep all your blogs here. The advantages of this hosting:

  • Reliability. Your blog is always available 24/7/365
  • 24-hour technical support
  • Installing WordPress Blog in 1 click
  • Free SSL certificate (from video you will know what it is needed)
  • Simple and clear menu in the form of pictures

You will need easy registration and pressing multiple links in order for everything to work. It sounds quite simple, is not true! Examine this video instruction and you decide this question once and forever!

5. Adjust the blog

The blog is installed and in principle ready to work. But before you start adding articles to it, it should be configured. First of all, you need to bring URL to the readable form (permanent links). If you do not do this, then all your records will have this kind: for example, you added an article with the "My First Record" header. Without settings, it will be like this: blognamillionrubley.ru/ ? p = 123 . Looks ugly, so?

If you configure correctly, the view of the same record will be like this:

Blognamillionrubley.ru/moya-pervaya-zapis.html or blognamillionrubley.ru/moy-pernu-Furning.html. 

Already much better and search engines will be easier to navigate. Observe the WordPress admin and configure your blog.

6. Start blog

Most importantly, you need to do now, it is to produce a lot of valuable and useful content. The whole goal of the blog is to help the user anyway. You must find out what is a valuable content for your blog.

Content needs to be created under key requests, it will help you to attract a lot of traffic from search engines to a blog. Such content can earn on selling advertising or you can collect your readers in the database and using email mailing, sell their goods or recommend products on the affiliate program.

The main thing is to start creating content, in the process you yourself will find what it works better and what your articles or video are gaining a greater response from readers.

Write detailed articles, short articles on 500 words work worse and worse. Most bloggers do not achieve success due to short content. Forget about small articles and start working on content that solves the problems of users. In these articles there will be more different key phrases, which will have a positive effect on the search traffic for the blog.

Do not forget to make up your articles with high-quality pictures, labeled lists, Tables ITD.

7. Start making a blog

From the first days of blogging, you must place a form for collecting readers. Register in the email service Email and create a special form. Place it in the widget in the right column or under each article. So that people are more willing to leave their email addresses, give them some utility instead. For example PDF report or video.

Try to send useful letters to your subscribers, at least once a week. If you do not do this, you will just forget. Over time, you will have a big base that you will trust. Such readers you can offer our products and services.

Your base is the most important asset! Remember this and start working on your asset from the first days. Explore the article below and find out the best ways to make a blog.

In custody

Try not to dwell on some technical moments. They are certainly important, but do not try to do everything perfectly. Over time, you will deal and bring your blog to mind in technical terms. This is a design, and the download speed of the pages, and adapting to tablets and mobile phones.

Simple advice. Choose a free blog design that has an adaptive design. Everything will be enough.

Focus on finding keywords and on creating useful articles. Start understanding the search promotion, materials on this topic are plenty. Several of them are in the PDF file below.

Download this PDF checklist to create a blog so that it is always with you at hand!

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P.S. If you have not yet subscribed to my news and earnings on websites and blogs, then definitely do it!

Sincerely, Sergey Smirnov.

Sergey Smirnov

Sergey Smirnov

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Ask a Question

Blog - This is a platform on which materials are published. Typically, the blog is built around one or more adjacent topics.

Blog fuel - Content: articles, videos, photos, pictures, presentations. Chief Active - lecture hall.

Task Bloga - Collect people around certain ideas broadcast through content. The more active subscribers at the blog, the more influential. How will this be used possibility Depends on the authors of the blog.

Most popular goal Blog launch:

  • Sale of services and goods;
  • Sale of advertising and earnings on affiliate programs;
  • Building a personal brand;
  • Broadcast certain values, promotion of ideas and projects.

Influencers - who are these?

What is the difference in personal, thematic and corporate blogs?

  • Personal blog is created around the personality of the author.
  • Thematic - around some topic: Sport, business, hobby.
  • Corporate - Around the company's brand.

Preparatory stage

Step 1. To study the theory. Figure out how blogs work and for what purposes they are used

Creating a blog is a long road, so before going to this journey must be prepared: Find a map, determine the final goal and pave the route.

I am a supporter of the rapid transition to active actions in any business and constantly struggling with his perfectionism. But at the same time I believe that the preparation is a necessary element, since it allows you to save time on the way and be effective.

Therefore, I recommend to find answers to the following questions.

  • What is a blog?
  • What are blogs start?
  • What is content marketing?
  • What genres and blog formats are popular in 2020?
  • What is the difference in personal, thematic and corporate blogs?

Step 2. Determine what a blog is for you. What purpose does it help to implement? What and for whom will you create content?

The second step also refers to the preparation phase, but there is already practical work. It is advisable to get together in some cozy place along with the team that will participate in the launch of the project and conduct a brainstorming.

If there are no commands, then do it yourself, but after discuss ideas with those who will understand and will be able to give honest feedback, talk to those who could become the reader of your blog. Contact your successful blogger, especially with similar blogs for the advice and crash test of ideas. Consult with a marketer who has experience in such projects. Write to us and we will gladly understand your project: we are constructively smoking, I will express concerns and sharing ideas.

Here is a list of questions that you need to give answers:

  • What purpose put before the blog: show an expert in the subject, sell your services and goods, earn advertising, strengthen your personal brand, create a community around some topic?
  • If the main goal of earnings, how will the mechanism for obtaining income work?
  • Who are you creating a blog? Describe the perfect reader.
  • Blog mission in one sentence. What is the key value blog for the reader?
  • What are the main themes the blog will be built?
  • Divide each topic into several directions.
  • Make a list of specific articles in the framework of the selected directions (15-20 ideas for articles)
  • Did you determine the demand for these topics in search engines? For example, use Yandex Wordstat.
  • Who will be in the team at the start?
  • What resources (time / money) will be involved at the first stage of the blog development?

Secure all information on paper or electronically.

The preparatory stage is required to avoid problems in the future. Which ones? About this in the material: " 3 problems + 8 strategic mistakes in development blog "

Step 3. Select a blogging platform

We take information from step 2, choose the format and genre of the future project (they learned about it in step 1) and select the platform to start the blog:

  • Blog on WordPress.
  • Blog in Instagram.
  • Video Born on YouTube.
  • Blog on Yandec Zen
  • Channel in Telegram
  • etc.

Almost everywhere launch and monthly blog support will be 0 rubles.

Small attachments will require only their own blog on WordPress, whose year of operation will cost 2,000 rubles (14 cups of coffee).

The second article of the blog expenditures is promotion. For the needs of the platform investments can be divided into 3 types:

  • Necessarily need (Instagram, VK, Telegram);
  • Accelerate the process (YouTube channel, blog on WordPress);
  • Not required (Yandex Zen, Vc.ru).

"No investment is required" - does not mean that the blog does not need to be promoted, but even without additional efforts the audience will grow, and the author can focus on content. Any type of blog can be promoted using additional resources that are at your disposal (audience on other sites, offline events).

Read more about what platforms are, their pros, minuses and features are described in the material: " Where to blog? »

Launch blog

In this material it will be about starting and promoting SEO-blog. We will deal with how from scratch create a blog on your own domain.

About how to start a blog in the Telegram Channel format, read in the article: " Creation and promotion of a channel in Telegram "

Step 4. Select Domain

The site domain or the domain name of the site is the unique address of the site on the network.

Each domain site has a history in search engines. It starts at the moment when the site first index the search robot. Immediately after detection, the robots are filled with a domain file and begin to fill it. It indicates:

  • date of birth and age
  • Pages of other sites that refer to it
  • Topics of the site
  • Violations of the search engine rules
  • and so on.

This dossier has a significant impact on SEO-Promotion. It forms a domain reputation in the search engine.

The older the site, the more other authoritative resources refer to it, the higher the trust and, accordingly, is better than the position on requests and more traffic.

If the site is noticed by violations of the rules (cheats, spam, attempts to manipulate issuance, etc.), then restrictions will be imposed on the domain that will lead to a deterioration in positions on requests and reduce traffic. Optimizers call it pessimization. In the dossier of the domain there will be certain marks.

The first rule. When choosing a domain, be sure to look at its history. Perhaps a few years ago at this address there was a site that was punished with a filter, after which I lost 99% of traffic. The blog promotion on a similar domain will be weakened by a bad file. Over time, the situation will be corrected, but this may require a great additional effort.

The second rule. When choosing a domain, think that in a few years the blog will turn into a large project, so it is important that the site's address is easily pronounced and is easy to write. Move to another domain, after he gains momentum, as you understand now, is not very profitable. New domain - new dossier.

This problem partially solves 301-redirect from the old domain (with a history) to a new one, but this method does not give 100% guarantee that there will be no loss when moving.

Third rule. Use the Latin domain, preferably in the appropriate promotion region: zone ".ru" for the Russian Federation, ".ua" for Ukraine, ".kz" for Kazakhstan. Also, there are many new domain zones like ".info", ".blog" them can also be used, but they will cost more.

Step 5. Choose hosting

Hosting - Server Providing Service to accommodate your site.

Hosting in contrast to the domain can be changed at any time, while this will not affect SEO-Promotion.

You need to choose the first hosting company, then select the desired tariff.

The main characteristics of the hosting company

  • Speed. The site on the hosting should work quickly. For this, automatic speed tests are carried out. Similar measurements can be found in the reviews of experts on the company or spend independently through services.
  • Reliability. A site on hosting should be available 99.9% of the time. That is for 1 year the site may not be available a total of less than 1 hour.
  • Support. Support must respond to questions within 1-15 minutes. The task of the support service promptly assist in solving problems, and not just sent to read certificate or similar materials.
  • Price. The cost of hosting for the blog, especially for the new, is $ 2-3 per month.

Blog Hosting Requirements

  • Ability to connect databases: 1 blog = 1 database (database) . Better have at least 2 dm To place a test site for the second.
  • 1 blog = 2 GB disk space . At the start, less than 1GB will be required, but in the development of the site will occupy more and more space on the server, so orient somewhere on 2 GB (for the first year of development).
  • PHP 7.3. or higher.
  • MySQL version 5.6. or higher or mariadb version 10.1 or higher.
  • Nginx or Apache with Module mod_rewrite
  • FTP access
  • Automatic backup site

Ask the hosting company

Typically, these characteristics correspond to the simplest tariff on the hosting. You can contact the Hosting support so that they suggest which tariff has the necessary parameters.

An example of a letter that you can send to your hosting provider:

I am interested in hosting blog. I would like to know what type of hosting is suitable for my requirements:

  • 2 GB disk space
  • PHP 7.3 or higher
  • Mysql 5.6 or higher or MariaDB 10.1 or higher
  • Nginx or Apache with Module mod_rewrite
  • SSL certificate support

The following options are also needed:

  • FTP access
  • Automatic backup of database and site files (every day)
  • 24-hour support service


Recommendation Seoforge.

Domain and the hosting can safely recommend to take from SWEB.RU - we have been working with him for many years, there are dozens of projects and are fully satisfied: sites are available without interruptions, low prices, competent and fast technical support, convenient admin panel.

For the blog, the tariff "takes". All the above requirements and options there are. When paying for 1 year, the cost of hosting will be 1908 rubles (for March 2020). As a gift, Domain and free SSL certificate (also for the year).

Pleasant Bonuses:

  • Installing WordPress and other popular engines in one click.
  • There is a postponement of payment for 2 weeks and it has repeatedly saved us from shutdown at zero balance.
  • Increased safety and protection. Periodically, automatic checking of the site, which checks the presence of viruses and reports the appearance of malicious and suspicious records in files.

You can easily be convinced of the reliability of the hosting - there is a 14-day free period. That is how we once got acquainted with this hosting: launched a test period for 2 weeks, then paid the first month, the flight is normal. As a result, we have been cooperating for more than 5 years and recommend our customers.

Step 6. Install CMS (Site Engine)

There are a number of good solutions for running a modern blog, such as Wordpress, Tilda, Eugee, Jekyll.

Tilda. - Paid platform (6,000 rubles / year, the hosting and domain is included for the year), suitable for a small blog.

If you look after Tilde, I recommend reading the article: " Tilda - Ordinary designer or multifunctional platform? »

Egea - Simple, comfortable, but paid platform (3 000 rubles / year). It is made, for example, the blog Maxim Ilyakhov.

Jekyll Free engine, but to start a blog on it will require the skills of web development. Project Example: Blog with WebDesign Master web development lessons.

We will disassemble the launch on WP (reduction from WordPress), as it is free, but it is a functional, convenient and flexible engine.

In many hosting, WordPress installation occurs in one click. After installing the system, generate a login and password to enter the admin panel. Standardly it is located at: "www.blog.ru/wp-admin/". It remains to follow the link, enter user data and welcome to the administrator console. Blog created!

Step 7. Install the topic and plugins

In WordPress, the site is built of three blocks: a database, theme and widgets.

Database Contains data on all site pages, menu device, settings.

Topic Forms the appearance of the site - design and layout of pages, location of blocks on the page. One topic can be changed to another in a few seconds.

Each plugin - This is a separate module that adds some functions to the site: one includes the ability to fill the meta tags, another plugin - optimizes the images to load the pages faster. Any plugin can be turned on / off.

After starting you need:

  • Select a topic from the free WordPress library, or purchase a paid (in the console: appearance -> themes). I recommend the topic with good starting optimization under SEO: Reboot (it made this blog), root (previous generation, but no less convenient), Cook IT (for a culinary blog).
  • Configure the topic, turn off all unnecessary elements (in the console: appearance -> set up and appearance -> widgets);
  • Create a few first handbags for articles (in console: Records -> Categories);
  • Create Pages: "On the blog", "Contacts" (in the console: Pages -> Add a new one);
  • To form a menu to quickly move blogs (in the console: appearance -> Menu);
  • Install plugins (in console: plugins). We set the following:
    • Cyr to Lat Enhanced - to form correct URLs
    • Yoast SEO - for SEO-optimization of the site;
    • Contact Form 7. - constructor forms of feedback;
    • Amp - Creates a AMP version (accelerated) pages for Google
    • Yandex.Turbo - Creating RSS feed for Yandex.Turbo service.
    • One Click SSL. - To enable HTTPS (required SSL certificate and preliminary training site).
  • Adjust plugins.

Step 8. Conduct basic preparation for promotion

After completing the 7 step, the project acquires a type of blog and is ready to fill, but for the purpose of promotion, several more tasks must be performed:

  • Install the SSL certificate and make a redirect on HTTPS - all pages of the site in the address bar in the browser there should be a closed lock. When you click on it, "Safe Connection" appears.
  • Spread the domain with www and without www. The address www.seoforge.ru and seoforge.ru for search engines are different, so it is necessary to make the site always opened in one format. To understand how it works, try to add to this page "WWW" at first. It will turn out like this: https://www.seoforge.ru/... and click "Enter". The address without "www" is first. So the redirect works, which glues the domains. The main address may be the opposite, C www first, it is already a matter of taste.
  • Configure materials URLs so that they are displayed in format: blog.ru / heading / title-article. To do this, in the Settings section -> Permanent links in common settings, select "Random" and enter the following: "/% Category% /% PostName%." Save the changes.
  • Configure the robots.txt file. It is needed so that the search engines indexed only useful for users of the page, and everything else on clogged search issuance.
  • Install web analytics meters: Yandex Metric and Google Analytics. This is necessary to collect data on site visitors.
  • Add a website in the webmasters console: Yandex Webmaster and Google Serz Console. The webmaster panel today is a powerful information board that reports how the site looks like in the eyes of search engines, notifies errors on the project, gives recommendations.

Step 8 shows a list of the most important points. Their execution will be the foundation for SEO-promotion of the project, but there remains a huge number of tasks that are not specified here. This is done for the reason that it makes no sense at the start deepening to the project's working out in all details, especially in a limited budget. Start publishing materials as soon as possible, and the process of improving the site in all other areas let him go in parallel, step by step.

SEO-Promotion - This is not a one-time setting of some points, but a permanent job.

Watch the video: «Step-by-step guide on how to make SEO-promotion of sites »

Read the article: «How to promote the site yourself: step-by-step instructions »

Do not confuse the technical optimization, which was stated in this step and promotion. Optimization is done once, then periodically checked and is again brought to normal if something broke. SEO-Promotion is a complex of work that does not end the blog and is carried out continuously, until the blog is developing.

We provide any blogs related to blogs: from consultation and technical optimization to launch "turnkey" and monthly promotion. Therefore, if you need any help in this matter, then write to us.

Creating content and Promotion

Step 9. Create content

Blog is a stream of content. Make your blog means being in a constant process of creating a new material. Content must be located on one of the stages:

  • Search for ideas
  • Creating a structure and plan of the article / video
  • Creating (Writing / Shot / Record Audio)
  • decor
  • Distribution (distribution).

If right now there is no content in work at one of the steps, then the blog is abandoned.

Search for ideas

The choice of ideas for the article - the problem is characteristic at the start of the blog development. But the longer the development is going, the easierless. Experienced bloggers usually the opposite problem: "There are many ideas, but there is not enough time to implement everything." This happens for several reasons:

  • The more focusing on some subject, the more the brain gives thoughts associated with it;
  • If you record your ideas somewhere, then they will accumulate;
  • With the growth of the blog from the audience, requests for content appear.

Therefore, just start looking for ideas for content. To do this, remember your personal experience, learn competitors, analyze the demand in search engines, and when interesting ideas will appear to write them down. I use Trello's service for this.

Trello - This is a tool for managing tasks. If you are not familiar with the service, then read Step by step instructions for the main functions in Trello .

Writing an article

Write articles, as well as looking for ideas for them - this is a skill that is being studied only in the process of practice.

The first thing from what should be started is to allocate time for a new occupation. No need super passion. Let it be 40 minutes of focused work, but daily. Main task: create a habit of writing. Creating a blog is a long, but interesting way. It is important to be hardworking and patient, and the results will come gradually, along with actions.

My writing article takes a lot of time: dozens of hours for one material. I am devoting to a blog Morning one and a half time. Such a choice is due to the fact that in the first half of the day there is a lot of energy and productivity at the maximum level.

Material creation plan Next:

  • Choose a topic for article;
  • Explore the search demand and determine what people are interested in this topic;
  • Create the structure of the article: a list of points and subparagraphs that will need to be disclosed in the material;
  • Write a draft article;
  • Re-read the text and modify it from the point of view of the meaning and supply of the material;
  • Check text on spelling, punctuation errors;
  • Come up with 3 - 5 header options and choose the most attractive;
  • Prepare the contents of Title tags and meta tags Description;
  • Check an article: Add images, tables, video, highlight quotes and so on;
  • Throw the article in the form of a page on the site.


Publication of material is not the last step of work. Ahead stage of distribution information about a new article. Task: Make so that the most potential readers have learned about it.

First of all, tell us about publication in personal social networks, in chat rooms, share with friends, partners, customers, to whom the topic of the material may be interesting.

Explore comments to similar articles, find contacts of people who showed interest in the topic on social networks and write to them. Tell us about what they wrote a more complete and fresh item and would like to share it. If a person interests and respond, then send the link. Do not immediately send a link, without explanation. It will be regarded as spam!

Form a blog reader database. You can use email, messengers, social networks to collect the database. Newsletter Announcement Announcement On the basis of time will become a powerful engine of new materials.

SEO - the main source of traffic

The active distribution of the article creates a large flow of readers in the first days after the publication, but it quickly fades. If after that the next phase does not come, then the material will lie in a blog by the dead cargo.

The next phase is to collect search traffic. In a period of several hours before several months, the article begins to receive traffic from search engines. But provided that the article initially was created taking into account the user requests in the search.

SEO traffic is the basis for any blog, as it allows you to collect a large amount of traffic at a cheap price.

If you are writing articles that do not lose their relevance over the years, then they create a cumulative effect.

Step 10. Promote Blog

Promotion of the blog is a continuous process that goes along with the creation of content.

Creating content + SEO-Promotion = Traffic growth.

SEO blog consists of several parts:

  1. Page optimization of articles - the cycle of work from the selection of the topic before drawing up the title, subtitles, meta tags;
  2. Technical optimization of the entire site - elimination of errors and compliance with modern requirements: high download speed, safety, etc.
  3. Work with behavioral factors and usability - Works aimed at maximum involvement of users in the blog content and the convenience of interaction with it;
  4. Reference Promotion - Receiving links (recommendations) on a blog with authoritative resources.

In order for the blog to develop evenly work in all 4-EX directions. The second item was partially disassembled in step 8.

Web analytics

To monitor the progress of blog promotion and making decisions, it is necessary to rely on the data. To obtain them, you need to implement three types of services:

  • Service of web analytics (Yandex Metric and Google Analysis);
  • Webmaster Cabinet in the search engine (Yandex Webmaster, Google Serz Console);
  • Service of removal of positions on requests (topport).

Periodically, it is necessary to analyze the data that will be collected in the services provided. In webmaster offices, you can configure important alerts that will come immediately.

The smaller the blog, the smaller the data and the less frequently do it. At the start it will be enough time in 2-3 weeks. The main thing is not easy to look at the numbers and graphs, but to analyze the data, but on the basis of their conclusions and use it in operation.

Material is useful for work in Yandex Metrics: " 8 non-standard reports for information sites »

For immersion in the topic of web analytics: " How to build an analytics system for small businesses - from scratch step by step »


After a few months of hard work, you will see the first shoots. The first readers will begin to find your site in the search. If you are patient and continue to work, after six months, many paths will be laid from search engines on the blog, for which people will constantly walk. A year later, two will be laid a road with a constant flow. At what point of development of the blog to start attempts to earn each author decides on its own. Arithmetic is simple: more people are higher income.

Active Advertising reduces speed Project development. Especially aggressive.

On the other hand, the blog must be revenue to be More funds on his development.

Balance Find yourself.

Step 11. Connect monetization tools

Term " Monetization »Using webmasters, it means extraction knubled from the site. Monetization can be carried out in different ways: placement of contextual advertising, affiliate programs, sale of services.

The promoted blog is your own media that you can use for different purposes. One of them is an extraction of profit. For this there are several ways:

  • Sale of own services and goods;
  • Sale of partnerships and goods;
  • Partnership programs;
  • Sale of advertising.

The higher the point in the list, the greater the earnings (from my experience), but each of them has its own characteristics. To sell their services, it is necessary that they are at all, for the sale of services or partner goods - you need a reliable supplier. Advertising is a simple option, but with the lowest average income.

Since we tell primarily about the blog, as an instrument for an entrepreneur or expert, then the main income implies from the sale of own services or goods. To get a blog sales need:

  • Create a page where will be told about the services;
  • Talk about services, pointing to a link to the service page;
  • Collect the database of subscribers to which you can make a newsletter, including with a selling message;
  • Install forms to quickly communicate the reader with the author.


Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

KAK-SOZDAT-BLOGI do not know. You are surprised or not, but the thing is what:

Creating your blog on the Internet can bring a lot of benefits.

Some bloggers earn solid states at the conduct of their Internet diary. However, I would not say that the blogging is so simple ...

As elsewhere, this niche has its own pitfalls that most newcomers are stuffed.

But you know what?

In this article I Stephago Show you how to create your blog. But this is not all. I will share with you the secrets of earnings on the blog. So that this could be a full-fledged source of income for you.

How to create a blog yourself - step-by-step instructions

Especially for you, I made a visual infographics consisting of 7 steps.

(Detailed description of each step you will find under the illustration)


The guide was quite voluminous, so for your convenience I made navigation on it:

What is a blog and what is eating it with ...

A blog is a type of site, through which a person or company is divided with readers with useful information.

The topics of blogs can be different: cars, real estate, hobbies, personal effectiveness, professional activity, career and so on ...

The question arises here:

Who needs to have your blog and what advantages will it give? There are two answers:

At first - companies. With the help of interesting publications on the blog blog can attract new potential customers.

Secondly - Simple people. The blog can become not only a source of income, but also will help create your own personal brand, become famous in certain circles and even build your own business.

The biggest error when creating a blog

Obviously, you decided to create a blog on your own. But you know what you do 90% of people who have decided to do the same?

They start not from the same end.

What does it mean?

This means that most newcomers immediately begin to create a blog, which is fundamentally not true.

First of all, you need to choose the "correct" theme of your future Internet resource. It is from this that the success of your undertaking depends on the most part.

And that's why:

Having chosen the right niche, you will facilitate your work in the future by 2 times. In fact, the choice of "correct" subjects is half of the success.

If briefly, here are some basic principles:

  1. Choose a niche that you are interested. For example, if you are interested in rare machines, the topics of your blog can be "antique cars".
  2. Try to choose the topic in which you have an expense. Not only your passion is important, but also your knowledge in the subject.
  3. Choose the branch in which you want to grow and develop (blogging is the fastest way to become an expert).

How to choose a site address or what is domain?

The address where the site is called domain name . My blog's domain name - Site4Business.net. .

The people have a saying:

How do you call the ship, so he sails ...

The selection of the site address is the responsible business. It is necessary to approach him with all seriousness.

Any domain name consists of two parts - the title itself (Site4Business), and the domain zone (.NET). When choosing a domain, you need to pay special attention to both parts.

It is best if your domain name contains the name of the company if it is available, or your own name.

For example:


- address of the site, consisting of a name and surname.

Also, the domain name may contain key words from your kind of activity.

If you have a blog about colors, you can choose a domain name: Nice-Flowers.com. .

If you are talking about the secrets of cooking Italian pizza, then the address is quite suitable Italian-pizza.ru. .

Here are some universal tips for choosing a domain name:

  • Try to avoid complex words in the site address (easier to remember)
  • Do not allow orphographic errors in the title of your domain
  • Stay from adding words to your domain that is hardly written or pronounced
  • Do not choose the name of the domain that is already used by another popular site (in order to avoid confusion)

Now, let's decide on the domain zone. They can be divided into three types:

  1. Regional (RU, UA, KZ, BY)
  2. International (COM, NET, BIZ, ORG, INFO)
  3. Thematic (TV, Radio, Shop, Pro, Pizza).

As you can see, the choice of domain zone is quite large. Full-time, any whim for your money :-)

Here you have a free advice:

For a blog, an ideal option will be the choice of an international domain zone, such as "COM" or "NET". Why? Because the blog audience is usually not attached to one particular country.

Regional domain zones are more suitable for online stores selling in one particular area.

If your target audience is concentrated in a certain country, for example in Russia, it is better to choose the zone "RU". If in Belarus - "by", in Kazakhstan - "KZ".

You can also choose the thematic domain zone, like "Pro", "Name", "Event", "Partners" and other ...

The chip of such domain zones is that they describe the specifics of the site. But ... I would still not advise you to choose the thematic domain zone for the blog.


Because people are not used to them. The Internet community will need a lot of time to get along with them.

* Task: Before you continue reading, write 5-6 options for you for domain names.

Where to take a domain name

Domain names are registered through the so-called "recorders". These companies have licenses for this type of activity.

Now there are a huge number of registrars. Enough to drive in the search keyword - "Buy domain" How you will see hundreds and thousands of options.

My advice to you:

Take advantage of the services of REG.RU. Its main advantages are a wide range, convenience of registration and low prices compared to competitors.

After switching to the registrar's website, translate the cursor to the search form. Next, type your domain name option and press ENTER.

Search domain

If the domain is free, the "Register" button will appear at the bottom. Now the value of the domain for the year in the "RU" zone is 199 rubles.

If the domain is busy with someone else, continue to search until you find the appropriate option. If you have already found, click the Register button:


Click on the following:


The next step indicate data for registration in the system.


Be careful and specify your real data, for the domain will be decorated.

After fill in all the fields, click on "Next".

* If an error concerns the name and surname in Latin letters, boldly press it again (here is Lifehak). This time everything should be ok.

At the next stage, choose a convenient method of payment for you and buy a domain:

Payment method-domain name

After payment on the mailbox specified during registration, a successful payment will come:

Successful payment message

Finally, you will be offered to specify a DNS server for your domain name.

What is a DNS server? In fact, it is not so important.

Make this:

Check the box opposite item "Use registrar server for free" (a little later we will change this data) and click on changing.

Last Strike

That's all. Now you are the happy owner of your address on the Internet! As you can see, there is nothing complicated, if everything is done step by step :-)

How to make a site available to all or choosing a good hosting

If the domain name is the address to which your site is, the hosting is a house where he lives.

Hosting is a service for providing space on the server for your site.

What is it for?

To your site be available at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world.

Everything is very simple:

Your site files are on a constantly available server. When the user, in whatever part of the world, it is, it goes to the address of your site, the server, through his browser gives it access to your site.

There are so many companies providing these services. The cost of hosting is approximately 100-200 rubles per month.

More than others I like the company running. It is one of the market leaders, is distinguished by low prices and good quality services.

Also, of the pros - the first month of hosting runs, gives a gift.

* If you do not want to spend money on hosting (which is very strange), then your happiness runs the free package. It is certainly not so reliable and qualitative as a paid, but for a start, you can use it.

To begin with, on the running site you need to go to the hosting section:


After that, choose the "blog" tariff. It is the cheapest, but his functional at first is enough to you with interest.

Choice-tariff hosting

Next, fill in the registration data and click "Register Account".

The next step is checked with the specified phone number and click "Ready to get the code":

Configuration - phone numbers

Next, confirm the code obtained via SMS.

After that, you will be redirected to the page with your account data. You should keep them in a notebook or somewhere else, and then click on "start work".

And voila! Now your future blog has a regulation in the Universe called Internet: =)

We associate a domain with hosting

Finally, we find yourself in the "Control Panel" section.

Now we need to associate the domain you purchased with hosting. Thus, everyone who moved to your site the server will show your blog.

To do this, we go to the Domains section:

Fix domain-s-hosting

Further select the parameter "I already have a domain."

Connect the domain-s-server

After that, we specify the name of our domain and in the drop-down list, select the zone on the right.

Next, copy the DNS server in the notebook (they will be useful to us) and click "Add Domain".

gluing domain and hosting

The last step in the gluing domain and hosting

And finally, we go to the Personal Cabinet reg.ru and go to the Domain section.

We put a tick opposite our domain and click "Change DNS":

prescribe-your dns

Next we take the addresses copied in the notepad and insert into four fields to the left, click "change".

Change-DNS-domain name

That's all. You can be proud of yourself. By this time you have already done almost most of the work.

Choose a blog for a blog or all the beauty of WordPress

People often scare only the idea of ​​creating their blog. It seems to them that it is necessary to know programming for this and be able to write tons of code per day.

Is it so?


Fortunately today, you can not know anything about the technical part of the work of Internet resources and at the same time create incredibly beautiful, functional sites.

But how? How to create a blog yourself?

The easiest and most convenient way is to use the finished platform. There are quite a lot of them, and we need to choose suitable for our needs.

And the most suitable:

This is a door called WordPress. It is absolutely free. WordPress is known for its simplicity of use and five minute installation.

Another undoubted plus is the ability to create sites of any complexity.

At the WordPress you can create:

  • Personal sites
  • Corporate sites
  • Blogs
  • Social networks
  • Online shops
  • Diaries
  • Coupon services
  • Sites questions and answers
  • Auction services
  • Wiki sites
  • and many others.

As I said, this engine has tremendous benefits.

Blogs on WordPress have company such as The New Yorker, BBC America, Xerox, Fortune, Time Inc. and many others.

If we talk about popularity, then 23% of all sites in the world work on this platform. Also, 60% of all sites operating on finished engines have given their preference to WordPress.

For a beginner, the option is better and inventing impossible.

How to create a website blog on WordPress

Creating a blog on WordPress begins with installing its files to your server. This can be done by downloading the distribution from WordPress.org

But there is a way simpler:

Hosting running makes it possible to install a WordPress in one click right from the control panel. It saves time.

First you need to go to the CMS section in the control panel:

Installation-CMS system

Next, select the domain name to which we install the blog platform. To do this, in front of it, press the "Install CMS" button.

After, click on the WordPress icon:


In the next step, you must come up with a login of the administrator, with which you will enter the admin panel of your site.

You also need to come up with a password, specify the mailbox and description of the site. All this data you fill out from yourself.

After that, you will be presented with information about your site that you should save to your notebook, Evernote, Pocket or where it is more convenient for you.

Now you have:

  • Website address
  • Place on server.
  • Installed Platform for Booting

The last, but no less important step is to choose the design of your blog.

WordPress Design Theme

It will take from 12 to 24 hours before your site will become publicly available.

Why so long?

The fact is that after the gluing of your domain with hosting, it takes time to update databases of domain addresses.

Sometimes it takes 6 hours, and it happens all 24. In the worst case, your blog will be available in two days.

Yes, it is unpleasant ... I understand you perfectly. When creating your own blog, these 2 days were the most long in my life.

But what to do? These are the rules ...

As a result, going to the address of your site you will see it "live." And, most likely, it will look like this:

Basic Pattern-FordPress

How did I find out about it?

Everything is very simple:

WordPress has its own basic design. All sites created on this platform look like this.

I think you will not suit the blog design. So you need to find another.

The themes of decoration, or as they are called differently - templates, there are both paid and free.

Templates carry not only the appearance - the "shell" of the site, but also its "stuffing", that is, ready-made functionality.

Free templates can be found on the official WordPress website.

At the moment, 15 decorations are available. If you decide to use one of them, download it by clicking on the "Download" button.

How to start a blog 50 times cheaper with premium vesceptions

Creating a more or less decent blog on WordPress Web Studio will cost you several thousand dollars.

Yes Yes exactly. This is the average price of the market.

But you know what?

As I promised at the beginning of this article, you can create a blog yourself with minimal cost.

This is how it is done:

You buy a ready-made website. The average cost of a high-quality template varies in the range from 20 to 100 dollars.

And believe me, they stand their money. Ordering such a website / blog in a web studio can easily do in 2-3 thousand dollars.

Moreover, premium design topics are distinguished by the quality of assembly and a beautiful, professional design. Yes, and the built-in functions in them are many times more.

There are several serious sites on trade in templates. Among all other mansion there is an Envato platform.

It is a whole ecosystem for trading digital products like templates, video / audio screensavers and a lot of other.

Envato has a richest selection of the design and very low prices. You will start scattering your eyes as soon as you get on this "digital product market."

Compared to other platforms, Envato competitors is like Rollse-Royce among cars.

Since a story about how to choose patterns and what to pay attention will take a lot of time, for your convenience I recorded a video instruction:


Installing template

So, now we have the topic of registration. What's next?

And then we need to install it on our blog and activate.

To do this, you need to go to the "File Manager" section in the Hosting Control Panel:

Install the template on-server

Next route is waiting for us: "Your Domain - Public_HTML - WP-CONTENT - THEMES" .

Ta-lad! Now we are at the destination.

The next step is chosen the "Upload Files" feature. In the window that opens, click on the Browse button.

Next, we specify the archive with our theme and click "Open".

After downloading, mark the file with the theme and after clicking the right mouse button, select the "Unpack Archive" item.

That's all. Now your chosen design is on the server. It remains only to activate it, and your blog will be just perfect!

Activate pattern

To activate the template, we should go to the site administrator's zone.

This is how it is done:

In the browser, go to the following address - Vashdomen / WP-Admin.

However, the same address with the login and password you retained at the station setting the hosting engine.

Next - classic genre ...

To enter the admin zone, specify the username and password.

Entrance-in-Admin-Zone WordPress

Voila! Now you are in the administrator's zone of your site.

Small Likbez:

Administrator zone (in Nar. Admins ) - This is a control panel by which the entire blog is carried out.

To activate the topic of registration, you need to go to the "Appearance - Topics" tab.

After that you will open a window with all available templates. You just have to choose the desired and click on the "Activate" button:


If your template goes along with a subsidiary of the design, you need to turn it next and it.

* Help: a subsidiary of design has a child's prefix.

That's all. Now your blog looks, and works like Swiss clock :-)

To estimate its appearance, you can go to it, directly specifying the address in the browser.

Where to start filling the blog


Well, I congratulate. Now your site is available for all Internet users, it looks great and ready to take a thousand guest per day.

What's next?

Then you can proceed to the main task of any blogger - create a useful content for your target audience.

But before, let's deal with two important pages of your blog.

Page "About the Author"

The importance of this section of the site is difficult to overestimate. "On the Author" is the second most popular blog page after the main page.


Because many interestingly look at the scenes ...

Readers are always interested to know the author closer.

That questions you have to answer:

  • Why do you behave?
  • What knowledge in their industry have?
  • Why should readers permanently listen to your opinion?

Is it worth saying that you should try to charm your readers. Well, or at least leave pleasant impressions about yourself.

Try to be open and friendly. Show that you and your readers have the same interests, faced with the same problems.

For example, if you keep a culinary blog, you can put the photo of your cooking with a description of why you decided to become a cook.

It will not be superfluous to tell a little about yourself outside the culinary affair. For example, about your lifestyle, hobbies and so on.

From a technical point of view, to create a page you need to go to the section "Pages - add new":

Creating a new-page-blog

Next, you need to give a page name. It may be "about the author" or "about me" ...

Story about yourself, that is, the main text is recruited in a large text field:


Page "Contacts"

The next step, you follow the previous example to create a page with your contacts.

That is why it makes sense:

Advertisers, potential partners, other bloggers, all of them must be able to find your contacts if necessary.

By contacts, I mean the old good email address.

Thanks to the "Contacts" page, you can receive offers to work, sponsorship or collaboration. So do not neglect this opportunity.

In order not to receive spam from robots, specify your mail in the following format:

Adres dog Mail point RU


Adres dog Gmail point com.

What to write on the blog?

It's time to start publish materials on the blog.

Want to open you a secret?

Fill a blog content - not the simplest thing.

At first glance, it may seem that writing articles is a whiser.

But if we are talking about high-quality, unique and useful materials ... Writing such texts requires a lot of time and effort.

But what about the format of posts?

"What should they be?" - you ask.

My opinion is:

Whatever your articles, the main thing - so that they like your readers.

No one will forbate you to publish reports on your travels, or something else that you will gladly read your friends.

Not a taboo at all if you write an article in which we express your opinion on a particular reason.

But remember:

Since you are going to make a profit from your blog, your main task should be to create such content that will benefit readers.

Useful content always taxis

Returning to the topic of choosing a niche for a blog, know that your focus should be on something one.

Perhaps the world does not need the next blog about cars, but you can concentrate only on Japanese cars. Or on how to care for them, where what expendables buy and so on.

The main advice that I want you to give - choose the topic that really likes you that inspires you. And it does not matter what others say.

But again, the content on your blog should benefit people and its subjects should not be illegal (immoral).

You should not be afraid that in a niche you chose a big competition. In any case, there is no person with exactly the same vision as you have, with the same voice and experience.

Be yourself and do not be afraid competition.

Just start creating useful and interesting content, and the result will surely come.

Where to draw ideas

Only by creating a blog, you will probably have several ideas for future posts.

The most universal options are articles with your professional advice, or with the errors that you have committed and do not advise others.

Possessing a certain expense, you will certainly have ideas for future publications.

When you think about what to write ...

But the moment will come when you seriously think about the theme of your next material.

Here are some tips for generating ideas (you can use them at least every day):

1. Ask friends

You can not even imagine how many ingenious ideas can find just talking to people.

For example, if you keep a blog about fashion, you can ask your friends about what the most worried about them when choosing clothes.

Answers to what questions did they want to get?

2. Review the headlines from Lifehaker

You may know about the site located at Lifehacker.ru. . As can be seen from the name, it publishes articles on all tricks and techniques that simplify life.

On this site you can find just the slaughter headings of articles that can be used for your own purposes.

For example, you can easily meet an article called on Lifehak "7 habits that will change your life" .

You can take this challenge header and use as a basis for your article.

For example, if you are shooting landscapes, you can come up with something like "7 accessories for cameras that will change your photos" .

3. Look for trends

You can definitely visit the popular blogs in your niche. There you will find a lot of useful information and food for reflection.

It is not superfluous from time to time to walk through groups in social networks. I mean the group of your subject.

Making these seems to be simple things, you will learn a lot of new and useful, and most importantly - you will feel the trends that are most relevant at this time.

4. Visit forums

You can not even imagine how much useful information you can get visiting thematic forums.

I do not mean those applied knowledge that you need as a professional, and those that tell you about your audience.

Walking on the forums, you will understand which questions and problems are worried about your readers.

How often making publications on the blog

First of all, you should make a publication schedule. Previously, I thought it was necessary to produce at least one article a week.

Now I think otherwise: strive to make publications weekly, but this should not affect their quality.

It is not afraid at all if at some month you will publish only 2 or 3 articles. Quality - in the first place.

But if you are able to generate a lot of content, it is only in plus.

From the point of view of efficiency, long articles attract more traffic (visits) than short.

It's all in search engines. They love large, detailed materials.

The advantage of volumetric and meaningful articles is understandable: readers receive answers to all their questions in one place (just like this). They do not need to move from one source to another trying to solve the problem.

But this does not mean that every your article should be like a poem. Try to publish both long and less voluminous articles and look at the result.

Take care of the convenience of users

Even at the beginning of this article, you probably asked ourselves:

How to open your blog?

But now, when you learned a lot, I think your question should sound a little different:

How to create a read blog?


Because you are guaranteed success only if your blog is popular.

Materials published on your blog can be just masterpiece. But even this does not guarantee success.

There is one thing that is no less important than the content of your posts - Their readability .

You should take care of all that you publish, be something infographics, video tutorials, articles, podcasts - were comfortable in mastering.

Next, I would like to give you some tips on this.

Text formatting

A large sheet sheet is unlikely to be able to interest the reader, even if there are genius thoughts in it.

Would you start reading the text that has no end or the edge?

You should divide the text of your article to logic parts using subtitles.

It is very convenient to use quotes and allocate important sections of text in bold, to focus the reader's attention.

Using images

You can definitely dilute the text with good media files, be it video, audio or pictures. A well-selected illustration can improve text perception at times.

According to studies, images are perceived by people 60 thousand times faster than ordinary text.

For a more visual demonstration, you can use screenshots.

And further:

I strongly recommend using lists in your articles. They help to strudule information greatly.

Also remember that people are more willing to repaint articles with successfully selected pictures.

By the way, the reposites and decaying play a huge role in promoting your blog. Therefore, encourage your readers to share posts in social networks.

How exactly?

Many options. It may be the most common requests to make repost, or something else.

To create illustrations you can use the free and convenient Canva service. With the help of it you can make very cute pictures completely free.

I can also advise the best source of icons - iconfinder.

Blog Promotion

The most difficult thing in the blog is the creation of valuable content. But it is for it worth spending the main time.

The more useful content you publish, the greater value creates, the more recognizable you become.

But what is the case:

Creating high-quality content does not guarantee your blog of a large number of readers.

After all, there are some more parameters that affect the popularity of your blog.

Read more about them below.

Getting the first readers

Initially, the easiest way to get the first visitors to making the repost of your articles on social networks.

Your friends, relatives and acquaintances will surely want to evaluate your talent.

Many will be interested to look at your blog.

The most important thing is that you need to remember - shake each article more than once.

And that's why:

Events in the news feed are constantly updated, and simply impossible to cover all your friends in social networks in one fell.

I advise you to make several reposts for each article during the first week, and sometimes for the next.

Keep in mind promotion on social networks can bring a lot of new visitors to your blog.

Buttons of social networks

Your design theme may include ready-made buttons of social networks.

The presence of such buttons is very important. With the help of them, visitors can recommend favoring posts on social networks.

If such buttons are not provided in your template, you can solve the problem by setting the corresponding plugin. One of the best in my opinion is Sumome.

Small Likbez:

The plugin is an additionally installed script, which expands the basic functional of the WordPress.

To install the plug-in, you need to go to the admin panel to the "Plugins - Add New" section.

Next, enter the name of the plugin (Sumome), and press ENTER.

And finally, in the plug-in block you need to click on "Set". After installation, it remains only to activate it by clicking on the appropriate button.

What is SEO and whether you should bother to study it

I will open a little secret to you: Create a blog is not so difficult. It is much more difficult to make it popular.

The popularity and attendance of the blog can come differently. Somewhere it may be due to social networks, somewhere due to the srangian radio.

However, one of the best sources of traffic (visitors) are search engines.

But how to get visitors from search engines?

How to draw attention to Yandex and Google?

To do this, you need to promote a blog in search results.

For example, if you have a culinary blog, you need to make it so that on request "How to cook pilaf" Your site was in the top three.


Because visitors usually do not go on the first three sites.

But how to get to the top 3?

This question is wondering not only you, but all the owners of the rest of the blogs.

The answer sounds like this:

There are many techniques and methods of promoting the site. One of the most popular is SEO. .

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - This is the optimization of the site under the requirements of search engines.

You can talk about the optimization of the site for a long time and tediously. But is it necessary?

That's what I think about this:

In most cases, SEO will not give for a young blog of big results. But still there are some requirements that you need to know and try to perform from the very beginning.

Especially for you, I gathered the most necessary SEO techniques, removing everything too much and unnecessary. Read Article 50+ Soviets on SEO to get the basics for the optimization of sites.

Create clinging headlines

Everyone knows that they meet by clothes, we want it or not.

Marketers have long established that buyers are judged by the packaging product.

What am I leading to?

The fact that the article is judged by her header.

According to statistics, you have only 2 seconds to attract and keep the client.

Two seconds to read the reader to read your heading wanted to continue familiarizing.

And remember: even if you have a very interesting article, without a clinging header you will not succeed.

And on the contrary, if your title convinces people to click and continue reading, then it's just a golden lived.

Search engines like to take into account clicks, so it will have a positive effect on the promotion of your site.

Several tips for creating clinging headlines:

1. Call interest. Make sure that your heading is of interest from readers. So that they wanted to familiarize themselves with the full version of your article.

For example, instead of title "3 best free tools for web designers" Write "3 free web designers tools, with which I earned 5 thousand dollars" .

2. Use keys at the beginning. Search engines give more weight words first header. For example, if your article is more about earnings, your title should look like this: "How I earned 5 thousand dollars using 3 free tools" .

If your article is more about tools, then there must be such an option: "3 free web designers tools, with which I earned 5 thousand dollars" .

Communicate with other bloggers

One of the best blog promotion tips - communicate with other bloggers.

What for?

As one sage said:

Life is too short to learn only on your mistakes.

Communicating with colleagues, you will not only learn a lot of new things, but you will be able to ask the Council.

man does not see anyone
Do not go into your sandbox

Yes, and simple communication with people who have similar interests are always useful.

Collect subscribers

Your goal # 1 in the blogging process should consist of email addresses of readers.

For what?

Perhaps you did not know, but according to statistics on average, 98% of visitors are no longer returned to the site visited.


Having email address readers you can re-attract them to your blog.

The base with email addresses of your readers gives the following features:

  1. Traffic generation using new articles announcements
  2. Closer communication with readers for subsequent sales of your products.

Thus, your priority task is to create and build up email subscribers.

As for the distribution of letters, special services exist for these tasks.

I use the MailerLite service and is very pleased. I advise you to start with it, since this service has the most pleasant prices + good functionality.

Earnings on the blog

So we approached probably to the most interesting part of our leadership.

There are people who earn decent money on their blogs.

There are those who were able to grow their blog to the present, global business.

How much can you make a blog?

Many factors affect the size of income.

For example, much depends on what you earn.

You can sell your readers:

  • electronic books
  • courses
  • Consultation
  • Trainings
  • Cowching

The income column may also affect the use of advertising banners, participation in affiliate programs and other ...

Money picture
You can earn from "nothing" to "very much"

If we talk about general figures, then earnings in several thousand American rubles per month is quite real.

There are those that earn many times more. As they say, it all depends on you.


Advertising may not give big income, but is one of its most stable sources.


The use of advertising banners in the early stages of the blog's life is undesirable.

The best moment for advertising is on advertising - when you have a big and stable flow of visitors. Plus to this, the blog must be at least three months.

Partnership programs

Affiliate programs are another good job for blogger.

The essence is as follows:

Many companies, bloggers and businessmen have so-called affiliate programs. Becoming a partner, you will receive a percentage of sales attracted by customers.

For example, a person will pass on the link from your blog and buy a product of some company. Being her partner you can get from 5 to 50 percent of the sale.

This is a win on all sides:

First, you help your readers, advising really a cool decision with an explanation, how to use it.

Secondly, you get the opportunity to earn.

Today, many companies have their own affiliate programs.

Own products

Creating your own products and services is the most difficult, but at the same time, the most profitable view of earning a blog.

The biggest profits are licking here.

Also a huge plus in that by creating such a product once, you can sell it again and again.

For example, if you have a culinary blog, you can create a paid product in the form of a book of recipes, which includes 100 of your branded recipes for the preparation of certain dishes.

Options, as they say, a lot.

Are not ready to produce your products? Not scary. You can sell not only your products, but also services. For example, make paid advice or trainings.


At first glance, all listed steps may seem complex and insurmountable. But this is only at first glance.

As they say, the elephant needs to eat in pieces.

Creating your blog and its monetization will require a certain time and effort.

However, if you try and use the advice set out in this manual, you can collect a large audience and make money from your blog.

Dare and not be afraid of obstacles!

And on this I have everything. I hope this article was useful for you. If so: make a repost of this article on social networks so that more people benefit from it.

One of the effective tools for earning the network is a personal blog. He is leading one person. A blog can be in several formats - a set of tips on topics, notes or personal diary, and so on. Blogs lead on different platforms - ranging from social networks, continuing to pages on specialized sites, and ending with a personal site designed for a specific subject. The best option for monetizing the project and solid earnings in the future is to create a personal blog site. It needs to be systematically developed, regularly publishing new materials, responding to user comments. After some time, the project will begin to generate income. In this article, I describe in detail how to make your own blog. Step-by-step instructions will allow you to understand the principle. But in addition to the description of the stages of the blog creation, share and other useful and important information. After reading my article, you will understand that there is nothing complicated in blogging and succeed really, even without having specialized skills in the development of sites.

Personal blog

How to make a personal blog: 7 stages of creation

Stages of creating blog

If you decide to create your own blog, do not rush to start implementation. Think first:

  • What basic task is pursuing;
  • For whom you are going to write;
  • Who is interested in the chosen topics.

Only after you find the answers, you can start creating your personal project. To achieve the goal enough to pass 7 steps.

1. Choosing themes

Choosing a blog topics

I strongly recommend considering only those topics that are interested in you. So you will strive to deepen in them, learn something new, to dig useful.

If you choose a uninteresting topic, even if you get a solid income, knowing yourself to failure. Because you will quickly get bored with this direction. And even no hypothetical profit will be due to motivation.

Watch the video of only 18 minutes and you will learn the top 75 to your blog.

Do you like football? Write about football! Do you like women's fashion? Write about fashion. Just make high-quality and interesting articles, and then the success is guaranteed to you, despite the high competition in the title directions.

But no matter how popular cryptocurrencies were used, it is not necessary to work in this direction if it is not interesting for you and you do not understand it and do not seek to figure it out.

2. Domain and hosting

Domain and hosting

Domain - blog name, site, his address. It consists of the very name and zone. Here is an example: "sobaka.com". About how to choose a domain, I describe in detail on your own online course, how to make a site with your own hands.

For your information! The course is completely free, built on practical lessons. Repeating after me, you will independently make your website. After completing the course, you will have your own blog - with the first articles and visitors. After reading this article, you decide - you want to create a blog or not. Then just sign up for training, and a link to the broadcast will come to the email address.

Here are some Soviets for the selection of domain:

  • originality and easy-to-set names;
  • compliance with blog topics;
  • Not too long - no more than 12 characters.

I advise you to come up with several name options. Then he choose those that like most. Next - to check whether the domain name is free. There are special online services for this.

Hosting is an actual place on the server where the site will be located. The server is constantly connected so that users have access to the site around the round throughout the year.

Some, in order not to invest a lot of money in the site at the initial stage, place a blog on a free hosting. This is not the best choice. As several problems arise:

  • restrictions on the volume of information posted;
  • The appearance of advertising that cannot be controlled;
  • the probability that at any time the blog will be closed or disabled without explaining the reasons;
  • etc.

(Watch the video is only 10 minutes and you will learn how to choose a domain that will speed up the development of the site 10 times)

Therefore, it is better to trust paid hosting. They are reliable, you preserve the ownership of the blog, at any time, if there is a necessity, you can move to another hosting.

For your information! For hosting you need to pay monthly. The cost of services - depends on the company's reliability. If you pay for a year ahead, it turns out significantly cheaper than with monthly payment.

Posting a personal blog on a paid hosting, you get a lot of advantages. The project will be well indexed, you can connect it to advertising networks for earnings. Good hosting support service will always come to the rescue.

3. Personal blog Website: site selection

Blog site selection

There are many specialized platforms for blogs. Not all of them are comfortable. Consider online sites, by type of live magazine and the like, we will not. This makes no sense. They do not allow to receive full-fledged earnings. You will have a personal page, but not your site.

Therefore, I will tell about the platforms that are most often used to design our own blogs.

1. Ucoz.

This is a free designer. It is located on the profile "market" for many years. The main advantages of the designer are simplicity and accessibility. It is easy to figure it out, even without having any experience.

It is enough just to register and you can create your own blog - comfortable and easy to work.

2. WIX.

Another famous designer. Its advantage is that he has a visual editor. You just move blocks, fill them with and make your own project.

Other benefits are a 24-hour support service, reliable hosting. That is, if you just start working in the field of blogging, this designer will be quite enough.

3. WordPress.

And my favorite platform - WordPress. This is a world-famous platform, originally created for blogs. Subsequently, given the popularity of development, the creators have provided other use options.

However, it remains the best option if you need a personal blog to create literally from scratch. She has an easy-to-understand administrative panel, a mass of additions and extensions that increase the usability and functionality of sites. In addition, the official "bank" WordPress offers many free templates and the design.

Therefore, it is enough for you to just choose the direction in which you want to work, write, and then pick up the template, theme, to establish additions and expansions, plugins.

Note! Platform Wordpress adore search robots, so there are no problems with the promotion and promotion of the site. It is installed without any problems on any hosting.

That is why when they ask, on which platform to do a personal blog site, I strongly recommend WordPress. Even a novice blogger will quickly understand the administrative panel - it is intuitive. It does not arise difficulties with the platform setting.

4. Blog design

Blog design

See also: How to Name Blog: 4 ways to come up with a name

The next step is the site design. If you want to get an original, unique design, it is recommended to seek help from a professional web designer. However, its services are quite expensive. To pay for a young blogger - extremely difficult.

The second option is to choose from existing versus the design on the selected platform. If it is Wordpress, the difficulty with the selection of the topic will not arise. Their incredible number here. Only, if you want to prevent the appearance of viruses on your blog, they advise you to download the paper on the official WordPress website.

When setting up the topic of registration, you can make minor changes. This does not require specific knowledge. And then your blog will not look like everyone else.

5. Preparation of the Blog Folding Plan

Preparation Plan Filling

To achieve the result, it is important to fill the blog content constantly. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a specific content plan in advance, which describes the dates and themes of published materials.

When drawing up the content plan, give the material for different events. For example, for holidays, etc. This will increase user interest in articles.

6. Publication of Content

Publication of Content

Relying on the compiled plan, prepare materials. Strictly adhere to the developed schedule. But do not forget about the quality of published materials. They should be:

  • informative;
  • useful;
  • give valuable information to users.

Do not write too short posts. Search engines love bulk texts. But, again, high-quality, so it's not necessary to pour water too. Well, if the material is illustrated:

  • unique pictures;
  • infographics;
  • videos;
  • tables.

This will make a positive effect on the blog indexing and its position in the issuance of search engines.

Tip! It is recommended to make a page on social networks and publish links there to your materials. This will attract an additional audience. And references present in social networks will help in promoting the project.

7. Monetization


And the last step in the instructions, how to make a personal blog concerns directly potential profits.

Be prepared for the fact that the first few months you work strictly to perspective. At this time, the site will not bring earnings. Do not lower your hands and confidently go to your goal. All successful bloggers earning thousands of dollars began with a small one, but were able to achieve success, because they believed in themselves and worked hard.

Personal blog Create: 5 methods of monetization

How to monetize blog

READ ALSO: Guide for beginners: as in 5 steps to promote the site and do not forget anything

About the monetization will tell in detail. After all, there are several ways to make profits. What exactly use? Here decide for yourself that you are closer. Ideally - to use a few of them.

1. Contextual advertising

The most common, efficient and simple method for obtaining earnings on a personal blog. It can be launched, even if the site visits several people per day. Only the effect from it will not be so much, but this is another conversation.

To make money on contextual advertising, you need to connect the site to promotional networks. The most common are:

  • Google Adsense;
  • Yandex.Direct.

After that, advertising will automatically appear on your site. When a user clicks on it, at the expense of the "Caps" a certain amount. The size of the advertising remuneration varies depending on the subjects, attendance and some other factors.

2. Banner and teaser advertising

Such types of advertising are relevant for blogs whose attendance exceeds 1000 people per day. Banner - picture with promotional text. Teaser is a picture, but with a provocative or even shocking text.

3. Placement of links

If you decide to create a personal blog for earnings, consider this option to profit as sales of links. Its essence is that you publish other people with reference to the customer's website. Cost - depending on the authority of your blog in the eyes of search engines and the project attendance.

There is an option automated selling links. In this case, it is not necessary to do anything at all. Only customize the operation of the system and receive remuneration.

4. Affiliate Programs

In my opinion, partner programs are one of the best options for stable and solid earnings for the blog. Its essence lies in the fact that in the article or on any page of the site there is a link to the product or service. If the user goes through it and makes a purchase, the relevant amount is transferred to the blog owner.

In case the site attendance is several thousand people per day, the level of earnings will be quite high.

Example! Suppose you have a blog about women's clothing. In the article you place references to the women's underwear store, with which you work.

5. Recommendations of goods

The last option is suitable if the blog is promoted and authoritative. The author's opinion is weighty for users, they listen to it. Therefore, the project owner can earn on its recommendations. Even if this or that product, he will recommend only once, but in general this option is able to bring solid constant profits. After all, in the world - the mass of products, goods, services.

Personal blog Website: Mounting errors

Errors in monetization

Now you know how to make a personal blog and get profit from him. Approaching the completion of its narration, focusing on the most common mistakes allowed by the owners of blogs.

1. Pursuit of profit

Many seek to make a profit hardly not instantly and from all possible sources. As a result, their project resembles an old patchwork, where banners and tizers, links and other advertisements stick out from all the cracks.

Users will stop visiting the site, even if it is filled with high-quality material. They quickly get tired of the abundance of advertising.

2. Personal blog: Fast Monetization

No need to hurry. It should be waited until the site gets the weight, readers, the interesting and original content will be published on it.

3. Embossed design of blocks with advertising

Placing advertising banners, blocks, they need to make out in a single style with a blog design. If advertising is too highlighted against the site, it will be annoying users.

How to make a personal blog: personal advice

How to make a personal blog

If you are really interested in how to create a personal blog and lead it, sign up for my online training. It is completely free. I will show on it on example, what and how to do to create your own resource and run it. There is nothing difficult in this. You only need your desire and desire. To sign up for training, leave your email address. He will be notified of the start of the training and link to the broadcast.

Methods of creating blog

The blog is the information type of the site, ideal for traffic monetization. Curving periodic records on the topic, blogger will attract the audience, calling her desire to comment, invent new topics for posts, expand the number of columns, increase the detail and quality of information. The main thing is to clearly imagine about and for whom it will be conducted. The point is left for small: Actually, create a blog as a site, and not an idea.

You can create a blog in several ways to make your own hands. Immediately throw off the unrealistic options - to write from scratch in notepad, use frameworks and self-written engines - you can not even delve into this topic. It is difficult, inefficient, and not relevant in our time. You can also order a ready-made blog from freelancer or a web studio - but this option is also for most uninteresting.

Where better to create a blog

There are only two ways leading to the creation of the site - using CMS or site designer.


With the engines in the CMS format, the situation is obvious - you need to buy hosting and install distribution on it, such as WordPress engine.

Designer sites

Among site designers, many theoretically attractive options are observed, but not each of them is suitable.

So, from everything that happens on the topic of the question, we have seen two working options: the WordPress + hosting engine and some kind of site constructor (below choose which one).

Creating a blog on WordPress + BlueHost hosting

Bluehost - Best WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the best blog platform for creating a personal blog or site. All necessary tools for publishing posts are from the box. Selection of 60 million people: 34% of all sites in the world work on WP, from personal blogs to the largest news portals. The Script Script itself is easy to install and administrative, is easily scaled by 54 thousand plugins - a great choice of beginners and experienced developers. In addition to the skill of working with CMS, a significant impact on blog success will have a choice of reliable hosting for WordPress.

The official website of WordPress.org developers recommends using Bluehost services. This is a major, technological provider, one of the world's industry leaders. It has a highlighted line of tariff packages with server settings and control panels optimized for efficient work with WordPress.

Let us list the significant advantages of Bluehost:

  • Automatic installation WordPress in 1 click;
  • SSD discs are installed in servers, which gives high speed and reliability;
  • Maximum set of supported technologies (MySQL, PHP, Perl, Zend Optimizer, Cron, VPS / VDS, Edit .htaccess, etc.);
  • Convenient control panel (modified version of CPanel);
  • Free testing for a month and assistance in transferring sites from other hosting;
  • Trouble-free operation of servers, high performance;
  • Using cloud storage facilities, CLOUDFLARE CDN-technologies - Sites on BlueHost in Runet work as quickly as in Europe or America, for example;
  • About 120 data centers worldwide - one of the largest and technological networks in the world serving more than 2 million domains; reliable protection against DDoS attacks;
  • Abuzowstability - if competitors begin to complain, put pressure on the hoster, your blog will not climb;
  • 24-hour technical support service (but communicates only in English).

Hosting for 1 blog will cost $ 2.95 (50 GB of repositories, domain for 1 year and SSL certificate as a gift), within 30 days after payment you can use 100% Manibek. If it is interesting to see the technical characteristics of the choster iron, additional services, nuances of tariff plans, etc., look at the Bluehost official website.

Creating a blog on the Blog Designer UCoz

Create your blog completely free in UCoz.ru

Online constructors are brivered by convenience: do not need to buy anything separately, install, connect to a bunch and configure - hosting, a set of templates of different topics, marketing and SEO tools, as well as other functionality necessary for the site assembly comes in the kit. It is much easier to serve this site much easier and much faster.

Speaking about the blog, we mean the site containing copyright materials on a certain subject: Software, auto, music, food, construction or anything else.

To create such a site, the engine must respond to a number of requirements. Often, platforms with a visual WYSIWYG editor (type ukit) for large, correct blogs are not quite suitable, for it is not convenient for frequent textual content publications. If you need to think about the will once a week, laying out the impressions about the viewed movie or a new book, then almost any designer will come down.

Of all the variety of online services for working with a blog in RuNet, the UCOZ web service is best suited - a universal blog platform that is ideally adapted for blogging, forums, online stores and many other types of sites.

If the blog is planned to be a serious, progressively growing in volume, with sections, developed by the media grid, a convenient commenting system, subsequent promotion and monetization, then you need a reliable functional website.

Make a blog yourself or order turnkey?

Make a blog Samo

The answer is obvious - Blog is better to create yourself . From a technical point of view, the task is simple, to start conducting your blog can absolutely each - even though a schoolboy or a pensioner. The main thing is to own a PC as a general average, navigate the Internet, be able to print, logically think and follow the instructions.

You can order a ready-made blog if there is extra money or you are so far from working with a PC that the idea of ​​creating a site is associated with the development of nuclear physics from scratch or so. That is, the blog is needed, but you even in fantasies imagine can not be independent of its creation. And firmly do not want to do this. Well, or you are a celebrity that needs a reliably strong result, for sure to justify the expectations of the audience.

For most people, it makes no sense to order the creation of a turnkey blog for a n number of money from third-party developers who collect it on the same WordPress / designer and configure the output of publications. You yourself can do it in one evening - you don't pay here for.

Having worked independently, you can save a decent amount of money - about 5-7k rubles when ordering work at a novice freelancer, experienced developers and web studios will be much more expensive. At the ratio of investments / efforts to this amount, the undertaking will be very profitable. Saved money is better to put on the promotion, purchase of a premium template or contextual advertising.

The blog is clearly not the type of site that is worth buying in the finished form. In the process of work, it is important to learn how to maintain and maintain a blog on your own, it is real and easy. Constantly pay someone for adding publications and blog administration? This is not rational, at least, agree. And even expensive and slowly. The blog is the type of site that is not ordered, but create and behave independently.

How much does the blog cost?

Blog content cost

Fully free to create a blog will not work. At a minimum, you will need to buy a domain name. Domain registration is always paid - the price depends on the .com, .net zone, .pro. At the UCOZ designer, the domain can be bought (from $ 11 / year) through the control panel to its site. And if you connect the tariff "Optimal" for a period of one year, you can get any domain for free as a gift to choose from.

The cost of the blog content on Wordpress Basid will cost about ~ $ 40 to $ 200 per year: BlueHost hosting ($ 31 / year) + domain (approximately $ 8 / year) in the .com. The cost of expenses can be replenished with a purchased unique template (from $ 40), paid plugins (such many) and, possibly, the services of a specialist - the creation of some module, reflecting the template, even some coding or settings.

The cost of the content of the blog on UCOZ differs depending on the tariff and the deadline for one-time extension (for a month, year or 2 years) and ranges from ~ $ 28 to $ 153 per year. For example, when paying for two years you will receive a 30% discount, when paying immediately for the year - 20%. And you can also get a guaranteed 50% discount, paying for a suitable tariff plan in the first two days after logging in the system.

Creating a blog on WordPress and UCOZ has an approximately similar value. The difference is that for this money UCOZ is much ergonomic, allows you to steer the process from one control panel, has a wide range of modules from the box, templates, gives domain. Just do not forget about -50% discount on start. This is a recipe for a happy blogger life.

How to blog to read it

Blogs are different. Initially, this concept implied something like a personal diary. The person shared his knowledge, experience, the opinion of the events around him, and all the records were located in chronological order, forming a news feed. Now the blog implies the site whose content is displayed in the format of the news feed. This may be the thematic resource like our, where it is not about personal experience and impressions from any events, but describes a certain niche from an expert point of view. The identity of the author can go to the background, most importantly - useful content. It turns out something like the author's encyclopedia for the selected profile.

Create a blog in a professional WordPress engine

Useful tips how to create a successful blog:

  1. Content - the most important. People come to the blog to read, and not to see the advertisement or water inquiring the socialki buttons. Try to write interesting and efficiently, completely revealing the essence of the materials of the materials - so that the person will satisfy his expectations, receiving useful information on the topic.
  2. Text formatting plays a role . Fonts and background are important - create comfortable conditions for reading. Dilute paragraphs with illustrations and videos if they are. Add lists, subtitles in meaning. Articles will be more interesting and readable.
  3. The uniqueness of the text is important . CopyPaste should not be, even quotes should be rephrased. Search engines will appreciate.
  4. Regularly publish materials . Do not allow downtime - at least 1-2 times a week add a new article. Create a content plan - the schedule of publications with the headers of articles at least for a month forward and gradually complement it. So you will always know what to write about, you can easier maintain rhythm.
  5. Blog navigation should be understandable .
  6. Design - Must be simple and pleasant, the main thing is - content, the design should not drag a significant part of the attention of yourself.
  7. Mobile or adaptive version of the site is required . Many read with smartphones, make it comfortable to do it.
  8. Monetization must be administered, but not immediately. Do not hurry to inflate advertising a dozen lost visitors. Profit it will not bring, but will scare the audience at the very beginning of the blog's blog. 400-500 unique visitors will be thrown away, then begin to slowly promote partnership projects, take advertising on Google Adsense, put external links.
  9. Use the power of sociors in full. Buttons "Like" and "Share" should be.
  10. SEO-optimization must be moderate. No need to delightly overstat the text with key phrases. In general, when writing a standing thematic material, you and so use all the necessary phrases, without even looking in Wordstat.
  11. The blog must be downloaded quickly. Choose a good hosting or sensible site designer. People do not like to wait for page downloads - they leave and rarely return.
  12. Do not wait for quick results. On the Internet millions of blogs. There must be time to notice you. Publish the materials, share links to your blog. The traffic needed for normal monetization usually comes in 4-12 months depending on the quality of your efforts.
  13. Come up with an interesting name for a blog and a suitable logo. - Such so that they are remembered and easily become recognizable in the future.

The general meaning is that you have to understand the topic of blog, be able to and want to write regularly in its direction. Otherwise, there is not enough for a long time. And stability is important. If the blog for the soul, and you do not think about monetization in advance, then write by mood. Nevertheless, rare publications are unlikely to collect you the audience. Customs, too, can beat off the hunt blog. So combine the approaches for the soul and for business, pleasure and discipline is the best bunch.

Conclusions and recommendations

Our blog, uguide.ru, which you are currently reading, was created precisely on UCOZ and has been successfully operating for 7 years. Despite the popularity of WordPress and the theoretical latitude of its capabilities after installing the plug-in package, we chose Yukoz. We also advise you to use this designer, it is better than the WordPress and is suitable for quickly launching a blog not only newcomers, but also experienced bloggers.

uCoz.ru.Overview → UCOZ - site designer working on the principle of "all and immediately" from the box. It has ample opportunities not only to create a blog, but also allowing painlessly scaling to an online store or forum.
WordPress.org.Overview → WordPress is the perfect engine to create a blog, but, like any other CMS, then you have to steer yourself.
Bluehost.Overview → Bluehost is one of the best hosting in the world, officially recommended by WordPress developers since 2005.

The blog needs to invest money and personal time. , just he can become profitable and interesting. Quick hosting, interesting literate articles, modern template and correctly selected platform. Several thousand rubles per year is a normal amount for the start of promising business. You can start with minimal investments, look at, try what and how. Final Recommendation No. 1 for future bloggers → UCOZ.

How to create a blog? Step by step guide.

You are looking for a free guide, which step by step will show you, where and how to set up a blog ?

Many people worry about blogs before creating a blog. Usually they relate to the tedious process of creating their own website and what you post on your blog. Today I will show you that these problems are not really scary because That the blog setting or creating a website does not require any special knowledge from you!

All you need is a bit of free time and a little desire. So, proceed to work.

I created my first blog in 2008 year without experience and technical skills.

The whole process very simple and I will explain to you how to make it step by step . Book for yourself 15 minutes and let's start

Why is it worth creating a blog?

There are many reasons why you have to create a blog, these are the most important reasons why you have to create a blog:

Earn money by working at home I am currently working at home full time, and I earn, among other things, thanks to blogging. Community in the blog Creating a blog has many advantages, such as the creation of a community in the blog. For example, in Pracawsieci.net blog, we create a community of people who want to earn, working at home. We have more than 10,000 people. Work on your future and without restrictions The blog gives you unlimited possibilities - you can work from anywhere in the world, and you have practically no restrictions. Creating an image and an increase in ranges In the case of corporate / commercial blogs, this is an important aspect of the business. Creating a personal brand Thanks to blogging, you become more recognizable and, therefore, you can promote different types of products and earn in affiliate programs.

Table of contents: 6 steps to configure the blog

We divide blog by 6 steps. All this will take us about 15 minutes.

  • We choose a platform for creating a blog. Check out step 1 - Blog Platform Select and select the best option for you.
  • We choose a server and domain. Check out step 2 - Selecting a better hosting for the site and free domain.
  • Install WordPress. Step 3 - Learn how to install WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world.
  • Creating a WordPress page. Check Step 4 - Find out how to configure WordPress.
  • Useful plugins for WordPress. Check out step 5 - increase the efficiency of your blog.
  • Earnings in the blog. Check Step 6 - Find out how to start making money blog.

Step 1: Choice Blog Platforms

The first step is the choice of platform for blogs. Why is it important? The right choice depends on what you will have later (or from possible restrictions).

The best choice for me is a friendly WordPress.

WordPress as the best platform for creating a blog

As you can see in the picture above - WordPress. is the most popular blog platform Why? Because this content management system is the most intuitive of all and has many opportunities to adapt to our needs.

Using WordPress, we can choose from many thousands free plugins which will increase the attractiveness of our site and its functionality. Just install several plugins, and we will be able to get the same features as the creation of a special script for our needs.

In addition, WordPress use greatly simplifies the optimization of our site. We can be much easier to interfere with the site code and do not need Special Knowledge. It is enough that we know the basic assumptions about the functioning of sites.

Other arguments for creating a page on WordPress:

  • Price. The cost of introducing a proprietary script with the same capabilities as in WordPress can really bring us money. However, in WordPress they have for free.
  • Universality. It is estimated that at present there are about 100 million pages that use this CMS.
  • Popularity. WordPress is required by this, mainly due to simple control, functionality, and also due to the fact that it is completely free. With this software, the site can be created by a person who has never dealt with him.
  • Free updates. Wordpress has been created by a huge group of IT professionals from all over the world, which together implement the WordPress project. Thanks to this, we can count on regular updates of WordPress script and further improvements.
  • Trust the best. Among the 100,000 most popular sites in the world are 22,000 are based on WordPress.
  • Positioning. Using this script also helps to position your website on the Internet, because WordPress script is very well known to search engines, such as Google.

In addition, as the site administrator, you can set a number of attractive plugins that Improve functionality Your site. The disadvantage of the solution is that some modules and templates are paid. However, the base of alternative free additions is so great that you must You will find something for yourself.

Blog on your own domain against a free blog

If you need Unique and unique Address for your site, select a blog on your domain. The presence of complete rights to the domain allows you earn What you do.

Most free platforms for creating blogs do not allow us to connect your own domain to the blog. We can quickly and easily create a website ... That would be enough. To do this, you do not belong to the domain in which you place the content, and you do not have access to the server.

However, if you develop and detect what you want create your own brand and make money on what you do You can always move your blog to your own domain and hosting. However, this will be associated with the loss of the domain value on which the blog was created.

Step 2: Choose hosting and blog domain

In the next part of the blog setting up, it will show you step by step, how to buy hosting and domain and create a professional blog.

We need two things to create your own blog:

  • Domain - this is the address of your blog that you enter in the browser to find it - for example, mojblogopodrozach.pl in my case is pracawsieci.net
  • Server - This is a place without which your blog cannot work. On the server (hosting) files, photos, database of your blog will be stored.

The choice of hosting is one of the most important elements. When creating a blog.

To choose a good hosting, pay attention to throughput servers if you want your blog to function smoothly and had enough disk space, and preferably on SSD. new generation.

Another factor that is important when choosing the right hosting is High Performance Server, which informs us about the availability of services in the 24-hour cycle.

First of all, follow the three components when choosing a blog hosting:

  • Page Download speed - Best Web Hosting will make your site boot faster. This is very important for users (who like to wait for how long the page is loaded for it?) And it is very important for positioning, because the download speed of the page, according to experts, is an important factor in positioning the page.
  • Fault tolerance - The server must be stable and trouble-free, so you must choose a proven company with experience.
  • Technical support - If we have problems, we need technical support.

Having hosting in this company, you get:

  • Technical support corresponding in a few minutes
  • Fast SSD (blog will load faster)
  • Install WordPress for 20 seconds
  • No restrictions on visiting the site
  • Unlimited throughput
  • Flexible server connected "in the cloud"
  • 14-day trial

Having hosting in this company, you get:

  • Technical support corresponding in a few minutes
  • Fast SSD (blog will load faster)
  • Install WordPress for 20 seconds
  • No restrictions on visiting the site
  • Unlimited throughput
  • Flexible server connected "in the cloud"
  • 14-day trial

Step 4: Create a page on WordPress - step by step

The appearance of the page is the most important element.

The general reception of your site depends on the appearance, so please give it the maximum amount of time. The graphic layer in the WordPress system is created using the appropriate templates. Some of them are available for free, and you will have to pay for others.

When choosing a template, make sure that he Adapted to the topic of your site. In some areas it is extremely important that not only the content is attractive for the user, but also the appearance itself.

Also, think Who will be the recipient of your site. Other colors prefer older people, and others younger, so you must remember it.

Step 5: Useful Plugins for WordPress

1. Aksimet

The most popular WordPress plugin has already downloaded more than a million times! Used to block spam. Thanks to this, your blog will be protected from unwanted comments, spammer attacks, etc.

2. WP Super Cache

Very useful tool to increase The speed of downloading our site. This plugin will help you speed up your blog through a number of optimization activities.

3. Contact form 7

Very useful plugin for Creating contact forms. If you lead your blog and want to receive messages from readers to your email, install the contact form and enjoy the simplicity of using this plugin.

4. Finite Shortkoda

If you want to improve the visual quality of your records, use this plugin. Shortcodes Ultimate allows you to decorate Our entries , for example, adding photo gallery, icons, creating tables or buttons with one click.

5. Yoast SEO.

The best plugin for entering SEO activities on our website. This allows Optimize our entries by keywords. In addition, the plugin signals us whether the record is readable and created in accordance with the principles of SEO.

Other blog platforms - comparison

There are other platforms for blogging, such as: TUMBLR or BLOGGER. With their help, you can also create your own blog, but I do not recommend it for a very simple reason. These systems are very limited.

You will not install additional functions in them, the problem also occurs with templates that must be correctly encoded. In a word, If you do not need a lot - you can try, but do not expect miracles.

Step 6: Earnings in the blog

Website can be read ready if all scheduled functions work and Content also Needed . If so, it's time to go to the last optional stage, that is, advertising.

There are many ways to advertise the site. You can start with a very simple task that sends the link to your friends. But that is not all.

Good idea - start Site positioning In the search engine, thanks to which you will have new, completely unknown readers. However, prepare for expenses because professional positioning may require investment.

The process of creating a site requires dedication from us. It is necessary to perform individual stages with zeal, so that everything is played together, as must be.

Registration of domains In short, if you do not register your domain at the right moment, you will be obliged to do it later, which can be an additional problem. Appearance page It is also important to personalize the appearance at the right time, since subsequent changes may affect the number of visits or user reviews. Promotion on the Internet The last, optional step is advertising and positioning. However, this stage is worth paying an outsourcing of a third party company, because it is not easy art.

If you have already created the basis for Good blog You can start making money on it. It is worth subscribing to partnership programs ,Which are one way to make money blog. You can also add Google Adsense advertisement to your blog.

What is a blog and how to create it? Where is it better to keep your personal blog? Is it possible to create a blog for making online for free?

A blog is not only a way to tell the world about everything that worries you, but also a perspective platform for earning. Thousands of people right now with their blog money . Want to join their number? Read this article!

With you, Denis Kudarin - Expert of the Journal "Khitirbobor" on Financial Topics. I will tell, How to create a blog and why it is needed how to competently organize the monetization of its resource what is Domain и Hosting And how we will be helped in the promotion of the blog Yandex and Google.

This is not all: the most patient is waiting for a review of the best in the platform network to create a blog plus tips, how to avoid typical mistakes of neophyte bloggers .

How to create your blog

1. Bloggerism - a way of self-expression or good earnings?

Blogs are called websites, the main content of which is regular posts with records, pictures, video and multimedia content.

Most often a blog - creating one author . It may be a diary, a magazine, a collection of competent advice, professional or amateur notes on this or that topic.

As you can see, the definition of the blog is wide enough and largely conditional. Blogs are also called full-fledged author sites, and accounts in Instagram and Twitter. A typical blog example is a page in a live magazine, the author of which periodically publishes records about what is happening in his life, in the city, in the country, in the world and gives everything personal assessment.

What is the blog different from the usual site? By and large, nothing. Is that a blog more focused on lively communication with readers and tied to chronological order.

Anyone has the right to comment on blog entries, half alarming with the author, praise it or criticize.

Allow the most popular blog creation objectives:

  • Getting income (monetization) - Public blogs for which thousands of visitors come daily, bring their owners decent money;
  • Promotion of your own brand and promotion of services - the blogs have freelancers, individual entrepreneurs, owners of online stores and all who are interested in attracting the client audience;
  • Finding like-minded people and friends - blogs have gamers, travelers, young mothers, phylatelists, cooks and translators from Hindi;
  • Improving self-esteem: The presence of a blog is a kind of self-identification method and individual therapy.

To become a successful blogger, not necessarily possess a literary or any other talent. Everything you need is patiently, purposefully and competent blog, which is interesting to readers .

Blogs create on special platforms - Designers sites (For example, on this or this designer) or on the basis of the ready-made LiveJournal or Blogger services. The easiest way is to start a blog on the social network page, for example, in Instagram.

There are text blogs, photoblogs, video clips. Some bloggers write serious analytical articles on a given topic, others lay out a few lines on the day, the third publish recipes of dishes, lifehaki, travel reports.

If you are interested in the question of how to become a video block manager, read a special article on our website or come to the course on YouTube.

How to create a blog

It is difficult to say what the topic is more suitable for monetization - almost All directions have a perspective in terms of profit . It is not so much the subject of the site, how much feed and competent promotion. Success is easier to achieve, if the topic is worried personally, and you professionally understand the questions about which you tell.

Experts recommend start with narrow-grate niches, and then gradually expand the coverage of the audience . In specific topics less competition, therefore it is easier to achieve top lines in search results. Choose a popular "mass" theme too, no one forbidden, especially if you can submit it original.

I have a friend who leads a blog about sports betting. Such sites on the network are the railway composition and a small trolley. But he chose his format - critical attitude towards earnings in bookmakers.

In her posts, he exposes the philistine myths of earnings at the rates and for this business sells a subscription to its copyright, non-standard forecasts for football.

The most profitable niches for subsequent monetization are still the blogs about construction, repair, cars, real estate, travel, beauty and health .

But to succeed in these topics, you need to invest a lot of time, forces, and even money - if you select paid promotion methods.

2. How to create your blogger blog - step-by-step instructions

First you need to clearly define your goals. What is the topsack of your blog? Who will read your posts? Who, besides you, is interesting to the subject of the site?

If all these questions have reasonable and certain answers, boldly proceed to creating a resource.

To be easier and easier Follow the Expert Step-by-Step Guide .

Step 1. We define with themes

The topic that is close to you will stimulate you to develop. You will be interested in disclosing new aspects, deliver into details and solve complex problems.

Make a blog, immediately aiming for profits - an incorrect approach. First, fill your site with high-quality content, attract the target audience, study the experience of successful bloggers. Open a blog without deciding with the direction - a frequent mistake of newbies .

Step 2. Choosing a domain and hosting

Domain , in simple language, this is the name of your blog, or rather - the address of your resource on the Internet. The domain consists of the name and zone in which it is located. For example, "HiterBober.ru" means that the site is focused on the Russian audience.

Here you can pick up a suitable domain.

Several tips for choosing a successful domain:

  1. The name must be original and easily memorable: you should not use the climbers and linguistic stamps.
  2. The name must reflect the essence of your blog.
  3. Do not take too long name - 12-14 characters are quite enough.
  4. Come up with several dozen names of the name and check if the name you have chosen are free using a special service.

Hosting - This is a block of physical placement of a blog on a server that has a permanent connection to the network. In fact, this is the place in which your site is .

Novice bloggers often create their sites on free hosting. It is easier, but such resources have a number of restrictions.

For example, advertising will appear on your blog, from which you will not receive any income. In addition, the administration has the right at any time to close your blog, and all works on the content of the site content will go to the Nammark.

Paid hosting gives more freedom, but implies monthly spending on the blog content. However, most sites do not require expensive and powerful servers. On average, paid hosting costs 100-1500 rubles monthly. We recommend the BEGET service to select hosting.

Paid platforms are good in that the blog will belong to you and only to you on the rights of the legal owner. You can move at any time to another hosting with all the contents, "fasten" to your blog interactive functions.

In addition on such platforms it is easier to earn - Your site will be open for traffic and indexing by search engines immediately after launch.

A successful blogger should be a little web master and deal with the principles of the site and search engines. Or you will have to hire a specialist who will make all the work for you.

But even in this case, it is at least in general to understand, How the blog works, how readers find him and what to do to visitors to be more .

Step 3. Choose and install the site design

The appearance of the blog is largely depends on the features of the server, but which it is created. Platforms offer several ready-made topics or templates that you will use as layouts.

Choose design from scratch is always difficult, especially if you are not at all designer. To be easier, learn the blogs that you like and focus on them.

Do not deal with direct borrowings, but also looped in search of a super-original idea, too, for nothing - it is better to spend time on the content (content), and not on the form .

Step 4. Set up a blog

The blog is basically ready for launch, it remains only to configure it. Need to Lop into the read view permanent links to your blog ( URL) . If this is not done, the addresses of your records will look like an unreadable abrakadabra.

Observe the platform functionality for creating sites you use. So it will be easier for you to add records, configure monetization and promote your resource in search engines.

Step 5. Create a content plan

Posts (records) should be published regularly. Therefore, it is advisable in advance to make a plan for publishing. Since the content is the main thing in the blog, you will have to spend a lot of time to create it.

The release of posts can be configured in automatic mode. For example, write 5 articles in the day and make it so that they will go out in the next five days daily at the same time.

Step 6. We publish content

The author must give content. The more often your blog is updated, the better. But it is not necessary to abuse. Posts should be published regularly, but do not forget about the quality of products.

Short articles are less promising in the plan of search promotion. Systems love detailed publications with pictures, video, graphs, tables .

Selling blog design
The blog should stand out among the rest, while not losing its functionality and remaining comfortable

Maintain feedback from the audience. Answer comments, do not be afraid to join the controversy with readers. The blogger should know for whom he writes.

A separate moment is promoting or promoting a blog or page in the social network. Natural promotion methods are good, but too tedious. Even the end of interest and the original content does not guarantee entering the top search engines and attract the target audience to the site.

Exit - use special servers. If your task is to dial subscribers on social networks, I recommend the VKTarget site. This resource guarantees a safe promotion in all popular social networks. It is suitable for video blocks, owners of commercial accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

Another popular service - Do insta. It was created specifically for those who have an account in Instagram and engaged in its monetization. "Before Inst" guarantees 50,000 unique guests monthly and at least 6,000 new subscribers for the same time.

Step 7. Monetizing Site

The most pleasant moment is the remuneration for the works, getting income from your blog. There are many monetization options . The more readers you have, the greater the disposal of profit methods.

Start with a small one and in no case do not challenge if the initial revenues will seem memorially. All the now successful bloggers, earning hundreds of thousands on their sites, started with a penny profit. This is a stage that needs to be binding.

More details on this topic - in the article "How to become a blogger".

3. Where better to create and conduct your blog - Overview Top 3 Popular Platards

Plates for creating a blog - dozens, but not all comfortable and understandable for beginners.

I suggest Review Troika the most reliable and popular resources which are successfully used by thousands of Runet Bloggers.

1) ucoz.

Yukoz logoFree site designer tested by time. His main advantages - convenience, availability and speed . Even those who have no idea how sites on the network are created, will understand how this is done if they use the simple and effective functional "YUKOS".

To get started, you need to register, choose the site type from the proposed categories and follow further instructions. Free functional is quite enough to keep the blog. There are also paid fare: if you go to it immediately after creating a blog, Get 50% discount .

2) WIX.

Vix LogoFree service to create your dream site. The basis of "Vix" lies Visual editor - It means the pages of your blog will have to decorate in manual mode. But the beautiful and original design you are guaranteed.

Add to this reliable hosting, 24-hour support service, an intuitive desired designer without any programming and get the perfect platform for running and making a copyright blog.

3) WordPress

Wordpress logoThe most popular platform is the most popular platform for creating blogs, sites, online stores, information logs. Our portal "Khitirbobur" was created on WordPress.

There are several thousand templates and all free, as well as powerful support and help tools that will help you create a blog with zero knowledge about the principles of its functioning.

«WordPress »Love search engines : With Promotion, if you configure it competently, there will be no problems.

Place comparing table:

Playground To whom it is suitable Important nuances
1Ucoz. Novice bloggers There is a free and paid version of the platform
2WIX. Everyone who needs a quick start and blog with original visual design Paid tariff - from $ 100 per year
3WordPress. Those who are aimed at long-term development Engine and hosting on one platform

When creating a blog, you will use useful services - for example, Keitaro, which optimizes the conduct of advertising campaigns, tracks the efficiency of traffic involving channels and protects the platform.

4. How to monetize your blog - 5 proven methods

Among the beginners there is an opinion that you need to choose some one way to extract profits from the blog and use only it. This is rooted incorrectly. Bloggers are available almost all sources of income at the same time . The main thing is to be able to use them.

Consider the most popular options.

Method 1. Earnings on contextual advertising

This is the easiest way to all and everyone. Even if you have only 10 visitors per day, you have the full right to connect contextual advertising. Another thing is that income from it with such attendance will be small.

The most popular contextual advertising services - Google Adsense and Yandex.Direct . The advertiser pays for clicks - their cost depends on the attendance of the site, themes and other objective factors.

All the details of the earnings on context advertising you can find out on the free online training.

Method 2. Earnings on teaser and banner advertising

Banner and teaser advertising are available for sites with attendance from 1000 people per day. Such advertising you probably saw on popular sites.

Banner It is an advertising poster by clicking on which you go to the advertiser's site. Teaser - This is a picture with a provocative text that encourages the user to action.

Method 3. Sale of links

There are services that are engaged in buying / selling temporary and eternal references . The higher the blog attendance, the more expensive links. The trading process of links is automated, you only need to configure it properly. One of these services is miralinks.

Method 4. Partnership programs

For many bloggers, the partner is the most preferred and understandable view of earnings. You place the affiliate link on the page and receive money every time the reader makes any useful effect through the partner.

If your audience is a few thousand people, the income from the partner will be very decent, and most importantly - stable.


You are driving a bug and write about skin care products. In parallel in the article, put the partner link with the transition to the store, where everyone can buy cream, gel on bee wax and other goods that you tell.

You can learn more about earnings on affiliates on a free course.

Method 5. Earnings on the services of commodity recommendations

An option for popular bloggers that have a promoted site and a certain prestige among visitors. Despite the fact that each proposal to recommend this or that product is one-time, this is a serious source of income for many resources.

Famous bloggers are taken for paid posts of dozens and hundreds of thousand rubles .

Details and facts about making blogs in this video:

5. 4 Common Blog Monetization Errors

I'll tell you about typical neophyte errors.

Remember and try to avoid.

Error 1. Many teasers and banners

Do not clutch your site, making a patchwork from banners and teasers. Such a site will quickly depart from the list of search engines or it will simply stop entering visitors. Advertising must be a laconic, unobtrusive and appropriate blog theme.

Error 2. Monetization in the early stages

Knowing people advise not to strive for early monetization. First you need to promote the site, fill it with original content, gain a critical reference mass, traffic, then think about earnings.

If you start climbing a blog, which is a couple of days from the family, eternal links, quickly get into Ban search engines. This means that no one will find you in an infinite digital universe.

If you really do not wait to get money right away, Start with partner programs . But do not abuse the number of links - one or two to a large article is quite enough.

Error 3. Wrong design of advertising blocks

Make the design of advertising banners and teasers in one stylist with a blog. If advertising looks like a bright red patch on a modest white T-shirt, it will cut eyes and site visitors, and you yourself.

Error 4. Selection of unverified services for monetization

Do not trust the services that no one knows about, a serious question of the monetization of the native blog. Even if they promise you a lot of money at once, first read the reviews, conditions, contact the administration or support.

It is better to use proven resources that do not promise the Golden Mountains, but simply do their work.

6. Conclusion

Now you know how to create your own blog and extract stable profits from it. The main thing in this matter is to act without a rush, with a loaf to the target audience and taking into account the interests of users.

Question to readers

And what blogs do you like to read personally?

We wish you a million readers and the same amount of money from your own blog! Comment, ask questions, share your experience. To new meetings!

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